Devil's Advice

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Dedication: To crackers! 'Cause you keep me full.

Summery: After Sara's death her daughter has some interesting talks with a man from her mother's past.

Who the hell are you?

A friend of your Mothers. It's not proper for a young girl of sixteen to live alone.

Tough. I do. Let's have at it one more time. Who are you?


Hey! I was talking to you!


Your mother would be proud.

Gee, thanks. I know what I want But what do you want?

I want many things. Most unreachable.

Awwwww. I'm crying in my beer.

Don't drink.

Who are you to tell me what to do?


Well? Let's have at it Dark and Mysterious one.

Good Night, Jeanne Elizabeth.


Oh. It's you. I though maybe you died. If you aren't already.

Your mother also likened me to the living dead.

Go Mom.

You miss her.


I also morn her.

Wow. I can see you're really choked up about it.


God. He moves like the freakin' wind.


Hello, Jeanne.

Yo. I'm guessing if you knew my mother, you knew my father.

In a fashion.

So where is he?


Lovely and oh so clear. Let's try a next question. Why did he leave?

What did Lady Sara say?

To protect us. She said he was really big on the protecting thing.




Oh, hell.


Why does the Witchblade want me! I'm no wielder.

No man or women can fathom the Witchblade. Though, many have tried.

Like Kenneth Irons.


Oh, fun.


You are a wielder, Jeanne. No matter what the difference is between you and the others.

Oh, we're being clear tonight. You mean the little fact that I reassemble my dad and not a whole line of- Hey!


Damn. He's gone. Again.


I've been thinking, Dad.


Oh, you bet I know, Ian Nottingham. Why?


Yes why! Why did you play this game! Why did you leave! Why!


No, goddamn it, don't give me a tissue.


No. Don't give me a hug, No!


Oh, hell.

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