Dean: 26, Sam: 22, Addison: 25


Sam & Dean Winchester are brothers. Dean is older and was told from a very young age to protect his brother at all costs.

And that's what he did.

No matter what, even if he made fun of his younger brother or teased him and laughed at him, he cared about him. Sam was a part of him and he was too important.

Their father was sort of a control freak. His name was John, and he was out to get revenge. Revenge on the thing that killed Sam and Dean's mother, Mary.

It was a demon.

Yes, I said it. A demon.

There are things that go bump in the night. Dangerous things. Things that can kill you. The reason no one knows about them is because if they did, there would be a LOT of havoc.

But there was one, tiny detail that was kept hidden away from the rest of the world – including Sam. The Winchester boys had a middle sister. And her name was Addison.

Addy was a really kind girl. She loved classic rock and she and Dean were inseparable, yet she still cared about Sam. Nothing was supposed to rip her away from her brothers. But yet again, it was that demon's fault.

That… Thing…

The Monster…

And so continued John's rage. The subject of his little girl locked away forever.

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