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Because, my mind is telling me to do a crossover of Ben 10 and (insert name of random cartoon show here and see if you're correct.) in this story for a couple of chapters, that is what I am intended to do!


Inside Dr. Psychobos's Spaceship, where the mutant Cerebrocrustacean's laboratory is in and where the Faction's Headquarters is located, Dr. Psychobos, the self-claimed "greatest intellect in the Universe." is experimenting on Rook's second Proto-Tool after stealing it from the former and dubbing it the "Cerebro-Tool".

Now, Dr. Psychobos is currently upgrading the Cerebro-Tool again.

"Now I, Doctor Psychobos, is n-n-nearly complete with the up-p-pgrades on the Cerebro-Tool, but one last p-p-piece is located in the N-N-Null Void Projector, with the n-n-nearest one being at the underground P-P-Plumber's base." Dr. Psychobos said.

"I shall get it for you Psychobos..." Malware said, walking towards the mutant Cerebrocrustacean.

"Hey, I am the Huntsman here, I will be the one to retrieve the needed piece, as well as killing Ben Tennyson." Khyber said angrily.

"Well, if you're a huntsman, you should have captured Tennyson years ago! I can kill him on the spot after 5 years since I obtain the Tachyon Cannon, but I felt pitiful to be killing the pest when he is not giving me a challenge." Malware said.

"Well, if you're one of Ben Tennyson's most notorious enemies, you should have become the most powerful Galvanic Mechamorph years ago!" Khyber shouted back. This then caused an argument and Dr. Psychobos was then annoyed.

"ENOUGH OF THIS!" Psychobos shouted, letting out an electrical shock which electrocuted both Khyber and Malware, with Malware being much more affected due to him being living metal. Psychobos electrocuted them until they fell on their knees.

"We will all r-r-retrieve the p-p-piece! You two will distract T-T-Tennyson while I retrieve the p-p-piece!" Psychobos said, before removing the Plumber's Badge on the Cerebro-Tool and replaced it with a Nemetrix symbol. Inside, it was going to be replaced by the piece on the Null Void Projector.

"We shall be off, s-s-shortly." Psychobos said.


Ben as Manadite is currently battling Charmcaster in the training room, with Gwen, Kevin and Rook watching. Charmcaster offered a training battle to Ben to see how much he improved after a long time, and with her Alpha Rune, she managed to force Ben to switch from alien to alien.

First, Water Hazard attempted to use his Hydrokinesis to sizzle Charmcaster with his lava-hot water but Charmcaster managed to crystallize him after multiple attempts which forced him to transform into Swampfire.

Swampfire then attempted using his Chlorokinesis and Fire blasts together to create plants and ignite them and force Charmcaster down and even attempted multiple sneak attacks, but failed and Charmcaster managed to freeze him, but he melted the ice and transformed himself into AmpFibian.

Thanks to AmpFibian's mind reading abilities, AmpFibian lasted the longest out of the aliens that battled Charmcaster, severely injuring her in the process but she healed herself afterwards. AmpFibian stopped his attacks after Charmcaster sprayed some water on him and he transformed himself into NRG.

NRG, thanks to his bulky armored body, managed to withstand most of Charmcaster's attacks, and retaliated with his nuclear energy blasts and he also battled and destroyed Charmcaaster's Rock Creatures and also defeated the Palorfang Charmcaster summoned. NRG was doing pretty good until Charmcaster fired an electric bolt which forced NRG down to his knees and transform into Manadite.

Right now, Manadite dodged several pink energy blasts and fired a pink laser blast from his eyes, which then managed to hit Charmcaster and managed to force her down the ground, since the effect canceled Charmcaster's flight.

"This reminds me of our battle with Princess Looma, where it ended with Four Arms defeating her, a Tetramand. Let's see if an Anodite can end a battle with a magical sorceress!" Manadite shouted, before firing a blast of purple flames from his hands. Charmcaster managed to dodge it, but it melted the floor when it made contact.

"You're trying to melt me?" Charmcaster said, before firing a purple beam of energy which Manadite absorbed.

"Thanks for the energy Charmcaster!" Manadite happily said, before firing a beam from his left hand which managed to hit Charmcaster and crystallized he, but before Charmcaster could break out again, Manadite transformed himself into Diamondhead, in order to crystallize Charmcaster again, if she gets free.

"One...two...three...okay, training's over." Diamondhead said, before breaking the crystal out of Charmcaster and reverting himself back to Ben.

"Wow Ben. I have to say, you impressed me more than Gwenny's husband and your Revonnahgander friend. Your Anodite form really suits you too." Charmcaster said as she dusted herself. Rook, Gwen and Kevin then walked over to them.

"Thanks." was the only word Ben managed to say.

Then, the alarm went off and a couple of explosion was heard and they ran outside the Training Room to check what's going on. When they ran outside, another explosion was heard and they saw a couple of Plumbers being sent flying. They then saw Max running with his Plumber weapons equipped on him.

"No time to explain! Malware and Khyber as well as his dog are attacking the Headquarters!" Max shouted as he ran towards the scene. Ben and the team then followed Max and when they arrived, they saw Khyber and Malware blasting the Plumbers in front of them, with Zed as Rockhead swatting away Plumbers in her way.

Helping them was the same robots Pr. Psychobos used when he attacked the Plumber's HQ to retrieve an important part from the Omnitrix that was needed to fix the Nemetrix in the past.

