Title: I Won't Share You (Chapter 1)

Author: WickedWhiskey (Tumblr: Wickedwhiskeygirl)

Pairing: Kurtofsky

Minor Characters: Adam Crawford, Blaine (mentions) Santana, Rachel, Cassandra July, and Burt (Some other characters might show up unexpectedly)

Rated: R for language and content (will increase within upcoming chapters)

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee, any Glee characters or rights to the show. All the rights go to Ryan Murphy and writers of the Fox show. I also do not make any profit from this story. I also do not own the rights to The Smiths song: I won't share you.

Summary: The Adam's Apples traditional fundraising event takes a sudden turn when Kurt is being auctioned off for an innocent evening with the highest bidder. The last thing Kurt Hummel ever expected was to have a certain jock storm back into his life.

Authors Notes: Hi Everyone! I know that I have stated time and time again that I wouldn't start another story until I wrapped up my other WIP's, but once my evil muse gets her hands on me I'm bound to the computer until she is through, lol. I'm hoping that you all like this fic that was a product of being stranded at the airport for a couple of hours ;-) I'm sending off tons of hugs to all my Glee friends and fellow pirates...Love you all!


Chapter 1:

New York City

Gideon-Mitchel Liberal Arts Wing-NYADA

The sterling fundraising event at the NYADA conservatory was booming with a great deal of both excitement and curiosity.

The Gideon-Mitchel hall was packed with students from every department within the liberal arts college.

Fundraising events were a time honored tradition at the luxurious university, but this particular occasion was quite different from all the rest.

The fundraising affair was scheduled to have various groups performing throughout the evening, but it was the last scheduled program that had everyone waiting on pins and needles…it was the Annual NYADA Student Auction.

"This has to be one of the worst decisions I've ever made in my entire life," Kurt stated under his breath as he stood away from the overly crowded room with his two roommates, Rachel Berry and Santana Lopez, at his side while watching the auction commence.

"That's not true, Lady Lips," Santana replied with a wicked smile across her bright red lips as she sipped her drink, loving the anxiety that was seeping out of her roommate. "Remember that time you insisted that the temperature outside was perfect for your expensive Pinocchio shorts, and you ended getting the flu because of the sudden change in the weather."

"Or what about the time you made us all camp outside of the Olympia theater… in the pouring rain just so you could get a glimpse of Julie Andrews," Rachel added as she looked around the room to see if her ex-boyfriend, Brody, was skulking about somewhere in the crowded room.

"First of all, those weren't just any pair short's," Kurt stated with conviction as he lifted his index finger up in the air in order to stop his friends from going down the list of all the bad decisions he had made during his time in New York. "Those were a one of a kind pair from the Marc Jacobs limited edition collection, and secondly…it was Julie Andrews."

"We see your point," Rachel replied with a knowing nod, for somehow she understood her best friend's insane logic better than anyone else.

"I don't," Santana interjected as she shook her head as she watched the current bidding that was taking place right before their very own eyes.

"None of those occurrences matter right now," Kurt muttered as he pinched the bridge of his nose in order to keep the migraine headache, which was gradually creeping up on him, at bay. "Shall we focus on the more pressing matter? Santana, let's run through the plan over again."

"Again?" The Latina repeated with an obvious look of dismay in her usually calm tone.

"Yes," Kurt muttered under his breath for his time was vastly approaching, and he didn't want there to be an issue to arise. "Again."

"Fine," The Latina stated as she rolled her eyes, for this would be the tenth time they went over this ridiculous plan that evening. "When you go up to auction your ass off to some creepy loser in this massive crowd of imbeciles-"

"Santana," Kurt erupted in an outraged tone, for even though he had been living with the Latina for two years now he still couldn't get over her extreme crudeness.

"I'll out-bid said creepy loser by a few more dollars," Santana continued explaining the strategy while she stirred the contents within her martini glass, while she enjoyed watching her well put together friend falling at the seams. "Did I miss anything?"

"You could pretend to be having fun," Rachel muttered as she watched the next NYADA student approach the stage ready to be auctioned off.

