The Doctor Wanders to Wonderland
Declaimer: yep that's me the person who owns The Doctor and Alice in wonder land come on seriously these disclaimers are ridiculous XP

Chapter 1: Enter Wonderland

Mean While In The Tardis...

"Okay next stop Midnight" exclaimed the Doctor excitedly looking around his smile gone as he straightened his bow tie "Oh that's right no ones here."

The Tradis shock violently sending The Doctor fling towards the railings. The doctor clutched the rails "Okay I'm sorry" he strained talking to the Tardis while hanging up side down now. The Tardis gently moved right side up. "Thanks sexy" said the Doctor patting her console not noticing he had landed some where. A knock came from outside.

Out side

"What a funny blue box" said a unusually small girl wearing a torn up blue dress she knocked again on the box.

The door opened a young man wearing a tweedy jacket and a Bowie walked out of the box and looked down at her.

"Hello I'm The Doctor and who might you be" the man called the doctor said

"Alice and might I ask Doctor Who?" Asked the girl a little skeptical of this Doctor.

"Oh yes that question I'm just the Doctor" he said as if he'd been asked this many time.

"What a interesting name" Alice said more to herself.

The Doctor looked around a little confused "Alice may I ask you where and when am I" asked the doctor examining his surroundings.

"When? What do you mean when" Alice asked confused.

"Oh wibbly wobbly time traveler stuff" the Doctor answered waving his hand as if to shoo the subject away. "Please just tell me where I am" the Doctor asked again.

Alice dismissed the time traveller stuff seeing the Doctor didn't want to take about it "the catapiler said I was in Wonderland" Alice said pointing to the mushroom forest were the catapiler lived.

"Hmm interesting I've never been to Wonderland" the Doctor said pacing "I think I should investigate this Wonderland."

"I'm coming to" Alice pronounced.

"Great it's decided" announced the Doctor joyfully.

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