(ok this wont fit into the summery but i wrote this for my likes Kristoph Gavin and i told her i would write this)

On a rainy day in July. There was a had soft brown hair and brown eyes and was a true beauty. But there was on problem. She was Emo. She picked a single rose and pricking her finger in the process. She watched the blood drip down onto the green earth til a man grabbed her hand and kissed her finger and bandaged it." Are you ok?" a young man of 28 asked the girl. He was a classy man dressed in a purple suit and white shoes to match his blond drill-like hair glasses blue eyes and semi-tan skin." What dose it matter to you?! you wouldn't understand!" the girl said as she ran til her arm was grabbed by the man."L-LET GO!" the Girl screeched but the man wouldn't let go. A while later the girl gave in ans went home with the man. Soon things went slow to fast in there ever growing relationship.

There was a fiery hot passion they both felt for each other but nothing too extreme. They introduced themselves then started canoodling on the couch til they both went to sleep in the same bed after a a few glasses of fine red wine. The next day the man woke up and it was 1 in the afternoon. There were shards of glass and sleeping pill bottles on the floor. The blond couldn't remember much from last-night but he was sure it was fine. He reached over to the phone forgetting his younger brother's number but remembered it 30 minutes after. The younger brother was named Klavier Gavin a pop star icon to all girls alike and a rocking prosecutor." W-WHAT IS IT?!GET OFF THE LINE NOW THE PRISON MIGHT CALL!" Yelled the younger brother between sobs. He was still upset from the incident of last year where his lead Guitarist Daryan Crescend got arrested for smuggling across the border." FACE IT HE ISN'T GETTING OUT OF PRISON ANY TIME SOON! HAVENT YOU HOOKED UP WITH THAT EMA SKYE GIRL OR ARE YOU STILL A GLIMMERING FOP?!"yelled the eldest.

The youngest was silent and hung up soon after and started to cry. The brothers were so close but there brotherly love soon was torn apart at the seems after the eldest got his defense attorney badge. They were the Gavin brothers Kristoph the oldest and Klavier the youngest both were big at law and order and both were German. They never argued when they were kids but up til then it was separated. The girl soon woke up and freaking out cause her locket she had was gone. She forgot she gave it to Kristoph the night before before she crashed out on his bed sleeping from the pills. She saw the necklace around his neck and soon calmed down"Oh! You have it!i remembered never mind Kristoph!^^" the girl said." It's ok my Kai darling~" Kristoph said with a loving sigh. the Necklace was a burning remembrance of there love. A few months later they got married. forever they would be known as Kai&Kristoph Gavin attorneys at law and lovers at law. The end