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Mau Loa (forever)
Chapter 24

The blue, crisp, serene waters of Waikiki beach welcomed us to our island paradise. This was our home for the next week; without the constant hassle of keeping track on washing, ironing and making sure the kids weren't poking their fingers into plug sockets or terrorising the animals. No; that was the grandparents' job this week, and ours was to enjoy Hawaii and all it's beauty. Such a hard life.

We had booked a room in the high-rise, Hilton Hawaiian Village - known for it's breathtaking beaches, luxurious accommodations and scenic views. As well as the activities the resort offers, we also had the opportunity to seek out the tropical gardens, waterfalls and wildlife. I knew the latter was definitely on our to-do list - Edward can't go anywhere without searching for exotic animals; it's just the way he is.

But first we had to check in and make ourselves at home. That was not hard. What with the floor-to-ceiling windows that replaced two main walls and gave us the most magnificent views of the pacific ocean and palm tree-lined coasts, it wasn't long before we had fully relaxed.

I could spot a few clouds in the sky, but all I mainly saw was blue. Light blue skies, the deep blue of the horizon and the tranquil turquoise of the waters that washed up to the shores. Some people mused around on the beach, some played and swam in the sea and others climbed into boats and jetted off into the distance. I had never seen anything more beautiful with my own two eyes - apart from my children. It was definitely different than our cul-de-sac in Seattle.

"Enjoying the view?" My husband came up behind me, wrapped his hands around my middle and rested his head against my shoulder. I noticed the humorous undertone in his voice. Since we entered the room, I hadn't looked anywhere apart from that view; the place could have been a dive and I would have been none the wiser.

"It's incredible."

"We could go down there later, if you want? Go for something to eat and then watch the sunset?"

I spun around. My hands went from my waist to his shoulders. "Yes please."

"Okay." Edward grinned and kissed me delicately. "I have a few things planned for this week, but if there is anything you want to do - anything at all - just mention it."

For dinner we both decided that neither of us were particularly hungry and would save the fancier looking restaurants for other nights in the week. From the pamphlets dotted around the hotel that gave a list of available food joints, we chose Fresh Connection and had them deliver some salads to the room. I went for an Island Green and Edward chose Chicken Caesar.

We left the champagne in the ice bucket for later…

After a quick change of clothes, we left for the beach. I chose a simple red bikini with a white baby doll dress over top, and a pair of red sandals. My hair had been pulled up into a messy ponytail and a pair of black sunglasses rested on my crown. Edward went for some multi-colored board shorts and black flip flops.

He left his top half bare.

I was not complaining.

The sun had started to set. It was as if the sky had been lit a light and flames were licking their way over. Edward laid out on the sand, the sun made his skin look as if it were glowing. He turns to smile at me and his green eyes light up like emeralds. I had something nagging on my mind, but I was nervous with how he'd take it. We had briefly spoken about another child, but I was getting baby fever, man!

"Edward?" I slipped my hand into his. "Can we talk?"

A slight frown formed. "Of course we can. What's the matter?"

"I was wondering… um, if we could finish that conversation we had the other day… y'know, about the future? I know you want to wait to have another child, but… maybe we could at least start trying?"

I could spot all the emotions threading through my husband's features. "Are you absolutely sure you want another child?"

"I do… the Twins aren't babies anymore, and before we know it Coop will be off with his own independence."

Edward was quiet for a moment. All I could hear was the swish swish of the waters.


My head spun. "Really?" I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing; I was certain he would have been completely against the idea. "But, Bella, you do realize, that if it's twins again it's going to be double the craziness?"

The more the better if you ask me. "If it's twins we have more babies to love! Simple!"

He smiled a sweet smile. "Do you want to start now, or wait till we get home?"

Now, now, now, now, now… "It's up to you, baby."

"Would you be mad if we started, like, right now?"


Praise the Lord, the man has sense! "I may have to marry you again."

Edward laughed. "Yes. Yes you should."

"Wait till you see if you like being married to me first."

"I think I am going to be very happy in this marriage."

I slapped his arm playfully. "Aww, you old romantic."

"Yep, that's me - the old romantic."

And then I thought of something. "Wait, when you say you want to start now… do you mean…?"

There was a glint of something wicked in Edward's eye. "I mean right now."

In the safety of our room, something snapped. In seconds our clothes had been ripped off our bodies and forgotten about. I vaguely remember Edward flinging my bikini top by the strings, but where it landed I never saw. We panted and moaned like the sex-deprived parents we were as we took turns exploring each others body. His sensual tongue followed his magical fingers as they worked me in a frenzy. As hard as I tried to take over, Edward always stopped me. Clearly he was the dominant one that night. But like I was going to complain.

As his mouth attacked my nipple, his hand found my core and gave it the friction I desperately needed.

No words were conversed; we knew exactly what the other needed.

