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Previously on Ben 10: When The Faction Returned...

Upgrade then prepared a fighting stance, before unsheathing his dual energy swords once again, before looking towards the large horde of his old villains and enemies right in front of him. Upgrade obviously knew that he was RIDICULOUSLY outnumbered, but he fought all of them more than once before and he has a lot of experience with them, so numbers are going to be a bit useless in this battle.

But then, as he got ready for the battle, some of the villains started laughing and this made Upgrade even angrier, most noticeable since the red glow on his eyes glowed brighter and brighter and the green glow of his dual energy swords slowly turned into red.

"What's so funny?" Upgrade angrily asked.

"You alone against all of us?" Albedo replied, smirking before he laughed again.

"I find that very amusing.." Malware finished, as his Tachyon Cannon glowed red, signifying it was definitely ready for firing.

"What makes you think you alone can beat us all, Tennyson?" Psyphon asked, a big smirk appearing on his face after asking so. That question made Upgrade snap and his dual energy swords now glowed red, signifying that the energy on the swords went hotter and hotter as Upgrade's rage and aggression pumped and pumped.

"Experience. RAAAAAHHH!" Upgrade said, before shouting loudly and charging towards the large horde of enemies. The large horde of super villains then charged towards the rage pumped Galvanic Mechamorph, and the long awaited battle between Ben Tennyson and almost every single one of his villains finally began.


Upgrade then charged as five DNAliens with Freeze Rays charged towards him. Showing no mercy at all, he kicked the first DNAlien, elbowed the second DNAlien, before delivering a roundhouse kick to the third one, before firing a large eye blast which then sent the fourth DNAlien flying and crashing onto a Dimension 12 Robot, before he sliced the 5th DNAlien's Freeze Ray and firing a red-hot energy beam from his sword, sending the DNAlien flying. He then barely avoided a Dimension 12 Robot's attack and he jumped just in time. Upgrade then started running when the Dimension 12 Robot started firing a giant laser from his eye.


Kraab then charged towards Upgrade, but Upgrade grabbed his left claw, crippled it, before aiming it at Kraab and forcing the mechanical Piscciss Premman to fire his own laser at his own face, but it only managed to hit the left side of his face and his left eye, so his vision became troubled, and he had a hard time seeing, not seeing Upgrade kick him away.


"You piss me off."


"Alright. Who's next?" Chromastone asked, and he got his answer when he was blasted from behind, and he quickly recovered and turned around to see Vilgax running towards him. Chromastone then fired a massive beam of ultraviolet energy and it managed to hit Vilgax and sent him backwards, but Vilgax was not that easy to defeat and he countered with his heat vision beams, countering Chromastone's beams and they proved to be even in power, until it formed a multicolored ball of energy, which then exploded, sending both Chromastone and Vilgax backwards.


"Malware! Where are you?"

Out of nowhere, Malware then tackled him, and both of them were sent rolling on the floor, but Upgrade managed to transform his left sword hand into a missile launcher, before firing a missile at Malware at a very close range, sending Malware flying into the air, before crashing back down into the ground. Malware, however, quickly recovered, before charging towards Upgrade and gave him a barrage of punches, before firing a laser blast from his laser cannon.

"Die like the other pathetic Mechamorphs!" Malware shouted in anger, but Upgrade fired a laser blast from his cannon and scored a headshot, before he charged towards the mutated Mechamorph full of hatred and slashed his energy sword at him, before firing another laser beam at his chest area, sending Malware backwards.

"They were your brothers too!" Upgrade shouted, before grabbing Malware's head and throwing him aside, but then Khyber managed to grab him behind, but Upgrade quickly grabbed Khyber, before throwing him towards Malware. He then activated the booster rockets on his feet, before tackling both Khyber and Malware, before crashing into the second training room for soldiers. Upgrade then threw Khyber into several pillars, before facing Malware once again.


"Seriously! Where are those guys!?" Diamondhead shouted.

Then, just after Diamondhead said those words, Ship then crashed onto the roof, before firing multiple laser blasts and turrets everywhere, sending almost every villain running for their lives as Ship continued firing while landing on the floor, and when he landed, every one of Ben's allies broke the doors and jumped out of Ship, preparing their weapons or powers, before quickly charging towards the villains nearest to them.

Once everyone got out of Ship, the young Galvanic Mechamorph then transformed himself into a 30 ft. tall giant version of himself, before charging towards multiple Dimension 12 Robots, tackling them, before landing a barrage of punches to the first one, before throwing it aside. He then transformed his hands into energy swords, before slicing several heads from multiple Dimension 12 Robots, before grabbing the last one by the head and stabbing his sword onto the head, destroying the Dimension 12 Robot.

"Alien Force attack!" Ship shouted, before firing five laser blasts from his laser cannon.


Ben as Humungousaur was running through the villains and his allies fighting with all they got. He dodged explosions, laser blasts and missiles, swatted away and ripped apart multiple Synthroids, Aggrebots and Mechaneers standing on his away. He then crossed paths with a Dimension 12 Robot, but Humungousaur lifted the giant robot with ease and threw it aside.

Humungousaur then saw Khyber and Malware charging towards him, but he grew angry, before punching Malware several times, delivering a roundhouse kick to the Mutant Galvanic Mechamorph, before swatting him away like a bug. Khyber then attempted to strike Humungousaur with his sword, but the Vaxasaurian grabbed it, easily broke it and crippled it like paper, before forcing Khyber down.

"Now, if you don't want to meet your fate early, where are my friends!?" Humungousaur shouted angrily.

"You'll have to go through Psychobos to get them." Khyber replied. Humungousaur growled, before throwing Khyber aside, before running towards the laboratory Dr. Psychobos is currently using. As he already knew every room of the Plumbers' HQ, he then found the lab, which was surrounded with energy shields and force fields, which forced Humungousaur to transform himself into:

"Chromastone!" the Crystalsapien shouted, before absorbing the force field and blasting the titanium door open, before entering the laboratory, seeing Dr. Psychobos with his new weapon, and he saw an unconscious Gwen, Kevin, Rook, Hope and Grandpa Max held captive. Dr. Psychobos then laughed and smirked, before facing Chromastone.



The collision of both beams caused an explosion which damaged most of the laboratory, and both the Crystalsapien and the mutant, psychotic Cerebrocrustacean managed to survive. But despite this, Dr. Psychobos picked up his Cerebro-Tool and aimed it at Chromastone, setting the coordinates towards the Dimension of Death, the dimension where the powerful Tamaranean Blackfire fought her last battle against one of the monsters in that dimension.

"In the d-d-dimension I'll be s-s-sending you, you're going to d-d-die. Not even a C-C-Crystalsapien can survive this d-d-dimension." Dr. Psychobos said, the Cerebro-Tool glowing.

"Not today." Chromastone said, before firing an energy bolt which then knocked the Cerebro-Tool out of Dr. Psychobos' claws and it landed on the floor, yellow sparks of electricity surrounding it, and not even Dr. Psychobos was happy to see that from his creation.

"That's n-n-not g-g-good." Psychobos said.

And the laboratory was covered in yellow light...


The laboratory was filled in yellow light and both Chromastone and Dr. Psychobos had to cover their eyes because of the yellow light that seemed brighter than any star in the galaxy or even brighter than the core of the Sun itself. Chromastone then managed to take a peek at his body, which was strangely glowing with ultraviolet/multicolored light.

"That light must be an energy burst. I won't last long though. Chromastone has limits." Chromastone said, as the light shined and shined brighter and brighter by the second, while the Psychotic Cerebrocrustacean Doctor was blown away by the energy light, and seconds later...


Goes the laboratory, destroying every robotic units and some Dimension 12 Robots in the proximity, but the explosion does not stop there, as multiple yellow lights of energy began to fire into the sky, before shooting back down the Plumbers' HQ like meteors with great speed.

Everybody then began to look up as the yellow energy meteors began to get closer and closer to them by the second.

"EVERYBODY! RUN!" Julie shouted, and all of the Alien Force members and the villains began to run for their lives as the meteors began to shoot down towards them and before anybody can even find a hiding place, it was already too late and the energy meteors crashed down into the ground, sending off an explosion of flames, smoke and bright yellow light of energy.


It took a while, but at last, the smoke cleared and everyone managed to slowly recover, although heavily injured and in need of serious medical attention, but that did not bother any of them, as they looked around to see the source of the meteors and the meteors themselves.

Chromastone then ran out of the laboratory, not caring if Dr. Psychobos managed to recover, as he also wanted to see the energy meteors for himself.

The smoke cleared after long, and everyone clearly saw meteors, but then, every meteor cracked and as seconds passed, the cracks grew larger and larger, as if something...or someone was inside trying to break out. Chromastone, The Alien Force, The villains and even Dr. Psychobos recovered themselves to see the meteors cracking like eggs.

Then...one meteor exploded, leaving a bundle of light as it did. The other meteors exploded as well, causing a large bundle of light to cover the entire room and for Chromastone's body to glow multicolored/ultraviolet once again as he absorbed the energy from the bright light and the energy flowed through his body and it was a sweet sensation, unlike the other times he absorbed energy.

"This energy has a sweet sensation somehow. Why is that I wonder?" Chromastone said, as the light died down.

And when the light died down, Chromastone had received a big surprise.

Other dimension heroes were standing in front of him, and he wasn't having a dream and all of this were all so real.

Great heroes standing in front of Ben as Chromastone were Ahri, Bayonetta, Travis Touchdown, Ryu Hayabusa, Amaterasu, Yoshimitsu and even his old friend Rex. The former six heroes were not only ordinary characters from the television to Ben, but they have met before, the only reasons for Ben coming into their world was due to wanting to experiment with Manadite's powers.

The only visit he didn't like was when he went into the dimension of Ryu Hayabusa, because he was all so serious and everything, much more serious and stern than Gwen or anyone else he knew and also, they had a usual battle at first sight and it was a very hard time for Ben as Ryu was a one ninja army, with Ben having to resort in almost killing him. But at the end of Ben's visit, they became close friends and Ben helped Ryu defeat a revived Ashtar.

The visits he liked the most was when he visited Ahri's and Bayonetta's dimensions. For obvious reason, but that obvious reason quickly vanished out of Ben when the beautiful but deadly ladies nearly pinned him down in a fight and he had to rely on escaping by flying and fighting, but even as a sound barrier breaking manta-ray, both beautiful ladies still managed to pin him down.

Travis Touchdown and Ben had some things in common, but even then, they still fought on first sight. Since Travis Touchdown's world was the fourth world he had entered, after Ryu's, Ahri's and Bayonetta's dimensions, he decided that Travis was tough and he fought at high power. This got Travis provoked and he was forced to resort in using his Dark Side Mode, and that was when they fought in full power.

His travel in the world of Yoshimitsu was unexpected, they didn't even fought at the first sight they saw each other. Yoshimitsu was a powerful warrior, fighting with the fighting styles of ninjitsu, kenjutsu, and battoujutsu along with samurai style sword attacks and special stances, but he was kind at heart, in fact, they both liked watching sumo matches. They only fought for Yoshimitsu to see if Ben was as strong as him. At the end of their fight, Yoshimitsu was impressed by Ben's skill and resourcefulness.

Although Ben was still scared of Yoshimtsu up until this day. Know why? It's because he can do things no one would even attempt to do like he can stand on his sword, uses the Pogo Stick of Death and uses it to heal himself and he can even FLY by SPINNING HIS FRICKIN' SWORD LIKE A PROPELLER!

How does that work anyway? Cause he is the one and only Yoshimitsu! Dammit!

Amaterasu was a different one. When Ben looked at her at first sight, he was surprised to find a white wolf with crimson marking on her body growling at him, mostly because he was new to her sights. He didn't want to fight the little guy and he asked the citizens of Nippon who he is, with the Nippon citizens replying that she was Amaterasu (and that Amaterasu is a she), the Sun Goddess of her dimension. Or in his dimension, Amaterasu is the sun goddess of Japanese culture, being a part of the Japanese myth cycle..

And I think all of you know how Ben 10 and Generator Rex met together.

"Well this is unexpected." Chromastone said.

"My C-C-Cerebro-Tool must have p-p-picked up multiple c-c-coordinates from other d-d-dimensions when it went h-h-haywire." Dr. Psychobos said, looking at his now destroyed creation, no longer of valuable use.

Chromastone then felt something behind him and he turned around to see a black portal and out of the black portal was his newfound dimension friends, the Teen Titans and even though they had told Ben all about the other Titans all across their globe, he didn't see any of them when Raven already closed the portal. Raven must have saw Ben's reinforcements and the unexpected other world allies.

"And now this is where everything starts to get a little juicy..." Chromastone said.

"We told you. You can't tell us to not come with you even when it's dangerous or in another dimension. We are just that stubborn." Robin said.

"That is one of the most accurate words I have heard all day Robin." Chromastone said.

The villains now looked at the new, other dimensional members of Ben's team. At first glance, all of them looked pretty powerful, but even if they still managed to outnumber them, a few of them were actually SCARED to continue fighting. They were only here for Ben, and yet they get other dimensional heroes. Now that's unexpected for them.

"AAHHHHH! WE'RE FINISHED!" Liam shouted as he ran away from the battle, now feeling scared as the new, other dimensional comers looked really scary to him. Bubble Helmet then took a glance at the running Liam, before taking a glance at his opponents, before he finally decided what was best for him.

"WAIT FOR ME!" Bubble Helmet shouted as he activated his jet pack, grabbed Liam by the shoulders and flew him and himself away from the battle.

"They made the right choice." Rex said as he transmutated his left hand into The Big Fat Sword, waiting for the battle to come, clearly excited.

"Okay. You all know what to do! LET'S GO!" Ben shouted, and all of his allies charged towards the large horde of villains and the large horde of villains charged towards the small, but resilient group of heroes, who although were still outnumbered, they still wanted to fight until the bitter end. They then clashed and the battle restarted with multiple explosions and battle cries.

Rex, flying using his Boogie Pack and his two hands converted into his Big Fat Swords, he swooped down towards a large group of Synthroids, Aggrebots and Dimension 12 Robots, as he was used to fighting technological monsters or EVOs back in his dimension.

Using his Big Fat Swords, he sliced every Aggrebot and Synthroid units in his way into two, stabbing them and destroying in anyway he can do with a sword. He then stabbed a Synthoid by the head, before tossing the destroyed body into the nearest Aggrebot. He then transmutated his feet into his Punk Busters, before jumping high in the air, before landing hard on a Dimension 12 Robot and he landed so hard that the robot crashed down the ground. He then jumped down into multiple Dimension 12 Robots before finding himself dodging lasers in mid-air, and he looked down to see a badly damaged Kraab shooting lasers at him.

"Looks like Ben really got into ya." Rex said, before building his Boogie Packs and flying towards Kraab, turning his hands into Smack Hands and he punched Kraab down into the ground, before sinking his foot onto his severely injured face, some parts falling off as he did.

"How about I finish you?" Rex said, before transmutating his left hand into his Bad Axe and he quickly sliced Kraab into two, watching as the mechanical Pisciss Premann's body fell apart and he fell down into the floor, permanently destroyed.

"You looked like an EVO anyway." Rex said, before running and finding more opponents to fight.

Ryu Hayabusa quickly charged his way towards the large horde of villains, before jumping and stomping on the faces of Seebik and Tummyhead, before pulling out his True Dragon Sword and slicing the head off a Aggrebot, before quickly charging towards Khyber, who decided to personally join the fight as well. Khyber then attempted to strike, but Ryu blocked it, and when Khyber tried again, Ryu quickly sliced Khyber's sword into two, before using his Ninpo technique to create a fireball and shoot it at Khyber, sending the huntsman flying.

Ahri then jumped down into the battlefield, before finding herself facing Nyancy Chan. Nyancy Chan smirked, before staring at Ahri and firing a hypnotizing beam at her, but Ahri quickly jumped out of the way, before firing her Fox Fire, which then managed to hit Nyancy Chan and the tigers surrounding her, sending them flying backwards.

Yoshimitsu ran through the horde of villains, slicing through every Aggrebots, Mechaneers and Synthroids that came his way with his namesake sword. Zombozo then decided to block him, before pulling his giant hammer and swung it on Yoshimitsu, but the Space Ninja spun his sword quickly like a propeller and flew out of the hammer's reach, before falling back down and slicing the hammer into two.

"I think I'm gonna have to cancel the show right here." Zombozo said with fear obvious in his voice, before getting a balloon, blowing it with air and popping it, sending an explosion of confetti blowing right into Yoshimitsu's face and when the confetti cleared, Zombozo was gone and out of the battle.

"Coward." Yoshimitsu said, before running towards a large group/horde of Aggrebots, Synthroids and Mechaneers, quickly slicing each of their heads off.

Travis Touchdown was currently battling it all out with Vilgax, and they were having a sword fight, with Vilgax's sword proving to strong and durable enough to match against Travis Touchdown's beam katanas. Vilgax then coated his sword with durable crystals, before continuing their sword fight, proving themselves to be equal in swordfighting skills.

Vilgax, using his enhanced strength, swung and slammed his crystal coated sword into Travis Touchdown's beam katanas, knocking it out of the otaku's hands and it was sent flying into a nearby Aggrebot, landing in the chest, and the Aggrebot fell down deactivated.

"Nice aim, ya freak." Travis Touchdown said, smirking.

"My name is VILGAX THE CONQUEROR! Soon to be Your DESTROYER!" Vilgax shouted as he raised the sword, now coated in flames and as he was about to swing it into Travis, Vilgax was suddenly sent flying after an explosion of flames landed on his back and he was sent flying, and he flew over Travis' head, before landing and crashing back down head first, his sword landing right next to him.

Travis looked at his rescuer, only to see Amaterasu, her mouth being coated with flames.

Travis then picked up his beam katana, before walking over to Amaterasu.

"Feels so awkward being saved by a dog. Isn't it?" Travis asked to Amaterasu, who only growled in reply. Travis Touchdown then looked to see Gilvix as Humungousaur charging towards him, but then Bayonetta came to their aid and fired numerous, fast and continuous rounds from her favorite weapons, the Scarborough Fair, each rounds managing to hit Humungousaur and they were so powerful that the giant Vaxasaurian fell down the ground and was knocked unconscious.

"Now it feels weird being saved by a girl." Travis muttered.

"Just be glad I saved your butt cool guy. Now let's get a move on." Bayonetta said, unfortunately managing to hear what Travis just said.

"Whatever." Travis replied back, before the three of them ran away, finding more enemies to battle with.

Malware saw that the new reinforcements of the heroes are quickly taking down their villain army so he ran towards the wall, before touching it, revealing a red button. He pressed the red button which then opened a large door on the wall, revealing Mot Snikrep, multiple Palorfangs and Scrutins and even stone creatures, different types and versions of a mutated Kevin, including his Ben 10 mutated self and Ultimate Alien mutated self.

The villain reinforcements also included the Two Headed Dragon from Mykd'dy's temple, Wigsilian Org Beasts and even a replacement Forever Ninja.

The newcoming villain group even has the future version of Vilgax, Doctor Animo and Vulkanus and even the future version of Albedo, who looked just like Ben 10,000 but with his red and black colors and white hair. It even included Kevin 11,000.

Then, coming out last was the ancient Ah Puch, the ancient beast that was so strong and powerful that even Four Arms couldn't beat him without proper provocation as he only managed to beat the ancient giant when he saw his grandfather and Gwen in trouble.

Meanwhile, Hope was still trapped in her bonds, along with Gwen, Kevin, Rook and Max, but she was the first to regain consciousness. She looked around to see that she was in Dr. Psychobos's lab, but the psychotic mutant Cerebrocrustacean was busy with watching the battle, and since Hope didn't want him to notice her freeing the others, she went intangible, but before she can free Gwen from her bonds, she sensed something...strange to her. Something that came from Ledgerdomain.

"Don't worry Gwen. I'll be back." Hope said, before phasing through the wall, seeing the battle raged onward, seeing Malware with the villain reinforcements. And after a few seconds, she finally found the thing that she was sensing.

