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Chapter One

Jack had his blue eyes glued to the scenery outside the passenger door window. A frown was on the boy's pale features, lips so pale they barely had any color in them at all. He watched with a sense of dread and sadness as the familiar scenes of his forest he basically lived in fly by as the foster home agent drove. He knew this would happen, he just knew they'd take him away from his home, from everything that mattered to him and made him feel safe. That's why, before the agency could grab him up, he ran away. On his own for three years, since the age of thirteen made Jack cold as winter towards the world. On his own, nobody paid him any mind, acted like he wasn't there, not even lending a hand whenever he needed it the most. The world forgot about him and he tried to forget the world. His only friends and companions in his lonely life were the Moon and the Wind. Both listened to him when he voiced his thoughts and spoke his emotions to them, they never judged when Jack had to cry himself to sleep or screamed at them in anger about how everything was unfair. That's why after a year of trying to live in town, Jack moved deep into the forest that surrounded Burgess.

And yet here he was, stuck in this car with someone who pretended to care, pretended to be concerned for the boy's wellbeing and appearance. Nobody care for the lonely Jack Frost. To make it even worse, the agent even tried to talk to the boy, asking him pointless question about this, that and the other. But no matter how much he persisted in his questions, the foster care agent couldn't get a word out of the pale boy, not one noise came from the white haired teenager. With a sigh the man stopped trying to question Jack and just focused on talking in general. The man didn't mind silence but with Jack being as silent as a winter night, he felt like he had to make some noise to counter act the boy's cold silence.

"Everything's been set up for you already. You'll be staying at one of the best homes around. Sure other kids will be there and probably drive you crazy but hey, at least not all of them are under the age of ten. Maybe you'll make a friend or two," the agent paused to cast a glance at the boy who still had his bright blue eyes turned to the window. Those eyes as well as Jack's face reflected in the window. Those eyes as cold as ice and just as sharp too. Everyone from the agency learned quickly that despite the boy's coldness, he had a very sharp tongue to match those eyes of his. The man didn't what was worse: Jack being quiet or Jack actually speaking. The boy knew some really colorful words and how to use them unfortunately.

"Since you ran away and didn't attend school, you'll have to make up some classes. You're listed as a sophomore now so you'll be at a high school around other teens your age. Sounds nice huh? Won't be a sixteen year old stuck with thirteen and fourteen year olds. That'd get annoying quick wouldn't it?" Questions were only met with silence. He sighed again. "I know you think you were better off on your own but we're actually trying to help you whether you believe it or not. What happened to you was tragic, yes, but maybe you can open up again if you go through life normally. Meet some friends, worry about classes, stress about homework…maybe get a girl friend? And at least you won't have to worry about, well, worrying your hair white," the man tried, glancing over to see the faintest traces of the corner of Jack's lips tug upwards.

That's true. Jack thought to himself, focusing sky blue eyes on his reflection in the window rather than looking at the trees they were passing. Jack's messy spiked hair looked as pure and white as untouched snow, his eyes as glacier blue. Oh how his appearance changed with him. Nothing was ever the same after that day. A frown found its way upon Jack's lips, the boy shaking his head harshly so he wouldn't think about that day his life blew up around him. His sad blue eyes now turned back to the trees, not wanting to think anymore.

"Hey Jackson," Jack could hear the agent say besides him, pulling him out a peaceful, black sleep. Jack hardly ever dreamed anymore, and when he did, it was usually nightmares. It wasn't until cold blue met dull green did the agent stop shaking the boy's shoulder. The boy didn't even notice. "We're here." The white haired boy turned to look out the window to see where 'here' was exactly, lifting his head from where his cheek rested against his shoulder. He frowned at the foster home building. It was an old building, cracks running through the roof, bricks and cement that held it together. The bricks were dully colored thanks to again and standing against the elements. The door was a dirty looking yellow color, the white of the window seals and frame around the door was chipping badly, showing black, almost rotting wood where it was exposed. All in all, it looked like the place needed some major renovations or be torn down all together to have another building take its place. But that would prove difficult if not impossible since the building was connected to the buildings on either side of it, squishing it between them. It looked like those buildings in New York or a major city with the cramped building right on top of each other.

"This is the best home you have here?" Jack said with a raised eyebrow, skepticism in his voice. "It looks like it should be torn down rather than have children living in it," the cold boy said rather harshly.

The agent shrugged weakly at the boy, a small smile on his lips. "You should've seen the other places?" the man tried as he got out the car.

