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Chapter 30: Freak of nature.

"Jazz?" Jazz turned around from the tv and saw Sari standing there.

"What's going on girl?" He asked.

"I was just wondering if you knew where Prowl was? Or what is bothering him? He's been really distant and quite lately."

Jazz sighed. That was true. Prowl was gone most of the day or hiding in his tree. Nobody knew what he was doing. "I don't know. I mean he hasn't even noticed Amy has gone back to her place and still hasn't talked to her since the shooting."

Sari sighed. "Maybe it's a guy thing."

Jazz smirked. "Speaking of which. Bumblebee was complaining about some boy named Sam that you've been texting?"

Sari blushed. "Shut up." She mumbled. Jazz tried not to laugh.

"So you got a crush on him or something?"

"NO! Why can't I be friends with boys and people think like that?"

Jazz got to Sari eye level, and gently poked her in the chest. "You, miss Sumdac are a little hypocritical."

Sari blushed angrily. "You're so mean!" She stuck out her tongue and stomped away.

Amity sighed and slid down in her new desk chair. Sumdac had come back to work but she still helped him because too much stress was bad for his heart. Plus he offered her a part time job. She pretty much had to help him with paperwork he slacked on. It had been a week and a half since easter.

It had been fun. She had gone to church, something she felt guilty about. She used to go all the time, until she met the bots.

Optimus had to get use his holoform and thought it would be a good culture experience. So he tagged along. From their conversation he said he enjoyed it. He said "this Jesus guy and how he sacrificed himself reminded him how Primis gave his life to Cybertron." They didn't discuss that much though, thinking that it was better to believe it what they wanted and not try to force each other to believe in something else.

After that Amity forced all of them, besides Prowl and Ratchet, to Dinobot island. Even Sumdac came along. Snarl was doing better but was to stay in his dino mode and not run too much. Amity and Sari explained the concept of a easter egg hunt.

Sari had brought giant fake eggs for the bots to find. Each had several and mostly painted it based on their alt modes. Bulkhead had the best eggs of course. Grimlock ended up getting mad so Bulkhead helped him. Amity and Swoop helped out Snarl who pointed out what colors and stencils he wanted. Sari finally got some time with her dad. And Bumblebee, Jazz, and Optimus just choose one or two colors and were down first. Amity had made rust sticks from a recipe Ratchet gave her to put in the eggs. The dinobots had never had them before. She let each of them try one and they loved it. Grimlock said he would win and he would get all the yummies!

But they split into teams after the eggs where hidden. Small and large. Swoop with Amity(Amity choose the name Team Lads), Bumblebee with Sari(Sari caught on to the joke and choose the name Team Gents), Grimlock choose by himself to be with Snarl and got Sumdac to play by saying that since they were both sick it was a even team. Amity thought it was really sweet when Snarl let Sumdac ride on him(Grimlock didn't know what to call them so he just said team No Name) They were getting better on the social side. Bulkhead was with Jazz (Sari called them Team Nice dynamite), and Optimus was gonna be scorekeeper and watched the baskets that they brought their eggs back, and to make sure no one cheated. No alt modes were allowed, minus Snarl, Swoop was sad when he couldn't fly, so was Amity.

When they split up Amity noticed how Swoop kept putting eggs in different places instead of keeping them. When she asked why he pointed to Snarl. Meaning he wanted him to be able to find some to. Amity smiled and went along with it. He must be the little brother out of all of them. She thought. And they stayed stealthy and quiet the whole game making sure Snarl had as much fun as all of them.

Grimlock, Bumblebee and Sari were in it to win in though. They found a large egg that Grimlock had painted all black. They looked at each other then back at the egg then back at each other. "MINE!"They all shouted. They fought over it only to send the egg flying and into Jazzs hands.

In the end it was Team Nice dynamite with 30, No Names tied with Gents with 23, and Lads with 16.

Amity could type 200 words per minute. Which meant she had to type a lot. She was sending emails to different people and board members. She had to work on employees payment and make sure the scientists were keeping up on their logs. She looked away from the computer screen when she heard a knock. "Come in."

Sari walked in really quiet. Amity noticed she was really nervous. "What's up Sari? You okay?"

Sari shut the door and walked up the desk and sat down on the other side. "Kind of."

"Sari what's wrong?"

Sari sighed. "I need your help. My friend Sam. He asked me to come to his schools dance this weekend." Sari was blushing.

Amity smirked and rested her chin in her hands. "Oh really?"

Sari blushed. "Should I go?"

"I think it would be fun." She grabbed Saris hand. "And good for you. You need to hang out with people your own age. So…. is he cute?"

"Not funny Amy!" Sari said.

"Sorry, sorry." Amity said. She looked at the time. "Well, lets ditch this place. You said it was this weekend? We need to get you a dress."

The whole time they were at the mall Bumblebee was blowing up Sari's phone. "Does he even know?" Amity asked as she was leaning against a wall outside of Sari's dressing room.

"Yea, he wasn't happy when I told him."

"What's he been saying?"

"He wants to know what he's like, how old is he, what school is he from, does he have a job, what does his parents do for a living, does he have a car. Why is he doing that?"

Amity was trying too hard not to laugh. Sari was really dense. Little did Sari know that Amity and Jazz had been texting the whole time. Apparently on his end Bumblebee was pacing back and forth wanting to know what was so special about that boy that Sari would ditch him for.

Amity took out her phone when she got a text. Now he is trying to use the computers to get a background check on the kid. How's it going with Sari?

She is so dense. She doesn't realize what the hell is going on.

I see. A minute later she got another one. Apparently google isn't good enough if you don't know the kid's last name.

And in a perfect moment of wonderful timing Sari shouted. "NOW HE WANTS TO KNOW HIS LAST NAME!" Amity thought her lungs were going to explode from holding in all the laughter.

