'They say most of your brain shuts down in cryo sleep. All but the primitive side. The animal side. No wonder I'm still awake. Transporting U.S. Civilians. Forty, forty plus. Some holy man, probably on his way to New Mecca but one route. One route. Smell the woman sweat, boots, tool belt leather. Porspector type along with her husband. And here's my real problem. Mr. Johns. Blue eyed devil. Plannin' on taking me back to slam. Only this time he picked a ghost lane. A long time between stops. Long time for somethin' to go wrong.'

She awoke to the ship shaking. Turbulance. Alarms blaring. Something was going wrong. She could see some people starting to wake up but HE has not been asleep. She turns her head to look over at him. He's standing tall, even intimidating looking locked away. His feet shackled, his arms at his sides, wrists resting on his thighs as they too are chained. A blind fold over his sensitive eyes and horse bit in his mouth. Her poor baby. It seems they will be free soon.

Caroline awoke and her tub opens and she falls to the floor doing her best to stand on her feet and get to the front of the ship trying to steady the beast. In the battle of trying she purges some passengers despite the warning from The Captain. No worries. He will be dead soon enough with a pole through his chest. The back of the ship rips open thanks to the gravitational pull of the planet they are heading for. Soon everything starts to go, including more passengers. The only ones still in sight are the holy man Imam and his boys. Johns who is holding onto a thick pole for dear life. Jack, Shaza, her husband Eric. And of course the two killers.

The ship crashes hard onto the unknown planet. Rynn's tube finally opens and she too falls to the ground. She sees a container opened, lying on its side and sees the kid laying halfway out of it. But before Rynn goes to Jack she looks back over her shoulder and notices Riddick's tube with the letters boldly stating 'NO EARLY RELESE' is busted and he is gone. That brings a smile to her face as she stands up and heads over to Jack who greets her with.

"So, I guess something went wrong?"

They all try and see what is salvageable on the ship. Nothing. Everything is destroyed. Caroline comes back into what is left of the back of the ship and says she is going to go outside to see the damage. Rynn notices everyone is accounted for except Johns.

Riddick knows Johns is deep inside the ship, looking for him. He's got a surprise for him. Johns passes under him without realizing it until Riddick wraps his feet around a long cable and than around Johns neck, trying to choke him out. The thick wires that Riddick is hanging on above and the force of his legs choking Johns and the swinging of his body makes the cables give and Riddick crashes to the floor, still with the chains on his wrists. He rolls onto his back just laying there, waiting. Johns has a baton ready in his hand, ready to strike but notices Riddick not fighting back or moving and he puts the weapon away. Riddick will let Johns catch him again for Riddick's amusement...and Johns. He looms over the murderer and with a smile warns. "Someday...somebody is gonna get hurt and it ain't gonna be me."

'So you think, motherfucker!' Riddick scoulded silently.

While Johns is busy chaining Riddick again Rynn and the rest of the group our out of the crashed ship and on top of it looking around taking in the sight of nothing but brown sand and off in the distance what looks like giant ant holes.

Shaza compliments Caroline. "You did a good job in landing this beast."

Caroline shrugs the compliment off and looks over at Rynn. Her tiny, bony frame with slight muscle tone is noticable. Rynn only stands five feet and four inches and weighs no more than one hundred pounds, if that. Her jet black, silky hair is all messed up but her blue eyes sure do stand out though. Her somewhat pale skin helps.

Rynn could tell that her thoughts of purging the passangers was going through her mind. She couldn't help but smile at that and is grateful that Caroline didn't. Because now her and Riddick have more prey to play with.

Johns comes and joins everyone on the ship. "We should gather what we can and get moving. See if there is a place we can seek shelter and see what this planet has to offer." He instructs.

Everyone obeys his orders except for Rynn. She decided to follow Caroline and Johns outside the hole in the back of the ship where Johns has chained Riddick again, this time to a thick piece of wood that somehow managed to stay together with the battered ship, somewhat. Riddick's wrists were chained from behind and wrapped around the wood as he stood there, somewhat croutched and huntched over. His feet chained to the floor.

'Bastard!' Rynn thought. 'How dare he do this to my baby again.' But she soon calms down at the thought that Johns will get his soon enough.

"Best stay clear of this one, Rynn." Johns warns her. Like she doesn't know the dangers of Riddick. She has only been with Riddick a few years. They crossed paths on the run from mercs and been together ever since. Rynn knows she has nothing to fear when it comes to her man. He won't hurt her. Has never attacked her...unless she wanted him too.

She plays along. "And why is that?" Her soft, sweet voice purrs.

"May get a blade from behind." Indicating Riddick's favorite way to kill. The sweet spot.

"Are we just gonna leave him here?" Caroline speaks up, looking a bit frightened.

"I got no problem with that." Johns says.

"Is he really that dangerous?" Caroline leans to Johns a bit so he could hear her whisper.

"Only around humans." Johns says with a slight smile. "Let's go roam around this dead planet, see what we can find." Johns puts his arm around Caroline's shoulder and walks out of the ship with her, leaving Rynn behind.

She couldn't help but look over her shoulder and around to see if anyone else is there with her. No. She makes her way inside to stand in front of Riddick. She can see his body stiffen up at her pressence as he takes a deep intake of breath, smelling her. When he lets out his breath it comes with a rumble of a growl deep within his chest. She knows that growl. That animialistic growl that just loves to devour her and eat her alive. Riddick knows she likes it too. Rynn couldn't help but notice Riddick's cock twitch a little in his pants.


She hears her name being called in the distance and regretfully decides to leave Riddick for now. She has no other choice. Everyone thinks she is just a U.S. Civilian and not another killer aboard The Hunter Graze. How wrong they were. But no one needs to know her and Riddick are together. Mates. Killers. Not yet.