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"Pregnant." Jinx said.

We all kept a straight face, not wanting to ruin the fun. Wally looked as if he would pass out any second now.

"Are you okay? You look like you're going to be sick." Jinx said as Wally passed out.

"I'll go get the guys to move him." I said, going over to the guys. "Robin, Cy, Gar, move Wally please, he kind of passed out."

They followed me to where he is. Once they saw him, they burst out laughing. Robin and Cy picked him up to move him to the med bay, while Gar picked up Lia. He cradled her, kissed her forehead, and then set her back in her crib. He then walked over to me and kissed me full on the lips.

"Bye, and have fun." He said

"Okay, and you as well." I said as he walked out.

There was a pause before we all burst out laughing at Wally's reaction. Even Jinx found it funny, even if this is what would happen if she was serious.

Lia began to cry then, so I picked her up. I began to rock her in my arms to try to quiet her cries, but she seemed to be immune to my efforts. I was utterly exhausted from her cries; even though she was a rather quiet baby, she still cried out during the night.

"You look tired love, here, let me see her." Argent said, taking Lia from my arms and trying to quiet her. It seemed to work since Lia seemed to quiet down, but she was still a bit fussy.

"Let's see if she needs a diaper change. Bee said as they checked.

Lia was clean, and she had just been fed not too long ago, so she was probably just cranky and wanted to be held.

Star pulled me to the side then away from the other girls.

"Friend Raven, I have a serious question."

"What is it Star?" I asked

"How did you break the news to friend Beast Boy that you were with child?"

"Uh, Star? What are you getting at?" I asked.

"Well, I have just found out I am with friend Robin's child, and I haven't the slightest idea how to tell him." She said a bit worriedly to me.

"Well, congratulations! That's great, and about telling him, you shouldn't have a problem because he really loves you. But, the easiest way is to sit him down and tell him. But if you don't trust your voice, I suggest writing it in a card and giving it to him. I don't recommend the second choice, but as long as you are there when you tell him, it should be fine." I said smiling at her.

"Okay, thank you friend Raven, your advice is most helpful to me." She said smiling at me, leading us back to the crowd that had hardly realized we were gone.

Lia was back asleep and in her crib again and all the girls were spread out among the room. I fell asleep not too long after the exchange with Star, knowing my daughter was in safe care.


I woke up to the morning sun and realized I wasn't in my room. I also realized neither Lia nor my husband was in sight. Then the events of last night flowed back to me and I couldn't help but giggle at what Wally did. I then decided to walk to the kitchen to see who was up. In the kitchen and common room, Bee, Star, Aqualad, Garfield, Robin, Speedy, Argent, Cy, and Lia were up. Lia was in Garfield's arms, Gar feeding Lia her bottle, Cy was cooking breakfast, and everyone else was spread about, doing their own thing.

"Good morning Gar." I said as I sat down next to my husband, kissing his cheek as I did so.

"Morning Rae." Garfield said, smiling as he kissed my cheek and made me blush.

"Breakfast." Cy called to all of us.

Garfield put Lia down in her bassinet that we had put out in the common room, took my hand, and we walked towards the kitchen.

We all grabbed one of the plates Cyborg had loaded with food and sat down. He had made a big breakfast consisting of pancakes, eggs, stuffed French toast, bacon, fruit salad, and orange juice.

"Delicious." I said as my husband took a bite out of his vegetarian version of the meal and easily agreed with me.

"Perfect love, you all should do a takeout service for all the Titans." Argent said jokingly.

Hotspot appeared then, and sat next to Argent, both smiling widely at each other.

"Grab a plate love." Argent commanded, which he gladly obliged to.

"Looks like the love bug's got them too." I whispered to Gar.

"You should have seen him last night. After his little chat with Argent, he has practically had hearts radiating off of him." He whispered back.

"Radiating? Such a big vocabulary. I am rubbing off on you." I whispered, smiling cheekily as my husband groaned.

Lia stirred and awoke from her short lived nap and began to fuss, so I picked her up.

"Shhhh, it's okay baby, momma's got you." I said, my baby relaxing into my hold instantly.

"Wow, you really are great with kids Raven." Robin spoke up.

"I guess so, which is weird since when we were younger, I was horrible with kids and wanted nothing to do with them. But things change I guess and I'm very happy being a mother." I said, which caused everyone, including the guys, to awe, over the fact I was a very happy mother.

Eventually all the Titans gathered into the common room and ate, except for Wally, who was still passed out in the med bay, so we all decided to play a movie.

"We have Wicked Scary, Epic, and Wreck it Ralph. Which one do you want to watch?" Robin asked.

After we all voted, Epic had the most votes, so Robin put the disk in and we began to watch.


"How about we play the elemental game?" Robin suggested since the movie had just ended.

"I know! How about we give Raven a baby shower! We have the supplies!" Star exclaimed, which everyone agreed to.

I picked Lia up then, Garfield right next to me, and then I said "Fine, go ahead." And suddenly the tower was being decorated by everyone.

"Oh gosh Lia, what did I get us into?" I asked my little girl.

She gurgled happily for a bit then became interested in my hair.


The tower was decorated in purples and greens, since I couldn't stand pink. A banner hung on the walls that read "Amelia Marie Logan."

"Okay, so we have games, movies, and food." Star said.

"The games are: pin the tail on the donkey, Sorry, Connect Four, Movie Trivia, and Charades. The movies we have, in order of playing, are Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Brave, and Girl vs. Monster. "Cyborg announced.

"Let's get this thing started!" Garfield yelled, and everyone went to do their own thing.

I took Lia to go watch a movie, when Garfield quickly came to join us. I snuggled up into his side, he wrapping his arms around Lia and I, and I just knew we would be a great family.


It had been a few hours when Robin finally called out for cake. We all gathered near the kitchen to see the cake, and it was magnificent. It had a bottom layer, with white icing adorned with green piped icing around the outer edge with magnificent purple flowers adorning it. There were pillars coming up from that layer, supporting a gigantic second layer. It was more rounded than squared, but had the same design. The only exception would be Amelia's full name written on the side in purple icing.

In between the two layers was a plastic shelf, which held a picture of Amelia when she was born.

"This is amazing." I said, in utter astonishment.

"It's incredible! Thank you guys." Garfield said.

"Well, let's eat!" Cyborg exclaimed as he began to slice and serve the cake.

The cake tasted just as amazing as it looked. It was a vanilla and chocolate marbled cake, and was delicious.

"Gar, you got a little something…." I trailed off as I wiped the icing from his face.

The nearby girls let out an "awe," but I hardly noticed. It could get annoying, but for once, I didn't really care. Lia began to fuss, so Gar and I decided to put her in her crib to sleep. We snuck away from the other Titans, and placed Lia in her crib. She was asleep instantly, which we were relieved for. Gar snaked his arms around to the front of me, embracing me in a hug.

"I am the luckiest guy in the world- no, the universe." He said, kissing my cheek.

"I love you." I said.

"I love you too." He replied.

We stayed like that for a few more moments before I spoke up.

"As much as I would like to stay like this, we are expected downstairs." I said which made him groan.

"Fine." He said reluctantly, taking my hand. We walked down the hall to join the noisy common room, but he never left my side.


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