Jack followed suit in getting out, feeling a little claustrophobic in the vehicle. "There were places worse than this!?" He exclaimed with a hint of disbelief in his voice. His now shoed feet hit the ground heavily, causing the boy to glare down at the converse that covered his feet. Two years in the forest without shoes made his feet rough and tough, he didn't need shoes. When he first entered the woods that quickly became his home, he had shoes but after a few months of climbing trees and running through the endless wood turned those things that protected his feet into useless piles of material. So he just went around barefoot. Which was quickly shunned by the agency, saying things like he could've gotten sick or an infection in a cut on his foot and blah blah blah. He just loved how he looked after himself for three years and was completely fine and then these idiots were acting like he was still a defenseless child. It was just awesome.

The agent walked to the front door, waiting at the top step for Jack. Before the boy joined the man, he quickly grabbed the back pack that had everything he cherished in it from the back seat. Once at the man's side, they both walked up to the door; the man knocked three times before the door opened to reveal the caretaker of all the children. She led the two into the building's office.

"Bull shit!" Jack exclaimed, slamming his hands onto the arms of his chair to push himself up.

The woman behind the desk made a distasteful face. "Young man!" She snapped as the man that sat beside Jack put his arm out to stop the boy from storming out of the room. "There will be none of that under this roof!"

Jack was forced to sit back down, narrowing his eyes on the old grey haired woman before him, his eyes as cold and merciless as winter. "I've cursed all my fucking life, just because a cranky ol' had like yourself doesn't like it won't make me fucking stop," the boy practically hissed at the woman.

"Well I guess we'll just have to restore your manners at counseling then," the woman said indifferently.

"There's no way in hell I'm going to see a damn counselor! I don't need-"

"Young man, whether you like it or not, you're going to have to go. Family dying in a car accident and then no human contact for three years has left you in need of it."

"So says your science and doctors," Jack snarled viciously. "I am fine. I don't need any help from you or anybody else!"


"I told you its Jack."

The woman sighed deeply. "Fine, Jack believe it or not, we are here to help you."

"I don't need any help! I was fine out on my own! Why can't you people just accept that and leave me alone!?"

"You need to be looked after Jack. You aren't an adult yet so by law you must have a guardian to look after you."

"And what of those kids in the streets because their parents kicked them out? What of those that run away because their parents abused them? Mine died and you give a shit 'cause of that!? Don't pretend to care about me if there are others that need it more!" And with that Jack rose from his seat and moved to the door. The agent stood, grabbing Jack's arm gently but firmly to keep him in the room. The boy flinched at the contact, having been deprived of it for three years. He pulled his arm away, glaring ice daggers at the man. "Don't. Touch. Me," he growled, throwing the door open with strength that he achieved by climbing and pulling himself up into the trees.

Both adults were a bit stunned at Jack's small outburst, the old woman recovering faster than the man. She stood up from behind her desk, hands on its top to help her up. "Jackson Frost! Where do you think you're going!?"

"You're not my mother so don't pretend to be," Jack said harshly, putting his hands into the pockets of his blue hoodie that he had on him.

"Jack-" the woman started.

"I'm gonna get fresh air, that ok with her majesty!?" he snapped over his shoulder at her. He walked along the hallway he was in, some children in the hall stared up at him with round eyes or ran passed him to chase…whatever they were chasing. There were so many children and this was just the first floor. How am I gonna survive the next two years here? Jack found himself thinking as he made his way outside.

Jack didn't go back inside until the sun had set and the moon was already rising passed the buildings he was staring blankly at. The cool autumn night air cooled his skin and his temper about his current situation. The wind blew through his snow white hair, feeling as if she was running fingers through it in a comforting way; that's how it felt to the touch deprived boy at least. He would lean his head into the wind, acting like there really were hands going through his white locks. It was calming and comforting to Jack, making him let out a content sigh.

He then looked up at the moon, letting its silver light shine down on him. His white hair turned silver, his blue eyes looking white under the moon's light. "What am I going to do?" He asked the moon. "I know they're trying to help but…I can take care of myself so why am I here? I was fine on my own."

For some reason he was expecting the moon to answer but like always, he was only met with silence. Jack felt lonely again, pulling his knees to his chest. "Why'd you let the bring me!?" I thought you cared about me!" Jack yelled at the moon, feeling the wind pick up speed around him, embracing him in what he took as a comforting hug as best as the wind could. All he could hear was the wind blowing, blocking out all noise and thoughts. But one rang loud and clear in his mind. It's because I care that you're here. His mind wrapped around this thought like he'd slip into insanity if he didn't hold onto it. He closed his eyes, burying his face in his knees for a moment before looking at the moon again, his eyes stinging with tears he wouldn't let fall. "Ok, I'll give them a chance. You think they can help so I'll…try my hardest to let them." The wind blew gently again against him, ruffling his hair like she was content with him seeing reason. With a sigh, he reluctantly stood on his feet and let them carry him inside and into his new life.

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