Charmcaster...wait, sorry. Hope was surprised when she saw the multiple Palorfangs, Scrutins and even Stone Creatures come out of the giant door. She saw their eyes were not in their usual pink color, but they were rather red as well as the lines of the stone creatures. She doesn't even know how they managed to brainwash the Ledgerdomain creatures or how did they even got to the magical dimension.

"Malware! What did you do to them!? How did you get inside Ledgerdomain!?" Hope angrily asked to Malware.

"We have entered Ledgerdomain thanks to a rival of Tennyson's cousin who I think you know very well." Malware said, before Sunny came in sight in her Anodite form. Hope wasn't surprised that Gwen and Ben's anodite cousin was a part of this. She knew that she had a deep hatred in Gwen, but not only that, but they also had a history together. As friends.

"Sunny?" Hope asked.

"The one and only." Sunny replied, smirking.

"How could you let them enter my realm?" Hope asked, fury, rage and anger present in her voice.

"Because you joined that menace Gwen. You betrayed me Charmcaster, now I'm betraying you." Sunny replied, her hands being surrounded by a pink ball of mana, with pink sparks surrounding it, indicating it was mana in the form of electricity.

"Do not ever call me with that name! Ever. Again." Hope angrily said.

Sunny merely smirked as she fired a bolt of mana electricity towards Charmcaster...sorry again, Hope, who then countered it with a mana bolt. Both projectiles collided each other and exploded in mid-air. Sunny tried to see through the smoke but Hope quickly tackled her and sent both of them flying and crashing towards the wall.

"ATTACK!" Malware shouted, as the new coming villains charged towards the heroes, but they were prepared for anything anyways and they charged back, the battle getting more and more intense by the minute and by the second.

Robin was currently fighting Trumbipulor, striking and slamming his metallic bo staff at the giant elephant, but this proved to be uneffective, the only thing that it can do is make Trumbipulor even more angry, but that is what Robin intended to do. Trumbipulor attempted to punch him, but Robin jumped and threw multiple explosive discs at the elephant, which then exploded on contact and made Trumbipulor stumbling a few steps backward.

"You will never beat me! I am Trumbipulor! I will stomp you to death!" Trumbipulor shouted, before attempting to step on Robin, but the Boy Wonder dodged this and he then slammed his bo staff on Trumbipulor's legs. The tip of his staff then turned into a sharp needle surrounded with electricity, before using it to electrocute Trumbipulor, which left him temporarily stunned, and while he was stunned, Robin put up a time bomb disc on Trumbipulor's feet before running into a safe distance.

A few seconds later, the bomb exploded, severely injuring Trumbipulor and knocking him out.

Robin then soon found himself facing a stealthy and speedy Forever Knight Ninja, but never the less he managed to block every strike and blow the robotic ninja throws at him, before the Forever Ninja unsheathes his energy sword, while Robin takes out his metallic bo staff and struck the robotic ninja with it, but it had no effect and the Forever Ninja sliced it into two with his energy sword.

"Oh nuts." Robin said, but then the Forever Ninja was sent stumbling backwards when two missiles struck him by the shoulders. The robotic ninja then looked to see Cyborg, charging with his sonic cannons now upgraded to become missile launchers as well. The Forever Ninja then knocked Robin aside with a kick, before firing two missiles from his missile launching hand.

Cyborg then jumped, avoiding the missiles, spinning around while firing his own duo of missiles, this time managing to hit the Forever Ninja and sending it stumbling backwards, before Cyborg landed back on the ground, reverted his cannons into his hands, before tackling the Forever Ninja, but the robotic ninja managed to grab Cyborg and throw him over his head, with Cyborg crashing on the wall. The Forever Ninja then rammed on to Cyborg, sending them both crashing through a room full of weapons.

"Oh sweet! Weapons room!" Cyborg said, before blasting the Forever Ninja off of him with his sonic cannon, before running over to the nearest weapon, which was an energy sword. He then tested it, to see it also turns into an energy hook, before pressing a button on the sword's hilt, which revealed that the energy hook can also be used as a grappling hook. Cyborg then pressed the button again, and the hook disappeared, leaving only the rope, and it was an energy whip. Cyborg then pressed the button again for it to return back in its sword form.

"Oh nice." Cyborg said, before scanning it. (A/N: Yeah. Cyborg can scan weapons now and use it for himself. Some upgrades he did for himself while they were still in their dimension. You can borrow this idea anytime.) After scanning it, he then looked at the Forever Ninja again who is now recovering, holding a shotgun, before firing it, but Cyborg managed to duck and the blast managed to hit the metal shelf. Cyborg then looked to see the metal shelf was starting to rust.

"Woah. I have got to have that." Cyborg said, before he transformed his hands into his new energy hooks, before throwing the hooks into the shoulders of the Forever Ninja. Using the hooks to grapple, Cyborg pulled the Forever Ninja towards him and kicked him, sending the ninja flying out of the room as he did. He then picked up the Rust Cannon before scanning it. When he finished scanning it, he threw the rust cannon, before transmutating his hook hands into the rust cannon.

"I hereby discharge you from your ninja training." Cyborg said, before firing the rust cannon into the robotic ninja's chest, before firing again, quickly sending the Forever Ninja into its feet as it began to rust. He then looked at his metallic hands, which were already eaten away by the rust. Cyborg then fired one more shot at the Forever Ninja's back, and the robotic, metallic ninja was now completely eaten by the rust, his head falling off as it did.

"Damn, this thing is good." Cyborg said.

"AAAAHHHHH!" Cyborg heard Beast Boy's familiar scream, before he looked up to see Beast Boy as a gorilla flying down towards him. Cyborg didn't have time to react and Beast Boy Gorilla crashed into him, and they were both sent flying and rolling down the corridor. When they stopped rolling, BB Gorilla reverted back to Beast Boy and helped Cyborg stand up, and the duo then saw Cannonbolt rolling towards them.

"AHH! Ben, don't! It's us! Cyborg and Beast Boy!" Cyborg shouted.

"Dude, it's useless. Before he transformed into that thing, Ben had white hair and red eyes and a cool red jacket. He even talked sciencey thingies!" Beast Boy said, the line about the red jacket being so sarcastic. Cyborg rolled his eyes, before looking at Negative Cannonbolt becoming closer and closer to them. Cyborg then turned his right hand into a sonic cannon, before blasting the ceiling over them.

"Dude! What are you doing!?" Beast Boy asked as the ceiling fell and rocks fell in front of them, blocking Negative Cannonbolt's way.

"Saving our butts." Cyborg merely replied, before building his jetpack. He then grabbed Beast Boy by the shoulders, before bashing the rocks out of their way, and Cyborg fired multiple sonic blasts with his left hand, some of them managing to hit Negative Cannonbolt. Negative Cannonbolt then rolled and followed them, and Cyborg and Beast Boy flew out into the battlefield once again, and Negative Cannonbolt continued to follow, until a large chunk of rock hit him and he stopped in his tracks, uncurled himself and he tripped, before skidding down the floor face first.