"Err..why won't they ever give up!?" Ben shouted, before transforming himself into:

"Swampfire!" the plant-like alien shouted, before slapping the Omnitrix symbol, turning him into:

"Ultimate Swampfire!" he shouted, before jumping into action. Ultimate Swampfire jumped very high, higher than what his size suggested and suspected. In mid-air, Ultimate Swampfire threw multiple fire bombs which managed to hit the worm robots, as well as setting a small part of the HQ on fire. He then threw a fire bomb at Rockhead, which then sent the Sonorosian predator flying.

Ultimate Swampfire was then hit by three red laser blasts. Ultimate Swampfire then looked to see both Khyber and Malware, ready to take him down.

"Okay Malware. Khyber. What do you want?" Ultimate Swampfire said.

"Like what we always do. Make you rot into pieces." Khyber said, taking out his sword.

"And taking your precious Omnitrix." Malware said, before firing several laser blasts at the evolved Methanosian. Ultimate Swampfire, with unexpected agility, dodged all of the blasts and threw a fire bomb at Malware and Khyber, sending them both flying into the wall.

Just then, multiple robot worms attacked Ultimate Swampfire from behind and forced him down. Rook then blasted the robot worms away and helped Ultimate Swampfire up. The duo then looked to see Malware and Khyber standing up, ready for much, much more.

"Okay Rook, I'll take Malware and You'll take Khyber." Ultimate Swampfire said.

Meanwhile, Gwen, Kevin and Charmcaster were battling multiple worm robots. The trio were currently battling a large one. Kevin absorbed the metal floor, and in his steel form, turned his hands into maces and punched the large worm robot multiple times, each punch forcing the worm robot backwards. Gwen then fired a mana blast which destroyed the worm robot's arms and Charmcaster finished it with a pink energy blast which destroyed the robot.

"We did it!" Kevin shouted in happiness, but then he was tackled by Zed as Buglizard and he was forced down the floor.

"Hey! Get off me Zed!" Kevin shouted, before reluctantly throwing her off of him. Buglizard then growled at her former owner and Kevin, not wanting to hurt his pet, would have no choice but to do so. Kevin turned his hands into a sword and charged at Buglizard, with Buglizard doing the same. Kevin then attempted to slash his sword hand at Buglizard, but Buglizard bit the arm and threw Kevin aside.

Buglizard was then walking towards Kevin, but several pink mana discs hit her, not doing much damage, but was enough to draw her attention to Gwen and Charmcaster, with their magic powers ready. Buglizard roared and charged at the two girls, but then a blue fire bomb hit Buglizard in the face and the Lepidopterran predator was sent flying into a wall, forcing her to revert back to Zed.

Gwen and Charmcaster then looked at Ultimate Swampfire and Rook, who were battling Malware and Khyber, respectively..

"You can thank me later!" Ultimate Swampfire shouted, before continuing his battle with Malware. Ultimate Swampfire then punched the mutant Galvanic Mechamorph several times, with Malware managing to block two strikes with the rest of the strikes managing to hit him. The last punch then sent Malware backwards.

Ultimate Swampfire then jumped high in the air, before throwing two fire bombs. Malware managed to dodge both of them and fired a laser blasts, but Ultimate Swampfire managed to block it while landing at the floor.

Rook was then shown to be shooting multiple laser blasts from his Proto-Tool, but Khyber managed to dodge them all. He then grabbed his shield and reflected the last laser blast, which then hit Rook, sending him back. Khyber then charged at Rook with his sword, but Rook turned the Proto-Tool into a sword to block Khyber's sword strike.

Rook and Khyber's battle then turned into a sword duel, with Khyber stating to force Rook backwards. Khyber then sped up his sword strikes, giving the Revonnahgander a harder time to block the strikes. The last sword strike from Khyber forced Rook to dodge it instead. Rook then turned his Proto-Tool into a tazer and electrocuted Khyber long enough until he was unconscious.

Ultimate Swampfire was shown to be sent backwards by Malware's laser blasts. He then fired a fire bomb that sent Malware flying into a wall. For 5 seconds, his red glow disappeared, signifying that he was knocked unconscious.

"Well that was easy." Ultimate Swampfire said, before reverting back to Swampfire, and then back to Ben. An alarm then went off again and Max ran towards the scene. Ben and company followed shortly.

"Grandpa! What's the problem?" Ben asked his grandfather.

"Somebody's stealing something from the armory!" Max replied and the gang ran even faster. Once they reached their destination, they couldn't believe their eyes. Unconscious Plumbers everywhere and the one stealing something is:

"Psychobos!" they said altogether.

"Ahh...yes. T-T-Tennyson and company. I l-l-love to stay and c-c-chat, but my Cerebro-Tool is nearly complete!" Dr. Psychobos said. He then ripped out the piece he needed from the Null Void Projector and he slid off the faceplate of the Nemetrix symbol, before putting the piece in. The Nemetrix symbol then glowed red, signifying it was ready.

"Now, with my upgrades, T-T-The Cerebro-Tool can transport anyone int-t-to any d-d-dimension. And the someone will b-b-be you Ben T-T-Tennyson." Dr. Psychobos said, before firing a yellow beam of energy from the Cerebro-Tool. Before Ben can do anything, he was hit by the yellow beam and a yellow light blinded them for a while.

When the yellow light disappeared, the great Ben Tennyson has disappeared into thin air...

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