Title: I Won't Share You (Chapter 18)

Author: WickedWhiskey

Pairing: Kurtofsky

Minor Characters: Adam Crawford, Blaine (mentions) Santana, Rachel, Cassandra July, and Burt (Some other characters might show up unexpectedly)

Rated: R for language and content (will increase within upcoming chapters)

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee, any Glee characters or rights to the show. All the rights go to Ryan Murphy and writers of the Fox show. I also do not make any profit from this story. I also do not own the rights to The Smiths song: I won't share you or Casablanca. I also do not own any rights to Lady Gaga's: You and I, Gin Wigmore's Saturday Smile, Judy Blume or Joy Divisions Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Summary: The Adam's Apples traditional fundraising event takes a sudden turn when Kurt is being auctioned off for an innocent evening with the highest bidder. The last thing Kurt Hummel ever expected was to have a certain jock storm back into his life.

Authors Notes: Hi! I feel like a huge part of me doesn't want to see this story end, but just because the story is ending doesn't mean a new journey for our boys isn't close ahead. I truly love writing for you all, and it has been a pleasure to see this story unravel. We have an epilogue left before wrapping up. I hope you've enjoyed this crazy ride, and just know that there is still more from this wicked girl ahead.

Chapter 18

"Thank you," Kurt finally whispered, as he felt a bit choked up, due to July's genuinely constructive compliment.

"No…Thank you," Cassandra stated, while looking towards he young pupil. "Just promise me one thing, Blue Eyes."


"Never apologize for what you want," Cassandra answered firmly. "The moment you do you relinquish your authority to those that want nothing more than to see you fall, but just know that if you ever fall the only place left to go is…up."

"I promise," Kurt replied, with a slight nod, but before he turned to leave he looked back at his instructor one last time. "Can you promise me something as well?"

"That depends," Cassandra answered, as her fingers lightly played the long piano keys. "If you want a hug I think I'll respectfully decline…I don't do hugs."

"Its not a hug," Kurt stated, with a smile. "Promise me you'll never stop pushing us to be better performers. I cannot fully express the spark you've ignited in each of us. You are the reason many of us have the drive and dedication to be the best we can be…Promise me?"

"Believe me, as long as I have air within these lungs, you'll be hearing me critique each and every one of your performances," Cassandra responded, with a mixture of sincerity and sarcasm.

"That's all I ask," Kurt answered knowing that he still had a lot to learn, but he knew, without a doubt, that he'd have Cassandra July there to assist him along the way.

Kurt Hummel, soon to be NYADA star, felt as if everything was gradually falling into place.

Kurt slowly began to make his way through the halls with an undeniable feeling of optimism running through him, but there was one aspect of his future he was really looking forward to and that was, Dave.

Yes, the future looked bright from where he was standing…


NYU Ice Arena

If somebody had told Kurt, a few years back, that he would be eager to attend a sporting event, in order to see David Karofsky, he wouldn't know what to think.

"Time certainly changes things," Kurt thought, to himself, as he wandered down the crowded arena stands trying to find a vacant seat.

Kurt attempted to arrive at the arena ahead of time, but Rachel had cornered him as he was leaving NYADA.

Rachel couldn't help but gossip about the new developments with Quinn and Santana. It seems Santana mentioned, nonchalantly, that Quinn was going to be staying with them for a few days.

It certainly appeared, as if the two ex-cheerleaders were willing to pick up where they both left off. It was only a matter of time before those two got back together, for it was quite obvious that they were destined to be together.

"Speaking of destiny," Kurt whispered to himself, while quickly taking in the sight of Dave who was already on the ice with Lane.

Kurt found it completely fascinating that the one person who drove him insane, while in high school was, in fact, the very person who complimented him in more ways than one.

Kurt was suddenly taken out of his distant thoughts, since he couldn't help but hear someone calling out his name.

The young NYADA student turned towards the right aisle where he made eye contact with David's father, Paul karofsky.

Kurt gradually began making his way towards the older man, while trying not to bump into the passing students that were heading back to their seats.

"Hi," Paul casually greeted, as he stood up from his corner aisle seat. "It's been a while."

"Yes, it has," Kurt, answered back with a smile forming on his lips, while extending his hand towards the older man.

Kurt was then caught, a bit, off guard when Paul bypassed the handshake, and gave him a hug instead.

"Oh, okay…it's really good to see you too, Mr. Karofsky."

"I'm happy you could make," Paul responded soon releasing the young boy, who was the keeper of his only son's heart. "Are you here with your friends?"

"No," Kurt answered, shaking his head in response. "It's just me."

"There's an empty seat by me," Paul offered motioning to the unoccupied seat next to him where his coat was draped over the backrest. "Would you like to sit?"

"You wouldn't mind?" Kurt asked, for he had assumed that more people from Dave's family would be attending this momentous occasion.