Cyborg and Beast Boy looked to see Terra, floating on a rock, with smaller ones surrounding her.

"Your welcome. Now let's go!" Terra shouted. Cyborg and Beast Boy nodded, before both of them flew to find more enemies to battle.

Meanwhile, Sunny and Hope were still battling it all out, throwing, wrestling, mauling and attempting to kill each other. As expected, Hope started to gain the upper hand, eventually resorting to reflecting Sunny's powerful attacks, and using her Stone Creatures in order to distract her. Hope then punched Sunny in the face, before firing a large magic beam which then hit Sunny and sent her flying on the wall.

"Your resilient. Just like your cousins. I'll give you that." Hope said.

"I also have my own backup, just like my dreaded cousin. ANTONIO!" Sunny shouted, and with Hope not expecting it, Antonio grabbed her from behind and threw her into the air, but it was useless as Charmcaster gained her flying momentum. Hope then fired mana flames from her hands, but Antonio dodged it, before jumping in an attempt to get her, but Hope merely made herself intangible, making Antonio jump right through her and land on the ground empty-handed.

Then, with Antonio, Sunny and Hope not expecting it, multiple green energy bolts managed to hit Antonio, sending him stumbling backwards, and the three of them looked up to see Starfire, only Hope managing to recognize her as she accompanied Rook in an attempt to get Ben back from the Teen Titans' world and also helped against the battle with Malware.

Starfire then tackled Antonio, before crashing the both of them towards the wall. Sunny growled in anger, but she was then blasted with multiple dark aura beams and she looked up to see Raven flying toward her at a fast speed. Sunny fired a mana bolt, but Raven merely dodged it before firing a beam of black aura, which managed to hit Sunny and it sent her flying on the wall again.

"Thanks for the assist." Hope said.

"Don't mention it." Raven said, before both of them saw Sunny get back up and fly towards the two of them, very angry. Hope then smirked, before creating a ball of mana energy in her palm, and Raven looked at it, before combining her dark aura energy into the ball. Together, they then fired a beam with the combination of mana and dark energy. The beam then managed to hit Sunny and it slammed her back down the ground, dust flying everywhere.

When it cleared, Sunny reverted back into her human form, knocked unconscious.


Ah Puch was fighting all of the members of the Alien Force, and he was literally throwing all of them around. The only members who stood a chance against the ancient beast was Ultimos and Looma. Ah Puch then punched the ground, sending a shockwave which sent every Alien Force member flying. Julie, Cooper and Alan attempted to fire with gun power and fire blast, but Ah Puch merely shrugged them off. Ah Puch also showed his quick reflexes, as he managed to stop and defeat Helen with ease when the Kineceleran was about to accelerate towards him.

Manny, Tini and Technorg's strength was inferior against Ah Puch's sheer and superior muscle power and he quickly slammed the three of them down with ease, although Technorg managed to put up a longer fight than both Manny and Tini against Ah Puch. Ester attempted to wrap him up with her extendable arms, but this only got her seriously injured, as he was thrown around by the ancient protector and was about to be killed, but Julie managed to save her, while also managing to send Ah Puch away with heavy gunfire.

Ah Puch also shown his ability to be resistant to telekinesis, as Synaptak and Xylene attempted to telekinetically lift him from the ground, but the Mayan God managed to resist the telekinesis with little difficulty, before slamming down both Xylene and Synaptak with his mere tongue, and that tongue slam was enough to knock the both of them out.

Now, with all of them down and one of them in need of immediate medical assistance, the only ones who can stand up against the Mayan God of Death were Ultimos and Looma. Ultimos then lifted Looma by the shoulders, and threw her towards Ah Puch, before Looma slammed all four of her arms on Ah Puch's face. Looma then wielded her hammer, before slamming it on Ah Puch's face several times, but Ah Puch grew annoyed and threw Looma off of his face.

Ultimos then flew at Ah Puch with great speed, before punching Ah Puch's face with great power, causing the ground to crack, before an explosion of dust covered the both of them. After a few seconds, Ah Puch was sent skidding backwards out of the large cloud of smoke, revealing to be resisting Ultimos' heat vision beams, and in anger, Ultimos strengthened his heat beams, which sent Ah Puch skidding backwards even more.

Julie and Cooper then attempted to help by firing countless missiles on Ah Puch's feet, but the Mayan God shrugged them off like they were paper.

"Oh what's the point of those missiles? We're fighting the Mayan God of Death here!" Manny shouted.

"And that Mayan God of Death nearly killed Ester!" Julie snapped, as she looked onto the unconscious Ester, whose clothes were torn and she was full of bruises as she was thrown around by Ah Puch as she made a brave, bold, but a very foolish choice in fighting the Mayan God.

"Where's Ben when you need him?" Julie asked herself.


Ben's car was revealed to be in the battlefield, driving its way towards the horde of enemies, specifically the new coming enemies. Ben's car then built multiple cannons and other weapons around itself and a giant missile launcher on the roof. The car then fired multiple missiles which then managed to hit multiple Wigsilian Org Beasts, sending them either flying, or killing them. It then managed to drive its way towards the giant two headed dragon and it avoided the fire blasts and the ice blasts. It then fired multiple missiles but the Two Headed Dragon easily shrugged them off.

The Two Headed Dragon then fired a fire ice combination blast, but the car drove at fast speed and used the nearest stone debris as a ramp and it drove over it, before jumping, the fire ice combination blast headed straight towards it. Everything then went in slow motion as Ben's car began to transform itself. As the car transformed, it spun around, slowly evading the fire ice combination blast.

It transformed and revealed itself to be a Cybertronian, in fact, it was Ben as a Cybertronian, with the Omnitrix symbol located on his forehead, and it was as small as the Autobot symbol that was supposed to be there. With a loud grunt and a battle cry, Extractor transmutated his hands into missile launchers and fired multiple missiles at the Dragon's Two Heads, all while avoiding the Flame Ice Beam.

The Two Headed Dragon jerked backwards when the missile successfully managed to hit its heads and returning back to normal motion, Extractor then landed on the Dragon's right hand. Extractor then placed a bomb, before jumping over to the left head and placed the second bomb. Extractor then jumped from the Dragon's heads, before the bomb went off and exploded, the bombs' blast being so strong that the mighty beast could not take it, and it fell down and crashed in the ground with a thud, knocked out.

Extractor then saw multiple Scrutins coming his way. He then turned his cannon hands into machine gun hands, before firing rapid, multiple and continuous rounds of laser bullets at the Scrutins. Almost instantly, the Scrutins were destroyed and turned into dust as the laser blasts destroyed them easily. He then saw multiple Stone Creatures walking slowly towards him and they have him surrounded. Extractor then pulled out his cannon in the form of gas tanks in his back. He fired three shots, one shot on his front, one shot on his right side, and one shot for his left side. Each bullet then hit one Stone Creature and...