My hands scratched up his bare back as he rose up the bed towards me. I saw the passion, the want and the love gleam in his bright eyes and a small smile lifted on his lips before he molded them with mine. I felt his arousal against me. Our kiss became rough as the need for release became too intense. He rocked into me - soft pants blew from his lips. I met every thrust with the arch of my back.

"I love you, Bella."

"I love you too."

In one swift movement he slid in to fill me. It started off slow, but soon our pace quickened. Each thrust left me with a new moan, grunt, whisper. His back muscles tightened under my grasp. I felt the urge build and build, and I knew he wasn't far away either. I moaned out his name as an orgasm rippled through me, I felt Edward shudder as he came as well.

We lay there for a short while - he made no attempt to pull out until he went soft. But we still held each other and swapped brief kisses.

His wedding band sparkled in the light above us and it was the first time I properly took in how the ring looked on his hand. It was a beautiful sight; it meant he was mine and always will be.


The next day we took a hike up to the waterfalls.

I couldn't believe my eyes when we arrived - I had never been that close to a waterfall before and it was a stunning sight. Overgrown trees and brightly colored flowers were nestled around the perimeter. The water fell like a white sheet, straight into the natural pool below. A few people were already taking a dip when we arrived, but it was plenty big enough for all of us.

I took off my black TOMs and waded into the cooling water until it reached mid-thigh so as to not get my shorts wet. Edward, smartly, had worn another pair of board shorts, so he dived in without a care in the world.

"C'mon, babe; you're meant to be the swimming instructor here!" Edward reminded me of an otter when he swam on his back like that.

"Maybe if I was wearing my bikini I'd join you." I parked my butt on a rock and glided my feet through the clear water.

"Take your shorts off - no-one is going to care."

"Oh, and what? Go commando when we head back?"

I saw the smirk he pulled. "I wouldn't mind…"

"No I know you wouldn't." Horny bastard.

For lunch, Edward surprised me with a reserved table at the Tropics Bar and Grill. It looked like a beach hut from the outside, but inside it was made of sleek wood and modern decor - our reserved table had a view straight over the beach where we sat the previous night to watch the sunset.

Edward ordered the kalua chicken sandwich and I chose the pork nachos, with an orange juice to wash it down with. The drinks came with an orange segment pierced on top and a cocktail umbrella - they had made a simple breakfast drink look so appetizing.

As we waited on the food, I noticed Edward checking his cell phone routinely. I couldn't help but smile, "the kids are fine, Edward."

He looked around with a sketchy expression, "I was… um… checking for emails."

Such a loveable fool.

"One - your old school Nokia doesn't receive emails, and two - everyone who would email you knows we're on our honeymoon."

"Alright, you got me."

I kissed his stubbly cheek, "I love you. And I love how much you care for our kids."

Edward held out his hands, palm up. "All I want is to be reassured that everyone is okay."

"You know they'd ring us if anything happened. Everyone knows when Coop should take his medications and how much, and I'm certain our parents are quite comfortable when it comes to caring for toddlers."

A server brought over our food and placed them down in front of us with nothing but a smile.

"I was thinking, actually." Edward started after thanking our server. "Something that Dad mentioned to me before the wedding."

I pulled a nacho out from under the pile of pork and sour cream. "Okay?" I shoved it exceedingly unladylike into my mouth.

"We were discussing how Flash instantly knew something was wrong with Cooper over Christmas, and Dad thinks that, with the right proper training, he could become Cooper's service dog."

"Service dog? Like a seeing-eye dog?"

He swallowed back a mouthful of the sandwich. "Yeah, except he'll react to Coop's blood pressure instead. What do you think? I didn't want to agree to anything without talking to you first."

It humbled me that he wanted to include me in all these major plans. "I don't have anything against that. Just as long as Flash is able to be trained; are they not meant to start as puppies?"

"Usually, yes - so it'll take a lot of work, but he seems so in tune with Cooper already, it might not take too long."


Throughout the week we took advantage of all the resort had to offer; multiple swimming pools, tropical gardens, lagoons - the lot. You name it, we experienced it. In the evening, after dining at one of the many restaurants we watched the displays of music and dancing. My favorite were the fire dancers - how they danced so skillfully while weaving fire around them. I had never witnessed anything like it.

The Starlight Luau was the perfect way to end our honeymoon. It included everything from dancers, to music, to authentic Hawaiian dining. It was a celebration of sorts that lasted for two hours, and by paying an extra fee we were granted with fresh orchid leis, premier seating as well as first dibs on the buffet - thats never a bad thing.

In the car back to the airport I felt a number of emotions. There was something about that island that seemed to suck all the worries and concerns from me and replace it with bliss - pure bliss. And as excited as we were to get back to the kids, I didn't want to leave. If we had the children with us I would have begged Edward to let us stay. I mentioned coming back for a family vacation- it would mean an awful lot of saving up, but give it a few years… maybe.

Our little plane jetted off from the runway and left the glorious blue seas behind.


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