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There! Now everybody knows that Albedo possessed Ben and made him kill his enemies and nearly kill his own allies. So technically, Albedo just killed his own allies, just for one target. Yeah.

Now, it's time for interrogation!

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Previously, on Ben 10: When The Faction Returned.. (Formerly known as The Faction Returns..)

"Err...I hate you Driscoll." Rath muttered, before standing up and looking at the large crater he's currently in and the multiple debris surrounding him. Rath was then hit by two laser blasts and he looked to see Fistrick, charging towards him while firing laser blasts from his laser cannon. Rath then dodged the rest of the blasts and charged at Fistrick. He then punched Fistrick two times, before kicking him in the stomach, sending him falling down the ground.

"LET ME TELL YA SOMETHIN' FISTRICK! RATH IS ALREADY HAVING A BAD MOOD, AND NO ONE DARES TO MAKE IT WORSE!" Rath shouted, before showing Fistrick his wrist claw and putting it in front of his face, about to touch his nose.


"You will have to figure that on your own Tennyson. After all, you don't have the guts to even end my life." Fistrick mocked, making Rath even more mad.

"Oh really? You mocked the wrong guy Fistrick..." Rath said, as his wrist claws extended, before he was about to stab Fistrick in the head with it...



Hunter Arian then grabbed Driscoll's head, before bending it down along with the rest of his body, before slamming his knees onto his stomach area, before uppercutting him, which sent him stumbling backwards. Hunter Arian then swiftly removed the sword from his chest, sending multiple circuits and wires flying off of him, before swiftly and painfully slicing off Driscoll's arms again.

Hunter Arian then slammed his knee and elbow onto Driscoll, before punching him so hard, that Driscoll was sent falling down the ground.

"Please. Have mercy." Driscoll pleaded, but Hunter Arian ignored him and forced him up, before slamming both of his fists into his face, sending Driscoll stumbling backwards.

"You DIE!" Hunter Arian shouted, before grabbing a battle axe from his back and he slammed the axe on Driscoll's head, before quickly running behind Driscoll and ripping out Driscoll's head, also ripping out the robotic spine of Driscoll, and also Driscoll's heart, which was now robotic thanks to the nanochips. Hunter Arian then dropped his axe holding Driscoll's head.


"Any last words?" Hunter Arian asked.

"Unless if you already want to end your pathetic life, you better tell me where my friends are!" Hunter ARian shouted angrily, however, Tehcadon Weapon Master Number 13 merely smirked, making him even angrier by the second.

"You don't have the guts to kill me with that shotgun. I don't even need to tell you where we are located, as you and your pathetic Plumber friends go there most of the time." Techadon Weapon Master Number 13 said, but this made Hunter Arian angry, but then he smirked.

"You were a fool to join them. You weren't only a fool, (Hunter Arian's shotgun then glowed red, meaning that it was red to fire.) You betrayed yourself." Hunter Arian said, before pulling the trigger of his shotgun.

"NOOOO! TENNYSON! NOOO!" the Techadon Weapon Master Number 13 shouted.


Looma then assaulted Ultimate Humungousaur with a barrage of punches and kicks, before elbowing and slamming her knees onto Ultimate Humungousaur's face, before getting out her hammer and slamming it so hard onto Ultimate Humungousaur's face that he crashed down into the ground. Taking the opportunity and reacting quickly, Looma then jumped at Ultimate Humungousaur's chest, before slamming her hammer at the red evolved Omnitrix symbol, causing the symbol to send out red sparks of electricity.

Looma's eyes widened in horror, before quickly running away from Ultimate Humungousaur, as the Omnitrix symbol continued to release red sparks of electricity. Then, a couple of seconds later, an entire beam of red light was released into the sky from the Omnitrix symbol and Ultimate Humungousaur felt it and he screamed loudly, before his entire body glowed red and much to Looma's surprise, a red eyed Ectonurite jumped out of Ultimate Humungousaur's glowing red body, and when the Ectonurite got out, the red glow became green and the glow disappeared, but Ultimate Humungousaur remained unconscious.

"You FOOL! I THOUGHT I KILLED YOU!" The Ectonurite shouted.

"I am stronger than I look. Now who are you!?" Looma boomed, her loud voice scaring even the Ectonurite.

The Ectonurite's body was then surrounded with a red glow and the Ectonurite reverted back into a man that looks similar to Ben, only with white hair, a red jacket and red eyes, and he looked very angry at Looma.

"I am Albedo. Ben's evil twin. And soon to be your master." Albedo said.

Then, Albedo felt a green flash from behind him, before hearing a voice.