Three large explosions happened and it managed to destroy the entire horde of Stone Creatures in front of him, on his left side and on his right side. He then turned back to see the horde of stone creatures in front of him. He then reverted back into his car mode, and went on his Stealth Mode, before firing multiple missiles and laser blasts at the Stone Creatures, many explosions happening with Stone Creatures crumbling into little pieces.

Extractor then fired one more missile at the last 5 Stone Creatures. He managed to run over the first Stone Creature, before the missile hit the others, causing a large explosion of flame and smoke. After a few seconds, Extractor jumped out of the fiery smoke and landed gently on the ground, before driving quickly towards his team's assistance.

But then, as Extractor sped across the battlefield, firing missiles at Aggrebots, Synthroids, Mechaneers and Dimension 12 Robots, Extractor saw Future Vilgax, Dr. Animo, and Vulkanus charge towards him, before seeing Future Albedo as Future Humungousaur charging with them and being the first in line, he was the first to attack, and he slammed his fists into the ground, creating a wave of rock and rubble, but Extractor swerved in order to evade it, before transforming into his robot form.

Extractor then covered his mouth with his faceplate, before taking out his hammer from his back.

"Heads up!" Extractor shouted, before slamming his hammer down the ground, sending an even bigger wave of rocks and rubble towards Future Negative Humungousaur, who was hit and was sent stumbling backwards. Extractor groaned, as he already knew that his future self's aliens would be much more stronger than his.

"This might take a while." Extractor said, as Future Negative Humungousaur charged towards him, roaring, before jumping towards Extractor. Extractor then built his cannon on his shoulder, before firing lightning fast laser blasts, before firing three missiles at the Future Negative Vaxasaurian. All of the laser blasts and missiles managed to hit him, sending him crashing down the ground, but he quickly recovered and he stood up again, but Extractor quickly slammed his hammer on his face twice, before kicking him in the stomach area. He then slammed Future Negative Humungousaur down the ground, slamming his hammer onto his face several times.

"You. (slams hammer onto Future Negative Humungousaur's face.) Shall. (Slams hammer again.) Be. (Slams hammer again.) Punished. (slams hammer again, causing the ground to crack larger and larger as he continued to slam the hammer down Future Negative Humungousaur's face.) For your present and future crimes! (Lands a final slam on his face, finally knocking Future Negative Humungousaur out.)"

"And stay out!" Extractor shouted, before looking forwards to see Future Vilgax, Animo and Vulkanus charging towards him.

The other side of Extractor's hammer then turned into a turbo booster rocket, before slamming the hammer with added boost onto Vulkanus, who was then sent flying onto a Dimension 12 Robot and onto his present self, creating a dust cloud as he collided. Future Dr. Animo then attempted to punch Extractor in his Yeti body, but Extractor dodged it, before kicking him in the guts, before slamming his hammer onto his face, cracking the glass and knocking Future Dr. Animo down and out.

Then, without expecting it, Extractor received a strong punch from Future Vilgax to the face, damaging his faceplate and sending Extractor stumbling backwards, before throwing multiple bombs, all of them exploding and Extractor was caught in the large blast radius, sending him skidding down the floor, but the Cybertronian quickly recovered and he picked up his hammer again.

Not wasting a second, Extractor quickly slammed down his hammer onto Future Vilgax's face, before lifting him and throwing him so hard, Future Vilgax was sent flying out of the HQ, and Extractor fired another missile from his built on shoulder cannon, which managed to hit the airborne Future Vilgax, sending him flying and crashing towards a watch tower outside the HQ.

Extractor then put his hammer back on his behind, returned his shoulder cannon back into his body and he reverted back into his car mode, before speeding quickly towards his team, as he already saw Ah Puch battling Ultimos and Looma, and from the looks of it, the duo was getting tired as the fight rages on. So not wasting a second, he went on full speed and drove towards his team, but it was going to be a lone one, since he has to dodge attacks from his villains and allies.

As he drove his way, he saw Mot Snikrep charging at him, but Extractor quickly took care of him with enough missiles, before running him over. And he continued to drive his way towards his team.

But then...

"TENNYSON!" a familiar voice shouted. It was Kevin 11, Ultimate Kevin and Kevin 11,000. All of them flying towards the speeding Extractor. Extractor revved up his engines, before turning on the nitro boost as Kevin 11 was the first to land in order to face Ben. Extractor then quickly ran over him, sending him flying into a rock wall presumably created by Terra during the battle. He then fired multiple missiles at Ultimate Kevin, which then managed to hit him and sent him crashing down the ground. Kevin 11,000 then fired his ice breath at the floor, freezing the floor which was then driven by Extractor, causing him to slip and forcing him to transform in his robot mode.

"Time to go Hero." Extractor muttered, before covering his mouth with his faceplate, indicating that he was now dead serious.

Extractor then pulled out the hammer on his back, which looked small at first, but when Extractor pulled it out, it became the size of the Forge of Solus Prime. Kevin 11 then fired a fire blast on Extractor, before following with multiple crystal shards, both managing to hit Extractor, but Extractor easily managed to shrug them off, before kicking him in the face, punching him with his right hand, before slamming his hammer onto his face, more specifically his chin. HARD. He slammed it so hard, that he was sent flying on the skies, and Extractor built a missile launcher on his shoulder and fired a missile, hitting Kevin 11 in the air, causing a large explosion in mid-air.

Kevin 11 was then seen crashing down into the ground.

"Take that, ya freak!" Extractor shouted, before receiving a punch from Ultimate Kevin, before being magnetized and slammed down into the ground several times. When Extractor attempted to stand up, UA Kevin 11 magnetized him again and sent him flying towards a wall. Extractor managed to survive, and he was now attempting to stand up as Ultimate Kevin walked towards him.

"Bad idea turning into a metal freak Tennyson. You must be forgetting Lodestar already." he said, a smirk present on his face.

"Now let me absorb your Omnitrix's power." Ultimate Kevin said, but Extractor grabbed his hand.

"Bad idea. Levin." Extractor said.

Extractor then ripped Ultimate Kevin's crystal hand into two, before throwing the crystal hand in his face. Extractor then punched and kicked Ultimate Kevin several times in the face, before punching him in the gut hard. He then slammed his hammer onto his face, spinning around and everything went in slow motion again as the other side of his hammer turned into a turbo booster rocket. Everything went in normal motion again as he slammed his hammer again in Ultimate Kevin's face, added with an extra boost. Ultimate Kevin then flew high in mid-air, before Extractor fired a missile on his shoulder missile launcher. It then hit Ultimate Kevin and he was caught in the mid-air explosion.

