Chapter 1 I've missed you

"Your not my problem any more Jethro" Gibbs gave him a confused look "I'm been offered a job at home land security".

"You'd leave NCIS sir?"

"As much as I love this agency it needs some new blood" Director Morrow walked down the stairs in MTAC then said "he's all yours".

Gibbs still had a confused look but the woman who stood from the chair, the woman who was the new director was not who he thought. As she turned and he could see her face flashbacks occurred in his head. He remembered the time they were undercover in Paris and he fell in love with her for the first time. He remembered her skin against his, her lips on his.

The flashbacks ended when Jenny the new director said "hello Jethro...shall we skip thee you haven't changed a bit bull".

He gave her a cheeky grin and said "why start lying to each other now Jen".

"Any problem taking orders from me?"

"As Director or as a woman?"


He shuck his head and said "if it was Six years ago" he got out of his chair and walked towards her as he said "the past wont be a problem". When he came face to face with her he said "you were a damn good agent Jen" he lowered his tone and said "especially undercover".

She stared into his eyes and couldn't help but smile; she knew what he was thinking. Gibbs could always make her Smile not matter the situation. She said "Jethro".

"Madam Director". They stared into each others eyes' remembering what once was. Then they left MTAC side by side.

As they exited the door Jenny said "you have no physical evidence pointing Ari to the shooting. No wonder agencies are having doubt".

"He's a terrorist and he's trying to kill more. I'll tell you what no sphincter in a tight suit is getting in my way and that includes you Jen".

He carried on walking down the stairs when she froze. She stood firmly then said "special Agent Gibbs" he froze and looked towards her. "On the job its Director Shepard or maim".

He nodded and said "what about off the job?"

"There won't be any off the job Agent Gibbs".

He smiled and said "That's too bad...I missed you Jen".

There were a few moments of silence and in those few moments it took everything she had not to rap her arms around him and kiss him. Then she remembered the reason why she never spoke to him after Paris. She remembered the little girl that was at home with Blue eyes and wild red hair and a temper that could make the toughest men cry. She remembered her daughter. She knew how mad Jethro could get and not knowing that he had a daughter would drive him over the edge.

She then said "don't make this difficult Jethro".

He nodded his head and said "fair enough won't happen again" he leaned to the side so she could pass and he said "Director".

As she walked down the rest of the stairs she said "we can continue this discussion in private".

"Gonna change my clothes we can talk in the car".


They got to the bottom of the stairs and said "hey I got a dead agent and a sniper on the lose I don't have 10 minuets to spare".

They walked over to tony for an update and once they got it they left and said they would be back in an hour. The car ride to Gibbs house was silent they were both lost in thought. Jenny thought about her daughter and the love she had for Jethro and he thought about how he could control his feelings at work. When they got to the house Gibbs went upstairs to change while Jenny went downstairs to the basement.

As she went downstairs she saw a boat that was not yet finished and she smiled as she loved to watch him work. As she walked down the basement stairs she breathed in the air knowing that it would smell like him; the smell of hard work and saw dust. She moved her hand across the boat and whispered "I miss you Jethro...I love you". She then walked over to the stool and sat waiting for the only man she ever loved.

He came downstairs 5 minuets later and she smiled and said "is this the same boat you were building six years ago?"


"What happened to it?"

"I burned her".

"Why would you-" she smiled and said "you named her after an ex wife" he turned the light off and walked to the other side of the boat "which one?" she still had the smile on her face.

"You know damn well which one".

"Why didn't you just sell it?"

"And watch some other guy sail off on her".

She was trying to hold back a laughed as she said "you didn't care who sailed off on Dianne...Leroy Jethro Gibbs you are a strange man".

He laughed and said "Me...You were a damn good agent Jen" as he headed towards the stairs.

She got up from her feat and headed towards the stairs and said "were?"

"Yeah Jen...before you took the job in Italy".

She shook her head and said "Jethro I'm-" he interrupted her.

"Save it...come on we've got to get back to the office". Gibbs walked past her and she could only look to the floor. She didn't know that she had hurt him this much.

She sighed and walked up the stairs. As same as before the car ride was silent but this time Jenny had tears in her eyes but they never fell. She didn't want to look weak.

When they got back to the office an old friend was waiting for Jenny. When they got out of the elevator Ziva said "Shalom Jen".

"Shalom Ziva". They kissed each others cheeks as Gibbs and Tony talk at Gibbs desk.

Ziva smiled at her and said "how's Lily?"

Jenny smiled "trouble as always and she misses you. She's always asking for her Aunt Ziva".

Ziva looked at Gibbs then back at Jenny and said "does he know?"

Jenny looked at Gibbs and said "No..." she looked into Ziva's eyes "do I have to tell him? I mean Lily is five nearly six and I have handled perfectly well without him-" Ziva interrupted.

"Jen he is the father, he deserves to know...and you also work together he is going to find out sooner or later and it is better if he finds out from you sooner".

Jenny sighed "your right...I'll tell him but not now".

"So when do I get to see her? I've nit seen her in six months"

"Well not today Gibbs will have Dinozzo follow you. When this is all over then you can see her then". They smiled at each other then walked over to Gibbs desk.