Xander stood in the Halloween shop, he needs ways to assassinate Snyder. Bloody, violent, ways to kill Snyder. He looks over to Buffy and sees she's still memorized by the pretty little princess dress Ethan showed her. All that to show off to Deadboy and Xander honestly can't see the point. Yes she likes Angel but she dresses like that, the only thing going through Angel's head might be 'dinner' considering what he was like at that time. Though on the other hand biting might be the equivalent of second base to them… oh god new thoughts new thoughts.

Xander decided to take his mind off it and focus on Halloween maybe if Buffy sees him in something good it will take her mind off Deadboy. His original idea was a two dollar soldier. He reaches for his wallet and gets an idea maybe if he can use his rainy day money he'll be… a five dollar soldier. Xander sighed as he closed his wallet he knew he shouldn't have left it out in the open but at least 3 to 1 his dad will be passed out when he gets home.

He looks through the two dollar gag box and pulls out a wig of a brown mullet well that does give him an idea especially since he can use a memento Jessie gave him when they were kids and use the last dollar for candy.

Ethan looks at the purchases and looks up at the guy. "A toy gun and a wig, what's the costume deranged hippie."

"Don't judge the puzzle until you have all the pieces." Xander replied packing away the wig and the gun.

Buffy smiled walking down the steps in her noblewoman get up answering the door letting Xander in.

Xander walks through the door and starts before looking at her. "Private Dave reporting for…" Xander looks at her as most functions in his brain shuts down. Buffy looked even more gorgeous with that dress. He should have known if there anyone that could make that big pink fluffy thing work it was her. ""Buff! Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia, I am in awe! I completely renounce spandex!"

Buffy curtsies and looks at him wearing a black headband a green wife beater and camo pants and has a pack of candy cigarettes with his toy gun. "Thank you kind Dave… So why are you Dave?"

Xander shrugged knowing it was school related. "Knowing Snyder he'd expel me if he knew I was going as Solid Snake."

"Couldn't resist the innuendo huh?" Buffy quipped. "I kind of thought you were Rambo with that headband."

Xander smiled and pointed at the black bandana Jessie gave him in first grade to cover a cut on his forehead thanks to a stray beer can. "Infinite Ammo, compliments of Jessie"

Buffy rolled her eyes at the goofy moment. "That's fun, but wait to you see…"

The two look upstairs and see Willow come down in a ghost outfit. Xander just shrugged he doesn't see the point. Buffy sighed in sad acceptance. If Xander could have seen her in the red cut top and black mini skirt she has on under her BOO he would have lost it. And if she knew what he was dressing as she could have very easily dressed her up as Meryl.

"Casper" Buffy finishes weakly.

Xander looks around and sees chaos unraveling on Halloween. He feels something rush through him and enters a whole new thought as he looks around.

"Where the hell am I?" Snake looked around and fired rounds off from his rifle scaring these monsters away.

Snake turned around in a hurry as he saw a familiar face, red hair, beautiful smile, this can't be right. "Who are you?"

"It's me… Willow"

Snake frowned as one very clear thought entered his head. Otacon is getting his ass kicked, he agreed to VR training after the big shell not this LARPing crap he thinks his best friend calls it. For now he'll just play the part of Xander's soldier so he can get the hell out of here.

Xander stood holding a weak little toy gun to shoot Spike off the defenseless Buffy but quickly dropped it and grabbed Angel by the shirt and started shaking him. "Ben is Glory, Ben is Glory, Ben is Glory, Ben is Glory,"

Xander looked at Angel confused and just released him and looks away as Buffy pummels Spike as he flees now see this is the Buffy he misses he knew that princess costume was a waste.

Angel looked at Xander wondering what got into the teenager. Who's Ben and why is he Glory. Angel looks at Xander and saw something that was a familiar feeling to him. Information overload he probably had the same face when he got his soul. Since Xander wasn't his concern he turned to Buffy.

Cordy looked at the two walking away and abandoning kids that are scared out of their minds. Our heroes ladies and gentlemen. She rolled her eyes turning to Xander. "You know it felt like I was here… which is more then I can say about you… hey dweeb you alright in there."

Xander weakly nodded as his mind started to reboot. "I'm dandy, can't believe I have to spend my night with you getting these kids home."

Cordelia glared at him she thought they were leveling off since zombie Darryl. "It's not exactly something I'm writing home about either loser, so grab a kid and let's go."

