At 7am, Rhydian woke up. At first he didn't know where he was, but when he saw Maddy he knew.

Maddy was on the opposite side of the bed, tangled in the sheets. Her head was nearly hanging off the edge of the bed and her feet were over Rhydian's. He smiled at this and then a few seconds later, she woke up too.

She moved around so she was next to Rhydian and was facing him.

"Morning. How are you feeling?" Rhydian asked Maddy. She was slightly pale and this worried him.

"I'm fine. It just hurts where Ceri scratched me." Maddy replied, running her finger along the scars. Rhydian smiled and then kissed her.

Maddy tangled their legs together and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pressed up against him, the only thing separating their bodies was a sheet.

Rhydian wrapped his arms around her waist, but suddenly froze and Maddy turned to the door to see why.

Dan had come in to tell Maddy that Shannon and Tom were here. When he saw them he turned around and walked back out, closing the door behind him.

Maddy and Rhydian both nervously laughed after he left.

"Oh man, your dad will be scared for life. I bet he will never let me come back in here with you alone ever again." Rhydian said, making Maddy giggle.

"If anything he may have finally learnt how to knock on someone's door." Maddy answered. Rhydian smiled and then they kissed until someone knocked on the door.

"Maddy, it's Shannon. Can I come in?" Shannon asked.

"Uh, hold on a second. What do we do?" Maddy whispered to Rhydian.

"We'll first we get dressed and then we act like what we did never happened. Well at least until Shannon has gone." Rhydian whispered back. He was trying not to laugh at the way Maddy had jumped up and started getting dressed.

Rhydian just stood up, grabbed his pants from the other side of the room and put them on and then he put his t-shirt on.

Maddy got dressed in something completely different to what she was wearing the day before (mainly because it was covered with blood).

"Okay come in." Maddy said to Shannon after she and Rhydian had say down on the bed. They were looking at each other and holding hands. Maddy looked up when she heard the door close.

"Hey Shan. What's up?" Rhydian asked. Shannon was in shock. She had frozen at the sight of Rhydian and Maddy was sure she has stopped breathing.

"Shan, are you talking to Maddy? Emma siad to give her some privacy for a while." Tom calls out as he ran up the stairs. When he walked in the door, he saw Rhydian and pretended like be bad never gone anywhere.

"What's up with Shan?" Tom asked waving his hand up and down on front of Shannon's face. After five minutes, Tom pulled Shannon back down the stairs.

Rhydian fell backwards so he was laying on the bed.

"We'll that went well. She sure seemed surprised to see me." Rhydian said, his hands covering his face.

"You did disappear for two weeks. She was just concerned a out me." Maddy said, laying down next to him and leaning in her elbow, looking at Rhydian.

"Onto a different subject, my stomach is growling. Lets go get some breakfast." And with that, Maddy fragged Rhydian down the stairs.

Rhydian barely left Maddy's side that day. She was happy that he was there, but it confused her as to why he was being really clingy so that night she questioned him on it.

"Rhydian, why were you clingy today?" Maddy asked. They were laying on Maddy's bed and Maddy had put her head on her hand.

"Because. It felt weird to be around everyone. It felt like I didn't really belong and Shannon's stare made me feel worse." Rhydian replied.

"Aww, I think that's sweet. You didn't feel weird around me though did you?" Maddy had to ask that.

"No, you I feel fine around, but everyone else just feel like strangers to me."

Maddy looked deep into his eyes and then a few seconds later she kissed him. The kiss was soft and gentle and it made Maddy feel warm inside.

The small moment was ruined when Emma came in and asked if she cod speak to the two of them downstairs.

Maddy and Rhydian agreed and followed Emma into the lounge room, but before anyone could sit down, Rhydian snarled and his eyes turned bright gold.

"She came back." Rhydian said as he ran to the door and threw it open. He walked three steps out of the door an snarled when Ceri came out if the forest. Ceri flinched at his actions, but still walked towards him.

"Rhydian come home with me. You don't belong here." Ceri said as she stopped in front of Rhydian.

"No I don't. I belong here with Massy and nowhere else." Rhydian's words were so forceful it was nearly impossible to argue with him.

"Please Rhydian. Come home with me." Ceri begged again. Rhydian's eyes were still bright gold an now he was trying bit to rip Ceris head off.

"I will never come with you again. I will never leave Maddy's side for you. If you wanted me you shouldn't have a banded me thirteen years ago. I am not coming with you because I don't belong and I beer wil so stop saying that I do because it is never going to happen." Rhydian's words sent tingly felling a through everyone. He had just become and Alpha.

Ceri was whining at his words. When she saw Maddy though she lunged, turning into a wolf.

Maddy jumped and turning into a wolf smashed Ceri with brutal force. She snarled at Ceri and when Ceri lunged at her again, Maddy bit her neck and threw her at the nearest tree. Ceri hit it with amazing force, but she got back up.

Maddy saw Rhydian staring at her and so she turned back into her human form. She ran over to Rhydian and stood behind him.

"That's enough." Rhydian bellowed as Ceri went to attack again. Ceri froze and then turned and sprinted into the forest.

Rhydian turned around and looked into Maddy's eyes.

"Did she hurt you?" Rhydian asked, all his anger gone.

"No. She didn't even touch me." Maddy said sming. Rhydian smiled back and then hugged her.

Emma and Dan had been watching from the door. They were watching Maddy and Rhydian with curious eyes. Rhydian had turned his anger off like there was a switch. No Wolfblood had ever mastered that kind of control. They realised that Rhydian and Maddy must be really strong soul mates and they were able to master things that hadn't been mastered in a hundred years.

"Maddy, Rhydian, I'm sorry to ruin your moment but I really need to talk to you." Emma called out to the two teens.

Maddy took Rhydian's hand an pulled him inside. They sat down on the long couch and Emma sat on the armchair.

"Maddy, I know you may ind this strange, but I believe that you and Rhydian may have just started your own pack. You're still tied to this pack, but you have already formed a connection that you find in packs." Emma's words had slightly confused Maddy.

"Mam what are you talking about?" Maddy asked Emma.

"Before when Rhydian was talking to Ceri he sort of became an Alpha." Emma said. Maddy and Rhydian looked at each other and Maddy saw what her mother was talking about. When you become an Alpha, your features slightly change. Your eyes turn a brighter gold when you turn into a wolf and your hair colour slightly changes. Your facial expression also slightly alter and make the Alpha look more like a man.

Maddy gasped at this and turned back to her mam.

Rhydian looked slightly confused at Maddy's actions but he didn't say anything. He just turned towards Emma.

"Maddy, are you okay?" Emma asked her daughter. Maddy had her mouth open and she was staring directly at Emma.

"Yeah. It's just shock." Maddy replied when she had pulled herself together.

Dan entered the lounge room and handed the phone to Emma. She got up and walked away from the teens to let them soak in the news.

"I can't believe your an Alpha. I mean aren't we to young for that kind of stuff?" Maddy was still in massive shock and Rhydian could see that.

He put his hands on either side of Maddy's face and lightly kissed her. She soon calmed down and smiled when the kiss was over.

"Better? Are you calm now?" Rhydian asked Maddy. Maddy smiled and kissed him back. She pulled away a few seconds later and then leaned her head into his chest. Rhydian picked her up and carried her upstairs.

When they got to Maddy's room, Rhydian put Maddy down on the bed and then he laid down next to her. They snuggled up to each other and they soon both fell asleep.