I wasn't your average demi-god. Actually,

I was far from it.

But before that, let's start from the beggining.

May, 20, 1999 Mount Olympus

It was just like any other Olympus Meeting. As usual, the major gods had attended earlier.

Apollo sat lazily with his ipod touch and earbuds in his ears, laying back and listening to the lyrics. He was intently mouthing the words, his mind wandering far from there.

Hephaestus was fiddling with little nuts and bolts from his pockets in which he made and remade random inventions too fast for the naked eye to catch a glimpse of. His crutch was beside his throne and his work suit with splotches of grease and oil.

Aphrodite was re applying another thick coat lipstick while her magical mirror hovered in front of her. She reeked of designer perfume that only she could pull off, and had dressed her hair with a fancy updo that changed every few seconds. She only paused to wink at Ares from time to time.(If you payed close attention at that time, you you would notice Hephaestus glare at his bolts before he resumed tinkering)

Ares was wiping his weapons with his bloody rag, which if you knew before, was a clean white one. You can make an assumption as to what happened. He was revisioning all those battles he began with a little sneer on his face. He sure bloody loved fights. Especially when he caused them.

He would only give that rare smile at Aphrodite when she gave him her attention. Artemis, in her 12 year old form, was checking on her arrows and iris messaging (IM-ing) her head lieutenant to check on how the huntresses were doing and if the hunt was doing all right. She also checked on if the animals were doing okay. Her complete confidence in her sisters were her only consolation.

Demeter was munching on her whole grain crackers and going on about how cereal was the solution to everything. Sadly, even though no one was giving her their attention, she unknowingly continued on.

Hestia was in the middle of the room, obviously, giving everyone the warmth and homey feeling. She was in her favoured young girls avatar, looking like a cute girl with pigtails. But if you were to check out her eyes, you could see they held maturity and wisdom. She tended the fire with tender hands and glowed beside the candle light.

Dionysus was half sitting and half slouching on his throne with a can of diet coke. He seemed to have too much sugar, because he was practically asleep and muttering under his breath about. "Damn demi gods, damn camp, damn heroes and damn wine restriction! I want wine. I need wine. Ugh, I even want a hangover if it means anything" or something along those lines.

Hermes was on a tabloid checking all his messages (which, mind you, was A LOT!) with his sypus at his feet. It was leaning against his legs and his shoes were fluttering with excitement. His eyes gleamed with mischievousness, visualizing the next prank he was going to inflict. Oh, the trouble maker he was...

Poseidon was twiddling with his triton, playing with the water in front of him. He was thinking of how he could add another room to his palace. It was still in reconstruction from the previous fight, which still seemed like a long time ago. In reality, a lot has happened since then, but you know a immortals life. They never seem to think anything as old, unless you count themselves (and I better pray they don't burn me to ashes after this).

Hades was bored out of his mind, thinking about how the underworld was doing. He wondered if Charon was doing his job, or was looking through magazine catalogs, that were more expensive than he could own. Hades swore by the river styx, if Charon asked for another pay raise, he would send him to Tartarus with no regret.

Hera was busy stroking her exquisite peacock feathered dress, admiring the sheer beauty of her sacred animal. She was planning to consult Nemesis for revenge on the "secret admirers", which they sucked on keeping a secret, of her player of a husband. "Stupid unloyal gods", she muttered thinking about all her previous enemies. One thing she can agree on about them, was revenge was sweet.

Athena was engrossed in a thick vocabulary book, which she didn't need as she knew all of what she was reading. Finishing book after book in a mere five seconds, she stared riddles. Her sense of wisdom was known, making even the simplest genius cower from such sheer knowledge crammed into a small area.

Last but not least Zeus was at the beginning at the room, too nervous and anxious to do anything. His news was far too big to keep, even the great almighty himself was disturbed on how everyone would react. Unfortunately, even though he wanted to begin as quickly as he could, he had to wait until all the minor gods and goddesses were there.

Finally, after what seemed like forever gods popped in here and there and took a seat, he stood up, gaining the attention of everyone. "Everyone", his voice boomed, initiating silence, and wide eyes focus. "I have called everyone here today on such short notice, because I have some, er, news". His voice cracked, making everyone look at each other in concern and fear. If there own leader was nervous, they couldn't imagine what would make so for them.

Before, however they could whisper or voice their opinions, Zeus started again. "Does anyone remember... Ca- carolyn?" He was displeased with the slight stutter but it couldn't be helped. There were sharp intakes of breaths, and slight whimpers from the females. Carolyn is, or was, an old friend of all of the gods. She was selfless, generous, one of the most down to earth people ever known to man. Satyrs, nymphs, naiads, you name it.

Even animals and nature anything was her domain. She was very protective over her friends, but never chose sides. She was a neutral person, that never started fights, but ended them quickly. Even Ares loved her, and that was something. She was nicknamed the "peacemaker" but adored it because it was true.

Although she didn't know, she was gorgeous and her personality was an added bonus. But the most startling fact was she was no ordinary person. She was a demi-god. Yes, she was a person who always succeeded in quests, and never failed a mission. She was that rare demi-god that ALL the gods loved, including Dionysus!

She had no romantic feelings toward any of them, but thought of them as older siblings. She was only a quarter demi-god because of her parents blood, which were remarkably unknown. Somehow, somebody erased all known records of her history, just that she arrived one day on the gods doorstep.

Even when the minor gods were treated different by many, she thought of them as equal, making her most loved among them. The big three loved her more than friends and as sisters.