That weekend

Prowl looked at the old picture that was supposedly the old him. He grinded his teeth and ripped it in half. He look in the bathroom mirror. How the Hell was even supposed to know what was true?! He was so angry it just made him more angry. And HOW THE HELL WOULD HE BE ABLE TO TALK TO ANYONE ABOUT THIS?! HE COULDN'T ASK ANYONE IF HE WAS REAL WITHOUT THEM LYING TO HIS FACE! Prowl stared at the reflection of the young man In the mirror. He hated it. He punched it, leaving a huge crack in the mirror.

Prowl left the bathroom and went out the to main area. He needed to take a walk before he hurt someone. "Hey Prowl wait a minute." It was Optimus. "Do you got some time to talk?"

Prowl turned and looked up the prime. "What is it?" Prowl almost hissed out.

"What's the matter? Every since that hit and run the other day, you've been even more distant." Prowl didn't tell them about Lockdown.

"Nothing is the matter!"

"Then why did you shout?"

"I was just making sure you could hear me."

"Prowl, I'm, no, everybody is worried about you. You've been distance, and you didn't even want to come when we celebrated easter. You love dinobot island. You weren't even like this when we first met."

"Well I'm sorry I'm living up to the bot I'm based on." Prowl slipped out.

"Based on?" Optimus raised an eyebrow. Then it clicked. "Prowl, do you think you're not the real Prowl?"

"How am I'm supposed to know?!"

Optimus had a look of shock and his face. "Prowl, why didn't you say this before?! You're the real deal! Your not a copy! How the Hell would that even be possible?"

"I don't know!? Get a protoform, put some human DNA it then put in some memories? MEMORIES ARE JUST PIECES OF DATA!"

"Prowl how long has this been bothering you?"

"It doesn't matter, what matters is if I KNOW WHO OR WHAT THE FUCK I AM!" Optimus took a step back. Prowl hardly cursed and never said the f bomb. "DID YOU FEEL GUILTY OR SOMETHING? ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO SAVE THE REAL PROWL?!" It was quite. "That's what I thought." Prowl grabbed his jacket and walked out of the plant.

"You didn't even try to stop him?" Optimus looked over at saw the old medic standing there with his arms crossed.

"What was I supposed to say?"

"Tell him what you think. He's in a rough spot and needs somebody to assure him he's real."

"You make sound like it's easy. If heard all that why didn't you say anything."

Ratchet sighed. "I've noticed that boy was a ticking time bomb from the first time we met. During the war, all the ninja bots tried to keep their emotions to themselves and ended up getting hurt or hurting others because of it. And it is unhealthy for humans to keep all that bottled in. He needed to yell a bit. Say the F bomb. But he's not done yet. I feel like there is going to be an after shock."

It was pouring rain, but Prowl didn't care. All he did was walk. He just wanted to go away. He didn't know where he was going or long he was walking until he heard someone. "Prowl?" He turned around and saw Amity standing with a umbrella. "Oh, what are you doing here?" He looked around he was right across the street from Amity's house.

"It doesn't matter what I'm doing here! What are you doing? It's freezing rain! You're gonna freeze to death. Come on." Amity grabbed his hand and pulled him across the street. Amity wondered what was wrong. He followed her like a limp doll.

They made it up to the apartment area. "Holy shit it's cold." She looked over at Prowl. "I got some of my brothers old clothes. You're gonna get sick if you stay in those."

Prowl watched her walk to a back room. How did he even end up coming here? He ran his hand thru his wet hair. He should just leave.

"Prowl? What's wrong?" Amity had some clothes in her hand and her head was tilted.

"Nothing, everything's fine." He said coldly.

"Then why don't I believe you?"

"It's nothing you need to worry about."

"I can be the judge of that." She sat the clothes down on the counter. "Come on spill."

"I SAID I'M FINE!" Prowl yelled.

"Yea, I can see that." She said. "What's a matter? If it's about me slapping you, I'm sorry about that."

"No, it's fine."

"Then what's your problem?"


"Prowl, who cares about your powers. And what? How can you believe that crap?"

"I DON'T KNOW ALL I KNOW IS THAT I DON'T FUCKING KNOW! I'M JUST SO DAMN ANGRY I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY?! AM I JUST SOME FREAK OF NATURE? IS THAT IT? AM I JUST A FREAK OF NATURE. I JUST!" Prowl was cut off when Amity wrapped her arms around him. Prowl was breathing really hard. Prowl was steaming. Amity just held tighter and put her forehead on his chest. "What's wrong with me?"

Amity sighed. "It's okay Prowl, You're having what humans call a moment of clarity. It's when you realize, holy fuck this is my life. Also, you let your emotions pile up. If that happens, it's not healthy." Amity took him over to the couch and they sat down. "And Prowl, you being a freak of nature? If that was true, then what is Sari?" Prowl didn't say anything. "And do you really think your friends would do that? You told me that you should never use a new life to bring back a old life. Would they dishonor your sacrifice by doing something like that?"

"I'm such a slag head." Prowl laid his head in on Amity shoulder. Amity didn't move, she just let him stay there. And he did until he fell asleep.

Amity walked out of her bathroom and crawled into her bed. She shut of the bed table light and tried to sleep. She couldn't. She felt really bad for Prowl. She didn't know that he was this boiled up. She rolled over on her side and stayed like that for a good 30 minutes. Then she heard the door open and footsteps. She smiled, she thought something like this might happen. It always did when her brothers had a bad day. The bed moved a bit when Prowl got in, thinking she was asleep. Amity could feel he was shaking. She put her hand behind her and found his. He gripped it tightly and he stopped shaking a little. And that is how they slept. Back to Back, hand in hand.