"I don't like pretending, Berry," Santana answered back as she glimpsed over at her other roommate. "It's my only day off, and I'm spending it here at this bizarre fundraising event that's benefiting Bobbing Apples."

"Adam's Apples," Kurt corrected as he turned away from the active auction, so he could grab a drink from one of the passing waiters.

"Whatever," Santana stated clearly not caring who the fundraising event was benefiting. "How is Dr. Who alright with you doing this?"

"The auction is not supposed to be something sinister, Santana," Rachel stated finally chiming in in her usual know it all tone. "It's one of the oldest traditions at NYADA. It's an evening where all the departments of the school get together in order to bid on a certain dancer or singer, for an innocent evening out on the town…It promotes healthy interactions between all the upperclassmen."

"It sounds like high level prostitution to me," Santana frankly stated as she began sipping her drink, while wondering if this night could get any worse for her. "Was Brody the organizer of this event?"

"Santana," Kurt replied in a hush tone, since people were obviously eavesdropping on their conversation.

"Get your head out of the gutter because this is not about…sex," Rachel replied in a low manner to her disgruntled friend.

"It must be nice having the Easter Bunny, Peter Pan, and Rainbow Bright all living in your mind…the land of sweet denial," The Latina said in a condescending response that made Rachel turn a dark shade of red.

"Claws back in ladies," Kurt answered back with a calm smile on his porcelain face as he noticed that his number was approaching.

The young soprano couldn't help but feel as if something unexpected was about to happen.

He didn't know how to describe this unusual feeling, but all he could do was just stand by and wait.

"Fine…I'll be a good sport, but no one better hear about me bidding on Liberace over here," Santana warned as she stared at both of the NYADA students with her Lima-Heights glare. "I have a reputation to protect."

"Says the Go-Go dancer," Rachel whispers under her breath.

"Cage Performer," Santana corrected as she flung her hair to the side as she made direct contact with Kurt's blue eyes. "Remember that I can't bid over two hundred dollars…I need to pay for my half of the rent, and school tuition this month."

"Alright, just make sure you win," Kurt whispered as he proceeded to finish his drink in one final swig, feeling the burning sensation coursing down his throat, as he hoped that the drink would ease some of his nerves.

Kurt didn't want to do this…but he was a member of Adam's Apples, and a student of NYADA.

When he had first heard of this odd tradition his initial reaction was to laugh until someone told him that it was an unpretentious joke, but the punch line never came.

Most of the NYADA students jumped at the chance to be a part of this long going ritual.

One would think that there would be horror stories attached to this annual event…but to Kurt's knowledge it was a progressive affair that was encouraged even by the facility.

Kurt remembered his boyfriend, Adam Crawford, describing the event as a long established rite of passage for the NYADA students.

The individual who was being auctioned could, at any moment during the evening, end the night on their own terms…there were no hidden strings attached to this affair.

The bidder and the individual being auctioned were equals, but there was something about this long-standing tradition that didn't sit right with the slender soprano.

"The last thing I need is to spend the better part of my evening with a complete stranger," Kurt replied knowing that his friends weren't listening to his ongoing rant as they continued to gaze at the bidding war that was taking place over a second year dancer.

"You're the boss, Neil Patrick Harris," Santana stated as her eyes continued to stare at the pretty girl on stage. "I need to start dating again."

"Says the Go-Go dancer," Rachel repeated once more with sarcasm in her voice.

"Cage Performer," Santana corrected in an annoyed tone.

"What's the difference, San?" Rachel asked with genuine curiosity. "I really would like to know."

"A Cage Performer is…" Santana began to explain when she was cut off by the auctioneer announcing the next participator in the auctioning event.

"Our next participant is a second year NYADA soprano, Kurt Hummel," The auctioneer stated with a huge grin over his seemingly annoying face.

Kurt felt all of the air in his lungs escape quickly at the sound of his name being summoned towards the front of the podium.

"Oh…crap," Kurt whispered under his breath as placed a faux smile upon his face as he proceeded towards the platform area.

"Good luck," Rachel replied through the applause of the crowd.