Xander walked aimlessly through the blocks of Sunnydale late at night trying to process everything, he does know that as of right now kill Joss Whedon is at the top of his bucket list. He comes up to the Sunnydale Motor Inn he's in no condition to go home tonight without doing something stupid and it's better then being on the streets… albeit not by much.

He walks up to the fat guy in a white shirt that Kakistos hasn't killed yet. "Room please"

"Eighteen bucks G.I. Joe" The man replied.

Xander groaned realizing he doesn't even have that. "I'll pay you tomorrow."

The fat man rolled his eyes. "Piss off"

Xander glared at him before grabbing him by his shirt and pulled him over the counter. "Listen here you fat sack of crap… give me the room for the day and you'll get your money for the week tomorrow."

Xander let the fat guy go. The fat guy took a key and nervously gave it to Xander.

"Room is yours pal just pay up tomorrow or I'm calling the cops." The fat man replied.

Xander headed for his room and laid down in bed trying to comprehend it. Everything is just so damn surreal at the moment. He lays back and decides to try to get a decent night sleep but he doubts it will even be possible.

Xander was in his own room at his house the next day packing up a bag with clothes and twinkees. He doesn't know much but what he does know is with everything he can't stay under Tony's roof anymore getting a third person view of how badly the man scarred him thanks to Snake. Xander climbed under the bed and pulled up a floorboard revealing a great wad of bills. This was his and Jessie's road trip fund after they graduated. It should be more then enough to stay at the Inn indefinitely. All he has to do is stick a cross on the door for the invite thing.

He looks through his VCR collection and grabs the Spider-Man tape he was looking for as he packs up that and the VCR and he heads out leaving the Harris family behind.

Willow walked up to the Sunnydale Motor Inn on a Sunday. She wants to know why Xander didn't tell anyone where he was the past two days. How come she had to track him down via computer? Willow opens the door and sees Xander watching Spider-Man and smelling kind of ripe.

Willow sat down on bed and didn't say a word as she sat next to him for five minutes then started. "So are you and Tony fighting again?"

Xander shakes his head. "I moved out. I just can't take living in that house anymore."

Willow nodded she knows how the Harris family is so if he's away from them all the better. She often wondered why the police never did anything until demons showed up cops are either corrupt or incompetent. She looked at the TV and saw the old Spider-man cartoon's final episode. "The Spider Wars… you didn't spend yesterday watching the whole series did you?"

Xander shakes his head no. "Just this one. You ever think about the powerless one?"

Willow looked at the cartoon and watched it. She remembers this there was a six armed spider-man, metal spidey, clone spidey, a klepto spidey that stole doc ock's arms and a normal human that played Spider-Man on TV. "This you trying to figure out if you're just the guy among superheroes?"

Xander shakes his head. "No, it's just, how do you think the other Spideys took it, comic and cartoons. Finding out your whole life Uncle Ben and the Mugger, Gwen Stacy off the bridge, Mary Jane through the portal, it was all just the sick work of Stan Lee because he likes to see you suffer."

Willow thought on that and provided something to cheer him up. "Well there's a belief out there that inspired writers actually look into another world when they dream and pull their ideas from that."

Xander looked at her flatly. "So we live in a multiverse."

"I'd like to think so. I mean just imagine if there were other Xanders and Willows out there." She offered feeling perky. "Is there a reason you're asking me this?"

Xander looked at it feeling better maybe he should do more about it. "Just random wall crawling wondering. So if you don't mind I'd like to spend today alone."

"Just promise me you'll take a shower." Willow replied she loves Xander but even she wouldn't hug him right now.

Xander cracked a smile at that. "Yeah it's kind of bad when you can smell yourself."

Buffy and Willow were walking through the halls of Sunnydale High Monday morning and their first day back since Halloween. Buffy looked at Willow she seemed concerned and happy all at the same time. "Alright Will what aren't you telling me?"

"I spent yesterday afternoon in bed with Xander." Willow answered.

Buffy stood mouth open who would have thought Willow had it in her. "Oh... wow being… dead must have done a whole lot of good for you."

Willow smiled seeing Buffy stutter. "Oh no, no, not like that it's just he finally ran away from home and has his own place."

Buffy looked at her he's only a little older then they are. "In what world is that a good thing?"

Willow shrugged. "If you knew the Harris family you'd understand, I slept over once, and that was more then enough."

