Sorry about how much I don't know:P I just started watching Doctor Who, because my cousin was on it, and am now addicted. So, I felt like writing a fan fiction for it. Please just tell me if you enjoy the story, so I might write more. Sorry again, and thanks in advance!

NOTE: This is about the 13th doctor (who is so totally a ginger!)

"I'll be okay, mom," laughed a young teenage girl, Sarah Calypso, rolling her eyes.

"Are you sure? Maybe I should go with you!"

"No! I- I, please don't embarrass me this time."

Her mother sighed, "I'm just trying to protect you, honey."

"I know...but I'll be fine!"

"Alright. Just remember, don't go to the nurse."

Sarah nodded, "Yes, mom."

"And don't act like a smart-alec!"

"Yes, mom."

"Oh! And Sarah, sweety?" Her mother called, as her daughter ran toward a blue bus, floating at the other end of their yard.

The girl stopped and turned back, "Yeah, mom?"

"Make some friends!"

Sarah just laughed, heading off to her first day at school.

Meanwhile, a little blue box, that was bigger on the inside happened to be malfunctioning on a different side of the universe.


A man called the doctor, previously fidgeting with various wires and a small tool, called a sonic screwdriver was knocked off his feet, though still smiling.

"Ah! here we go!" He said excitedly, and opened the door, squinting in the bright light. He took a quick look around the large city of New York and began walking, to nowhere in particular. It was amazing how crowded the air was with motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

The Doctor looked around, almost giddily, as he walked up and down the old streets. He thought back to different times he had visited 'New' New York, and about the time when it was nothing more than an underground roadway. Everybody stuck. But he had fixed it. healed the city so they could start anew. After all, he was 'the Doctor'.

Though, this was not too long after that time, everything seemed alive and well. It's hard to believe, even for me, that a place can become so amazing from something so broken, in such little time. Then again, New York always was an amazing city, filled with amazing people. That's what I've been told. Not to mention the things I've seen.

"Hey, Sarah! Nice boots!" A large boy mocked from a seat on the bus across from the girl.

"Buzz off, Tommy!"

"Buzz off Tommy!" He repeated, in a whiny mocking tone.

Sarah sank into her seat, trying not to lose her temper, as she often did.

"Calm down," Chimed in the soft voice of Jeremy Hanson, as a tan hand touched hers.

She sighed and smiled slightly, "I know," she whispered back, "I'll be fine."

Jeremy grinned.

"What? Do I have something in my teeth?"

"No!" He laughed, "No, you're fine."

"Sarah and Jeremy sitting in a tree!" a girl with a pink dress, scaly pale skin, and white pigtails (who did't look much older than Sarah, herself) exclaimed.

"Not funny, Brianna!" Jeremy's voice began to sound slightly treating, as his multi-colored eyes glared through his long, black, emo-style bangs.

"Got a problem with it?" The girl named Brianna smirked, childishly pleased with his reaction.

"Zip it!" He barked, then frowned as her lips seemed to actually zip shut.

A tug at Sarah's arm pulled her back to reality, as she watched in horror. It was Jeremy.

"Run!" He shouted, looking urgently into her big, brown eyes.

"What did you do?"

"No time!" The thin, black-haired boy snapped, "Come on!"

"Tell me first!"

Jeremy nearly ripped Sarah's arm out of her socket, and she jerked out of her seat. He dragged her behind him, heading toward the door, just as each of the children who were previously teasing them and about four adults chased after them.

"Now what?" Sarah shouted, in horror.

Jeremy thrust open the doors, and stared down toward the ground for a few seconds, "Jump!"

He yanked her after him, plummeting out of the flying vehicle before she could say, 'what?'

Safe on the ground, the Timelord frowned, watching whatm at first, seemed like two helpless children falling from the sky.

"What? Does anyone else see that?" Nobody answered -The few who where on the ground seemed too busy to make time for a crazy man, frowning at the sky.

He shook his head, and rushed toward them, stopping only when he realized that they seemed to be falling in slow motion.

If you want me to write more, please let me know. Again, sorry I don't know much about it, and please tell me kindly if I make a mistake. Thank you(: