She definately shouldn't love when he touched her. No matter if it was just a gentle brush as they walked past or when he held her hand as they ran for their lives. She slowly fell in love with his touch.


He smelled of dust, but in a good way. Ancient, like an old book or the odd Earthy smell of dust after rain. Petrichor. That's what he smelled of, and she found herself leaning into his scent during those long nights trapped in a prison cell. It always made her feel better.


She loved his voice. His endless rambles filling her brain with his wonderful voice as it floated to her ears. She loved when he would playfully whisper a joke in her ear and make her laugh at the most innapropriate of times. She didn't care, she was falling in love.


He was gorgeous. By human standards and beyond. With his amazing hair and dazzling smile it was no wonder Rose couldn't contain herself. She even loved the little things, the way he cocked his head to the side when he was listening to her or the way his eyes lit up with pride whenever she discovered something new. She loved everything about that beautiful man. It was time she showed it.


She couldn't stand it anymore. She stopped him mid ramble, pulled him down by the lapels of his jacket and snogged him within an inch of his life. At first he stiffened a bit in suprise but soon leaned into the kiss, returning it with just as much passion as Rose. Then Doctor taasted like choclate, Rose decided when they had finally come up for air. She smiled his favorite tongue-between-teeth smile and flounced away leaving a very flabbergasted Doctor in her wake. Rose tasted like cherries, he liked cherries, and he definately like Rose. He smoothed back his hair and sprinted after Rose. Boy was it going to be a good night.