"I don't think so." said the voice, before a laser blast hit his back and he was knocked unconscious, before it was revealed to be Hunter Arian with his shotgun to have knocked him unconscious. Looma was delighted to see Ben again and she hugged Hunter Arian tightly.

"Oh Ben! I knew it wasn't you who tried to kill us! I knew it!" Looma squealed.

"Yeah...please let me down." Hunter Arian said, and Looma accepted his request and let him go, before looking at the unconscious Albedo.

"Now let's ask him some questions..." Hunter Arian said.


Rath then flew towards the Driller's head as if he was going crazy, while continuing to fire laser and missile blasts towards the Driller, each laser blasts and missile causing the Driller to jerk backwards. Rath then prepared his free hand's wrist claw and he raised his free hand into the air, and with all of the strength he got, he bashed through the Driller's drill mouth, made his way towards the robotic insides of the mechanical worm, and bashed right out of the Driller, and when he did, it left a large explosion at the Driller's face, ending it for good.

"Wow." Eunice said baffled.

Rath then flew towards Driscoll, clearly angry for hurting Julie. He then prepared his laser cannon and he aimed it towards Driscoll, he then roared as he fired multiple and quick laser blasts at Driscoll, but they all missed and hit the nearby house next to Driscoll. Rath growled as he flew faster towards Driscoll, but he was still far, giving Driscoll enough time to change his right hand into a triple nozzle cannon.

"I AM COMING FOR YOU!" Rath shouted, as he flew faster towards Driscoll.

Driscoll then fired a laser blast, which then managed to hit the jetpack's left wing. Driscoll then fired another blast and it successfully hit the jetpack's right wing, rendering the jetpack destroyed and useless as Rath began to fall out of the sky. Driscoll then fired another laser blast which then managed to hit Rath, and the mighty Appoplexian then fell out from the sky at a fast speed, and before Eunice could react, Rath crashed into a house, his impact strong enough to destroy the entire house and cause a small crater.

It also sent a cloud of dust, smoke, wood, rock and little pieces of glass and electrical appliances to fly into the air, and it took a little while for the cloud of smoke and dust to clear, and after a couple of minutes, the dust and smoke began to clear, but due to the lot of smoke, only a small amount of smoke flew and cleared away.

Then, a shadowed figure walked towards the smoke and when he got closer, he revealed himself to be Albdedo, Ben's evil twin who was once a Galvan, once Azmuth's very bright assistant, and now stuck on Ben's human body due to Azmuth's punishment. Now, he came for revenge on Ben.

"Ben Tennyson." he said, before walking into the smoke.

Albedo then walked into the smoke, and he saw an unconscious Appoplexian, with a broken flight tech and a broken laser cannon. He smirked, as a red glow appeared and enveloped his entire body. His form changed and he started to float, and when the red glow disappeared, Albedo was now a red-eyed Ectonurite.

More commonly known as Negative Ghostfreak.

Negative Ghostfreak then went invisible and intangible, before going inside Rath's chest, entering his body, and almost instantly managing to wake him up, but when Rath woke up, his green eyes turned red and so did his Omnitrix symbol, but then turned green again, as Rath rubbed his head in pain. Ben managed to regain full control over his body, even though he didn't know Albedo possessed him as Negative Ghostfreak.

"Err...I hate you Driscoll." Rath muttered, before standing up and looking at the large crater he's currently in and the multiple debris surrounding him. Rath was then hit by two laser blasts and he looked to see Fistrick, charging towards him while firing laser blasts from his laser cannon. Rath then dodged the rest of the blasts and charged at Fistrick. He then punched Fistrick two times, before kicking him in the stomach, sending him falling down the ground.

That's when Albedo struck again, as Rath's eyes glowed red.

"LET ME TELL YA SOMETHIN' FISTRICK! RATH IS ALREADY HAVING A BAD MOOD, AND NO ONE DARES TO MAKE IT WORSE!" Rath shouted, before showing Fistrick his wrist claw and putting it in front of his face, about to touch his nose.

"AND UNLESS YOU WANNA TALK TO ME, I MIGHT SPARE YOUR PATHETIC LIFE! WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS!? WHERE IS MY GRANDPA!? WHERE ARE YOU VILLAINS HIDING!?" Rath shouted, but Fistrick kept still. Fistrick thought that Rath's red eye was just his angry eye, but oh how was he so wrong.

"You will have to figure that on your own Tennyson. After all, you don't have the guts to even end my life." Fistrick mocked, making Rath even more mad.

