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The Untapped, The Harnessed, The Released

Story 1: The Untapped

Chapter 3: Fences

Derek was terrified that he lost his mate. No matter what he did the only time that he could fine Stiles was when he was asleep. All Derek wanted to do was apologize for what he said. It was almost be coming painful that the alpha could not even see him.

Have I pissed him off so much that he wants to wipe if hands of the supernatural? Did he go to the Argents to learn to hide his scent?

Derek does not even know what he is going to do if that is what Stiles did.

He does not even realize that Stiles is hiding from all wolves not just him. He does not think that young man is also hiding from Scott and Isaac. He is so concentrated in finding him that he misses that Stiles is avoiding the supernatural world of Beacon Hills. Even as he worked with Scott, barely hiding his motives, he missed that Stiles just wanted to avoid the pack not just the alpha.

He is so focused that he missed Scott warming up to him. He missed Isaac warming up to Scott. He even missed the begrudging tolerance Scott showed to Peter. It is not until Peter pointed out what Stiles hiding did for the pack and Scott, that Derek even knew that his unrelenting focus was going to cost him a vital opportunity, clouding his senses, and causing him to lose focus.

It was just a small comment that brought his focus back. It was almost was painful as the Stiles situation to have Peter remind Derek that he had to be better, especially if he wanted to take a human mate.

So in hopes of finding Stiles and bringing him back, he tried to pull all ill-feelings toward Scott behind him and make the young wolf feel welcome. He also tells him of the alpha pack, the abduction of half the pack, and their possible motives.

Stiles was nauseous, as he headed into the Poisoned Pen. He is unsure if it is because of the new job, having a chance to learn magic, or his dad telling him to hear Scott side. Or telling Allison to get lost. I will think about to talking to him but I still need to calm down. Why am I nervous about the job I can do this and the magic is so small a chance that I should not care.

Stiles walked in and was greeted by Adriana "Good afternoon Stiles."

After checking the clock, she asked, "But why are you here so early?"

Stiles shrugged.

"I cannot have a truant working for me. Especially with said truant being the Sheriff's son." She chastised Stiles when he does not reply to her satisfaction.

"I finished class early and didn't need to stay in study hall. I already took the exam that I was afraid that I might fail and am exempt from most of the other 'cause of my GPA." Stiles explained. "If my dad asks I will tell him why I skipped. He will understand."

Adriana just sighs, "If you say so."

"So what is my job here?" Stiles inquired.

"You will help any walk-ins, run the register, stock the shelves, pull, pack, and send the on-line order." After a second of thinking she continued. "The majority of my business is online orders. The Poisoned Pen has a reputation for being able to find most books. I do most of that."

"Okay I can deal with that." Stiles paused unsure how to ask his question, and then decided to ask lead up to with a different question. "So when will I be working?"

"That is up to you really. I know you have School and other engagements. Until school is out, I would like you to come after school and stay there until it has ended. This will be your training period. After that, there will be a chance that you will be running the store if I am not here. But only when you are ready. What time will work for you?"

"I am will to work every day after ten in the morning." Stiles requested.

"So how much will I get paid?" He asked timidly.

"How much do you think you should earn?" She shot back immediately and Stiles knew that she was a haggler. I can play this game.

"I was thinking twelve dollars an hour." He confidently states even though he thought that he would be getting minimum wage when he walked in the door.

The quick answer shocked Adriana but she recovered almost at fast. "Why?"

"Well, you are training me as a manager, right? I feel that I should get paid for the work." He explained.

"I will pay you nine dollars." She countered.

"How about Eight dollars for a month then up to eleven after when/if I am running the shop?"

"Still too high." Ana said.

"Okay. Eight to ten. Final offer."

"Good to see you are able to negotiate." Adriana chuckles. "And that you have great ambition, you will need it many times that is how we will the rare books that a client asks for and to get the best offer for the client."

Ana showed Stiles how to run the register, find the online orders, where the books to be stock were, and all of the packing material was. She also point out the door to the basement in the stock room, that was her private study and off limits.