Buffy could tell there was more to it then that and now she feels guilty for not seeing it how he would always be out and over her house or Willow's she couldn't even tell he was in trouble. "So is he coming in today?"

Willow shrugged. "Honestly I'm not sure. But I think he'll show if just to see us."

Xander sat outside collecting his thoughts for all he knows this could all just be crazy Halloween magic nothing to worry about but what if it's not. He's pulled out of his thoughts by a familiar voice.

"Xander, what on earth are you doing!"

Xander turned around and saw Giles shouting at him with Jenny Calendar. "What?"

Jenny glared at him and Xander's resolve faltered in front of her black eyes. "I think he means smoking a cigarette Xander."

Xander looked down and saw the cigarette as he quickly put it down and stomped on it. "Sorry it's just… nerves, you know, hellmouth."

Giles looked at him not exactly faulting him considering what has showed up from his past recently with Ethan. "You have a shortened life expectancy living on the hellmouth already. I don't think you should add to it."

Xander nodded in agreement but he also got a lot more then a passion for smokes after last night. "Yeah, I'm trying moderation."

Jenny looked at him. "So is there something troubling you?"

Xander nodded and realized that yes this is the perfect opportunity to test the water so to speak. "Actually, yes, I think I need someone to talk to about it."

Giles looked at him he wasn't the slayer but in a way he cared for him and Willow as much as Buffy "Right, well we're here to listen."

"A boy, girl kind of talk G-Man." Xander finished.

"Right" Giles put on his glasses and went upstairs hoping Jenny would be willing to talk to him.

Jenny smiled seeing Giles practically flee flustered. It was almost as funny as when she says she destroys his books. "So, what do you need to talk about?"

Xander looked at her nervously but no better way to start. "I need you to answer me something, and I need you to be completely honest with me."

"No Xander, I will not go out with you. But I will answer your question." Jenny replied.

Xander chuckled with a laugh. "Oh good, the hard part is over now." Xander returns to a serious face test time. "So I need you to tell me if… you were one of the gypsies that cursed Angel with his soul." Xander didn't need an answer Jenny's face pretty much gave it away right there.

Jenny looked at him panicked. "How did you… I never… No, I didn't curse Angel. I'm just a descendant of the ones who did. Xander, please you can't tell anyone."

Xander groaned he should have known that was coming but for now he agrees with it. "Your secret stays with me."

Xander leaned against the wall and just collapsed into it. "But I was kind of hoping you'd call me an insane lunatic."

"Why?" Jenny asked.

Xander looked at her and answered. "Because it's just insane and too much to comprehend." He pulled himself back to his feet. "But luckily I have class now so I can use that to take the edge off. Thanks for the talk Ms. C."

Jenny watched him go and wondered what exactly happened to him on Halloween. Whatever it is he seems to want to keep it from Rupert and the others and is likely in shock from it. Well she don't think a group intervention will work with him but she'll be there if he needs her for anything.

Xander walked the hallway of Sunnydale High comprehending the monkey wrench thrown at him. Who would have thought Solid Snake was a horror buff, and now thanks to Otacon and Meryl taking advantage of his weakened state after Shadow Moses he has Snake's memories of two shows called Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Now he's left with the idea of changing things considering how bad they get but he's wondering if he should. Though he likely will considering what's about to happen. They're standing on the mouth of hell. And soon it will spend six years tearing their lives apart.

Jenny was in her computer class trying to figure out for the life of her how with the complete second life she gave to herself it was Xander of all people that broke her big secret. At least he's not telling Angel or Rupert. Though it makes no sense. Don't get her wrong Xander's a good person but she can't figure out how he figured her out so quick. Maybe she can look into him go for equally assured destruction.

Xander sat in the graveyard that night messing with a knife he took from Buffy. He needs to get his hands on some money. While the road trip money is plentiful for now it is also finite. He needs money, it makes the world go round sad to say. His eyes widen but quickly close in exasperation knowing who's here. Maybe they can sum this day up with him getting killed and he won't have to worry about it. "What do you want Deadboy?"

Angel glared at him emerging from the shadows he thought only Buffy could do that but maybe he's just tired after three days of research. "I wanted to thank you for that wild goose chase."

Xander looked at him confused. "What wild goose chase?"

"Ben is Glory" Angel looked at Xander's blank face it really is like talking to a rock sometimes. Maybe that's how he was able to shame him into saving Buffy's life from the Master. "Ring any bells?"