"Oh really? You mocked the wrong guy Fistrick..." Rath said, as his wrist claws extended, before he was about to stab Fistrick in the head with it...


And then. Rath did it. He killed Fistrick.

Wait, Rath didn't killed Fistrick. It was Albedo

Current time...

"There. Now you know how I managed to possess you. Now, release me from this bond and remove this power-neutralizing collar from my neck, or suffer my wrath, you inferior scums!" Albedo shouted, tied in a chair, with a power-neutralizing collar strapped on his neck. Ben sighed and he pushed a button, which caused Albedo to be electrocuted, sparks of electricity flying all over his body.

"And they say you're the smart one." Ben muttered.

"However, it seemed that despite of my possession of your body, you still have control over your body. Your eyes were still green, however, that is also one of my greatest advantage. No one easily noticed my possession over you." Albedo added.

Ben, along with Julie, Ship and Ester were in the garage, with Albedo sitting in front of them tied to a chair. Ben already asked him about how he managed to possess him as Negative Ghostfreak, but they still need to know where the villains are hiding.

Then, as he thought about those words, something came into his mind:

Hunter Arian then prepared his shotgun and aimed it at the 13th Techadon Weapon Master's head.

"Any last words?" Hunter Arian asked.

"Unless if you already want to end your pathetic life, you better tell me where my friends are!" Hunter ARian shouted angrily, however, Tehcadon Weapon Master Number 13 merely smirked, making him even angrier by the second.

"You don't have the guts to kill me with that weapon. I don't even need to tell you where we are located, as you and your pathetic Plumber friends go there most of the time." Techadon Weapon Master Number 13 said, but this made Hunter Arian angry, but then he smirked.

"I think I know where to look." Ben said.

"But Ben, what about Albedo? He can use his brains to probably escape that bondage." Julie said. She did have a point in there.

"We don't have to waste time with him." Ben said, before the Omnitrix core popped out and he slammed it back down again, enveloping his body in green light and changing his body form and size, and he then transformed himself into:

"BIG CHILL!" the Necrofriggian shouted, before firing an ice breath at Albedo and instantly freezing him, and to insure prolonged freezing, Big Chill continued firing his ice breath for more than twenty seconds, before finally stopping, before looking to see Albedo frozen, along with some nearby boxes and scattered tools around.

"That should keep him there for a while.." Big Chill said, before reverting back to Ben.

"Now let's go." Ben said, before he, Julie, Ship and Ester ran out of the garage, before meeting with the others who were waiting outside.

"So. Where are we headed?" Tetrax asked.

"I believe that we have to attack our Plumber's Headquarters, the villains have taken it over most probably for Grandpa Max and to ensure that majority of the Plumbers won't be able to stop them. And now we are going to take it back, along with my friends and Grandpa." Ben replied.

The others then began nodding to Ben's words, agreeing to join in one of the biggest battles of his life. They began to cheer.

"And today, we take the battle TO THEM!" Ben shouted, raising his hand in the air, and all of the others cheer.

But unbeknownst to any of them, they were being watched by the large group of villains, of which the Faction were the leaders. They all watch in anger as Ben and his own team prepare for an attack on the retaking of the Plumber's HQ.

"Fistrick. D-D-Driscoll and Techadon Weapon Master N-N-Number Thirteen are executed by T-T-Tennyson and they have held Albedo c-c-captive with majority of the F-F-Forever Knights and the T-T-Techadon Robots were killed and d-d-destroyed. Ben and his small army is t-t-tougher than I t-t-thought." Dr. Psychobos said, looking at the large screen.

"SEND IN THE SYNTHROID ARMY! WE HAVE TO POSTPONE BEN TENNYSON AND HIS ALLIES' ATTACK ON THE HEADQUARTERS!" Khyber shouted, and the one Synthroid in the large group of villains then pressed some buttons on his wrist and its eyes glowed yellow, as a small satellite dish appeared on his head, which meant that he was calling the commander of the Synthroid army, their ships waiting on the Earth's moon.

"My brethren. It is now time for our attack. Find Ben Tennyson and postpone his way towards the Plumber's Headquarters." the Synthroid said.

On the moon...

The Synthroid army was waiting at the moon for a little while now, and the Army commander received the Synthroid's message, and the commander then spread the message throughout his entire Synthroid brethren.

"Synthroid brethren! It is now time for our ATTACK! It is now our time to rise! Destroy Ben Tennyson and his allies! Find them!" the commanding officer shouted, and the Synthroid army and all of its ships took off.