Stiles quickly finished his work and when Adriana went to the basement, he inspected the new age section and pulled a few beginners books on magic. He avoided anything that dealt with witchcraft. After a few hour of skimming, he settled on a book on mental magic. It seemed to range from telepathy to telekinesis. It was something that he could use every day and it was easy to go unnoticed. He paid for it and put it in his bag. As he did that he saw it was time to closed so he closed out the register and knock on the basement door. After a minute, the Adriana came up. " What do you need Stiles?"

"It is time to close." He said.

"Okay end the day on the register and bring me the money."

"Here." Stiles handed he the register's money.

"Oh. Okay just head out then I will lock up. 'Night Stiles."

"Goodnight Adriana and thanks for the job." Stiles said with a smile and went home to sleep.

Stiles wakes up in the morning and changes in to some basketball shorts and a tank top. It showed off his body from lacrosse, even though that was not his goal, but changed in to a shirt to hide the bruise still on his shoulder it was finally the yellow of healing. He did not want to show up and have it seem like he was trying to revenge against someone. His face was mostly healed and only noticeable if someone to a close look. Stiles grabbed some pop tarts, a water bottle, a set of clothes, and his backpack in case he did not have time to get back home. He would shower at school if he had too.

It was five in the morning. The jeep was the first vehicle in the parking lot. Stiles hope that he would not seem too desperate. He saw a small Nissan pull up. Out of it stepped an Asian man in his mid- forties with a gray-streaked, black ponytail down to his waist and an inch or two shorter than Stiles. He opened the academy and after five minutes, Stiles followed.

Stiles came in with a water bottle, the styles book, and the forms his dad signed . Handing the forms over, he asked, "Anything I can do to help?"

The front room was only lit by an emergency light. The man did not look up from the desk as her instructed without an accent, "Go to the farthest room, fold up the floor mats, and place them on the back wall."

Stiles walked into the room on the far right of the martial arts school and did as he was asked. For the first few minutes, the room was almost dark. After moving a few mats, the lights came on and Stiles looked around the room as he set up. Next to the door were some cubbies that he moved his things from the center of the room. As he moved the mats, he saw the wall across from the door was a mirror that ran the length and width of the wall and on the door wall was various weapons, punching bags and other training equipment.

In the full light of the gym, he noticed that the instructor was Asian-American. "So why do you want to learn the martial arts?" He asked also moving the mats.

"I have covertly helped my dad with some cases, he even didn't know, but I have been lucky not to get hurt or talked my way out." Stiles lied. "I need to be able to protect myself."

"What does your dad do?" the instructor interrupted.

"He's the Sherriff. Then on Friday after my lacrosse game, some of the kids for the other team beat me up. That really hit home how stupid I was."

"Well at least you have some sense. What style do you want to learn?"

"I can't choose. I hoped there would be some other people and listen to what they chose before deciding. However, I was looking at Tai Chi quan, Baguazhang, and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu." Stiles proceeded to explain. "Tai chi because most people have more muscle than I do, I don't want to bulk up, and it is about using others strength against them;" and no matter how strong I get a werewolf will be stronger. "Bagua because it is about tiring out an opponent as you weaken them;" and it is about staying close without taking damage. "Kung Fu is appealing because it is about equal offense and defense and being able to take hits. The cons I see is that tai chi is slow and hard to use if you don't know the opponents strength, bagua have no way to debilitate opponents but to tire them out." But, if I had a knife at would not be true. Stiles thought to himself before moving on. "Finally kung fu seems a little flowery and I will struggle with the more acrobatic moves."

"That is the more thought than a beginning student had put in to it so far." He said impressed.

"Well that is my thing, I research. I am a little bit of a trouble magnet. I know at some point that I will have to use what I learn. I also I was thinking on knife and spear instruction." Stiles said.

"Why?" he asked and Stiles pick up that, these questions were more of a test than anything.

"Knives because people have had them and knowing how to use them better prepares to defend against them unarmed. The spear because was a weapon it give some distance, safety and the ability to fight. A broom can even be made in to a make shift spear in a pinch and."

He just nodded "What day are you going to come in to learn?"

