Soul Eater and HP crossover

By: Sayaalv

(A/N: I own nothing and what if Medusa had gone to England to see who the supposed 'snake king' she had heard rumors about was? What if she came across Dumbledore and the others leaving a Fem!Harry on her Aunts doorstep? What if she had taken and blood adopted Fem!Harry as her own? Oh lord. AU OOC, MOTHERLY!Medusa, bashing and femslash.)

"This is the best place for her." An old man wearing colorful robes said to his companions on October the first, all three of them unaware of the snake with golden eyes watching them from a nearby tree. The snake waited until the three had disappeared, each in their own ways, before beginning to move towards the bundle on the doorstep curiously. The snake, however, stopped and raised a non-existent eyebrow when she saw all the other snakes in the neighborhood slither over and curl up beside the bundle protectively. The snake moved out of the tree and turned into a woman with long spiky blond hair and yellow snake like eyes, this was the Snake Queen and witch Medusa. She was here in England to figure out why there had been rumors of a 'snake king' going around and her research led her here completely by chance.

"What's this?" Medusa asked raising an eyebrow in a rather bored way as she looked down at the bundle of blankets surrounded by snakes of all kinds. To her surprise the bundle moved and revealed itself to be a tiny red haired baby girl, no older than two at the most! Medusa stared down at the baby, long forgotten or hidden motherly instincts rising to the surface as, she looked into the curious emerald green eyes of an infant. The tiny toddler merely stared back up at Medusa curiously and without a lick of fear, before she was distracted when one of the snakes licked her tiny nose with its forked tongue, causing her to giggle happily.

"Snaky!" The toddler hissed happily as she reached her hands out to pet the garden snake. Medusa felt her jaw drop open as she fell on her butt in shock. The child was a Snake Speaker! That was impossible for any normal human!

"A-A snake speaker? How? The only ones who are supposed to be able to speak the language of the snakes are me and Crona!" Medusa said shocked as she stared wide eyed down at the tiny baby that was now looking at her curiously again.

"Pwetty." The year and a half old child cooed as she held her arms up to Medusa who was still staring at her in shock.

"Who is this child and what is she doing here? It is almost winter and she has nothing but a thin blanket!" Medusa hissed at the snakes surrounding the small child, causing them all to look up at the Snake Queen.

"The Lemony Old One left a letter with the Hatchling. It may give you the answers you seek, Speaker." One of the snakes hissed at her causing her to nod slightly and reach for the letter, raising an eyebrow when she noticed how one particular snake was eyeing her warily. Medusa put that thought out of her mind for the moment as she read the letter, her eyes narrowing as her anger increased.

"If I ever meet this Albus Dumbledore he will die. It seems as if he wants the child to become nothing more than a weapon for him!" Medusa hissed almost in snake tongue as she clenched the letter in her hand, how dare someone try to use an innocent child as a weapon! Even she would not do that, sure she was not the best mother in the world to her Crona but that was only because her sisters threatened to kill her pink haired child should she start acting like the child was anything more than a tool! Whenever her sisters were watching she would be cruel and merciless to her child but whenever Medusa was alone with her daughter, she would apologize and take care of the pink haired child like a normal mother would. Medusa took one look at the small red haired babe looking up at her with such curious and trusting eyes before she made up her mind on what to do, her sisters be damned.

"It's alright little one. I won't let anyone hurt you or use you anymore. Mama will protect you now." Medusa said softly to the baby as she gently picked her up and cradled her to her chest. There was a brief flash of light around Medusa and the child for a moment before it died down to show that the baby's eyes were more snake-like now and her hair had lightened to a strawberry blond shade. Medusa was also more than slightly surprised when one of the snakes that had been curled around the child slithered into the childs blanket and stayed there.

"I'm staying with the hatchling. I'll bite anyone that threatens her!" The small viper hissed out to Medusa, causing her to nod. Medusa was more than happy to let the poisonous snake stay as long as said snake didn't try to harm either of her two children.

"Hmm. I need to think of a new name for you, don't I my little viper? … That wouldn't be a bad name for you. Viper. Viper Rose Gorgon." Medusa said after a moment of thought, her new daughter could speak to snakes so what better kind of name for her than a snakes? The child, now named Viper, giggled and clapped her hands happily at the name, causing Medusa to smile.

"I'm glad you like it little viper. Now let's go introduce you to your big sister okay?" Medusa asked smiling as she and the child sunk into the ground via a small black portal that took them straight to the castle Medusa and Crona shared with Medusa's two sisters.

"Ah. Medusa-sama, welcome back." Medusa's oldest daughter and only birth child, Crona Gorgon, said bowing slightly at the appearance of her mother.

"Enough of that Crona. I don't care what my sisters say anymore, not like I really did in the first place. We're leaving and you can stop calling me 'Sama' now. It's just Kaa-san from here on, okay?" Medusa said giving her overjoyed daughter a small slightly sad smile.

"Really kaa-san?" Crona asked more than happy to call her mother 'mom' instead of 'sama'.

"Yes. Really. You, me, and your new little sister are leaving and not coming back here if we can help it." Medusa said smiling at her eldest daughter, who was immediately distracted by the words 'little sister' and rushed over to look at the curious child in her mothers arms.

"Is that so?" A womans voice asked from behind, causing Medusa to stiffen and turn. Behind her was her elder sister, Arachne.

"Yes, sister, it is. I am tired of you making me treat my daughter as if she were some experiment less you kill her. I'm taking Crona and Viper and leaving here. Know this though." Here Medusa paused her rather calm and collected words in order to release enough of her Killing Intent to force Arachne and most to all of her forces to their knees. Arachne looked up at her younger sister briefly in shock, where did this amount of raw Killing Intent come from? Her younger sister had never been this strong before!

"If you ever threaten or try to injure either of my daughters ever again I will end you." Medusa spoke coldly and venomously as she used one hand to grab Crona, causing the blond and her two children to sink into the ground right in front of Arachne's eyes.

If there was one thing Arachne was sure of as she watched her sister and nieces sink into the ground and vanish, it was that her sister was dead serious in her last threat. If Arachne ever tried anything against either of her nieces, Medusa was going to kill the spider witch for ever laying a finger on her children. If you asked someone what the most dangerous kind of woman was, most would tell you it was a woman scorned especially if the scorned woman was a witch.

Arachne disagreed with them. If you asked her what the most dangerous kind of woman was she would tell you it was a mother whose child had been harmed, even if that mother was a witch. Especially if that mama witch was Medusa. All of a sudden Arachne pitied whatever dumb bastard dared tried to harm Crona and that baby she had seen in her sisters arms. They would be dead before they even realized just whose daughter it was they were attacking.