DBZ Movie 9 Rewrite

Notes: This is a rewrite of movie 9 for future Trunks time line. I own only Sam and Thails, and don't stop reading just cause I have 2 OC's. Oh and I can't find the names of Bojack's team, sorry.

It was a beautiful sunny day, the birds and bugs where flying and the flowers in a meadow had just opened up. The little brook bubbled, and the wind sang threw the trees. Everything was just wonderful, until.

Suddenly someone fell from the sky and slammed back first into some of the pretty little flowers. Two beings landed and held out their hands ready to blast him to the place more commonly known as the next dimension.

"So what do you think Trunks?" Sam asked as she held out her hand to help up the man on the ground, more commonly known as Trunks, up.

Thails smiled and moved a piece of his hair out of his face. "You have to admit we've improved."

"Yes you have, but I could have killed both of you several times." He told them as he stood up.

"What did we do wrong?" Sam demanded, she hated to have him tell her she messed up.

"You didn't block."

"Oh." Thails muttered.

They headed back to Capsule Corp.


Somewhere on the planet a space ship landed and several beings got out.


Trunks lay on his stomach in front of the TV while Sam and Thails sat on the couch. Nothing was really on and they had all started to fall asleep when the news interrupted the movie they where watching.

"We're sorry to interrupt 'Star Wars Episode 10' however this is a matter of life or death." That woke the Saiyans up. "Several creatures have been spotted destroying buildings and killing anyone in their way. Witnesses say these creatures can only be described as monsters. They are demanding everyone they meet bow down to the new ruler of the planet. Everyone is encouraged to go to their android shelters until this passes... Who are you?!" The news man turned to face someone who had just entered the news room. The camera turned to show the new person.

"Oh crap." Trunks said and stood. "We need to go there now."

"Trunks what's wrong?" Bulma asked as she walked into the room.

Sam and Thails had the same expression on their faces.

"That's Bojack. I fought him in the past. And he almost killed me. Gohan said the only reason he was able to beat him was because Goku showed up and helped him. After Goku was dead."

"Then he should be no problem for you to beat? Right Trunks?" Thails asked.

"I don't think I can."

"So what do we do?" Sam asked.

They set off in the direction of the news office while Trunks thought.

"Sam if anything starts to happen and we can't handle it, I want you to go to the past to get help."

"If you really want that Trunks." Sam responded

Trunks could tell she didn't like that idea very much.


They arrived at the news building and where just about to go inside when something appeared in front of them.

"Who are you?" Thails asked.

The women that just landed smiled up at him.

"She's one of Bojack's team." Trunks yelled, and pushed Thails out of the way, just as a blast hit where he was standing.

Two more members of the team landed and surrounded them.

"Don't get caught in the energy web. It will hold you and sap your power." Trunks warned them.

"Glad to see someone knows us." The women said.

Dude one (aka the guy Trunks killed in the movie 9) threw something at Sam and she went Super Saiyan. That launched everyone into a fight. During which the rest of the team landed and joined in. Thails was knocked to the ground, and knocked out.

Sam glanced at Trunks as soon as she realized they where losing.

"Go Sam." He said to her, and she ran. When she looked behind her, as she rounded a corner, she watched him fall to the ground, unconscious.


A/N: So whatcha think? Oh I own Sam and Thails, they're part of my Shattered Crystals Saga.

I plan on doing a fic for all of the movies that take place after Goku died according to Future Trunk's time line.