"I will be here every day you are as long as I am not sick or hurt." Stiles said determinedly.

"Okay, we are waiting one more student and then I explain how I work." as he finished speaking. Stiles saw a car pull up outside. The instructor, did I miss his name?, moved to the front room to intercept the other student.

Stiles is almost done with the mats the other student walked in. She was thin and athletic. She was four inches shorter than Stiles. Wow, maybe if I just looked around instead of focusing on Lydia I could have had a girlfriend. She is hot. Maybe after a few classes I will ask her out. Her round face was framed in a short bob of chestnut brown with red bangs cut diagonally to the left.

By the time Stiles join them he knew that her name was Ekta Miwok but when went by Becca. She wanted to learn tai chi to improve her balance and this was only place in a reasonable distance to do it. She was fine with learning to fight if it did that. She was only able to come to class on Wednesday and the weekend.

"My name is Sifu Dao," the instructor said as Stiles joined Becca. "On Monday and Thursday I will be teaching Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi quan on the weekends, Baguazhang Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday in Strength training and if you plan to take my class you will always be here for it. In addition, I want you to start running an hour a day and within the next month you need to be making 8 miles in the hour and then to 8 miles in 48 minutes. Alternatively, a six-minute mile. However, the distance it the important part. It is what builds your endurance, which is key. As you progress I will add in more advance styles and the use of weapons. At the end of class, we will trade numbers. If for any reason, you can't make it you will inform me the second you know. It does not matter if it is in the middle of the night. We will be starting on easy today. First let's go over the five basic stances that are use in almost all Chinese martial arts."

Rest of Stiles' day mostly consisted of going class and dodging Scott. As he got into his jeep to go to work, he saw Becca with some juniors. When she saw him, she waved. He got a text while driving but did not check it until finish talking to Adriana about his.

TO Stiles: hey its becca from BHCMA. i was wondering if you wanted to go 4 coffee.

This floored Stiles. Is this a date? Do I like someone so forward? I bet Lydia would be this forward. No. That is not fair. I have to get over her. I need to give others a chance.

TO Becca: Sure. i am at work now, but i have a break at six. wanna meet at the shop downtown.

TO Stiles: see you then can't w8.

This gave him motivation to finish all his work. He shelved the new book, packed all of the orders, and even had thirty minutes to look at some more magic books for later. He checked with Ana ask for a longer break because he had a maybe-date. She told him just to be back by eight.

He got there early and grabbed a table. Stiles was a little disappointed that Becca made it seem like she was getting to know a classmate versus a date. He learned that she was Native American and a junior. She attended the class for sports conditioning. However, when she told him of her comic book addiction he made sure that she would show him next weekend.

He went back to work and pulled out magic book. He only paused to close the shop and go home.

Isaac had spent Wednesday night with Scott try to make a perfect plan for talking with Stiles. He woke up with his mind running. He was impressed with Scott loyalty. He was happy that he had Scott as a friend. The more Isaac was with him the more he saw why the pack needed him, why Allison was with him. That scared him a little he had not thought about relationship since his brother died causing his dad's assaults. He had done his best to hide that he was gay because that would have just given his dad another reason to hit him. He had not even thought of Scott that way until just then.

This is something I have to bury. I can't jeopardize this friendship on a crush. This is too important for the pack and for me to risk losing Scott.

So, Isaac put his mind to better use. Scott words ran through his mind "How am I supposed to make it up to Stiles if I can't find him?" If yes can use wolf abilities then it is old fashion gumshoe work. He made three plans to propose to Scott.

Thursday morning was brutal for Stiles after learn the method and history of Kung Fu. He did conditioning before starting on some basic forms. Kung Fu conditioning was not running or lifting weights, it was hitting his shins, forearms, and fists against hard object to deaden the nerves and strengthen the bone density. Sifu Dao explained that Kung Fu was a hard style of wushu where Tai Chi and Bagua was soft. This meant being able to block the hard blows of an opponent while dealing heavy damage with the users own fists.

The day went quickly. He avoided Scott easy and work was boring. When he got home he tried to apply what he had read but was unsuccessful.