There were many types of ships used by the Synthroid army. The fighter ships, which were the main attacking ships and is piloted by only a single Synthroid.. The motherships, which were the ones carrying the fighter ships. A larger type of fighter ships which were piloted by three Synthroids. And they were several large ships and their size can be compared to the ships used by the Highbreed and the Royal Gordanian ships. And all of them are headed straight for Earth, towards Bellwood, with one major target.

Ben Tennyson.

(A/N: The fighter ships look much like the fighter ships used by the Decepticons in Dark of The Moon, the large fighter ships looked like Megatron/Starscream's jet form and the mother ships looked like the carrier ships in the Dark of the Moon as well. I'm a big fan of the Transformers series too, but I can't understand some of their complex words, so I am so not doing a story about them! :P)


"Psychobos. Why are you-" Khyber said, but the mutant, psychotic Cerebrocrustacean interrupted him.

"That's DOCTOR Psychobos!" the mutant cerebrocrustacean shouted, this caused Khyber to roll his eyes. He wished that every time he heard Psychobos said that,he would gain a new weapon and he would have gained much more weapons by now.

"DOCTOR Psychobos. Why are we postponing Tennyson and his allies' attack on the Headquarters? All of the recruits are just waiting to destroy all of them, and they cannot wait for much longer. Especially me and Malware. So tell me one good reason or else I'll kill you just like how an Albedo possessed Tennyson killed Driscoll." Khyber said, taking out his battle axe.

"Patience Khyber. I am postponing Tennyson's attack here, because I know that Tennyson and his allies will defeat all of our recruits. Tennyson just killed three of our recruits and captured his evil counterpart!" Psychobos shouted, before going back to his lab, with Khyber following, wanting to see DOCTOR Psychobos' reasons.

"I need to postpone Tennyson's attack, because I'm still making the finishing touches on the device that will finally meet Tennyson's demise..." Psychobos said, with Khyber rolling his eyes. He knew Tennyson. The only way to bring him down is bringing down the Omnitrix and making it his own.

"Whatever you do Psychobos. Tennyson will be my trophy." Khyber said, narrowing his eyes.

Ben, and all of his allies were still at Ben's damaged house, preparing to go their way towards the Plumber's Headquarters. They were all preparing their weapons and powers. Cooper gave weapons to the super aliens and to Ben just in case their powers somehow failed or were disabled due to some villains' attacks.

"Okay team! Now that we're ready, we now take the Plumbers' Headquarters back!" Ben shouted as he raised his arm into the air, with the others cheering as they raised their arms as well into the air. Ben smiled, but as his allies cheered, he saw something in the sky. It seemed like a fighter ship, and he widened his eyes in surprise, before the Omnitrix core popped out and a green glow enveloped all around his body, beginning the transformation sequence.

(Ben's body and clothes turned red and he was now made out of radiation and heat. The Omnitrix symbol then appeared on his waist and his belt and his two straps, a belt, two wristbands on both arms and two knee braces on both legs immediately appeared seconds after the Omnitrix symbol appeared. The Omnitrix glowed and it formed his containment suit, ending the transformation sequence.)

"NRG!" the Prypiatosian-B shouted, before firing a nuclear energy blast at the fighter ship, which managed to hit it's left booster pod and caused it to lose control of its flight, about to crash down towards them, giving NRG the perfect aim of attack.

NRG then fired another nuclear energy blast, which managed to hit and destroy the fighter ship's right booster pod, which caused it to lose total control of its flight and it crashed down the ground, skidded into the streets, before NRG charged towards the skidding fighter ship as if he was crazy. Once he was close, he punched the skidding fighter ship with his bare hands and he fired a nuclear energy blast, destroying the ship and causing an explosion, which sent NRG flying, and was sent skidding towards the front of Julie, but he recovered quickly and stood up again.

"Ben. What's that?" Julie asked, as Ship enveloped around her body and turned into her battle armor.

Then, just as Julie asked that, a humanoid robotic being went out of the destroyed ship and walked its way towards Ben and his allies, turning hands into laser cannons along the way as well. NRG's entire body glowed red from radiation as he looked angrily at the mechanical being, known as a Synthroid. NRG then fired a nuclear energy blast that managed to hit the Synthroid and destroy its stomach area, before NRG fired a nuclear energy blast at the Synthroid's head, destroying it, and finishing his assault by firing a nuclear blast at the chest, completely destroying the Sythroid before it can do anything.

"A Synthroid." NRG said, before he looked at the skies, and saw several more of the fighter ships and Synthroid mother ships.

"And more of them coming. This isn't just a battle anymore." NRG said.

