Chapter 22

It was surprisingly easy to get back to LA. There were thunderstorms over New York when I was there, lightning flashed and I quickened my pace. I had the feeling that they might be following me.

Charon snorted when he saw me standing in front of his desk with a bag of stolen drachmas.

"I thought that you would come back," he told me, "Did you miss us?"

"Of course I did," I told him with a laugh. I didn't talk to Uncle Hades but I left him a gift. A bottle of Trinskys vodka and a card sat elegantly on one of the tables in the front hall.

This is the strongest stuff in mortal liquor.

Keep it for a rainy day. Sorry I didn't come chat.

Love Perci, xoxo.

It took a while to find the pit again. Alone here I felt my skin crawl as I walked around it. I didn't see the man, in the cage… but I swore I felt his eyes watching me. Standing on the edge of hell I could hear screams and smell burning flesh. I shivered, but I drew my demon-killing knife and stepped forward. For Dean… for Dean and for Sam, I would do this.

Hell… was unlike anything I could have possibly imagined, probably because it was worse. The screaming rang throughout the place; patches of blood and body parts were discarded carelessly. Some of it sweltering hot, others freezing cold and fighting off demons the entire way.

I was surrounded, I thought they were going to kill me when suddenly a light burst through the area and a man appeared.

"What are you doing down here?" he asked me, cocking his head sideways like a cocker spaniel.

"Looking for somebody… Dean, I'm looking for Dean," I told him honestly, "What about you?"

"You seek Dean Winchester?" he asked suddenly suspicious I nodded, "As do I. Why do you seek the righteous man."

"To bring him home," I said, "I miss him, so does Sammy. I don't think that I told you my name I'm Perci, Perci Winchester."

"You are the stolen child," he replied, "I am Castiel, Angel of the Lord."

"Ok," I said believing him, it wouldn't be the craziest thing I heard this week, "Were both looking for him, why don't we look together?" He looked at me strangely.

"Why would I need your help?" he asked superiorly. I had enough of superiority complexes to last a lifetime, but as much as I wanted to slap him I didn't have to. I just had to tell him the truth.

"Because how are you going to get him to go with you," I responded, "I am assuming that getting him out of here is what you want. He'll listen to me."

"It is the will of heaven," he replied and so we worked together. Smiting demons and scurrying around their demon army I managed to lead us to Dean. He was covered in blood with a knife in his hand, sliding it into the skin of a blonde woman while she screamed she was sorry for killing all those kids.

My stomach was empty, in fact I was starving and planning to eat a whole pie when this was over… but right now I was glad otherwise I was going to empty the contents of my stomach all over the floor.

"Dean Winchester," Castiel said moving forward, "I am hear to raise you from…"

"I thought we agreed I'd do the talking," I said poking him in the side and moving closer to Dean, "Dean?"

"Stay away, it's a trick," he yelled, "I know you're a trick, there is no way out of here." I clasped my hand in the bloody free hand that wasn't holding the knife.

"Dean," I said softly, "It's time to go home now. Can you please come home with me?" He looked at me and dropped the knife. It clattered to the floor.

"Perci?" he whispered brokenly, I nodded and pulled him forward. He wrapped his arms around me tightly.

"I'm right here," I soothed.

"I'm sorry," he sobbed, "I didn't want to… but it made it stop. I thought I was going to be stuck down here forever and… and they said… if I picked up the knife then I'd stop and I couldn't…. I couldn't take it anymore, thirty years."

"It's okay, it's okay," I told him, "I forgive you. I'll always forgive you. Now my friend here is going to take you home. I'll meet you at up there."

They left, eventually when we could get him to let go of me. Castiel grasped his shoulder firmly and they disappeared in a flash of bright light. I ran after that. I ran as fast as I possibly could to get away from the demon because they weren't fighting the other angels anymore they were looking for me, and they were pissed.

I collapsed to my knees sometime later, sticky with blood. Ash, soot and melting frost were clinging to my clothes and the smell of the many horrible things in there burning my nose. About five metres from Tartarus I sat.

"Now what were you doing down there niece?" Uncle Hades asked in a silky voice. He waved his hand and I was no longer dirty or bloody.

"I had to find someone," I said before letting my giddy joy show in the form of a smile, "There safe now."

"And who could possibly be so important that you sprang them from hell?" he asked surprised.

"Family don't always stop with blood, Sam had a brother," I replied.

"You amaze me," he told me, "I was there for your earful, you know that in millenniums that gods have lived, nobodies ever spoken to us like that,"

"I figured that it had been a very long time since somebody told you no," I said, "Look I have to go, I want to get to Deans grave before he has to dig himself out."

"Goodbye then," Uncle Hades said and then something very trippy happened, I was hugging him and then I was at Deans grave. The town was about a mile or so away. I went and found it dead empty; looting a shovel I started to dig.

I reckon that watching his body being put together from some invisible force, which I knew was Castiel, counted as a miracle. He went from being a decomposing ripped up piece of meat to looking like Dean again. The he took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

"Here," I said handing him a shot of holy water. He downed it wordlessly, testing salt, iron, silver… not a damn thing happened and when he put down the silver blade I threw myself at him, smiling as he caught me in a tight hug.

"You came and got me," he said softly. I nodded.

"You didn't expect me to leave you there once I found out were hell is from my uncle," I told him.

"You uncle," he said, "I thought you didn't have any family." I bit my lip and paused for a second.

"You know how I'm not completely human?" I asked him and he nodded, "Well my dads a Greek god, anyway lets go get Sammy." I spoke in a rush and pulled him to his feet. He eyed me for any signs I might be joking and found none.

"Perci," he groaned. I let out a happy laugh that I hadn't since he'd been killed.

"Welcome home Dean," I said smiling, "Welcome home."

Well, there's the first one done. The sequel should cover season 4 of supernatural. Tell me what you think.