Friday's class stiles spent the whole time walking in a circle with a weird step. It was called a Bagua mud step. This was to be able to moving quickly around opponents or a person the practitioner was guarding. Something stiles had not found in his research was that this was taught to the imperial guard to protect the royal family in some of the early dynasties. So stiles practiced this all day trying to master it to move on.

Stiles decided to go safe of the first date. But Becca did not know it was a date and invited friends. So, dinner was at dinner instead of the place Stiles choose and the new iron man movie. He did not know that she had already seen it. But, they ending up narrating and hypothesizing the whole movie.

The next morning they listened to history of Tai Chi and how to use it in combat. They started on the basic 24 yang forms. After class, they talked while running the mandatory hour. They pushed each other and made 6 miles. Stiles spent the rest of the day trying to use mental magic.

Sunday was spent learning about chi, how it moved in the body and how to move it on command. Then Becca and Stiles started an exercise called Pushing Hands. In this drill, they crossed their arms at the wrist and pressed their wrist together, moving them in a circular motion trying to find the right moment to push the other participant over. Dao said a master of any styles, but especially a Tai Chi master, could tell an opponent's movement just by touching them and reading their chi. They worked on this for an hour and by the end Stiles could tell when Becca was attacking but, he still fell to hide his mastery and boost her confidence. Again, they spoke and ran again. At this point they had hung out alone at Stiles house, they talk about relationships the other had been in (zero for Stiles, three for Becca), and how far they had ever gotten (Read Stiles confessed to being a virgin and Becca sleeping with her last boyfriend).

With the Chi work, Stiles was able to move a pen across his desk before going to sleep. After he did it, he almost did not even make it to his bed before he was out.

The next week was mostly the same as the last but without school. It was a cycle of Martial Arts training, hiding from Scott, work, magic reading, or hang out this Becca. So was over at this point.

By Tuesday Stiles really only was able to move small objects but, it was something. If he used his chi he could do it easily but not for long or lift anything more than a book. At work that day, he talked more to Adriana. It was weird they were slow developing more of an older sister/young brother bond that a boss/worker relationship. She would ask about his day, give advice, and tell him story of her family and she had millions of those. Stiles was confused how she seemed to have a dozen of relatives but all of them seem to will in different country or had died. Stiles also could never to remember to look her up, something always seem to pop up to distract him.

Then he found a strange book that was shipped in to the shop. It was an old red leather bond tome with what looked like the symbol for the Disney movie Atlantis on it. It almost hummed as he touched it. The title was just Basic. It seemed to be a special order but with not buyer. As Stiles flip through it he saw some heavy magic in it and with no one to send it to, he kept. He hid it in a bag in is backpack so someone would not see it. He started to read it planning to start practicing when he was done. However, it never seemed to end. The more he read the longer the book seem. It was hard to read for Stiles. Not in syntax or grammar, but physically, it was like reading after studying for hour. Like the words were blurring together. The only reason he put the book down each night was to get the much-needed sleep for CMA.

Scott camped out at The Stilinski to talk to Stiles all Wednesday this was Isaac plan of last resort and after trying all the others, this one had to work. Scott was happily surprised with Isaac eagerness to help him. Both Derek and Isaac both showed willingness to help and loyalty that he had not thought possible after the Gerard debacle. He knew part of it was to persuade him to the side of the pack. However if it got him back in Stiles good grace he could accepted it. And out of all the plans it worked. At Nine-thirty Stiles found Scott at his doorstep.

"Okay, I know you are mad at me, but I am not letting you in 'til you hear my side." Scott firmly stated.

"Fine. Talk quickly." Stiles replied waiting for Scott's excuses.

"Okay, First of all I was looking for you until my mom told me that Jackson wasn't dead. Then I called Derek and he told me, that Gerard was trying to turn Jackson in to an alpha Kanima. At that point, I had to stop Gerard and Gerard from trying to become an alpha. You made it to stop Jackson from staying the Kanima but I had to stop Gerard. I am sorry that I did not check up on you. I was forced to deal with other matters. I was so relieved when I got the text you were okay. It let me focus better. I was wrong and should have checked in with you instead of running after Allison. Please, Please, Please, forgive me you are the only one that has knows me and can help get through this. I have not been able to find you, and it has driven me crazy; I can't lose you as a friend or brother." He pleads.

