Fourteen years ago…

"Darkseid! How dare you!" Diana screamed as he tossed her into a room. She got onto her feet, facing both Darkseid and Doomsday. Both of them sneered at her, seeing her as no threat. With Clark not around, she was much easier to handle.

"The Kryptonian had what was coming," Darkseid said. "He was a nuisance in my plans, as are you. But…" his smirk grew. "You can actually become useful."

Diana scoffed at the New God. "As if you can persuade me to join your side. Don't even try it!"

"Oh, I have a way with words, Princess. Don't think that I can't change your mind. A simple word can change your entire future."

Her future…her future should've been with Clark and their child, Lara. They should've been together, not separated. Just thinking of what they could have done with Clark made her all the more enraged. She had to fight the urge to attack them right there. "You won't win. My will and determination are my strongest assets. Trying to breach them is like trying to catch the Flash—impossible."

Doomsday chuckled. "Nothing is impossible, Amazon. It was rumored that it was impossible to imprison your husband, but we've managed to successfully do so. Breaking you is nothing."

Doomsday pushed a button on the wall, and Diana suddenly found herself bound to some sort of red beam, rendering her immobile. Darkseid came over to her, placing a cold hand on her cheek. "So defenseless," he said, his smirk growing. "So vulnerable. You have nothing at this point, so you might as well join me. Just think about it, the two of us can rule the entire universe. We can enslave every planet, including that Earth of yours."

Diana growled, jerking her head away. "Don't touch me, you freak," she hissed.

Darkseid smacked her, using so much force that it would've killed a regular person. Luckily for Diana, she wasn't. "I'd prefer the term 'ruler' to come out of your mouth," he said icily, grabbing her hair and pulling her head closer to him. "Listen, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way, and either way we do it, I will get my way, whether you're willing to or not. So, what's your choice, Princess?"

She glared at him. "Go to hell."

"Hn, hard way it is." He grabbed some sort of helmet off of a shelf and held it out in front of Diana. It was a roundish shape, two antennas sticking out of the top and a visor in the front. He yanked her hair back when she kept moving her head and slipped it on her. Grabbing a remote, he twisted the played with the buttons until he punched in a code.

Diana closed her eyes, not wanting to see what Darkseid had programmed into the helmet. She was stronger than that, she had to be…


Kal! She opened her eyes, expecting to see Darkseid and Doomsday lying on the ground unconscious and Clark in his superman attire. Instead, she saw a grey sky, rubble surrounding her for miles. She felt something heavy in her arms and looked.

She gasped.

It was Clark, who was fatally injured. He was covered in bruises, his hair clinging to his forehead. His armor was nearly torn to shreds, and his cape was tattered to beyond repair.

"Kal!" she screamed, but winced from it. She was suddenly aware of her own body's aches; broken ribs, exhausted muscles, internal bleeding, a horrible headache, and many other things. But she didn't care. All that mattered at that moment was tending to Clark, who…

…who had a piece of kryptonite lodged deep within his heart.

Diana gasped. When did this happen? Why was this happening? Had she dreamt Darkseid and Doomsday? "Kal!" she screamed again when he tried to move. "Keep still! You need to save your energy!"

Clark glanced up, the light fading from his eyes. "Di…I'm sorry…"

"No! Don't speak like that! You're going to be fine, just hang on!" She looked around, trying desperately to find someone, anyone that could help. All she saw were bodies of victims strewn around, not a living soul nearby. The thought of everyone being dead only added to her dread. Why wasn't she able to prevent any of it?

"No, Di, listen," he nearly whispered. He raised a trembling hand, caressing her cheek. "Di, I'm sorry. I managed to stop him. I even went against my moral code and killed him…it was the only way to make sure he didn't hurt anyone…"

"You did the right thing, Kal," she said softly, running a hand through his hair. "You had no choice. It was either him or the entire world." Whoever it is.

"It was still wrong." Tears streamed down Clark's face. His hand trembled more on Diana's cheek. "Di, I…I'm…I'm dying. I'm so, so sorry…I won't be able…to be a family…with you…and Lara…"

Diana grabbed his hand, squeezing it hard. Her own tears fell from her eyes, mingling with her husband's on the gravel underneath them. "No! Kal, Lara needs you! She needs her father in her life! I need you!"

"I…I'm sorry…" His voice grew softer and softer with each word he said. His breaths were shallower than before, becoming shorter with each passing second. He was so close…

Diana stood up, scooping up Clark in her arms. Upon taking a step she knew that she wasn't going to make it far. Her legs were already tremendously sore, and the added weight made them feel ready to collapse. Still, she tried her best to carry him, knowing that just trying to fly would zap her of the little strength she had.

She fell several feet away from where she was, already out of breath. She could feel her broken ribs poking at her lungs, making a simple take in of air severely painful. Still she tried, but her legs wouldn't work anymore. She had no other choice but to…No! "Kal, listen to me, I'm going to go for help. You need to stay awake for me, alright?"

