AN: I actually wrote this as an assignment for my reading class in the beginning of this year, so it may not be good, but that doesn't mean flames! So enjoy, because it's just a short poem of the lion king, nothing big.

The Lion King

"Nants ingonyama bagithi baba!"

Are the first of words you hear,

The Circle of life is the first of what you see,

From the birds flying high, in the savanna sky,

To the ants, crawling in an orderly line,

The antelope leap in the grassy plains,

And the cheetahs follow close by,

The animals of the great hot lands,

Walk proudly to the rock of Pride,

A mighty cat, for which they came by, stands strong,

With his subjects cheering in delight,

A newborn king is lifted high, as the sun glistens

On his golden cub fur,

The animals roar, with such life,

And it ends with my true Happiness.

AN: So there you go, I hope you liked it, I love poems. Remember, NO FLAMES! Just helpful criticism.