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"She's beautiful." Cyborg said.

"What is her name?" Starfire inquired.

"Congratulations." Robin said with a very small smile.

Beast Boy and I were the proud parents of a new baby girl. She has violet hair, pale skin, and emerald green eyes. She was perfect to everyone, and we instantly knew she would be safe and loved.

"Amelia Marie Logan." Beast Boy had said for me, since I was still wiped out from having Amelia.

"Oh! Precious Amelia, I cannot wait to go to the mall of shopping with you, or do the "girly things," or cook the glorious dishes of Tamaran!" Star exclaimed, excited over the fact that there would be another girl in the Tower.

"Oh, a few of the Honorary Titans will stop by this week to meet baby Amelia and see how you two are doing." Robin informed us, Beast Boy smiling over the fact that he could brag about his daughter, I fake smiling over the fact I would probably have to talk.

What Robin left out was that ALL the honorary Titans were coming and staying the WHOLE week.


We heard someone knock on the door to Titan's Tower. Since I was holding Amelia, Beast Boy and Cyborg were setting up Amelia's room, and Star was sitting next to me, learning all about earth babies, Robin decided to get the door. Titans East, Jinx, Kid Flash, Argent, Hot Spot, Jericho, Melvin, Timmy, Teether, Kole, and Herald were there.

"Hey guys! How is everyone doing?" Robin greeted, hearing them respond as they walked in. Star stopped her question short, gasping as she ran up to each person, hugging them in her gigantic hugs. Once she was done hugging each person, she led all the girls over to me to meet Amelia, while the boys hung back to talk about the recent villains they've spotted and brag about their coolest adventures in crime fighting, each trying to outdo the last.

"She's so beautiful!" Kole exclaimed

"Just like her mother, love." Argent agreed

"She is so precious." Jinx said with a small smile forming on her lips.

"Awww, she is the cutest thing ever! And finally another girl who I can teach how to be a girly-girl!" Melvin said excitedly, as I laughed a little to myself since Star had said something along the lines of that earlier.

"I TOTALLY call babysittin' her." Bumblebee said, instantly adoring Amelia.

All the girls had wanted to babysit Amelia, so I just sat there as they worked out a schedule, asking when I would actually leave Amelia in someone else's care.

The doorbell rang again, and as before, Robin got it. Standing there was every other honorary Titan that wasn't here before. I handed Amelia off to Argent, saying a quick "I'll be back." She gladly took Amelia and sat down with her. I went over to Robin and pulled him from the crowd of boys.

"Robin, what is EVERY. SINGLE. TITAN. Doing in our Tower? You said only a few!" I said, emphasizing my words a bit in my fit of anger over being lied to. That and that there were so many people and so many emotions it was making my powers go haywire.

"It was kind of a surprise, sorry Raven. But, you should probably go get Beast Boy and Cyborg and make sure they look….. decent." Robin said.

I just turned around and walked toward Amelia's new room. Once I arrived I opened the door to see Cyborg and Beast Boy nearly finished, the room pretty much spotless besides the rocking chair and part of the changing table disassembled.

"We have company, so I suggest changing." I said a bit coldly.

"Who's here?" Beast Boy asked.

"Every honorary Titan." I said, which caused a knowing look on their faces.

They stood up, Cyborg leaving first to his room, then Beast Boy and I leaving to ours. I sat on the bed as Beast Boy changed into his uniform.

"So, something tells me you're not happy about the honorary Titans." Beast Boy started

"No Gar, it's just, a lot of emotions in one place, and it kind of overloads me. I'm okay with the fact that they're here, but I have never been one for crowds."

"It's alright Rae, you'll be fine, you have me." He said, sitting down and holding my hand. "Now, let's go make sure our baby girl isn't being loved to death by the honorary Titan girls."

He stood up, pulling me with him as we walked towards the common room. Once we got there Beast Boy got pulled into the group of boys, not having a say if he wanted to stay with me or not. He looked toward me, a look of "I'm sorry" on his face. I waved him off, giving him a look that said "it's fine" and walked over towards the group of girls. Amelia had been passed around, and was now in Kole's arms. Amelia seemed to be content, but I sensed she was going to cry out for me soon. Once I was over there, Kole handed Amelia to me with a smile, as I sat down.

"Does she have a nickname?" Bumblebee asked.

"I don't really know, I kind of want to call her Ami, A-m-i, but it sounds kind of girly and it doesn't really fit." I said.

"How about Meelie or Lia?" Kole suggested.

"I like Lia." I said, all the girls nodding and smiling in agreement.

I looked down at Amelia and smiled while saying "Baby Lia, it fits."


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