"I hear what you are saying but I am still trying to sort myself out. I am a little messed up and I was unfair because of it. Just give me some time Scotty. Okay? I will talk to you soon. But one rule No talking of Derek. I will help you with whatever you need but I am to mad at him for my judgment to remain unclouded in regards to Sourwolf." Stiles resigned.

"Okay." Scott chuckled.

Scott raced home to tell Isaac the good news. His new friend was happy he would get his old one back and Isaac was looking forward to try to be his friend too.

The next Monday Stiles had finished his work and risk read more of the tome at work. He barely heard Adriana come up from the basement. He shoved the book in the desk and act lick he was on the computer.

"Hey Stiles?" Adriana asked trying to get his attention.

"Wha-!" Stiles jumped and acted surprised. Faking to catch his breath he said, "I am buy you a bell. Yes you needed something?"

She just laughed in her bell-like voice. "Maybe. But anyway, has a red book can in. You won't be able to read it."

"You mean Basic." He said holding an emotionless mask to hide his confusion as he pull the book out.

Adriana eyes become stormy. "You can read it," Her voice hard but even. It was not a question but a statement.

"Um yes." Stiles answer. He tensed ready for a fight. She was looking at him the same way that Scott had before he attacked on his second full moon.

"How long have you had it?" She continued in the same voice.

"About a week."

"And what have you done so far?"

Stiles knew he was in trouble. Adriana had lost her normal light air and Stiles instincts were screaming RUN in his head. "I am sorry I took it. It had no buyer and it is something I am interested in. There is no damage and I will tell NO one about. Just let me go. I don't know if you are a witch like Deaton or what." He saw a flash of recognition at the vet name. "And when he would not teach me I found a different way. I didn't even know I could find a book like this I mostly have been messing around with the books in the new age section." He added to distance himself from the vet incase Adriana was an enemy. "But I really hate violence. That was the only reason I was reading it, to protect my friends and me."

Her eyes lost their dark glint. "You think I want to hurt you?"

"That or you want me for something. I just attract trouble. You gave little thought when you hired me, so you either know something about me I don't or want an in with the people I do know." His looked down acting deject to hid he was looking for a weapon. He slow reach for a letter opener and he looked at he again.

"So you want a teacher." She stated as Stiles had rested on the letter opener. He did a mental double take.


"So you want a teacher?" She asked this time.

"Um yes"

"I didn't want anything from you. I just felt you need it and I could get nothing else on you. Which peak my interest. That has not happened in my many year."

"Really, because you are not that old. You could not have run in to all that much what twenty four years?" Stiles huffed.

"No the last 24 have been quite but in my three hundred and forty one year I have not." And for a split second an old crone stood before him.

"What?! How!? Um now those dreams are really awkward." And Stiles immediately winced and slapped a hand over his mouth.

Looking like the twenty four year old Adriana Stiles first met, she smile deviously, "And what dreams are those?"

"Nope, not going there ever or ever again. You were about talking a teacher?" Stiles changed the subject.

"I will teach you," Adriana said. Her eyes had lost their cheerful glitter and filled with an old, unsettling knowing. "I will give you the books needed to learn and my experience, but I will not give you all the answers. In addition, you can only use the book I say. There will be much in my library you are not ready for and you can tell no one of my existence without talking to me first. The magic we will use is based in knowledge. To fully understand it you will have be able distill the truth from the lies and relearn what you think it true. But, you must adhere to the advice I give you to the best of your ability. And if you go down a dark path I will stop you. May it be striping you of you magic or killing you. I have seen pupils go bad and I will not let mine."

"Okay I accept."

"Tell what you can do."

"Just move small things around. I have not tried anything in Basics yet I wanted to finish it first."

"That will be hard because this is a grimoire. Its title refers to a whole field of magic one the general basics of magic. It is the start of magic though. But I see you have a good handle on that." Her eyes flashed a milky white at the last part.

