"So really, all I have to do is meet some of the mayor's staff and you'll drop the charges?" A cute sixteen year old girl asked at an offer that almost seemed to good to be true. Despite what Snyder says she knows colleges; barely look at your permanent record your criminal record however not so much.

The balding cop nodded knowing no one will miss this girl. It was a little extra on the side and it takes away a trouble maker as they walk towards city hall.

The girl smiled not believing she's getting off scot-free on possession in exchange for hearing a stupid speech. The smile fades when a loud racket is heard and she turns around and sees a man in a grey hoodie holding a broken stick from the looks of it and the bold cop on the floor.

"Go home" The man ordered and the girl simply nodded and ran in the other direction.

The man looked around and once the coast was clear he lifted the hood revealing he was Xander. Xander kicked over the one cop who showed up at Parent's night and the snake attacks. Xander knew he'd have no problem hurting him because he works for the mayor covering up all the kids brutally murdered in this town.

Xander looked down at him with a simple smile. "Hello Bob" He starts frisking and smiles pulling out a handgun. "Oh, a Glock 17" He holds the gun in his right hand aiming and supporting a knife in his left. "Perfect" He pulls out the clip and sees 17 bullets a magazine as he empties the crooked cops pockets taking the handcuffs, the press taser, and three more clips leaving his revolver on him. "OK, I got everything I came for. Now I'm going to leave you here and hope a hungry vamp shows you the same kindness you showed so many others. Sweet dreams!"

Xander was on his way home to the inn, even with a gun he wasn't going to fight a vampire by himself until he has what else he learned from Snake ready at his disposal.

The next day Xander was in School trying to train with Buffy's training equipment as he was looking at the wooden fake person as he pushes it and stretches his arm. He has Snake's memories but anyone can see something on TV and think they can do it. It's another story actually doing it.

Buffy came in and saw Xander pathetically punching her training dummy thing. She looks down and sees Giles solution was to duct tape it after she kicked it in half while venting her Master trauma. "Xander, what are you doing?"

"I'm trying to relearn how to fight." Xander answered.

Buffy looked at him pathetically hit the training equipment again. "I still remember you fighting Larry Xander, punch, punch jumping spin kick shouldn't be that hard."

Xander smiled at that. "Well yeah I can do that just ask your demon ex."

"So what are you doing now?" Buffy asked.

Xander sighed and figured he had nothing to lose. "Well, Snake knows a much more effective way to fight and I'm trying to remember it, but it's not going that well."

"Why not?" Buffy asked.

Xander shrugged before he started to explain his two reasons. "Number one, I'm not anywhere near as built as Snake was since... well, I never really tried to. Number two Snake hasn't used this fighting style in over a decade."

Buffy looked at him confused. "OK so why didn't he use it for so long if it's so good?"

"Because he has bigger daddy issues then I-anyone I ever met." Xander finished. "Since most of the martial arts are throws I don't see this working out that well with a training dummy."

Buffy smiled and took off her jacket revealing a white number. "Sounds like you need a sparring partner."

Xander nodded but caught on too late since she's going through a breakup. "Yeah,but there's also the number twenty."

"What about the number twenty?" Buffy asked.

"I want to live to see it... no offense."

Buffy glared at him for a moment. "Hey, I can so totally do the control thing. I can be control gal."

Xander shrugged not having a better idea at the moment but he'll certainly find one. Xander took his fighting stance and waited for Buffy to make the first move. Buffy delivered a quick punch wobbling him and Xander just groaned and went back to a fighting stance. Buffy punched again and Xander quickly ducked under it. Buffy went to punch again but this time Xander caught her arm as familiar instincts took over and pushed Buffy away, that wasn't right he meant to knock her down.

Giles walked into Jenny's room seeing they still have twenty minutes until classes started. He sees her at her desk with some sort of remote control in her hand. "Ms. Calendar, what on earth are you doing?"

"It's called a video game English. I don't expect you to understand it's just something that picked up speed only two decades ago, started with two rectangles hitting a square."

Giles looked at the screen somewhat appalled at the bloody nature. "Yes, and it seems to have evolved to you, hiding behind a doorway, then blowing soldiers away when they enter a room while another one behind you looks too scared to shoot straight."

Jenny shrugged this games fun. "It's called Metal Gear Solid. The guy I'm playing as is who Xander who went out as for Halloween. I'd offer to set it up at your house… but I honestly don't think you have a TV." Jenny turned to him. "So, how did you spend your night?"