When Kurt was younger he would always read stories about ordinary people who could conquer any adversity, so he was finding it rather ridiculous that he was scared to death of this inane tradition.

Kurt kept wishing that he hadn't listened to his friends about enlisting to be a part of the final program, but what struck him even harder was the fact that Adam was very supportive of his decision to register.

Kurt slowly walked towards the platform until he was standing next to the auctioneer with a fake smile planted on his face, and all the young singer could hope for was that this bidding ended quick and painlessly.

"As I mentioned before Kurt is a second year here at NYADA," The announcer stated into his microphone as he read a few key points from his cue-cards. "Kurt is originally from Ohio, was a part of a championship Glee club back home, and is currently an intern at ."

"That's correct," Kurt replied with a nod.

"Are you thrilled to be here?" The auctioneer asked as if Kurt was about to win a million dollars for simply attending.

"I…guess…you can say that," Kurt answered in a very hesitant tone, but decided that his plan with Santana was somewhat full proof so he really shouldn't worry.

"Let's begin, shall we?" The bubbly announcer stated as he began the bidding at twenty dollars. "I see twenty dollars towards the back."

Kurt turned his gaze towards the massive crowd, but couldn't get a decent view since the spotlight was directly on him.

Kurt's nerves shot through him as he saw a hand fly up in the back of the standing crowd, but he became quite composed when Kurt saw his trusty-yet ruthless friend bidding on his behalf.

To Kurt's surprise there were a few people within the crowd that began bidding for his company.

Kurt even smiled as he could see Adam in the back, with the rest of the Apples, raising his hand for a bid.

Things began to take a tempestuous turn during the auction when the bid reached one-hundred and twenty dollars.

"Do I hear one hundred and thirty?"

"One-hundred and thirty five," Santana called out from the side of the room.

"One-hundred and fifty," A male voice in the back boomed.

"Crap," Santana muttered under her breath as she tried to scan the room to see who was trying to out-bid her. "Who the Hell is this guy?"

"I haven't the slightest," Rachel responded with a worried look on her face. "I can't see through the crowd."

"Do I hear one-fifty-five?"

"Two hundred dollars," The male voice in the back declared in an assertive tone.

"Shit," Santana groaned, for the Latina had already reached her bidding limit for the evening.

"Santana Lopez!" Rachel cried out. "For Christ Sakes…Bid!"

"I can't," Santana replied in a defeated tone, for she knew she was letting her friend down. "My hands are tied."

"Ugh…two-thirty," Rachel called out as she lifted her freshly manicured hand up in the air hoping to save her friend.

"Do I hear two-thirty five?"

"Three hundred," The voice in the back called out earning a few gasps from the massive crowd since this was the highest bid of the evening.

Kurt's eyes were trying to focus through the bright piercing spotlight, but to his disappointment he couldn't get a decent view of the person who was able to out-bid both his friend's.

"Three hundred going once…Three hundred going twice," The auctioneer stated with an amused look on his face as he was about to finalize the bid. "Sold…to the gentleman in the back."

Kurt shook his head in utter disappointment as he knew this wasn't what he planned. The slender male could see his friends giving him apologetic looks as the crowd continued to applause the recent bid that just took place.

Kurt began to notice that the crowd began to move in order to allow the winner to come forward, and little by little Kurt began to see specks of said bidder…until the young soprano caught sight of his past walking towards him with a glimmer within their soulful hazel eyes.

The roar of the audience continued to amplify within the enormous chamber. The masses were oblivious to the fact that both the bidder and Kurt knew each other…or that their history together was quite complicated.

The crowd would also never know about the hardships both men faced separately during their mutual time in Lima, Ohio.

The winner finally came forward with a significant smile across his face, and for a split second Kurt found a similar smirk forming on his own lips at the sight of the broad-shouldered man.

The round of applause was gradually dying down as the NYADA student began descending the uneven platform steps towards the man who had outbid everyone in the room…Kurt began approaching his former classmate, and tormentor.

Kurt Hummel was making his way towards David Karofsky…


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