Author's note : oh look, a thing that wasn't planned ! wanted to do some happy for once since more than half of the thing I have started aren't û_u there probably will be more of those mostly happy but other feels might creep in as well... don't expect regular updates I will only do them when inspiration strikes (feel free to leave prompts to help that along)

Enjoy !

(Futaba is about a year/year and a half old in this, Kanzaki's 15 )

The brat was following him again. How she managed to keep up while crawling around was anybody's guess. Looking around for a good hiding place Kanzaki saw the very old tree at the back of the garden that he wasn't supposed to climb -something about rotten branches or whatever- and had a brilliant idea. No way the little pest could follow him up there. He barely managed to reach the tree before he heard the brat call after him.

"p'ay wit me !" Damn how the hell did she get there so fast, Kanzaki glared back at his niece only to see her out of breath and kind of sad and no that didn't make him guilty, nope not at all, she should know better and leave him alone already. Taking one big breath Futaba shouted the next part "I say p'ay wit me 'jime dammit !"

...When had the brat learned how to swear? His brother was going to get so pissed off to hear that. Well, that was a nice thought, maybe it would teach him to take care of his spawn himself for once instead of dropping her here. Teaching the brat proper swearing and other things she shouldn't say or do was as good a way to spend his afternoon as any and it sure as hell beat running around all day to avoid her. With a wicked grin Kanzaki walked over to his niece and picked her up "Alright shrimp you want to play a game ? then we're going to play a fucking game"

"Hell yesh !" And of course seeing the big happy smile on the kid's face certainly wasn't the cause for the warm feeling that hit Kanzaki, just like he hadn't felt guilty to see the brat looking so lonely. No,he just wanted to mess with his brother; that was his story and if anyone asked,he'd stick to it.