Chapter 21 Surprise X2

Fornell gestured to Ziva and said "please continue agent David".

Gibbs gave her a weird look and she said "according to the bar women the attackers took three men. One navel, one FBI and one homeland security".

Gibbs looked back to Fornell and said "you here for your guy".

"Yes. And new light" he glanced to Ziva "on the case tells us I was right to come. This is now a case of national security".

When they got back to NCIS everyone in the elevator exited except Fornell and Gibbs. Everyone walked to the bullpen as usual but when Ziva looked back to the elevator she said "what are they doing in there?"

Tony and McGee looked casual and Tony looked at the two agents that Fornell brought with him and knew they had the same question on their minds. Tony said "ow yeah this is your first time working with Fornell. The elevator is their usual office when they work together. They yell it out or something like that about who's in charge".

"Sounds like Fornell" on of the agents said. He was tall, had dark brown hair and his name was Tom Davis. The other agent was called Declan Smith; he had light brown hair and was the same height as Tom.

In the elevator Gibbs pressed the button the freeze the elevator. He turned to Fornell and they both glared at each other. A moment later though Fornell held out some gum and Gibbs took one "thanks".

They both smiled then Fornell said "so what have we got here?"

"Don't know. Just have to find out along the way".

"Who's taking the case?"

"Work together".

"Who's lead?"

Gibbs smirked then said "my M.E. already has the body".

"Both work equally from NCIS. Share information" Gibbs nodded and then clicked the button to start the elevator "and people call us bastards".

"That's just because they don't know us". They both laughed but when the elevator doors opened they went back to their usual serious faces and made their way to the bullpen.

As they walked into the bullpen everyone looked up to them for information but Gibbs walked past them all but when he got to his desk he said "agent Fornell will be joining us during this investigation".

Through out the rest of the day they had discovered who each of the men who were kidnapped were and Abby had matched hair fragments from the scene to make a positive match. However she came to no luck looking for a suspect as all evidence was corrupted by the beer in the bar. Gibbs and Fornell were annoyed as they discovered that the homeland security worker is Victor Sterling, Diana Sterling's husband. Gibbs and Fornell both regretted being involved in this case because they knew they would have to tell their ex wife about her husband going missing. Homeland security was surprisingly not interest in being involved in the case as Victor was not particularly high up. They only asked to be kept informed of any developments. The FBI agent is Joshua Banks. He had worked closely with Fornell's team and that is why he was on the case. They got an image up on the screen from the FBI and he had short black hair, pale skin and was around the same height as Tom and Declan. The navel officer is Jeremy Gillian. They got up his record from the NCIS database and he had a shaved head due to the navy, tanned skin and was a little over six foot. The thing that interested those most was that Jeremy was due to deploy on a ship that shipped weapons.

Gibbs and Fornell needed more coffee but when they got back it was not what they expected. Gibbs went for a leak and Fornell walked to the bullpen alone. When he got there the majority of things were normal. Gibbs' team were working on their computers, Tom was helping Tony and searching through papers and Declan was doing the same but with Ziva. The thing that stood out to him was the child sat at Gibbs desk. She wore a blue check skirt, black shoes, white sock and shirt. At the back of the chair was a blue blazer which he could assume this was her school uniform. As he approached the desk he looked around and no one was paying attention to the child reading a book on Gibbs desk.

As soon as he stood in front of the desk he could see that she was wearing a locket. Before he knew it she looked up to him and said "can I help you?"

He narrowed his eyes and said "who are you?"

"None of your business" she gave him the Gibbs glare.

Ziva and McGee smiled while Tony snorted on a drink he was drinking. They all looked to him as he cleaned himself up and he said "he's one of your dads..." he was stuck finding a word to describe Fornell "Co-workers".

Fornell looked back to Lily as she stood up and then stood in front of him. She held out her hand with a smile on her face and said "Lily Gibbs".

His eyes went wide as he heard the last name. He shook her hand and said "Tobias Fornell".

"Nice to meet you" she then walked back around the desk and sat back down reading a book that she got for her birthday.

Fornell just looked at the group as they continued to work but then Gibbs walked into the bullpen. He saw the little girl and smiled "hello princess".

She smiled so bright you would think it was Christmas "hello daddy" she jumped out of her seat and embraced him. You could see the way Gibbs held his daughter that he truly loved her and he kissed her cheek.

As she sat back down Gibbs pulled the chair to the side of the desk so he could work. She could still lean on the desk but Gibbs didn't mind. He looked up to see Fornell still looking at Lily and he said "what?"

"When were you gonna tell me you had a kid?" Gibbs just shrugged.

Lily then popped her head out of the book and said "daddy, I forgot to tell you Mrs Sterling is here".

The entire team looked towards her and Gibbs looked at Tony and he said "I swear boss we didn't see her".

Gibbs looked back to Lily and he said "how do you know?" he kneeled down to her level.

Lily said "when Joe picked me up from school as usual and brought me here Mrs Sterling was on the phone with someone and shouting something about NCIS. When we got here Joe brought me through security and Mrs Sterling was here with some other ginger woman. The security wouldn't let her through but they eventually did. But by the time they got to the elevator it was closed. When Joe dropped me off here as everyone was saying hello an agent was taking them where the vending machines and coffee are".

Before he could say another word there was a loud shout "we need to talk to them now!" a famine voice said.

As they all looked towards the commotion and saw two women with ginger hair making their way towards the bullpen. They could also see an agent trying to stop them. When both the women stood in front of the team Gibb sighed and said "we were expecting you eventually" he pointed to Diane who must have found out from somebody about her husband being missing and it being an NCIS case. He then saw the woman next to her and said "what are you doing here Stephanie?" Stephanie Flynn was his fourth ex-wife.

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