Ultimate Kevin then crashed down into a Dimension 12 Robot, the robot exploding on contact and the UA mutated version of Kevin then fell down the floor.

"Bad idea being a hungry power freak. Levin." Extractor said, before he was grabbed by a flaming tentacle and he found himself facing Kevin 11,000.

"Tennyson. You shall perish under my might!" Kevin 11,000 shouted, before firing a flame blast at Extractor at a close range, before throwing him and sending him crashing, rolling and skidding down the ground. Extractor knew that a Cybertronian would not last long, as he saw his entire body still glowing orange hot due to the flame blast, and some of his parts were about to fall apart, and majority of his metal body was already dented or cracked, due to the damage taken.

"No. I just have to fight and finish this guy fast. I still have plans for this guy.." Extractor said, before barely avoiding Kevin 11,000's ice breath.

"Take this!" Extractor shouted as he grabbed the cannon in his back in the form of gas tanks, before firing a single missile at the air-borne Kevin 11,000, which managed to hit, and it exploded on contact, the explosion being a huge one, powerful enough to send Kevin 11,000 flying out of the HQ. Extractor smirked, for he knew it was his chance.

He then activated his jetpack, before flying at a high speed towards Kevin 11,000, carrying his hammer along with him. The other side of the hammer turned into a turbo booster rocket again, before he went on to charge his attack, until the flames turned blue. After flying close enough towards Kevin 11,000, Extractor slammed the hammer down with his turbo charged full force, sending Kevin 11,000 quickly flying and crashing into a damaged watch tower. He was instantly knocked unconscious.

"Now to my team!" Extractor shouted, before flying at full speed towards his team's assistance.


Ultimos and Looma were getting tired and Ah Puch was gaining back the upper hand. Looma charged towards the Mayan God once again, but Ah Puch merely swatter her away. Ultimos attempted to freeze her with his ice breath, but Ah Puch easily thawed out of the ice, before slamming Ultimos into the ground. Ah Puch then received multiple gun fire, missiles and fire blasts, but he shrugged all of them off.

Ah Puch then felt heat on his left arm and he looked to see Ultimos, despite being battered, still manages to fight the Ancient God, firing his heat vision beams on him. Just as Ah Puch was about to slam him down again, Ah Puch jerked when multiple missiles managed to hit him on the back. He looked behind to see Extractor in his vehicle form in Stealth Mode firing multiple and countless missiles at Ah Puch, and the missiles proved to be enough to actually hurt him. Extractor then drove over some rocks, using them as a ramp, and in mid-air everything went in slow motion.

Extractor's vehicle mode then split down into different parts and the Alien Force watched as the vehicle transformed itself into Extractor and saw the Omnitrix symbol on his forehead. Extractor then tackled Ah Puch, and when everything returned into normal motion, Extractor tackled Ah Puch and sent both of them crashing into the wall.

"What species is that?" Julie asked.

"I thought you watched the Transformers series?" Cooper asked.

"Yeah, but isn't Cybertron..like a few light years away from Earth? Meaning it's out of the Milky Way?" Julie asked again.

"Maybe he did unlock some new tricks on the Omnitrix." Cooper said.

Meanwhile, Extractor was beating up the Ancient Mayan God of Death with punches and kicks, and he landed a nice long combo of punches on Ah Puch, before kicking him in the guts, before slamming his hammer on his face, which sent Ah Puch crashing into the wall and into the prisons room. Ah Puch managed to lunge his tongue onto Extractor and threw him on the wall, before slamming him down the ground. When Extractor managed to recover, he saw Ah Puch walking slowly towards him, ready to finish him off, but Extractor fired two blasts from his laser cannon hand, before slamming his hammer onto Ah Puch's face again, before jumping over him and firing multiple missiles on his face, sending Ah Puch stumbling backwards.

"Luckily, I managed to set up this room as a trap for big guys like you." Extractor said, before grabbing a remote and pressing the button. It is then revealed that there are many bombs set up in each quarter, and Extractor ran out of the room, and as Ah Puch attempted to follow him, it was already too late as the bombs exploded, leaving a large explosion in the large room that caught Ah Puch, and the Ancient Mayan God of Death seemingly perished under the explosion.

"Class dismissed." Extractor said, completely mimicking Ironhide as he put back his hammer on his behind.

"Ben! We kinda need some help here!" Julie shouted and Extractor walked towards them, before getting shocked as he saw that all of them were heavily injured, but Ester was the one who was injured the most, and she was still unconscious.

Extractor's body then glowed green as he transformed himself into:

"Healster!" the alien shouted as he floated near his team and his body glowed and shined white, and so did his team. After a few seconds, they were all good as new and Ester woke up, her clothes fixed and injuries gone.

"What happened?" Ester said, rubbing her head.

"We're winning the battle. But I think some people need to celebrate the victory with us. Stay right here, while I free Gwen and the others, and I'm gonna teach Psychobos a lesson." Healster said, before his body glowed green again, transforming himself into:

"XLR8!" the Kineceleran shouted, before accelerating towards the laboratory.


Meanwhile, Dr. Psychobos was watching the battle from his laboratory, watching as Ben's dimensional friends were quickly taking care of the villains and that Ben as a Cybertronian quickly took care of the reinforcement villains and even took care of Ah Puch. He watched, but had to duck from time to time because he had to evade long range attacks that managed to make way in his lab, mostly from Bayonetta and Ahri.

"W-W-We are losing. It is t-t-time to use our l-l-last resort." Dr. Psychobos said, before he turned behind to see XLR8 standing before him.

"You won't even live long to watch this battle end, Psychobos." XLR8 taunted.

"For the last t-t-time. My. Name. Is. DOCTOR PSYCHOBOS! AND YOU S-S-SHALL P-P-PERISH UNDER MY SUPERIOR I-I-INTELLECT!" Psychobos angrily roared, before firing electrical blasts from his brain, but XLR8 dodged it. Psychobos then fired some more electrical blasts, but XLR8 quickly dodged them all, yawning as he grew bored of dodging the attacks.

"Same old. Same old." XLR8 said, before dodging another electrical blast.

"You know, If you are really the greatest mind in the Universe, you could have defeated me when I was 16 years old. But, I guess some other villains are just greater than you. (dodges another electrical blast.) Heck, even an all brawn and no brains enemy of mine is much more fun to fight than you!" XLR8 taunted, and this made Psychobos snap.

"You shall learn r-r-respect! Even when it k-k-kills you!" Psychobos said, before picking up his haywired Cerebro-Tool and fired it like he was crazy, but XLR8 dodged and the blast went on to the battlefield, but unexpectedly, the blast exploded in mid-air, creating a portal, but the portal began to suck the nearby rocks and unconscious bodies near it and the black-hole like portal grew bigger and bigger as it sucked more and more objects.