"Talking to a junior watcher actually." Giles responded. "The young man seemed convinced that we knew each other. But the only way I knew him was through his father. I'll be in the library, enjoy your child's game game."

Giles walked in and smiled at the musty smell of his books. He was also taken back as he saw Buffy and Xander having a sparring match as far as he can see as Xander and Buffy exchange blows seeing Xander in a very unique fighting stance with both hands open as he desperately just keeps up. He watches his slayer throw a weakened punch so she doesn't likely break Xander's ribs if it connects but the other student quickly catches Buffy's arm and wenches it behind her back in a sort of armlock. However before he could lock whatever hold it was he was going for Buffy quickly broke free with a spinning elbow to his face with her free arm. Buffy immediately punched him again and to Giles' surprise Xander went to surprise her with a round house kick in retaliation but his body didn't have the balance for it and he promptly fell on his ass when all his weight came down on one foot.

Xander smiled from his spot on the floor as he got up. "Well at least I didn't make a complete idiot of myself."

Buffy smiled actually impressed with some of these moves. "Hey, you're doing better then some of the vampires I've fought."

Buffy went for a kick but her eyes lit up as Xander knocked her foot aside and wrapped his arm over her shoulder and used his legs to take out her other leg and pushing her to the floor and went for a punch but Buffy rolled away and to her feet not even showing an ounce of exhaustion.

Giles cleared his throat seeing the two have likely lost track of time.

Xander took a breath of relief finally getting to rest he's going to have some bruises as he recollects himself.

Buffy looked at him. "You should really work out and keep working on those moves and working out in general. Second best fighter in Sunnydale high now."

"Better fighter then Angel?"

"Second best fighter in Sunnydale High." Buffy concluded she's definitely better then him so are Angel, The Master and Spike but random vamps will be in for a surprise if they attack him.

"What exactly was that?" Giles asked wondering about some of those moves Xander was using. He's never seen anything like it before it seemed like some hybrid form of Judo

"Just a little something I picked up on Halloween." Xander replied.

Buffy wanted to know what that was she's never seen a style like that before. "We know that obviously, what's it called?"

"It doesn't have a name here; do you want to keep helping me spar?" Xander asked hopefully as the knowledge just seemed to bleed into him during the fight as he got better and better still has a lot of work to do though.

Buffy nodded it will be nice to know Xander can take care of himself since he always accompanies her on patrol. "Yeah, just keep working out and practicing those kicks."

Xander smiled seeing a compliment from the slayer who knew. "Nice as that was we have French class."

"Wouldn't want to miss that." Buffy quipped.

Giles smiled watching the two leave well at least that's one less thing he'll have to worry about maybe constantly sparring will keep Buffy on her toes.

Willow looked at Xander uneasy after this revelation. She knows things have been different for her best friend since Halloween. But this, this is unnatural. It can't make sense, not any of it could make sense. "How did you get a hundred on the French test?"

"Because I'm fluent in it and I now have a 180 IQ." Xander answered bluntly they just got out of English and she's still focused on French.

Willow looked at him. "How are you fluent in French? I'm not fluent in French? What else do you speak?"

"Russian and two other languages" Xander answered.

Willow rolled her eyes. "Oh yeah say something in a foreign language"

Xander rolled his eyes seeing a young guy they're age, Ford. Xander just quietly muttered. "Bohze moi"

Buffy turned around and almost let out a squeal seeing her old friend from Hemery as she hugged him "Ford, what are you doing here?"

"Matriculating, I just transferred."

Buffy smiled this was so cool. "Willow, Xander, meet Billy Fordman"

Xander shakes his hand and Willow turned to see the bold troll Snyder glaring at her as he started. "Rosenberg, you have a phone call at my office, someone named Wes, he says it's an emergency and will sue the school if you don't answer."

Xander smiled hearing. "So Will, secret husband we don't know about?"

"No!" Willow answered honestly almost blushing as she followed Snyder.

Xander turned to Buffy as Willow left. "So what'd you do after the Bronze last night?"

"Nothing" Buffy answered quickly not wanting to share with Xander about Angel and his noblewoman friend. Xander hates Angel enough as is no reason to add fuel to that fire.

