I'm so sorry to post just an author's note chapter-I'll replace it with a real one once I, you know, have a chapter to upload.

I'm 1/4 of the way through my junior year now, and trying to juggle the IB diploma and this story has proved (as you can see) pretty much impossible. I'd like to thank LadeeTwilight, Caslia, Ninja-on-the-run, NarutoRox, Chickie G, BranchSuper, and everyone else (I hope I didn't forget any of you! Please alert me if I do, and I will mail apology gifts) who has followed/commented on this story since the last chapter. I love you guys. So much. And I WILL complete this when I have the time, on weekends and vacations, but will be on hiatus until then. I'm sorry. I hope you're still interested, despite the time lapse.

That said, what do you all think of season 9 so far? Personally, I'm beyond excited. :D