"We're in a war." Julie said, before the Synthroid mother ships started to fire missiles towards Ben and his team, and they managed to narrowly dodge all of the missiles thrown at them, instead hitting several rock debris and several damaged houses, and one of the missiles even struck Ben's roof, destroying the upper portion of Ben's house. NRG sighed in relief, as Albedo was still in there.

"This is going to take a while." NRG said, before grabbing the laser machine gun Cooper gave to him earlier which was strapped onto his back, and taking action, he fired multiple laser shots and nuclear energy blasts, managing to hit multiple fighter ships and sent them crashing into multiple houses or send them skidding into streets.

"Okay team! ATTACK!" NRG shouted, and the others started firing their energy blasts and started to use their powers.

Julie, in her battle armor, as well as Ester and Cooper were hiding under a large rock debris caused by their battle with Negative Ultimate Humungousaur earlier and they were firing multiple and continuous laser blasts and missiles from their equipped laser cannons and blasters. Some of Ester's blast managed to hit the booster pod of a fighter ship, and continued firing until the booster pod was dangling, but was still active. Julie then fired a missile, which then broke the booster pod, sending the fighter ship out of control, before Cooper finished it with a plasma blast, completely destroying the fighter ship.

Tetrax was continuously firing multiple crystal shards from his hands, several of his crystal shards managing to hit several fighter ships and the crystal shards exploded on contact, effectively taking several, three to be exact, Synthroid fighter ships and sent them crashing into the streets.

Tetrax continued to fire his crystal shards to multiple Synthroid fighter ships, each crystal shard he fires explodes on contact with the ships and multiple Synthroif fighter ships were sent crashing down into the ground, with some even skidding on the streets. A large Synthroid fighter ship then changed its course and started flying towards Tetrax, as the Synthroid piloting the ship saw Tetrax's sheer power.

"You will die." the Synthroid shouted, before making the large fighter ship fly faster towards Tetrax. The Petrosapien noticed the large fighter ship, but he didn't have enough time to fire his crystal shards, turn his hand into a crystal sword, axe or any kind of crystal weapon, or neither did he have time for any signs of countering the ship's attack, and the ship rammed into him, but Tetrax held tight and the ship flew high.

"You're stupid if you think I'm giving up that easily." Tetrax said, before turning both of his hands into a crystal weapons, turning his right hand into a crystal sword and his left hand into a crystal battle axe, before using the crystal-built weapons to climb towards the fighter ship's window, where the Synthroid noticed him, and tried to attack, but Tetrax was too fast, even faster than what his body build suggested.

"Have a nice day." Tetrax said.

Tetrax then slammed his crystal battle axe and sinking it into the Synthroid's head, before raising the Synthroid into the air and slamming his crystal sword into the Synthroid's chest, killing the robotic being as its 'heart' or life-energy giving device located on his chest was destroyed. Tetrax then ripped off the Syntroid's head off, before pulling the sword back out, and finding himself facing two more Synthroids.

"Surrender now, or suffer the superiority of the Synthroid race!" said one of the Synthroids.

"Whatever." Tetrax said, before slamming his crystal battle axe into the chest of the left Synthroid and he pulled the axe out again, pulling out some circuits and wires, before he sliced the Synthroid's head off. He then slammed his crystal sword into the chest of the right Synthroid and he did a roundhouse kick, his foot slamming into the Synthroid's back, forcing the robotic being to jerk frontwards and he turned his crystal sword into his normal hand once again, before firing a crystal shard and exploded on contact on the Synthroid's back, destroying the robot's chest.

"Okay. Time to see what this baby can do." Tetrax said, before going to the controls and grabbing the steering wheel, before making the ship turn around, before flying towards his allies, while firing at nearby Synthroid fighter ships, and he looked to see how his allies were going.

Destroying his expectations, Tetrax saw that Ben and his allies were not doing well as expected, all of them are hiding in large rock debris and using the weapons Cooper gave them, some of them using their long ranged powers, they were shooting, blasting, and telekinetically throwing cars at the horde of Synthroid fighter ships. In response, Tetrax used the communicator Ben gave to him and contacted Ben.


All of Ben's allies, even Ultimos were hiding in the rock debris, using the weapons Cooper gave them and were firing the Synthroid ships down, save for the ones who have long ranged powers, like Ultimos, who was firing his heat vision beams to shoot down the Synthroid ships and his ice breath to freeze the booster pods, Alan in his Pyronite form, using his flamethrower streams and Eunice in her Bio-Wolf form, using her missiles.