"Are you CRAZY!? YOU'LL KILL US ALL!" XLR8 shouted.

"I only wished to d-d-destroy you in anyway I c-c-can." Psychobos said, smirking.

XLR8 then smacked Psychobos in anger, before throwing him into the wall, and that was effective enough to knock him out. He then looked at the battlefield, to see that everyone was running to a safe distance from the still enlarging sucking portal. Unexpectedly, it fired seven lightning bolts, all of the bolts hitting his dimensional friends. First, it hit Bayonetta, then Ahri, then Travis Touchdown, then Rex, then Yoshimitsu, then Ryu Hayabusa, before finally hitting Amaterasu. All of them were electrocuted, but the feeling only lasted for a while as the bolt's effects seemed to have ended quickly, and they looked at themselves.

"Well, that was unexpected." Rex said, but he looked at himself to see that he was glowing yellow, along with the others.

"Aaaaaand. We're glowing yellow." Travis stated the obvious.

Meanwhile, the Teen Titans looked at the portal and at Ben's dimensional friends who were glowing yellow.

"Cyborg, can you see what's that portal and what happened to them?" Robin asked, as Cyborg looked at his scanner, getting high energy signals.

"I think that's an multidimensional portal, that kind of portal where you just go to unexpected dimensions when you walk right into it. And it's unstable! A stable multidimensional portal would have high energy readings, but the readings in this one are off the charts! Those lightning bolts only affected their entire physical matter, and the energy is quickly spreading throughout their body, and if that energy covers their body, they will be sent into the portal, and they only got one hour! What's worse, THAT is going out in one hour, and when it did, it will turn into a blackhole and will eventually suck THE ENTIRE PLANET!" Cyborg shouted.

"Which means we already wasted enough time. The only thing to stop that is to stabilize it again. Now how do we do that?" Raven asked.

"Best option is to absorb the extra energy. And there's a lot of extra energy in that portal." Cyborg replied.

XLR8 managed to hear the Teen Titans' conversation and his body form changed with a green light surrounding his body, transforming himself from XLR8 into:

"Feedback! This is an AWESOME idea!" Feedback shouted, before jumping down from the lab and raising his antennas and hands in the air, before absorbing the energy as the energy entered though his antennas and hands and flowed through his veins. Cyborg red the energy levels again, but the energy levels are dropping at a VERY SLOW rate.

"Ben alone can't absorb THAT much energy. He has only absorbed a percent of the excess energy!" Cyborg said.

"I'll help!" Raven shouted, before running towards the portal and raising her hands in the air and the energy came to her, as she absorbed it. Cyborg looked at his scanners, but the energy levels were still dropping at a very slow rate.

"Errr...Even Feedback has limits. If I absorb to much, I'm going to blow, and this isn't even three percent of the energy yet." Feedback muttered, before thinking of a new plan, or a new alien to transform into.

"Wait! That's it! He has experience with portals, so he can have experience with stabilizing one." Feedback said, before his body glowed green and his body form changed. Feedback then transformed himself into:

"Portaler!" the colorful stubby alien shouted, before his antennas sparkled with electricity. Excess energy then went through his antennas and soon he was absorbing energy, and from the looks of it, he was absorbing a pretty large beam of energy. Cyborg once again looked at his scanners, to find that the energy levels were now dropping at a normal rate.

"Yes! It's working! That alien can stabilize portals much faster than the Conductoid!" Cyborg shouted.

Portaler then continued absorbing the excess energy along with Raven, with the multidimensional portal getting smaller and smaller by the minute. After a few minutes, the portal stopped shrinking and Portaler and Raven managed to absorb all of the excess energy from the portal. The glowing dimensional heroes and the Alien Force and the villains watched as the portal went back to normal.

"Coool! Now can they absorb the energy from those guys?" Beast Boy asked.

"No. That energy is stuck with their physical matter, and if they did absorb the energy, they'll also take the physical matter, absorbing them along with the energy. So, they'll be leaving the place in 30 minutes." Cyborg replied.

"Or now. Considering that the portal is stabilized." Robin added.

Portaler then reverted back to Ben, walking over to his other dimensional friends.

"Well, our work here is done. Kicking a lot of asses and stuff." Travis said.

"So, if we have nothing to do here, I guess we should be going now..." Rex said.

"Yeah. Well, thanks a lot guys. You helped us a lot today." Ben said.

"Well, you helped us in our dimensions too, so this would be our thank you to you Ben." Ahri said.

"Yeah. Well, I guess you have something important at home, so there's the door." Ben said, pointing at the portal.

"We will meet again Ben Tennyson. Someday." Yoshimitsu said, before all of them ran and jumped through the portal, just in time too, as the portal closed and disappeared from sight.

"Oh yeah. I forgot something." Ben said.


Gwen, Kevin, Rook and Max were now free from the bonds thanks to Ben and Hope. When Rook asked them what did they missed, Ben smugly replied that they missed a lot and this made Kevin groan in frustration.

"Aww Great. I missed another butt kicking!? And you didn't save one for me!?" Kevin said as he looked out the laboratory and saw that the battle was over, with all of the villains unconscious, Synthroid, Dimension 12 Robot, Mechaneer and Aggrebot parts scattered in the floor, with lots of flame, smoke and rocks scattered everywhere. The Alien Force along with the Teen Titans were in the center, socializing with each other.

Kevin then looked at Ben, before grabbing him by the shoulders.

"You didn't even saved one butt for me to kick..." Kevin said, before letting go of Ben and crossing his arms and turning around him, which only led to Gwen walking towards him and comforting him. Ben just laughed, before running over to the Teen Titans again.

"So...I guess all of you are going home now, huh?" Ben asked.

"In fact, we were waiting if you still wanted to come with us." Robin replied.

Ben looked at the Alien Force, before looking back at Gwen, Rook, Kevin and his Grandfather Max, before smiling, officially making his decision.

"They are my family Robin. They need me here." Ben replied.

"It's okay. We understand. But you already know it." Robin said.

"When there's trouble..." Ben and Robin both said, before Robin showed his T-Communicator while Ben showed his Omnitrix.

"..You know who to call." they both said.

Raven then created a portal leading back into their dimension. Sharing one last glance at Ben, the Teen Titans walked into the portal, with Robin being the last to enter. But, as all of them entered the portal, Zed ran out of the portal and jumped at Ben, with Ben laughing and rubbing Zed by the head. Kevin was all too happy to see her once again.

"ZED!" Kevin exclaimed happily, and all of them ran towards Ben and when they got down, Zed jumped onto Kevin's arms, licking his face. Kevin laughed and everyone smiled.

Ben smiled too. Life was now good for everyone in the Alien Force...



Slade was still watching and waiting in the city sewers. He wasn't going to stop until Ben is his apprentice, and he would take over Jump City and soon rule the entire Earth.

"I will find you Ben. One way...or another."

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