"What? I am not doing anything now." Stiles said shocked.

"So you do not know you are actively hiding you scent?" She asked.

"No. So that is why he could not find me."

"Who Stiles? If you are in danger I need to know." She said sternly.

"I can't it is not my secret to tell. I am not in danger presently." He said solemnly.

"Okay two things. One, anything you tell me will never be repeated. Two if you are around other supernaturals we have to hide our present not than you have been doing. Many things can smell magic, say werewolves, if they know how and will want you for that." Stiles failed at not flinching at werewolves. Adriana just smiled.

"So who is the wolf looking for you?" Ana asked.

"He is my friend, Scott. You know the fight we had it was because of supernatural stuff." Stiles confessed. "It's my fault he was bit and why I did not just walk away. But it is getting better. Also Derek Hale he is the alpha of the local Pack. I went to him for training but he would only have me as a wolf or got Scott to join that pack. I could not do that and told him never ask for my help again."

"Okay tell me the whole story from when he was bit." Ana encouraged. He told everything from the night in the woods to Derek and Peter to Gerard and the Argents.

"Okay let me think on this and I believe you have to meet your dad soon. We will start tomorrow." Ana said as Stiles finished.

Stiles drove to the range. He and his dad worked with some shotgun shooting skit.

As they finished Stiles asked his dad "Why where we doing skeet instead of stationary today?"

"That is what they were made for and if you can hit a moving target a stationary one is easier. Also it is what shot guns were made for." He said simple.

As they left, Stiles ran right in to someone. "Oh I am so sorry…. Allison!" He said taken aback.

"Oh Stiles. I am sorry. I was not looking." Glancing at the sis dad and the guns, she seemed lost.

Stiles recovered first. "My dad was teaching me to shoot. Some father/son bonding." He shot a look at his dad who, quick on the uptake.

"Ya he is doing pretty good but we are going home to eat." John said casually.

"Oh could I have just talk to Stiles. It will only take a minute. My dad is waiting for me too." Alison said

John gave Stiles an apologetic look. "Sure. I will meet you at the car."

After John was out of earshot, Allison started. "My dad and I are going to France for the summer. Can you tell Scott for me?"

"No." Stiles said without a thought and turn to follow if dad.

"Wait." Allison said grabbing Stiles wrist. "Why?"

Stiles quickly pivoted behind her and broking the grip. Shocked she was startled at his quick move. Stiles stayed behind her with a hand on her back in a bagua stance.

"Scott and I had a fight. Before last Wednesday, I had not spoken to him since the Sunday after the Kanima thing went down. I still don't know if I am ready to talk to him. And, do you know what started the fight. You." At this, she turned to face him as he mud stepped back. "Do you know what happened to me after the game?" she shook her head. "Your crazy grandpa kidnapped me and beat me. Do you know who noticed? My dad and Lydia. Not Scott he was too busy with other thing. I can't blame either of you but he not come to talk to me for two day. And then only because Deaton told him to. So, how I will it look when the first thing I say to him is 'Oh your girlfriend is running to the other side of the world for the summer. Sorry buddy.' And even if we were on good term I wouldn't. And if I told him or you wait I really thought it would hurt you both. So I won't say anything." He started to leave again but she stepped in from of him to stop him.

"Why? Why won't you?" She asked between tears and fury.

"No I can't tell you. I won't say anything that will hurt your unstable relationship with him." Stiles sighed.

"No tell me I want to know what you think." She demanded.

Stiles just snapped. "Fine I think you need to woman up for Scott, be with him regardless of his furry problem, and do you damnedest to help and protect him or let him go. Because if you don't or won't he will get hurt no matter what or killed. If he did die and I ever found out it was your fault, you would never see the next day. I only have two people that are always in my life and he is one. We have been through more than anyone could ever guess. I will always be at his side. No matter what we have to do. So unless you can do that to let him find some who wants to." He whispered as his eyes burned with a righteous fury.

Finishing he stepped around her and join his dad hoping he did the right thing.