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Chapter 5

"so... How are we going to do this?" Castle asked from the door way, while Kate lifted the covers and got in bed. She gave him a raised eyebrow.

"It's cuddling, Castle, not rocket science" she teased.

"Yea yea, I know" he walked in a few more steps.
"So... Where do you want me?" he asked, still unsure of himself.

The answer that was at the tip of Kate's tongue was just too tempting to say out loud, but he'd never be able to handle it, so she tamed it and said, "just get behind me Castle."

Kate felt the mattress dip behind her and she could feel a kind of warmth on her back, but Castle was holding back.
She turned her head a little and spoke "is this what you call cuddling Castle? Cause I might as well sleep alone then. I want to get rid of this sick feeling... Now, how much more do I have to ask?... or are you going to give me this 'Castle Cure' already!"

"alright alright" came his reply. And then his arm was around her... Spooning her body to him...

And Kate's world seemed a lot lighter. She closed her eyes and relished the feel of his strong body against her back, his face slightly nuzzled in her hair, and if she was not mistaken he was taking long slow breaths as if he was breathing her in.

"you're warm Castle, I like it"

"glad to be of service, detective, but I never thought you'd be one to cuddle" he teased.

"If you tell anyone, I will shoot you. Besides, the only reason I'm letting you cuddle me is because of this 'Castle Cure' thing of yours."

"you smell like cherries..." he said... Going off topic... Probably distracted by her proximity.

"You like cherries Castle?"

"now I do" came his confident reply in a voice so deep, it gave her goose bumps. She closed her eyes...

"I think I'm falling asleep... No funny business while I'm asleep okay?"

"scouts honour"

"you were never a scout"

"well, you get the point."

She chucked softly and pushed back closer to him, she needed to fill the little gap between them. he was warm, and strong, and everything her body wanted to feel right now.

And she didn't care what he'd make of it, but she wanted it bad!

"Sweet dreams detective" was the last thing she heard from the hot writer behind her. And that's exactly how he made it into her dreams.
Hot and Sexy.

She dreamed of him lying in bed with her, naked…

She dreamed of his lips placing soft butterfly kisses along her neck and shoulder...

She dreamed of his hands roaming her waist and moving up the front of her body, his hands so warm and gentle across her skin...

She dreamed of him touching her in sinful ways...

And she had no clue that her dreams were vivid enough to make her act out in reality...

Castle was roused from his sleep with a tug on his hand and the soft sound of a whisper of his name.

That whisper was from the sleeping detective he was spooning with. He opened his eyes a little. 'Must have dozed off himself, after she gave into sleep' he thought.

His attention was brought back to his hand that was on Kate's waist. Kate had her hand over his and was holding on to it, tugging at him to move it across her waist.

"Kate?" he softly whispered. But the only reply he got was a soft hum.

She was facing the other way so he had no idea if she was awake. How long had they slept? He looked at the clock hanging on the wall near the doorway and realized they'd been out for the past hour. Kate's hand was now moving his, tugging it with hers, under her t-shirt.

"Woh!" he got up one elbow, completely taken aback by Kate's action. She was making him move his hand over her bare skin…

"Kate?" he tried again…

But the only response he got was "touch me Castle! Please..."

and the need dripping out of those words was too strong to resist... So he didn't. He didn't resist Kate's hand leading his, to move on her bare skin...

She was clearly still in her sleep... But there was something about this that told him she really really wanted him to touch her, hell! he wanted to touch her too!

He nuzzled his face into her hair and whispered...
"Kate... I want to..."

Kate shivered at the warmth of his breath against her neck... Oh she wanted him real bad!
"Castle..." her voice came out breathy, and dripping with want and arousal.

She once again tugged his hand upwards, along her front and placed it on her breast, and Castle lost control over all his senses.

The only thing he could feel right now was the blood rushing south of his body.