Told you this would be up soon! This is the first chapter of my new story. It's going to be centered around Clark and Diana's child. Well, here it is!

The entire city of Metropolis was destroyed.

For miles, all that was visible was piles of debris were cars, apartments, houses and stores once were. Smoke billowed out of the trash heavily, clouding the sky. It was hard to tell if it was day or night.

There were hardly any survivors. Those who perished were merely caught off guard, as the destruction had happened so suddenly that very few had any time to get away. Those who did manage to escape were either injured or on the brink of death.

Clark and Diana stood in what used to be a field, staring down the monster that had caused all of this. He was taller than Clark and was covered in crystal-like chunks, had pale skin, and had dark, gleaming red eyes. There was a tormenting sneer on his face. "I thought you two, Superman and Wonder Woman, were the saviors of this world," he taunted.

Diana clenched her hands together angrily, biting back a remark. There was no way she'd give this monster the satisfactory of knowing he'd made her angry. Slowly, she glanced to Clark, who looked just as enraged as she did. We have to protect her, she thought.

Her thoughts were able to be sent to other minds. Months earlier she'd received the power to share her thoughts with others, and it had recently become very useful. I know, Clark thought back. She's our world, our blood. But Shayera has her now, and she's with Donna as well. They'll die to protect her.

That's what I'm afraid of, Clark. We're the strongest beings on this planet, but if we die fighting, who else will protect the rest of the world? If we die, the entire world is doomed. We can't make a single mistake, or all that we've worked so hard for these past few months will be all for nothing.

I promise she'll have a chance at life, Di. But for now, we have to focus on this monster. Both of them turned to the beast that was known as…

"Doomsday. Why have you done this?" Diana demanded. "What has Metropolis done to you? Do you know how many innocent people you've killed with your recklessness?"

"A few thousand, to be exact. And I did it to get my revenge on you two because of the humiliation you've caused me. You, Superman, nearly caused my death, and you, Wonder Woman, had me begging for mercy. I want revenge."

"You can't take us both so easily," Clark said. "If we both managed to defeat you, then us teaming up will surely do it again."

Doomsday merely chuckled. "That's while I didn't come alone."

A dark figure appeared suddenly from a portal. Its body looked as if it were made of stone, darkened in the head and other areas. The most distinct feature was its eyes…

Clark gasped. "You teamed up with Darkseid?"

Darkseid smirked. "Yes, he did. It was a wise decision on both our parts. We're the only ones that have ever managed to come close to defeating you, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The both of us against you two only give us the upper hand. We're finally going to destroy the world's greatest heroes!"

With that said, both villains charged at the Clark and Diana. Neither hero faltered and flew toward them, willing to sacrifice their life if it meant giving her one.

"I think we're far enough," Shayera gasped, leaning against a wall as she caught her breath. "God, that flight took a lot out of me."

Donna sat on the ground, panting. "They did tell us to go to the other side of the world," she said. "Whenever they say something like that and threaten us when we supposedly take too long, they're serious."

The duo had flown to Egypt in order to escape the fate of Metropolis. Diana and Clark were fighting Darkseid and Doomsday, which was a battle that would result in serious injury, if not death. But because of their determination, they both knew that the heroes would turn out victorious, even if it meant their own deaths.

Just thinking that made tears come to Donna's eyes as she tightened her grip on the bundle she had in her hands. It was currently asleep, lulled there during the flight to the Middle East. "Why'd you choose Egypt, anyway?" Donna asked Shayera.

The winged warrior shrugged. "I have history here. Apparently I have an ancestor or something like that that ruled as queen of Egypt. It just felt right."

Donna pulled the sheet that covered the object in her hands away, revealing a small infant. The baby was born only a few months prior, child of the world's greatest superheroes, Superman and Wonder Woman. Shayera was made the honorary aunt, while Donna was the aunt.

A smile appeared on the demigoddess' lips. "You're safe now, little one. Your mommy and daddy are going to save the world again, just like they always have." She felt the tears start to slide down her cheeks. "It's a shame you're not going to have the chance to meet them. You would have loved them. They're the best friends a person could ever have, and I know they would have been the best parents a child could ever want."

Donna felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up. Shayera was there, smiling gently. "Hey, it'll be alright," she said softly. "I know it hurts to lose your sister and friend, but glance down. A part of them is in the baby, and you'll always have the memories you shared with them. Besides, they died fighting for you. It's something they wanted to do."

It was moments like this that made Donna happy she had Shayera as a best friend. Shayera was the only other person besides Diana that Donna saw as a big sister. The older woman was brash and tended to answer with her fists instead of words, but she showed her soft side to those she cared about, and Donna was one of the few people included in that circle.

Once Donna managed to get herself together, they flew to Egypt's capital, Cairo. After landing in a secure place, Shayera put on the ring that concealed her wings, while Donna changed into a different outfit. They weren't that well-known in the Middle East, so a complete disguise wasn't needed. It was surprising how much a simple costume change could alter one's appearance.

Unbeknownst to anyone on the Justice League, Shayera owned a house in Egypt. It wasn't much, merely a getaway place for her to retreat to whenever she wanted to be alone. Now it was going to be their primary home until things were settled again, which wasn't going to be for years to come.

Once they reached the house, Donna collapsed on a chair, exhausted. Since early that morning she and Shayera had to either fight or escape. They literally snuck out of the U.S., since Clark and Diana had nearly threatened them to make sure the baby was taken to a safe place. Whenever they came across one of Doomsday's "minions" they had to fight it off, and even then it was a close call.

Donna took the blanket off of the baby, revealing the entirety of her. Because of her heritage, the infant was half-Kryptonian, and the other half was god and Amazon. Her eyes were identical to her mother's, a beautiful deep blue that shone with a soothing light. Her hair was also like Diana's, wavier than Clark's. However, a single bang sat in front of her eyes.

"This is your new life," Donna whispered, cradling the baby. "I promise, Lara, that we're going to protect you. Nothing is going to harm you."

"Good evening, this is Channel 6 news report. The aftermath of Metropolis has finally begun to calm down. Thousands have died from the single blast, and very, very few escaped…"

"…This is Channel 10 local news with an update on the battle between the world's greatest heroes, Superman and Wonder Woman, and the universe's most evil villains, Darkseid and Doomsday…"

"…Superman and Wonder Woman turned out victorious…"

"…But not without consequence. There is no remains of anything from the fight…"

"…Wait, our men is searching through another pile and had reportedly found something…"

"…This is 10 o'clock news. It has been reported that Superman and Wonder Woman have been declared dead. Darkseid and Doomsday are nowhere to be found. The entire world has declared a state of mourning…"

And there you have it. The two greatest superheroes are dead, and there are no signs of the bad guys. I think it's kind of obvious what's going on here...

The bit about Shayera and Egypt is true. In the comics, she's a descendant (or reincarnation, however it works) of an ancient Egyptian princess that was originally from Thanagar. So I made her familiar with Egypt, and now it's their homebase.

The baby, Lara, is going to be a spitting image of both parents, but more Diana than Clark...well, you'll see soon!

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