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Chapter 26


It's now been a week since the incident with Mike and I haven't heard a word from Rosalie. I had started calling her after a couple of days but she refused to talk to me. I stopped as of yesterday; obviously this is worse than I thought it was. Today is the check up for the twins and we are supposed to find out what we are having. Luckily I had always cleared my day for the appointments and wrote them down so I wouldn't forget. I still plan to be there for the kids, even if Rosalie doesn't want me anymore.

I get to the doctor's office early and wait in the waiting area for Rosalie to get here. She shows up about five minutes after me and after she checks in she sees me waiting there. She looks shocked to see me sitting there but heads my way anyways. Once she reaches me she just sits down beside me. She has yet to say anything to me or even look at me. I can slowly feel the little bit of hope that I held for her to say anything to me dwindling. I pull on my mask of indifference and just sit there. I tried apologizing to her but she chooses to not listen to me and hear me out. I can't fight that.

Eventually her name is called and when I stand up with her, she looks like she is going to say something to me about it but instead just walks towards the nurse. They go through the same routine of checking her weight, blood pressure, and temperature before leading us to the ultrasound room. Once the nurse leaves, you can feel the tension in the room thicken.

"How have you been?" I finally say.


"And the twins, have they been alright?"

"Yes, nothing new."

"Ok so how's Sophie doing?" I ask.

"She's fine just like the rest of us." She says back. I didn't believe it but I had no choice but to take her word for it. We fall back into silence.

"Rosalie, would you pl-" I start but get cut off by Carmen coming into the room.

"Am I interrupting something?" she asks.

"No you're okay." Rosalie replies with a small smile.

"So let's see what you are having shall we?" Carmen asks with what sounded like false enthusiasm. Carmen helps Rosalie move her shirt up and measures her stomach first. Then she squirts the gel onto her stomach. She then places the wand on her stomach and starts moving it around. Once she takes measurements of both babies she points them out to us.

"Now do you want to know the sex of the babies?" Carmen asks. I look over at Rosalie and she finally makes eye contact with me. She can't seem to pull her gaze away from me and I can see the tears forming in her eyes.

"Yes, we would like to know." Rosalie answers for us. She still hasn't looked away from so I try to convey how much I miss her and how sorry I am to her.

"Well it looks like Baby A is a boy and Baby B is a girl. Congratulations guys, you get one of each." Carmen says as she smiles at us. "I'll give you guys a minute." She says as she hands me the pictures and walks out of the room.

"Rosalieā€¦" I trail off not knowing what to say.

"Can we go get lunch after this? We need to talk." Rosalie finally says as she breaks eye contact with me.

"Yeah whatever you want." I tell her before there is a knock at the door and Carmen pokes her head back in.

"Hey you two, we need to talk." She says and we follow her to her office. "Okay I don't know what's going on between you two but what I do know is that the added stress isn't good for Rosalie. You need to either work this out or Rosalie there's a possibility of me having to put you on bed rest. Now right now it isn't too bad but your blood pressure was a very little bit higher than normal and with the tension that I feel between you two I'm going to say it's because of that. Now I want to see you back next week just as a precaution and all I'm going to do is check you vitals okay?" she explains to us. We both nod at her. "Alright then. You know the routine, make your appointment for next week and we will go from there." She says as she stands to shake our hands. We stop the front desk and Rosalie makes her appointment.

"Do you want to ride together or drive yourself?"

"I'll drive there. Just meet me at Olive Garden okay?" Rosalie says.

"Alright. I'll see you in a few." I don't know how I feel about this talk that Rosalie wants to have.

I had lunch earlier in the week with Angela and she wasn't much help. Ben had been there before Angela and we had a nice talk. Apparently he wanted to propose to Angela and felt the need for both my and Rosalie's blessing. I gave mine easily even though he didn't need to ask me. I also gave him Rosalie's number to call her and talk to her. He looked a little confused at first but took it and told me that he would see me later. A few minutes later Angela arrived and we had lunch together.


"So why are we having lunch not that I don't enjoy your company but this must be serious if you want me to keep this from Rosalie." I said after our food had arrived.

"Okay. Do you think Rosalie would be okay with me and Ben getting married so young? I know he is the one and I love him but I'm afraid that if he proposes and I say yes that Rosalie will get really upset." She rushes out.

"I don't think Rosalie will have a big issue with it. I think she can see the love between you two and just wants you to be happy." I say as I try to smile at her. Talking about Rosalie makes the pain in my chest hurt more. "Have you spoken to Rosalie recently?" I can't help but ask. It's been three days since I've seen or spoken to her and I needed to know that she was alright.

"Yeah and I know what's going on right now. You need to give her her space so that she can sort through what's bothering her. Just know that they are all alright, all four of them. I would tell you if there was anything wrong."

End Flashback

We get to the restaurant and are quickly seated and place our order, already knowing what we wanted. After the waitress left our table we fall into silence. I don't know what to say to her.

"So can you explain to me what happened?" Rosalie finally asks.

"Ever since I was little I've had a bit of a temper which got me into a lot of trouble in school any time someone would pick on me. I didn't get real good control of it until my second year out of high school. I haven't had an episode like that since junior year of high school though. Mike showed up at the club trying to reserve a VIP room even though he was told multiple times on the phone that he was not allowed at the club or on its property. He obviously didn't listen and stood outside shouting for me to come out. I told him off and told him to never show up again and turned away from him. He grabbed my shoulder and shoved me into the wall and started yelling at me. I grabbed his hand and started twisting it. Once I made it clear to him that he was to never come back I released him and intended to walk away, but he started running his mouth, this time about you. I don't know how he knew but he knew what to say it I just couldn't stop myself." I finish as I look down at the table.

"Okay I can understand that, but why did you say those things to me?" she asks me. Before I can answer the waitress brings us our food. We start to eat before I answer.

"When I'm in that state no one is protected from it. On top of that all those insecurities came back to the surface and I just unleashed it all on you. I don't regret what I did to Mike and I won't apologize for it either. He deserved it. I do regret everything that I said to you though. I wish I would have explained all this to you sooner than waiting until I had an episode like this, but you have to know that I didn't mean any of it." I plead with her.

"Okay Bella, I do believe you. Now have you ever cheated on me?" she asks me. I don't know where this question came from.

"No never. Why would you ask that?" I ask completely confused. The waitress brings the bill over to us and I pay for us. I tell her to keep the change and before I can get out of my seat Rosalie is up and throwing an envelope onto the table.

"I ask because you and my sister look pretty cozy in these." She says as tears form in her eyes. Before I can even open the envelope Rosalie is gone.

I grab the envelope and pour the pictures out. Each on is a different moment from when I had met with Angela but it looked pretty damning. Most of these were meetings that Rosalie knew about or was there except for the most damning two, one from when I asked for Angela's blessing to marry Rosalie and from earlier this week. I don't know who took these pictures but I knew I needed Rosalie to understand that nothing was going on between me and Angela.