Ultimos, Alan and Eunice then fired heat vision eye blasts, flamethrower-like streams and a barrage of missiles, respectively, all together and shot down multiple Synthroid fighter ships all at once, but a Synthroid fighter ship then took their place and fired a light blue beam of energy from its large cannon, and all of the heroes dunked, dodging the blast which then hit a car, and in mere seconds, almost instantly, the car turned into dust.

"Oh great. Why did they have to use time beams?" NRG said, before standing from his hiding spot and firing a nuclear energy beam, which shot down the Synthroid fighter ship's booster pods, before going out of control and crashing into yet another house. NRG then ran away from his spot, before firing more nuclear energy beams, shooting down more Synthroid fighter ships and sending them skidding down the streets.

Then, NRG's Omnitrix symbol began to glow and beep.

"Ben! How's everything going down there?" Tetrax asked.

"We're not doing so good. The Synthroids have time beams! One shot and it will kill every one of us!" NRG shouted, before he narrowly dodged an upcoming missile and multiple laser turrets, before going back with Tetrax.

"I'm going to have to call you later." NRG said, before tapping the Omnitrix symbol, ending the call and resuming with his fight once again.

NRG then looked into the skies and he saw five Synthroid fighter ships coming towards him. He then clutched his fists as he prepared for what is going to come.

The Prypiatosian-B then fired a nuclear energy blast, which then managed to hit the first fighter ship's booster pod and it caused the ship to lose control, sending it crashing into the nearby fighter ship and exploded on mid-air, the three other fighter ships battering on through the explosion and flying quickly towards NRG. NRG then fired two nuclear energy blasts, each blast hitting a fighter ship, striking it down and causing it to crash into the ground, before leaving a large explosion.

NRG then looked into the sky to see the last Synthroid fighter jet flying towards him, but it was too close for NRG to have time to fire his nuclear energy blasts, so he saved up his final trick for this fighter ship. His entire body glowed radioactive hot red and the Synthroid fighter ship just went through him, coming out split up and melted, the two sides of the fighter ship crashing and skidding into the streets, the Synthroid pilots obviously couldn't handle NRG's red hot radioactive body.

"I can't keep this up!" NRG shouted, before firing another nuclear energy beam towards a large Synthroid Fighter ship, sending it crashing down to the ground. He then saw a Synthroid mothership or carrier ship, before firing a huge beam of nuclear energy, and with the carrier ship being a very big target, the nuclear energy beam managed to hit it, and send it crashing down towards multiple houses before finally exploding, the explosion so bright even NRG had to cover his eyes.

"Oh come on. What next?" NRG asked, before he saw multiple Synthroid fighter ships firing gun turrets and red laser beams, before he saw multiple Synthroids jumping from their fighter ships and skydiving until they landed into the ground safely, before charging towards NRG, turning their hands into swords, axes, spears and other close ranged weaponry.

Some Synthroids preferred laser cannons, so they changed their hands into laser cannons while charging towards the Prypiatosian-B

"Luckily, I found a new trick with NRG." NRG said, before his hands turned red and NRG created a radioactive construct of a battle axe and a battle sword, before the radioactive construct turned real, but the battle axe and battle sword still glowed red, indicating the radioactive energy within the weapons. With a loud battle shout, he charged towards the army of Synthroids.

"RAAAAH!" NRG shouted as he charged his way towards the army of Synthroid robots.

NRG then slammed his battle axe onto a Synthroid's side, swatting the Synthroid over, before firing a nuclear energy blast at the Synthroid, killing and destroying it. He then slammed his battle sword onto a Synthroid's head, before firing a nuclear energy beam from his grill plates towards the Synthroid at a close range, before slamming his foot onto his chest, creating a hole and kicking out the life energy giving device of the Synthroid. He then threw his battle sword at a Synthroid on his left and his battle axe to the one on his right, before firing two radioactive beams at both of the Synthroids, destroying them. He then punched a nearby Synthroid and ripped out its laser minigun from its arm, before firing an energy blast at the Synthroid's head, destroying the head and destroying the Synthroid. He then fired multiple and fast laser turrets at two Synthroids, before turning his right hand into a radioactive sword and slammed it on a Synthroid, before turning his left hand into a sword as well, as he slammed his right sword onto a Synthroid onto his right, and his other sword for the Synthroid onto his left, destroying them both and leaving a huge explosion of flames.