"Of course not," Paul answered, slowly reaching for his coat, so that Kurt would be able to sit. "I usually tend to place something on the seat next to mine because these games can get pretty chaotic at any given time."

"Good to know," Kurt replied, cautiously inspecting his surroundings, as he lowered himself into the vacant chair.

The seconds seemed to have passed rather slowly between the two men who sat with an uncomfortable silence lingering between them.

Kurt was quietly trying to figure out the best way to engage Mr. Karofsky in conversation, while observing the electric energy within the stadium.

Many students had actually gone all out with the bright face paint, and the huge glittery banners.

Kurt was beginning to feel that maybe next time he should partake in the full hockey experience, for he didn't think Dave would mind seeing him with his jersey number painted on Kurt's cheek.

"So…" Paul awkwardly responded, finally breaking the uncomfortable silence, as he turned his head slightly to have a better view of the slender boy. "How are you doing with…school?"

"Great, actually," Kurt stated, knowing that it must he hard for Paul, for it's never easy for any parent to converse with their offspring's partner. "I've been chosen to be a part of my schools annual event."

"That's wonderful," Paul congratulated with sincerity in his tone. "David's been talking my ear off about you all day."

"Has he?" Kurt asked timidly, trying not to let his fair skin show any signs of blushing

"He's truly proud of you, and all that you've accomplished here in New York," Paul replied, while turning his gaze back to the ice where, it seemed as though, the game was about to begin. "My son is genuinely taken with you."

"Believe me," Kurt whispered following Paul's gaze, which led him to see Dave on the ice ready to play. "I feel the same way about your son."

"He cares a lot about you," Paul stated without a pause. "I won't lie to you, for when I first heard about both of you reconnecting with each other…I had my reservations."

"Any reason in particular?" Kurt asked, knowing that this conversation was bound to happen sooner or later. "Or is it because of our unique past?"

"There's more to it than just that," Paul stated, slowly turning his gaze back to the young man seated next to him. "I believe that you both have endured so much for your age."

"It is true that we've endured a lot, but our experiences have molded us to be the men we are today," Kurt responded back with a mixture of sincerity and seriousness in his voice.

"Does your father know that you are seeing my son?" Paul asked, with a certain air of curiosity. "I've been having drinks with you father, after work on Thursday nights, for at least three months now. We have one rule, and that is we do not discuss the past because it always leads back to McKinley."

"I, for one, am quite disturbed that you and my father are drinking buddies," Kurt stated, with a slight chuckle. "To answer your question…No, I have not told my father, but that doesn't mean that I'm hiding David. Contrary to what you might think, I want your son in my life."

"David's been through a lot…more than any teen should go through," Paul replied with a bleak expression. "He had to grow up very fast, but he's a fighter. My son will fight to the ends of the earth for what he wants. I may be old but I'm not blind, for I can clearly see that David is very much in love with you."

"Mr. Karofsky, in the past David and I have had our fair share of…differences," Kurt replied, as he spoke sincerely to Paul. "…But we are better people because of our history together."

Paul continued to listen carefully to the boy's genuine words through the screaming crowd.

"Your son loves to get under my skin, and the simple truth is this…he's the only one that I've ever let in," Kurt confessed. "We've seen each other at our very best and worst…even with all of our past issues we still want to be with each other."

"For how long?" Paul found himself asking, for he didn't want his son's heart to ever be broken.

"Is forever enough?" Kurt asked, with a knowing smile written across his face. "…The way I see it, your son has become a huge part of my life. We argue, we have differences of opinion, but when we are together it's literally…magic."

"I'm a father, and it's my job to worry," Paul stated with a nod. "The only thing I have left to say is the same question I posed to David the other night…Are you truly ready for a relationship with my son knowing the kind of past you had with him back in Lima?"

"This isn't high school anymore," Kurt responded sincerely. "There's nothing I want more than to be with your son…I love your son, and he loves me."

"I know he does," Paul responded, as he took a sip from his plastic beer bottle.

Kurt sat quietly within his chair rapidly realizing that he had just confessed to Paul Karofsky that he was, in fact, in love with is son.

"I'm in love with David," Kurt repeated to himself in a low whisper, for this was the first time he had declared, out loud, that he was in love with Dave.

Kurt was oblivious, to the fact, that Paul was watching him from the corner of his eye.

The older Karofsky couldn't help but smile at the young man seated next to him, and a part of him felt at ease knowing that his son had chosen well.

"The only obstacle you both have to conquer now is breaking the news to Burt," Paul replied with a hearty chuckle, while watching his son gliding through the ice in an effortless manner.

"Believe me…I'm not worried," Kurt answered, with a lopsided grin, as the players were making their way back to their positions.

Kurt kept his eyes focused on Dave's muscular form knowing, fully well, that he was going to do everything in his power to this work between them.