Xander shakes his head no. "What the hell are you talking about? Who is Ben and who is Glory is there a counterfeit ice cream operation run by demons that I don't know about?"

Angel wasted no time and hoisted him up by the throat. "I'm not in the mood for any of your games Xander, why did you tell me that? It sounded important.?"

Angel instantly dropped Xander feeling a sharp pain in the arm he was holding Xander up with. He looks and sees Xander's knife in his arm. Xander wasted no time and grabbed the knife twisting it as Angel shouted in pain showing his game face. Xander kneed him in the stomach and punched him in the face before liberating his knife form Angel's arm and knocking the vampire back with two quick punches and a spin kick as Angel's head hits a tombstone and he falls to the floor.

Once the shock of Xander somehow becoming a capable fighter wore off Angel was up and ready for round two. The vampire easily caught Xander's knife hand and slammed it into a tombstone forcing him to drop his weapon. Xander punched him in the face and Angel used the leverage to turn his whole body and sweep Xander's legs in a fast sweep knocking the teenager to the floor.

Angel saw Xander crawl to his knees to get up and simply grabbed and threw him at a tombstone ending their fight. "Stay down!"

"Stop attacking me." Xander countered rubbing his head trying to dull the pain. "I don't know anything about Ben and Jerry and since I don't have fifty pounds of hair gel protecting my skull it hurts when I get thrown into a tombstone."

Angel looked at him and as far as he could tell… it was the truth. Angel put his hand out and Xander pulled himself up. "So if you knew of a threat, which one of us would you go to, me or Buffy?"

"Well that's compli… Buffy, definitely Buffy." Xander replied.

Angel nodded maybe he wasn't screwing with him. Maybe he was under a spell that wipes memories from humans and he being a vampire stands immune. "So what exactly happened to you on Halloween?" He got Buffy's account but her and Willow have recovered completely he's still reeling from it from the looks of him."

"OK let's not do the acting like we actually like each other bit." Xander insisted.

Angel stepped right into his face. "Sure, just as soon as you tell me what happened to you on Halloween?"

Xander leaned back on to the tombstone. "You're not going to like it, and probably not even believe it."

"I've been around for a quarter of a millennium, try me." Angel dared him hoping for an answer.

Xander shrugged he'll simply deny it to the others. No one will believe he talked to Angel anyway. "Fine I've seen our past, present, and future."

Angel looked at him. "Do you really believe that?"

"Sad to say yes… Liam." Xander replied using his human name to make his point. "What kind of a wuss name is that anyway?"

Angel has heard weirder things in his life. "So how far did you see?"

"More then I'd ever like to." Xander admitted. "It's weird though. I know where you'll make your last stand but mine, Willow's and Buffy's life it all goes blurry after ADAM this Frankenstein looking thing. I still remember things like Willow's… lovers but it's like something's blocking some of it."

Angel shrugged not sure what to say he hates magic but at least it never showed him anything like that. He also thinks the magic keeping him from remembering Ben and Glory is why bits of Xander's memory is blurry. "So why am I not telling Giles?"

"Because if you do I'll tell Giles that you turned a person." Xander warned.

Angel looked at him that wasn't exactly the best threat. "Buffy knows about my past."

Xander looked at him. "Does she know that you spied on her in Hemery, or that you turned a man?"

Angel looked at him. "I'm a vampire she knows that I turned people as Angelus."

Xander had a playful smile. "Yeah, but the soldier in World War 2 is another story."

Angel looked at him he really does know the past no one can know about that except Spike. "Fair enough"

Xander looked at him he wonders how quick the vampire will kill him for this one. "Oh, by the way you have to break up with Buffy. It's best for everyone."

"Gee, isn't that convenient." Angel deadpanned. "Let me guess, you and her have to be together."

Xander shakes his head. "No, I'm her Xander shaped friend, I accept that now. And the sad thing is you're the best she has in the immediate future. Quarter millennia old vampire lusting after a sixteen year old, after that it's a pig, followed by G.I. Masochist, and Angel lite."

Angel glared at him. "So if I'm so good for her why are you breaking us up?"

"Angelus will return if you stay with her." Xander replied.

Angel's face darkened as that monster's life played through his eyes. He was one of the worst vampires out there and everyday he's reminded of it. But being around Buffy makes it better makes the pain less. It gives him a purpose rather then being the crazy guy that eats rats. "You don't know that."