He then turned his sword hands back to their normal looks, before charging towards a very large Synthroid, who then fired a light blue energy blast from his cannon, to which NRG dodged with a somersault and slammed his red radioactive hot feet onto the Synthroid, destroying the Synthroid, but NRG was not satisfied, before firing a radioactive blast from his grill plates towards the Synthroid's head at a close range, destroying and melting the head and destroying the Synthroid as well, before ripping out the Synthroid's cannon and fired a light blue laser beam towards a Synthroid fighter ship, which managed to hit and blew up the fighter ship, before turning into dust before it could even crash into the ground.

"I CAN"T HOLD ON MUCH LONGER!" NRG shouted as he fired another nuclear energy blast, which managed to hit the booster pod of an oncoming Synthroid fighter ship, which then caused it to spin out of control and it crashed onto another fighter ship, before both of their flaming remains crashed into the ground and caused a large explosion. NRG then saw more oncoming Synthroid fighter ships and he started to run back towards his group.

However, NRG was slow, that a Synthroid fighter ship managed to find some time to fire a large missile, which then hit NRG in the back, and since it caught the Prypiatosian-B by surprise and the missile was so powerful, it knocked NRG down, and almost half-unconscious, as he fell back down the ground.

"NOO!" NRG shouted, as he was struck in the back and fell down the ground.

However, all of Ben's allies saw the incident, but the most affected of it was Julie and Ester. Tetrax saw the Synthroid fighter ship struck down Ben as an armored Prypiatosian-B, before flying towards the fighter ship and striking it down with multiple missiles, sending the fighter ship to crash to two more Synthroid fighter ships and exploded in mid-air, their flaming remains falling back down the ground.

"BEN!" Julie and Ester shouted as they saw Ben as NRG got struck down by the Synthroid fighter ship, and in anger, they jumped out of the rock debris, carrying their weapons, running towards Ben while firing their weapons like there was no tomorrow, managing to heavily damage three fighter ships for the others to finally strike it down.

Julie and Ester then grabbed NRG by the shoulders and legs and they hurried him off towards the rock debris, trying their best to avoid the Synthroid's fast laser gunfire, but the others got their back and shot down multiple Synthroid fighter ships and managed to give Julie and Ester enough time to place NRG behind the rock debris and they then resumed the fight, just as NRG managed to regain consciousness.

"Uhh...What just happened?" NRG groaned as he rubbed his head.

"You were hit in the back with a missile, and me and Julie had to get you back here." Ester said, before continued to fire multiple laser blasts at the oncoming Synthroid fighter ships. NRG then fired a nuclear energy blast which then managed to hit a Synthroid fighter ship and shot it down, crashing into the ground. NRG then saw a Synthroid fighter ship fly over them so fast, before reaching to Ben's house, before firing multiple laser blasts and missiles at the garage, obliterating the garage, and half of Ben's house.

"Oh no! They're freeing Albedo!" NRG shouted.

NRG then fired a nuclear energy blast and shot down the Synthroid fighter ship, sending it crashing down towards the streets, before exploding, destroying nearby cars around it. Sure enough, NRG found Albedo as Negative Humungousaur charging out of the house and looking at NRG, before growling, before charging towards the Prypiatosian-B.

"(sighs) Figures.) NRG said, before his body was enveloped in a green glow, his body form changing before transforming himself into:

"Buglizard! (roar)" the Lepidopterran predator roared, before charging towards the giant Negative Vaxasaurian, before ramming onto him, sending him crashing down the ground, but Negative Humungousaur maanged to grab hold of Buglizard and threw the stealthy and agile predator off of him, both of them growling at each other. Buglizard then changed his form and transformed himself into:

"VenoTrap!" the Methanosian predator shouted, before extending his Venus Flytrap like arms and grabbing onto Negative Humungousaur's shoulders, the Venus Flytrap's teeth were so sharp, even Humungousaur felt pain. VenoTrap then executed his enhanced strength and lifted Negative Humungousaur into the air, before slamming him back down the ground. VenoTrap then transformed himself into:

"Tyrannopede!" the Tyrannosapien shouted, before firing a stream of silk from its forehead, which then managed to hit Negative Humungousaur and wrap him around in a sticky cocoon, which not even the strongest Vaxasaurians can break through. Tyrannopede just watched in amusement as Negative Humungousaur attempted to escape his cocoon,, only to fail numerous times.