Kurt noticed Dave shifting his gaze around the crowd stands, while skating down to his position, but stopped once he saw Kurt sitting with his father.

Dave waved towards his family, and smiled as they cheered him on.

The former Titan from Lima was struck with such delight, for he loved the idea of having Kurt cheering for him…it was a sight he could definitely get use to.

Two Hours Later…

Kurt couldn't deny that he was truly in awe by the energy that flowed throughout the arena, and he absolutely enjoyed his time at the game.

Paul was nice enough to explain the rules of hockey to him, and by the end of the game Kurt was yelling from the stands to the referee below.

Both, Kurt and Paul, were waiting for Dave outside of the arena.

The final score of the game was pretty close, for both teams weren't willing to give up without a decent fight. In the end, Dave's team came out victorious, and Kurt couldn't be prouder.

"When do you fly back to Ohio?" Kurt asked, the older man, while wrapping his scarf around his own cold neck.

"I'll be in town for the next two days," Paul answered, with a nod, while trying to keep his hands warm. "I find it hard leaving each time I come to visit, but I know that my son's in good hands."

"We'll take care of each other," Kurt stated, with a knowing smile and nod that followed. "We should all have dinner before you go. If you want, I could cook something up in my apartment."

"I would really enjoy that, Kurt," Paul responded, with a warm smile, soon catching sight of his son exiting through the heavy double doors.

Dave placed his index finger over his mouth, so that his father wouldn't alert the slender boy that Dave was directly behind him.

Dave then quickly wrapped his arms around the slender man's waist while carefully lifting him up.

Kurt cried out, with a surprise giggle escaping his lips, as he felt Dave's strong hands holding him.

"David! Put me down so that we can congratulate you properly," Kurt tried responding, but couldn't because he was still laughing.

Dave lightly placed Kurt back down soon watching as the NYADA singer gracefully spun around, in order to face him, and without further hesitation felt a chaste kiss upon his lips.

"You were incredible out there," Kurt whispered, as he looked into Dave's hazel eyes. "We are so proud of you."

"Indeed, we are," Paul chimed in, but didn't want to intrude on the couple's private moment.

Kurt took a step to the side, so that Paul could commend his son on a job well done.

It gave Kurt a sense of peace in knowing that during those dark days back in Lima, Dave was able to pull through because of the love and dedication his father had for him.

"You always seem to amaze me," Paul complimented his son, which was then followed by a hug.

"Thanks, Dad," Dave answered back while returning his fathers hug. "Even if we lost, it was still great seeing my two favorite people on the stands."

"What about me?" Lane cried out from behind him, as his roommate continued walking by with his girlfriend at his side.

"You don't count," Dave cried out with a hearty laugh. "I stand by my statement."

"That hurts, bro," Lane stated in a mock hurt tone. "Don't wait up. I'm crashing at Abby's tonight."

"Night," Both, Kurt and Dave, answered back in unison.

"So, I'm going to call it a night," Paul responded, for he truly wanted to give the couple space so they could spend time together. "I have a nice warm hotel bed calling out to me as we speak."

"It's still early," Kurt replied, while lacing his fingers with Dave's.

"I had an early morning, but I would like to take you up on that offer about dinner," Paul replied with a smile.

"Of course," Kurt answered back. "Tomorrow night?"

"Sounds like a plan," Paul responded as he flagged down a taxicab. "You kids stay out of trouble."

"We make no guarantees," Dave hollered, as he watched his father getting into a cab. "I find it hilarious that you and my father are already planning things."

"Get use to it," Kurt answered, in a loving tone, while placing his head on Dave's shoulder. "I'm really proud of you."

"I'm really glad you're here," Dave answered, as he placed a soft kiss on Kurt's forehead. "Do you have to head back to your apartment soon?"

"No, I'm all yours," Kurt whispered bringing his gaze up, so he could take a quick glimpse into Dave's eyes.

"Lane is out for the night," Dave awkwardly replied with a small smile across his face…a smile Kurt found to be completely irresistible.

"So I heard," Kurt responded, with a wicked grin, as he leaned in closer to the broad-shouldered jock. "Are you asking me back to your place?"

"We don't have to anything," Dave responded quickly in a nervous tone. "I just don't want to say goodnight right away."

Kurt lifted himself a bit, so that he could capture Dave's lips.

Dave found himself wrapping his arm tightly around the slender singers waist not caring if anyone was looking at them.

Kurt reluctantly pulled away from Dave's lips, so he could utter the next words out of his breathless lips.

"Like I said before, I'm all yours," Kurt whispered, as he motioned for Dave to guide him back to his dorm.

The evening was certainly far from over…


Hi Everyone, I truly hoped you've enjoyed this chapter, and just know that your support and feedback fuel my insane muse to write faster than this wicked girl can keep up, lol. We are slowly reaching the final chapter! Tons of hugs! Whiskey