Hera was even normal around her. Being protective, they always offered her everything, but she declined, her heart too innocent and pure. She always thought of how someone should deserve what they get, instead of given away things carelessly. She even refused immortality, saying that was too big of a gift for her to receive, ignoring their protests.

About a few years ago, Carolyn found love with a human. He was every bit as sweet and caring as her family, and he soon found the love of her "LARGE" family. He was handsome and was as welcoming as they came. They married, and was happy. She was pregnant a few weeks after the honeymoon.

But that was the last anyone ever saw of her. Even as Apollo tried, he was blanked out of what was happening. And as you know, if Apollo doesn't know, the oracle doesn't so they drew up a clear blank. They were devastated and searched with no idea. This was the first time they had any clue or a hint as to where she was now, and everyone was at the edge of their seats wanting to know what happened.

"Well, we found some, devastating news about them", the air of hope was diminished and squashed left with pain and hurt, everyone dropping their heads in sadness.

"Carolyn and Dani, were, were... Killed". There. The hard part was over, but the words still sounded bitter in his mouth. There were sounds of sniffling and silent tears were from everyone, including the males. They adored Carolyn to no end and Dani, was like a close brother to them now. Even Artemis grudgingly allowed that he was a perfect choice for her younger sister.

"Wh-what about the ba-baby" Aphrodite whispered, announcing what was on everyone's mind aloud. Shockingly, Zeus smiled and said in a more stabled voice.

"Actually, that's what I also wanted to talk about" He produced a beautiful baby girl, with smoke grey and velvet purple colored eyes wide and almost unreal. Wrapped in bluish-pink blankets, with a tiny mouth and a button shaped nose, she was one of the most gorgeous babies ever, rivaling even Aphrodite's.

Despite their gender, everyone rushed to the baby, holding her gently. Everyone took turns, and surprisingly the baby didn't cry once. All worries aside they cooed and played with her tiny toes. She laughed and looked at them with such adoration, it made them all tear up, the guys hiding their face with the lame excuse of sand in their eyes.

(I swear that excuse is too overused)

"Wait, what's going to happen to her?" Athena being the rational thinker, not wanting to, but had to put the damper on things. Slowly, Artemis, who was now holding her new "Niece" thought about why Zeus would bring her here. "Can we keep her?" She asked hopefully, everyone nodding their heads.

"How about we read the note until we ask?" Athena asked surprising everyone, shriveling their heads toward Zeus. She was the goddess of wisdom, so it wasn't a big deal. But how she found out so quickly annoyed Zeus. He wanted it to be a surprise, but that failed.

"How'd you know about that?" Zeus enquired. "One dad, I'm going to guess that because Carolyn was always old fashioned. Two, it also helped you are holding it in your left hand which I caught a glimpse of." She smirked. some of were bold enough to chuckle a little, but not full on laugh. NEVER have the king of the gods on your bad side.

"Well, fine, ruin the surprise" He uttered grumpily, irritated his surprise was too easily sought out. Sadly, though they will never admit, it felt a bit smug to tone down his ego. That thing sure was MASSIVE! He took the note out and asked Apolo to read it aloud. Apolo seemed a bit surprised, but accepted nonetheless. He made a mike appear out of nowhere and began the poorly written note.

Dearest family,

I regret to know that if you read this, than the worst has become of us. I have no time to fill out much, how much I CAN tell you is going to be a mystery so I

must be quick. A few days ago, one of your enemies captured us and held us captive. They wanted us to spill, but I said nothing. My loyalty will always lie with

you. They are going to execute us today, but I can't let my dear Tani go through this pain, so I must ask you a big favour., if you can.

If it is within your ability, please take care of my daughter for at least 16 years before she can be let out into the world. Please keep her safe, I don't want her

to be scarred for life. I'm sorry I ask so much, but if you can't I just want me dear to live on for me. I beg upon my knees if you were to help her until then. I

must go, they are coming. With the last bit of strength I send her away. Let her know I love her, along with all of you, REMEMBER me, as I do you.

Love Carolyn Carson

Mother of Tanilia Carson.

Apollo slowly folded the paper. The stunned silence ended when Tani let out a gurgled laugh ending them out of their startled daze. "So... We get to keep her?" Apollo tried lightening the mood. Hey, the god of light has a job, right? but really, they would gladly keep her. She already took their hearts the moment they saw her, and it would take nothing to return her back.

"Lets take a vote, as always, majority wins", Even though the answer was obvious, they still had to do the custom. "All in favour, raise your hand" Zeus boomed. Not a single hand stayed down. Even the gods that weren't that close to her, had a vague idea of her sparkling moods. "Well, then it is decided. She will stay!"

Cries filled the air, and the baby was hugged and celebrated over.

"But she is not one of us, her powers not strong enough for the outside world,"interrupted Hades. "How will she survive?"

They thought for a moment before Demeter snapped her fingers.

"I swear, if this is about wheat and grain Demeter..." Zeus threatened.

"No you lump of useless energy, I was going to suggest, before you RUDELY interrupted me about how we ALL give her our blessing like we did to Carolyn?"

Oh yeah, because Carolyn thrived to live on the outside world, everyone gave her a blessing, because she was too weak to defend herself. A blessing is when a god or goddess gave a kid a gift (gifts) and a personality type for a specific kid. It's rare but allowed, kind of like sleeping beauties godmothers gifts.

Only a few handful like Carolyn was blessed by so many.

Well, not anymore.

There was a chorus of cheers from a lot of gods, and they all. They all lined up and started.

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