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Harry stared in terror before his adrenaline kicked in. Quickly, he grabbed his bedsheets and started to make a rope. Using the lamp on the bedside table, he broke the window, tied one end of his rope to the bedpost and threw the other end out of the window. However, just as he started to climb, his door flew open and then men that he saw on the landing stood in the doorway, jeering at him. Harry yelled and kicked loudly as they grabbed him and carried him down the stairs. He couldn't reach his pocket, where he had stored his wand while he made the rope ladder. As he reached the first floor, he looked up and saw his uncle smile evilly, while his aunt and cousin looked on. Finally, they dragged Harry through the front door, where he began to scream some more until he felt a hand roughly close on top of his mouth.

The men had slacked for the fewest of seconds, to make sure the neighbors hadn't noticed anything, and Harry saw his chance. Using his now almost free feet, he kicked the men holding his feet, and using that leverage, elbowed the other two that were holding him.

And so, Harry ran as fast as he could, until he reached the edge of the small forest that lined the outside of Privet Drive. When he was far enough away, Harry sank down in a clearing and evaluated his situation. He had no muggle money, no food, and now, no home. He needed to get a message out, but he had no idea where Hedwig was. But who would he message? Ron? Hermione? Sirius?...Dumbledore? Harry straightened up. No, he refused to message an adult. They had all treated him like children, and left him no choice. Had they gotten him from Privet Drive earlier, this would have never happened. Ordering his best friends to not tell him anything or telling him to stay put and be a good boy were orders given to him by adults. No, he, Harry, was going to owl Ron and Hermione, the two people that had been on all of his adventures with him. Yes, he was angry at them for not telling him anything, but right now he had no choice. Straightening up, he pulled out his pocket size trunk and enlarged it back to its normal size. Rummaging through, he found parchment, quill, and ink. Quickly, he penned:

Ron, Hermione,

I asked for answers and I never got them. Now, the Dursleys have tried to have me shipped off…I managed to get away. I dunno how, but I'm going to try and find the Burrow. Don't tell anyone whats going on-it'll only going to complicate things.


That looked succinct enough. He was still angry with Ron and Hermione, but he had to tell someone what was going on. Suddenly, as if on cue, Hedwig came flying down, and happily perched herself on Harry's shoulder. He rolled up the little piece of parchment and attached it to Hedwig and sent her on her way. As his blood pressure started to slow, he calmed down- and quickly began to feel the pain inflicted upon him. He had bruises on his legs and arms, and, although, he hadn't noticed it before, he also had bleeding cuts on his hands, from where he had tried to grab every piece of furniture, including the ends of side tables, doors, and even the wooden landing, as he was forcefully dragged from his house, if he could even call it that. A thought suddenly occurred to him. He had hoped that this blood had not rub off on Hedwig because he knew his friends would then be compelled to tell anyone they came in contact with. It was childish, yes, but Harry was so annoyed that he didn't even care. He crawled over to his trunk and pulled out his photo album. He turned to the page with his parents smiling happily up at him, and succumbed to sleep.