"Yeah. Don't care how strong you are. Tyrannosapien cocoons are meant to weaken Vaxasaurian muscles and make its target weak, making them unable to escape." Tyrannopede said, but then the cocoon bursted in flames as Negative Heatblast came out and started to fire flamethrower streams at Tyrannopede, every flamethrower stream that hit the giant Tyrannosapien had no effect, before Tyrannopede finally roared, before changing himself into:

"Crabdozer!" the Pyronite predator shouted, before spitting out a huge ball of saliva, which then hit Negative Heatblast and effectively extinguished his flames. Crabdozer then quickly followed up by tackling the flameless Negative Heatblast, sending him crashing into a car. However, Negative Heatblast quickly recovered and restarted his flames, before firing several streams of fire at Crabdozer, but Crabdozer was immune to them, before Crabdozer's body was enveloped in green light and he transformed himself into:

"Slamworm!" the Talpaedan predator shouted, before bashing itself into the ground, leaving a large hole on the ground. Negative Heatblast then transformed himself into Negative Armodrillo, before looking around for any signs of Slamworm. What Albedo didn't know was Slamworm was Armodrillo's predator. Heck, he didn't even know about the Omnitrix aliens' predators!

"Now where did he-"




Negative Armodrillo was then sent flying into the air when Hunter Arian delivered him three uppercuts with his brawling gloves, also flying using a jetpack. Hunter Arian then punched Negative Armodrillo several times while in mid-air, before firing laser beams from his eyes and from his brawling gloves, hitting Negative Armodrillo at the same time and sending him crashing down the ground, causing rocks and dust to be sent flying.

The smoke then cleared, and there stood Negative Armodrillo, a few scratches on his body but was still fine. He then looked into the sky to see Hunter Arian swiftly flying down towards him, and before the Negative Talpaedan could attack or even react, Hunter Arian slammed his right hand onto Negative Armodrillo's head and karate chopped him. Hard. And because of too much impact, the ground underneath Armodrillo cracked and it finally couldn't take the pressure of Hunter Arian's karate chop, before finally giving out and both Negative Armodrillo and Hunter Arian were then sent crashing onto the houses of Undertown, with Negative Armodrillo slowly recovering.

When Negative Armodrillo managed to stand up again, Hunter Arian then grabbed his shotgun from his back and fired a large laser blast, which then managed to hit Negative Armodrillo and sent him crashing into yet, another one of Pakmar's business revenues, and this time, it was a restaurant. Negative Armodrillo then crashed in and the aliens who were eating freaked out, before running away. Except for Pakmar, who then angrily walked towards Negative Armodrillo, thinking he was Ben.

"BEN TENNYSON! I HAVE HAD IT WITH YOUR TROUBLES! PAKMAR IS GOING TO END YOU! NOW!" Pakmar angrily shouted , but before Pakmar can do his threat, Hunter Arian bashed through the building, and in anger, picked up Negative Armodrillo by the shoulders, spun him around and threw him at the roof, the Negative Talpaedan crashing through the roof and crashing through Undertown's 'ceilings', before crashing into a Synthroid fighter ship, which then exploded on contact and he finally crashed down the ground, his yellow skin turned into black and brown due to the flames he received when he crashed into the Synthroid fighter ship.

"Err...Tennyson is better than I thought." Negative Armodrillo, before an explosion from underneath the ground sent him skidding down the streets, and when he looked up, he saw Hunter Arian, holding his signature shotgun with his eyes glowing red.

"Knock. Knock." Hunter Arian said, before shooting a laser blast from his shotgun, the blast hitting Negative Armodrillo's left shoulder. Then he fired another blast, which then managed to hit Negative Armodrillo's right shoulder. He then fired another blast which then hit Negative Armodrillo's stomach area, which then sent him flying and crashing towards a car, a tree, before finally crashing into a house. Hunter Arian then grabbed his electric staff, before running towards the house Negative Armodrillo just crashed onto.

It wasn't long before he found Negative Armodrillo, who was attempting to stand up but was too weak to do so, falling back down again. Hunter Arian then electrocuted Negative Armodrillo, earning screams of pain from the Negative Talpaedan until he was forcefully reverted from Negative Armodrillo back to Albedo, who then fell down to the ground, unconscious. Hunter Arian then looked at Albedo's unconscious body, before a voice called out to him.

"Ben! We have shot down majority of their carrier ships! The remaining fighter ships are retreating! This is our chance to strike towards the Plumbers Headquarters!" Ultimos said, Tini and Synaptak with him. Hunter Arian then took one last look at Albedo's unconscious body, before putting a power neutralizing collar on his neck, before spreading his arms and legs and putting energy cuffs on his hands and feet, leaving him stuck on the floor.

"That should keep him here for a while." Hunter Arian said, before reverting back to Ben.

"Now let's go!" Ben said, before he and the Galactic Enforcers left Albedo and ran back towards their group.

Wait Next Time for the Group's attack on the Retaking of the Plumber's HQ!

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