Zeke was digging graves for the ones who didn't survive the crash when suddenly he stops, looks around and pulls out a gun from behind his pants. He knows something. Senses something. But what? Could it be Ridick still on the loose? Or something else?

Rynn joined the rest of the group close to the crash site when out of nowhere Caroline's voice shouts. "Hello Mecca!"

Everyone runs to her only to discover another ship, more like a skiff. Rynn decided not to. She could care less about the skiff right now. She wanted Riddick!

To keep her mind occupied, she goes over where Paris, Shaza and Jack were burning with a blow torch. She makes herself known and made her way inside the little building and Paris is spooked. "Tell me that was you just now, Rynn?"

Paris accusing her of some noise but she stays quite. Shaza was busy with the blow torch she thought Paris was talking about the kid. She defends Jack when she informs Paris, not so politely, that Jack has been with her the whole time. Paris is looking like he could shit his pants anytime. He was so sure that sound he heard must have been Riddick.

He was so wrong!

The three see movement through a crack. Jack mouths silently. "Riddick!"

They take their place.

Rynn Maneuvers to the opening of the door and without being noticed pulls a small blade from her black leather knee length high heel boots and squats down. It doesn't look like Caroline will be her first victim after all.

Rynn catches the man out of the corner of her eye. These people have no clue he is just a survivor from the crash. Shaza is about ready to attack the guy with a blade at the end of a wooden handle when she is stopped by Rynn who bolts up on her feet and in the blink of an eye slits the mans throat from behind.

He grabs at his throat. Gurgling sounds are heard as he starts to choke on his own blood. They are all in shock and Paris almost vomits at the heance act. They were relieved that it wasn't Riddick but Rynn is just as dangerous. She moves to stand by Shaza, watching the man die. No remorse. No regret. Cold.

They had no time to recover or even contemplate what just happened when suddenly...gun shots!

Shaza and Rynn had what was left of the poor mans blood all over their face. The man falls to the ground finally and Shaza looks like she is about ready to puke anytime. Apparently she's not used to blood.

Zeke thought it was Riddick. That's why he shot.

Jack shouts out. "It was just somebody else from the crash! You idiot!"

That's right. It wasn't Riddick. But what was funny. Jack scolded, yelled at Zeke for shooting the man but didn't say a word to Rynn for slitting his throat. Interesting...

Rynn looks up as she is wiping the blood from her face to see Riddick sitting on top of the crashed ship. His legs crossed at the ankles, looking comfortable as he takes some of Paris' whiskey, pops the cork and takes a gulp, smoothly, gracefully.

She couldn't help but smile. Riddick was just deadly beautiful and a sexy smart ass.

When Paris and Shaza finally come around they both look at her with accusing eyes and wonderment.

"Your a killer too?" Shaza asked.

Rynn simply put her hands out, palms up and shrugged her shoulders. "Thought it was Riddick." Was all she spoke and walked away, like nothing happened, still with a small smirk to her beautiful face.

Johns and Caroline are at another spot when Johns tells Caroline to shut up, thinking he heard gun shots. He's right but those shots didn't get Riddick.

Watching Zeke drag the passanger that got his throat slashed and shot to be buried in the graves he started eariler. He has no clue his death is about to come but not at the hands of Rynn or Riddick, but by something he felt eariler in that same spot.

Everyone hears the sudden screams and cries of Zeke and rapid gun shots. Shaza is the first to run to him only to be too late. When she moves the tarp she gets a big suprise.


Squatting down above the hole where Zeke disappeared. His black goggles on. His face stone cold. Emotionless. Being his old intimidating, gorgeous ass self. The hole was covered with Zeke's blood. It was everywhere except on Riddick. Poor Shaza scared shitless at the site of Riddick. He stands slowly to his full height to intimidate. To stare her down. He than turns and runs.

The chase is on.

Johns is waiting for Riddick to run his way and he does. Johns trips Riddick while Riddick was looking over his shoulder and he falls to the ground only to try and get back up when Johns punches him back down and rips off his goggles. His eyes vulnerable to the light and Riddick is having a harder time kicking the crap out of Johns. Johns gets a couple more free punches to Riddick's face and then it is Shaza's turn. Suddenly the crew is all around the two when Shaza takes matters into her own hands, defending her now dead husband. She accuses Riddick of killing him.

"What did you do to Zeke?" She pauses, her blood boiling with anger and rage. "WHAT DID YOU DO?" Her foot connects with his head so hard that she stuns Riddick enough for the crew to drag Riddick inside the crashed ship and chain him up yet again.