Clark shook his head, blood dripping from his gasping mouth. "Won't…won't work. Di…I'm…I'm so…close…"

She gritted her teeth together, trying to ignore his raspy breathing. It was futile. She knew what was happening. Slowly she laid her eyes on the dying Kryptonian, struggling to contain he emotions. "Kal…"

He gave her a weak smile, finally going limp in her arms. "Di, you…you're so…perfect…sorry…I…I ran…out of time…I love…love you…and our daughter…forever…"

His eyes closed, and his head tilted to one side. Diana gasped. She shook him, begging him to come back to her. But he just wouldn't. He was gone, gone for good.

The great Superman had finally died.

She screamed.

Darkseid smirked. Wonder Woman was screaming, which meant that the end of the vision had finally shown itself. She had to bear witness to her husband's death, had to hold him in her arms while he died, and had to sit there helplessly and watch. To a mere mortal it was torturous enough to break them, but this one wasn't even close yet.

He lifted the helmet off of her, putting an end to the shrieks. Wonder Woman gasped for air, unshed tears in her eyes. His smirk grew as he took notice of it. Yes, she wasn't broken just yet, but he had managed to put a very, very small dent in her will. It was worth it, seeing how distraught she was after one image. He had many, many in store for her…

"Let's move on, shall we, Amazon?" he said, slipping the helmet on her again. He pressed a few more buttons on the remote.

While the picture settled in, Darkseid looked behind him, glaring at the bloody remains of what was Doomsday. The ancient Kryptonian had argued that he wanted Wonder Woman once they were through with her. Instead of answering, the New God simply blasted Doomsday with his Omega Beams, which put an end to him.

"Now, to finish her off…"

Where…where am I now?

Diana noticed that she was in some sort of jungle. It was strangely familiar to her eyes…

"Amazons, attack our ex-sisters! Attack with the most force you have! Show them that you are stronger than they will ever be!"

Diana gasped. Was that her…mother?! She ran to the sources of the voices, and what she saw made her blood run cold. Dozens of Amazons were lying on the ground, dead. The rest of them were fighting with their own kind, the sounds of swords clanking against each other almost deafening.

"Sisters! Stop!" she cried, rushing out onto the battlefield. She went over to her mother, her expression full of horror. "Mother, what are you doing?! Why are our sisters attacking each other?!"

Hippolyta glanced at her daughter before swatting her away with the back of her hand. "Silence, daughter! You have brought shame to Themyscira! You are no longer an Amazon!"

Every single Amazon shouted in agreement. Diana's jaw dropped. "But…why? What did I do wrong?"

"You bedded a man, you courted yourself to him! You have soiled our purity, our wisdom! You are no longer welcomed here!" To her surprise, Hippolyta came at her with a sword.

She dodged the swings, absolutely refusing to even lay a finger on her own mother. What was going on? Before when she had told them that she was pregnant with Lara her mother took it fine. Yes, she was angry at first, but she eventually accepted it. Was she really bottling her emotions up until now?

A heavy swing that sliced clean through a thick tree was her answer. Cursing under her breath she grabbed the sword, wringing it out of Hippolyta's hands. "Mother, stop! You don't know what you're doing!"

"We do!"

Diana found herself surrounded by the remaining Amazons, all wielding arrows. They all fired at once, and Diana had to block both herself and her mother from the oncoming attack. Suddenly, when the last arrow hit her bracers, she felt a strong arm wrap around her neck. "I have you now," Hippolyta whispered harshly in Diana's ear.

One of the Amazons retrieved Hippolyta's sword for her. She gripped it tightly without a word, holding it over Diana's heart. "Please, Mother, don't do this," Diana pleaded.

"I'm sorry, daughter, but I must…" The sword was plunged deep within her heart. Diana screamed and closed her eyes, but surprisingly felt no pain. When she opened them again, she found herself in a room covered with blood and the remains of a baby's blanket…

Hours later, Darkseid took the helmet off of Wonder Woman for good. Tears streamed down her face as she stared blankly at nothing, her body twitching from the stress of what she had to go through.

He shut the binds off. She fell to the ground, not moving an inch. He grabbed her by the neck and hoisted her up to his eyes. "So, Amazon, you still wish to be difficult?"

It took a moment, but Wonder Woman shook her head. "Are you going to serve me?" he demanded.


His smirk returned. "Are you going to remain only loyal to me?"


"That is good to hear. You are mine, and nobody else's. Do you understand? You obey me now, and those Earthlings are your enemies. You hold no ties with them. You serve me, and only me. Now say it."

The tears fell harder. "I'm yours and only yours. I obey you now, and the Earthlings are my enemies. I hold no ties with them. I serve you, and only you."

"You hate everything and everyone other than me. You are to only be with me, and if you aren't you are to be severely punished. Treat no one like a friend. All of them are against you. They hate you. I am all you have left."

Diana trembled, giving in to his words. Darkseid chuckled darkly. Things were already starting to fall into place…

A/N: This is the chapter that explains how Diana ended up being loyal to Darkseid. Don't worry, he didn't rape her or anything like that. He just showed her images that would terrify her to no end.

Let me explain. I was trying to show what Diana's deepest fears were. Since with Clark she often worried how she'd get along without him, and this captured that fear. Next I was trying to show how she alienated from the rest of the Amazons since finding out of her father, who is Zeus. Also, since she had basically courted hersef to a man, she feared that her own island would betray her at any given moment. The last one implied the death of Lara, which is now her biggest adult fear since becoming pregnant, which is understandable. How could she be a hero if she couldn't save her own daughter?

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