"Sadly, I do." Xander answered almost miserable for Deadboy of all people, damn Halloween. "You change; Buffy does… what she has to and destroys a great big piece of her in the process. Everyone's life is about to go to hell which is why I'm going to try to change things."

Angel frowned he's not sure of some things but he does know one thing and Xander can't do anything about it. "I won't leave Buffy to fight on the hellmouth alone."

"I'm not telling you to cut yourself out of her life." Xander finished, he probably should but Angel is a good fighter and they could use all the help they can get. "Just not in a relationship where you can use the age difference as a division problem."

"I'll talk to her." Angel decided from the look on Xander's face he has no interest in Angelus returning but he's not sure how to stay away from her. Besides the last thing he ever wants to do is let Angelus out and bring hell down on the world. "So what are you going to do?"

Xander shrugged not knowing where to begin but he's getting an idea. "Well, first off I'm going to write a letter. But right now I need to figure out a way to get money. How do you get by?"

"What?" Angel asked.

Xander shrugged. "Well pig's blood, keeping it cool, nuking it to room temperature, you at the very least have an electric bill."

Angel nodded and saw his moment as he grabbed a shovel. "Just follow me... so when Buffy killed me what was your thoughts."

Xander thought on it he can't actually answer it but he thinks it's like this. "Forty percent you deserved to die for the people you killed." Namely Jenny which Xander will do everything possible to keep alive this time. "Thirty percent if Buffy held back Angelus would have killed her. And the final thirty percent... You took my girl, I'm glad you're dead."

Angel nodded that seemed about right.

Xander followed Angel into a crypt and watched as the vampire slaughtered the nest inside of it. Xander watched as Angel tore apart the crypt and got valuables and money. "Oh, so petty theft."

"Can't exactly have a nine to five job." Angel quipped.

Xander smiled collecting some things for himself. This will do once the road trip fund is used up which will be very soon considering the things he wants for what's up ahead probably isn't going to be cheap. Angel waited till his guard was down and went for a cheap weak punch that Xander caught and quickly kicked Angel in the legs and flipped him to the crypt floor.

Angel picked himself up. "Where did you learn that?"

"Halloween" Xander answered as he gathered up the last of the cash. "I'll… leave you alone."

Angel nodded gratefully seeing Buffy outside of the crypt. He turns around and sees Xander has disappeared. "So, that's what that's like."

Angel swallowed a bit of bile and went out to have the worst talk he'd ever have in his life. He can do this he's pretty sure he can. If not he'll lie to Xander and say he did. "Buffy, we need to talk."

Xander entered School and saw Buffy angrily unpacking her locker getting ready for the day. He guesses Angel had that talk with her. "Buff, you OK."

"Oh, I'm just dandy." Buffy replied slamming the door to her locker shut.

Xander nodded. "Yeah, I can see that. What happened?"

Buffy frowned and rolled her eyes. "Angel pulled his on again off again crap and dumped me to protect me. Up for another jealousy dance?"

"Well as much fun as you had playing Lucy while I did the Charlie Brown field goal was I think I'm going to sit this one out." Xander quipped.

Buffy studied his face. "What do you want Xander, I know your favor look?"

"That obvious huh." Xander held up an envelope. "Can you give this to the new girl? No names don't tell her anything about me or you just give it to her and go. Don't even introduce yourself."

Buffy shrugged not seeing any harm in it Xander must like her and a couple girls blew him off because the girls thought they were a thing she'll get back with Angel and maybe Xander will have a chance with this new girl. "Fine, but we're bronzing it tonight."

Buffy went down the hall and was approached by a brunette she never knew with quite a unique necklace. So this must be the new girl.

"Hi, you're Buffy right. I'm Anya."

Buffy nodded and handed her the letter. "And I'm late for class, nice to meet you but I gotta go."

Anya looked at her she wonders what kind of wish a slayer would make. Even though if you ask her those two will be back together by the end of the week. She looks down and opens the envelope and reads her wish… well she has to admit it's definitely unique. Buffy must know who she is and is trying not to kill her. She just figures her wish would be a little more self centered and a little saner considering it makes no sense to her but a wish is a wish. And no matter how quick her and Angel patch things things up this is her job. "Done"

Author's Notes

Xander rewriting history... what could possibly go wrong?