Hope you guys like this. Sorry I suck so bad at Jazz.

3rd POV

The Autobots were sitting in the plant; they just arrived back from Cybertron a few days ago. Many Cybertronians didn't want them leave. They were considered heroes for what they did. They mostly wanted Optimus Prime to stay. This left the Prime with surprise, honored, but mostly guilt. None of them realized he wasn't the real hero. The real hero was Prowl; he gave his spark to save the city, to save everyone.

Alpha Trion understood why the small team of Autobots wanted to stay on earth. They grew attached to it. They considered it more of a home then Cybertron. He was very understanding. He even pulled strings for Jazz to stay with them.

Jazz looked around. Optimus stood in deep thought, Ratchet was messing with medical equipment, Bulkhead was painting, and the young autobot Bumblebee was playing video games. It was too quiet. He felt a small amount of guilt. He wasn't able to stop Prowl giving his Spark to the Allspark, he knew he could never replace their Cyber Ninja.

He didn't notice Bumblebee pause his game. The young 'bot walked over to Jazz standing in the corner.

"It's not your fault, you know."

Jazz jumped a bit. He looked down at Bumblebee. "I just wish I knew more about the reason he did it." Bumblebee looked at Jazz, the ninja wasn't talking isn't his normal tone.

"Well it's pretty obvious." All the other 'bots looked over to Bumblebee.

"How so?" Optimus asked.
"Didn't any of you pay attention to him? He loved learning everything about organics. He would always talk about how 'fascinating' they were. He acted like this was more of a home to him then Cybertron. So in a way, he gave his life to save HIS planet."

The Autobots looked at him for a moment. They couldn't believe he said that. They should have thought about it like that. Bumblebee always played pranks on Prowl, teased him. But if you thought about it, other than Bulkhead and Sari, Prowl knew the most about 'Bee.

"Well kid, I guess you got a good point there kid." The med 'bot said.

Just then Sari walked into the plant. All the 'bots walked over to her. "Hey guys, what's up?"

They pretended they weren't sad. "Nothing much, just bored out of processors"

"Well I got some cool news. Captain Fanzone found one of Prowl's Ninja stars, he talked to the Mayor, and they are going to make a tribute to him in the park. It's going to be really cool. Their gonna make a stand, and place the star standing up in it, and set a eternal flame to it."

"Well that's a nice jester Sari, but why would they want to set it on fire?" The Prime asked.

"It's not actually fire, its chemicals; the flame will never go out. My dad wants to make a big thing out of it, but I told we should only invite people who actually know him. Like you guys, me and my dad, captain Fanzone, and maybe even the Dinobots."

"I like the sound of that." Jazz said.

Bulkhead looked over to his painting sadly. He wanted to make his own tribute to Prowl. He looked down at his feet. It wasn't the one he was going to make, he was just practicing.

"Wow Bulkhead this is awesome!" Bulkhead looked over again at his painting. Sari was looking at his painting.

"Oh, thanks." He said quietly.

"Who is it?" She asked

"I was looking at Japanese art, and stuff. Like people, and what they look like. I started thinking..."

"Bulkhead, you know that's unhealthy." Bumblebee joked.

Bulkhead scowled at him. "ANYWAY, I remembered how Soundwave made us look human in the freaky mind thing. I didn't like the way Prowl looked. I needed more practice making people. So when I was looking at the Japanese stuff, it reminded me of Prowl so I made what I thought he should have looked like."

Sari and the other 'bots looked back at the painting better. They were impressed. They could tell he work REALLY hard on this one. It was his best piece ever. It was in black and white, on a tan canvas. He was tall, you could tell he had muscles; Bulkhead put detail to that part, he made it perfect. Prowl didn't look like a buff freak. He wore a robe that only had one sleeve; it rolled over from his left and covered his body, leaving his right shoulder bare. On the right shoulder, there was an expertly drawn tattoo on it. It was a large Autobot shield. It covered the top of his shoulder, and you could tell the other half of the shield was on the back. That how perfect it was. He wore black pants, with white strips, most likely to be gold. Prowl's right hand was on his hip, he was giving his usual smirk. His hair was fully shaded black, his bangs covered his eyes. He was wearing sunglasses as well. The background looked like a lake, and you could see a island that looked like Dinobot island.

"Wow kid. This is impressive; I can't believe you did this. How long did it take?" The doc bot asked.

"4 days."

They looked at him. The painting looked like it took him months. They couldn't believe someone with hands as him could make something with such detail.

"Well, I think you were right when you said this is what he should have looked like."

Everybody nodded in agreement. Bulkhead blushed.

"Thanks guys, I only wish he could have seen this."

Just as he said that, a bright white and blue light glowed behind they turned around shielding their eyes. The light looked like a cocoon. The light started to dim, and went it went out, something fell onto the floor of the plant. They all walked to it. Their eyes wide in shock.

It was a man, he was unconscious. But that wasn't what shocked them. The man almost looked like the painting of Prowl. Only the man had no shirt on, his skin was tan; But not as tan as Sari. His large tattoo was black and gray. He wore no sunglasses either.

"Who in the name of Primus is that?" Ratchet asked.

Sari walked up to him.

"Careful kid."

She reached out and touched his tattoo, when she did it shined a bright blue. She was shocked at what she felt. She was blasted back to Jazz's leg.

"You ok girl?" He asked.

"Yes and no. I'm in shock. I'm either going crazy or what I saw is true."

"What did you see?"

"Guys, this guy is a Techno-Organic."

All their eyes opened in shock.

"But that's not the crazy the part. Guys, I think this guy is Prowl."