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Final Fantasy, ShinRa, Reno, and Tseng's soon to begin demise belongs to Square Enix and and all the lovely people who created Final Fantasy.

Reno smiled at Tseng despite the angry glares he was getting from him and continued tinkering with the random instruments and projects on the tables.

"Awww…. Come on Tsengy, this place has been run down for Shiva only knows how long. Nothing can possibly go wrong. "

"Are you forgetting about something Reno? We were told to investigate this lab, and the only two Turks who can even stand you anymore are sick with whatever the hell you passed onto them last week. And there is also the factor we don't know if any of these things are going to have a react- , "His words fell on deaf ears as he seemed to loose Reno to a pile of shiny glass balls. They looked like materia but, there was the fact that materia didn't have swirling bright purple and black clouds of only the gods know what, inside.

Reno picked one up and lazily through it from one hand to the other. Tseng reached out his hands in shock almost- no, scratch that, completely expecting the clumsy Turk to let it accidently slip out of his hands. And just as the always uptight Wutainese man expected he dropped it.

On purpose…

Tseng knew because as soon as it dropped Reno grabbed it before it could even fall, he smirked at him and Tseng just growled quietly and walked off annoyed.

"Reno… you're an idiot. Put that down and let me finish up here so I can finish the paperwork and move on with my da-"

There was a crash and a slight hissing sound. Tseng jumped into the other room and closed the door against the side wall. He waited a few minutes and went to go check on Reno. He came in and saw no Reno, no annoying redheaded Turk, no one to yell at. He opened his eyes wide in shock and actually let a small tear run down his cheek. He just couldn't believe it… he wouldn't believe it. All that was left was a pile of clothes… and then… a baby… crying?

Out of the pile of clothes crawled a redheaded baby, with actually quite a lot of hair and that same mischevious look in his eyes.

"Reno?" Tseng approached still stunned and picked the little guy up. He giggled and poked the dot on Tseng's forhead. Now if there was a normal situation he would have slapped Reno. If he was old enough to be slapped, but slapping a baby was wrong. But this was Reno... his second in command. The cocky firey pyromaniac. His pyro... the one that had just been tunred into a baby. Ne sighed and picked up the clothes putting it into an evidence bag, all except for the shirt which he left Reno in.

He kept Reno close to him the whole way back to ShrinRa. Right back to his office. All with a straight face ignoring the looks coming from everyone. Because things like this were normal... things like this happen everyday... well no. That's a lie... this NEVER happens. He put the baby down on the chair in front of his desk and collapsed on his desk softly sobbing. Why was he the one who was always left to deal with this crap?! Why?