Chapter 1 : That Special Christmas

All his life Naruto has been alone, no one to call a friend , no one to run to when he was sad, empty space in his heart. No one in the village would talk to him , all the kids stayed away from him. Naruto felt that he didn't belong , never loved...never going to be. Naruto had a dream... he had a dream of surpassing the 4th Hokage so everyone in the village would look up to him and aknowledge him for who he was and what he was.

Naruto and team 7 got back from a mission the Hokage gave them, they finished the job and went back to the Hokages building to get there reward. After talking with the Hokage he congratulated Team 7 and sent them on their way

''You children go ahead , i want to speak to Naruto alone '' Sakura ans Sasuke left the room and closed the door behind them. ''W-what is it ?'' asked Naruto

''Do you have any pland for Christams eve? '' Naruto frowned

''Y-yeah sure i do '' he lied , '' Oh okay then , you can leave now ''

It was christmas eve and everyone in Konoha was at home eating with there beloved ones. Not Naruto though He didn't want to stay home so he wore his jacket and left his house. Walking down the street was making Naruto suffer , the sound of people having fun with their familys.

''Why- why-WHY!'' Shouted Naruto and started running. He kept on running and running until his legs got soar . He found himself outside the playground, so he went and sat on the swing. Looking out into the village , he was alone , on a lonely playground.

One hour he played on the swing, by himself, all alone in the snow

'' I hate this '' he said while bitting his lips as hard as he could

''Hey Naruto '' Naruto Looked around and saw Ino behind him. Naruto for the first was happy that day

''H-Hey Ino!'' he replied

''What are you doing out here all alone ? ''

'' What i do every year...'' he answered in a sad tone

'' I brought home made ramen, wanna share it with me ? ''

Naruto smiled ''SURE! '' They sat in the snow and ate ramen, Naruto for the first time ever was actually really happy

'' Why so happy Naruto '' asked Ino curiously

'' It's the first time i've been so happy on christmas eve'' Ino also smiled

'' Why is that ? '' Naruto's expression changed

'' I - i don't know, no one likes me in this village, i feel like i'm all alone in this world, no one to talk too, No one to talk about how my day was or how i feel, it's the worst, most of the kids don't hang out with me, and all christmas...oh christmas is the worst. Every body is outside singing and having a good time with friends and family while i'm home alone, with nothing but the the four walls that surround me. I ha-'' she placed her finger on his lips thus cutting him off

'' I- i'll be you're friend '' she expressed shily. Naruto froze

''W-w...what did you say ?'' she giggled and reapeted

'' i'll be you're friend Naruto'' tears fell from Naruto's eyes , he jumped on her and tightly hugging her

''Thank you Ino , SO MUCH '' while he was crying a river

''Naruto , i have to go home since there probably looking for me'' she reached out and kissed him on the cheek

'' See you tomorrow! '' she cried cheerfully as she ran off

Naruto , for the first time on Christmas eve, and probably all his life...Was happy.