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The first thing Lara felt was a foot connecting with her stomach. Stifling a groan she sat up, wearily looking at her attacker. "Get up," Diana said roughly, her cold blue eyes boring through Lara. She wielded a large sword and was currently pointing it at the younger Amazon/Kryptonian hybrid.

"Get up now or I will force this thing down your throat!"

Lara stood up, glaring darkly at Diana. "Stop threatening me," she shot back. "It won't get you anywhere. You'd have more luck threatening a rock than me."

She knew it was bad to argue with her mother, but she was tired of everything. Only a week had passed, although it felt like years to her. Every single day she had to face some sort of torment from her "mother", and she hated it. Just what the hell did Darkseid do to her to make her this way? From what Clark had told her she was the nicest person anyone could ever meet and that made her so unique from everyone else. Yes, she had a breaking point where she could be pushed over the edge, but it was hardly ever reached, and when it was it was controlled.

Diana grabbed Lara's neck, hoisting her up until they were at each other's eye level. "You do not talk back to me, little girl," she spat. "Do so again, and I will punish you."

"Try it all you want; I can't be broken, unlike you." A smirk appeared on Lara's face when Diana became visibly frustrated, the Amazon glaring at her intensely.

Amidst her outward anger, however, a smirk broke out on Diana's face. "I must admit, you are the most fun I've had in years," she admitted, still choking Lara. "But, that does not excuse you from what you said."

"And you know it's true, and it's always been. You've been broken, and this is the outcome. I'm sure you don't like it, do you?"

"Hush. I enjoy my life as Darkseid's wife." The smirk returned. "You know, you would be perfect to join our family, to become Darkseid's adopted child—"

"I hate that monster, and I hate the fact what he's done to you, so my answer is no."

Diana glared again. "Suit yourself, child. You are only making things more difficult for yourself."

"I would rather it be more difficult than live with your insane family," Lara countered. "Now put me down before I break your wrist."

"You little—!"

"Mother, do you need any assistance with the prisoner?"

Both females glanced up to see Destroyer standing near them. He brandished a sword, and his helmet glistened darkly in the dim light. His eyes matched Diana's. When his mother didn't answer, he spoke again, "She seems to be of a nuisance, so I am offering to help deal with her, if that is what you would like."

Diana shook her head. "No, that is alright. I can deal with her. However, Destroyer," she made a come here motion with her hand, "I want you to watch her for a moment. I have to handle some business."

"Of course, Mother." Destroyer came closer to the pair. Diana released Lara and quickly disappeared.

Lara turned her eyes to the boy, his gaze deadpanned, but curious. "Aren't you from Earth?" he asked.

She nodded, wary of what he was (probably) planning of in his mind. "I am. I was brought here a week ago by Darkseid."

He sneered at her. "Figures. Only the weakest of the weak are brought here, and you are no exception. But I don't know why my father bothered with bringing you, considering that you are completely useless."

"Useless?! I am not useless!"

"You appear so to me. All you do is whine like a little kid. To me, that's pretty useless."

Lara glared at Destroyer, who had a smirk on his face. Just like his mother, she thought bitterly. "Fine. I'm not going to argue with you. If that's what you think, then so be it. I'm not going to try to argue."

"Good, because if you did you'd still lose. I'm the former Wonder Woman's son and can take anything you can dish out, prisoner."

She crossed her arms over her chest, keeping her mouth shut. There was no point in arguing if they would just fight, and she had no idea just how violent they would eventually turn out. She didn't want to end up fighting him, for she had no idea just how strong he truly was. He had their mother's powers, and, if he was truly Darkseid's child, the tyrant's powers as well. She had no desire to see them now.

"…I still don't get why you remain here," she muttered to herself.

Destroyer caught it and shot her a glare. "I remain here because my mother and father do, and I am not going to abandon them."

"True, but you seem like a smart kid. If I were you I would leave, and try to take Mo-Diana with you. This way you two can get out of here and possibly become a true family."

"I have the family I need," he hissed, though his eyes betrayed his emotions. "I don't need to leave. I'm fine here, and I always will be."

"Yes, but listen to me. Although my only family was my aunt and her friends raising me, I knew what it actually was. You on the other hand lived under a dictatorship all your life. Did either of them ever tell you that they love you?"

He glared harder, but Lara noticed that he was trying to hide the glimmer of sorrow in his eyes. "It is none of your business what they do and do not tell me!" he yelled. "In fact, stop asking me! I am not going to tell you a thing!"

Lara shrugged, faintly picking up the familiar footsteps of Diana close by. "Fine, I'll stop. Your mother's here anyway."

Moments later, Diana appeared, looking extremely cross. "Anything troubling you, Mother?" Destroyer asked.

She shook her head. "No. I am fine. It is just that this child's father is beginning to get on my nerves."

Lara stood up angrily, raising a fist at Diana. "I swear, if you did anything to Dad, I'll—!"

"Relax, child. The fool is not hurt. I only had to talk to him. Just consider yourself lucky he did not get on my nerves earlier."

She still held her fist up. "I don't care. Just don't ever do anything to him unless you want to experience a world of hurt."

Diana chuckled. "Quite the Earthling thing to say. A world of hurt? Look around you."

Lara didn't have to. She knew what kind of hell Apokolips was, but she noticed the same look Destroyer had earlier behind her mother's hardened gaze. Something wasn't right…

"I think there's something wrong with Mom."

Clark looked up from his "food", which consisted of what Apokilipians eat, which could never be described. "I've been thinking the same thing for years."

Lara shook her head. "No, not like that. She's acting strange."

"Again, I've been thinking the same thing."

"No!" Lara sighed, running a hand through her hair. "Dad, I mean that she's…hiding something. When I was with her earlier she was different than usual, and so was Destroyer. I mean, they both keep getting defensive and insisting that what they're doing is the right way. Do you think there's something up?"

Clark sighed as well, turning to his daughter. His eyes carried a solemn gleam as he said, "There's something I have to tell you…"

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