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"Run Allie! Go"! Allie Kendall turned to run as the roar of the shotgun rang through the air. Her mother, Natalie, shot the head off a walker as they ran through the street of the small town they had come up on. Supplies were low, times were lean since the dead started to rise. Allie wasn't worried about her mother, they were both avid hunters and survivalists. Natalie had made sure from a young age that Allie could fend for herself, just as Natalie's father had taught her.

Now at 16, Allie was running and gunning with her mother through the Georgia countryside, trying to survive hell on Earth. Allie ran towards their Jeep, knifing down the few walkers in her way with crushing blows to the skull. Allie turned to look back, seeing her mother running a short distance behind her. Allie jumped into the passenger seat, starting the Jeep as Natalie tossed her shotgun in the back, throwing the Jeep in reverse and tearing back down the road they came from.

Natalie glanced sideways at her daughter, "You ok? Didn't get bit or anything right?" The nurse in Natalie was never far from the surface, always checking to be sure of injury. Allie was all Natalie had left in life since the world went to shit.

Allie shook her head, "No Mom, I'm good. You ok?" Allie tucked her hair into a ponytail as Natalie smiled.

"As long as you're okay, I'm always good."

My name is Allie Kendall. I'm 16, and I'm surviving in this place that can be only termed as hell. Awhile ago Mom and I moved back to Georgia from Germany after her divorce. My Grandpa Roy, wasn't in too good of shape. So Mom and I moved in to help Grandpa get better, he ended up dying from complications of cancer. Then the outbreak happened... I thought what I was seeing with my own eyes was something from the movies. I couldn't have been more wrong. Dead people coming back to life and eating other people, it was scary as hell at first, but now it's like ok whatever, just kill them so they don't kill you.

I should start at the beginning, explain myself a little better. Besides if I didn't you would never get to know me right? My mom was a flight nurse in the Air Force when I was a kid. She came home on leave to visit her folks and went out to the bar with her friends one night in August. Mom's friend had been watching a set of brothers for weeks playing pool. That night was no different, the friend was still watching, and the older of the two was flirting with Mom's friend, but the younger one paid no attention to anything going on. Mom ended up dragging her friend over to the brothers, after drinks and rounds of pool, the foursome ended up out at a lake. Mom had a fling with my sperm donor in the back of his truck. Yeah that's how I was conceived: summertime drunken fun.

I never knew my bio dad. Mom married one of her PJ buddies a couple of months later while she was still pregnant with me. I always thought Jake was my dad, until they got divorced. Jake taught me to hunt, fish, camp. He was an avid outdoorsman, and I loved him. I grew up on Air Force bases all over the nation, then Jake got orders for Germany. We were in Ramstein for two years, until Mom caught Jake in bed with another woman. Then the fighting started. I remember Jake yelling across the kitchen at mom about how he raised a daughter that wasn't even his. I swear I literally felt my heart break. Jake was the only dad I knew, and now he wasn't even my dad.

It wasn't until the flight home from Berlin that I gutted up and asked mom about my bio dad. She said he was a guy from her hometown that everyone looked down because he was "no good". Seems his dad was the town drunk, and everyone knew the dad beat the boys, until the older one killed the old man defending his younger brother. Mom always felt sorry for my bio dad, he seemed alright once you saw through the angry side of him. He sometimes helped out on my Grandpa Roy's farm, worked hard and was good with the animals. Mom said Jake looked a lot like my bio dad, and I was better off not knowing him with the way things were. Mom telling me to let it drop just piqued my curiosity more, if it was the last thing I did I planned on finding my bio dad.

Natalie pulled the quilt up over Allie asleep in her bed, as she made her usual morning rounds of their farmhouse. At least out here in the country, the stench of the dead wasn't so over powering. The plan for the day was to head out farther into the country, check through some houses, maybe snag some small farm animals for food. Luckily for Natalie and Allie, their farm had not been overrun yet. But Natalie knew that no place was safe; that someday they would have to abandon home for somewhere safer, if somewhere safer even existed.

Natalie looked up from brewing a cup of tea to see Allie padding into the kitchen. No matter how old Allie got, Natalie still saw her as the dark haired blue eyed little girl who ran around with her teddy bear and pigtails. Now Allie was a grown woman, wise beyond her years, working hard to keep them going. Allie trained her eyes on the cup of tea her mother set in front of her, watching the steam rise as her hands wrapped around the cup.

"Morning mom. Everything ok?" Allie yawned as she blew across the mug, before taking a drink.

"Didn't see anything out there, things are surprisingly quiet. You planning on going out Miller's road today?" Natalie pushed a bowl of dry cereal across the counter, picking through her own bowl.

"Yeah, I remember Grandpa saying Mr. Miller had quite the gun collection in his basement, along with canning stuff in the storm cellar. Figure it's worth a shot, anything helps now. I won't be gone long, maybe a couple of hours at the most if I find anything." Allie finished her bowl, setting it inside the sink.

Allie skipped over to her mother, kissing her on the cheek as she reached for her pistol and bow by the kitchen door.

A sly grin crept across her lips, "Don't worry Mom, I'm quick and quiet. I'll be back before you know it. Love you."

Natalie sighed watching her daughter cross the barn lot, heading towards the vehicles from the back door, "You're too much like your father that's for sure."