Xander waited in the corner over looking the Sunset club. A group of vampire loving morons and one potential sociopath, Xander waits for his moment and sees Ford come out as he follows him until he goes down a dark alley giving Xander the opportunity he needed as Xander pushed Ford into a wall and pointed a gun to the back of his head. Doing his best to avoid the smell of the dank malodorous alley. "Don't try anything and I won't shoot you."

Ford stops and hears the click knowing whoever it is means business. "What do you want?"

"It's not what I want, it's what you want." Xander replied. "And it's not going to happen."

Ford smiled. "You can't stop me."

Xander grabbed the teenager by the back of his head and smacked it into the wall. "I can if I have to, these people don't deserve to die."

"Well neither do I!" Ford shouted from the floor at the man in the hoodie. "But no one seemed to take that into consideration because I'm still dying. I have six months left and by then what they bury won't even look like me. It will be bold, ugly, and smell bad I'm not going out like that."

Xander rolled his eyes not impressed. "So potentially thousands of people deserve to die in your place. Yourself included since you die and a demon sets ups shop in your corpse."

"Whatever it takes" Ford replied getting to his feet. "Since we both know good guys don't kill humans why don't you just..."

Ford's conversation was cut off as Xander put the glock in his mouth.

Xander looked at him like he could squeeze the trigger at any given moment. "Maybe I'm not a good guy; maybe I'm just a killer with some wet work to do." Xander sees the tears in Ford's eyes and kept the gun where it was. "You came here to try to trade Buffy's life and twenty others to save your own sorry ass. By all rights I should pull this trigger, especially given how woefully stupid police are in this town. But then there'd be unwanted questions and my streak of luck it will turn right back to me so here's what's going to happen. You're going back to Hemery, tonight and you're leaving the vamp groupies behind. You'll live the next six months to the fullest get some hookers have some fun, whatever you want. But I will be keeping tabs on you, if you even think of vampires again; you won't have six seconds let alone six months. Do you understand me?"

Xander pushed him away and Ford just gave him a cold look. "You know roles were reversed you would have done the same thing."

"We can clearly see I'm not. You want to live try to harvest blood from a Mohra demon but odds are he'll kill you." Xander replied causing Ford to walk away. Ford decides having six months is better then six seconds and this was one of Buffy's friends so maybe he'll look for this Mohra demon."

Xander frowned and that's one crisis averted. He pulled out a cigarette and a book of matches just to calm down. He lights up and hears someone sneaking up on him Buffy's other stalker. "Did you get all that Deadboy?"

"Stop calling me that." Angel walked out of the shadows and looked at Xander smoking that's new but he's also wondering about what he heard is right. "You're dying?"

Xander shakes his hand as honestly, he's not sure, he's doubtful, but he's not certain. "Fifty, Fifty Chance but even if I am I still have some time."

"You don't seem sick." Angel replied.

Xander smiled he wishes it was that easy. "No man, accelerated aging, also incapable of having children. But until I actually get tested I don't know if I actually have that so mum is the word until then kapisce." He turned to Angel. "So, why were you checking on Ford?"

"He seemed like a bad guy." Angel answered. "You could have just told me you had it covered. Me and Willow were going to investigate him tomorrow."

"How would that be funny?" Xander asked. He was hoping to do this before Willow gave him an invite. But he should be fine since he split Buffy and Angel up. Xander crushes his cigarette under foot and turns to Angel. "I'm heading out, since I scared off Ford think you can scare off the fang bangers by showing them a real vampire."

Angel nodded. "I think I can manage."

Xander walked up to his apartment and heard someone inside of it. He quickly pulls out his knife and gun and kicked open the door. He aims at the fridge and quickly lowered his weapon seeing a human figured demon at the fridge dressed in tacky clothes. "If you're going to raid my fridge could you at least grab me a beer and a twinkie?"

The man in the hat smiled and pulled out two beers and two twinkies. "Hello Xander, I'm…"

"Whistler, balancing demon" Xander filled in for him as he took a seat at the table with the other man joining him. "So, what can I do for you this fine day?"

Whistler opened his beer and took a drink. "Well I told them this was a waste of time. But they sent me here to tell you to stop changing things in the grand design."

"That's not going to happen." Xander replied getting to his feet. "Now if you'll excuse me I have a weekend in LA to prepare for."

"And what exactly do you think you accomplished tonight?" Whistler asked. "Hate to be the one to tell you this pal, but free will is more of an idea then anything else. Ham or turkey is about the extent of free will."

Xander went to his closet and pulled some clothes for the weekend cause come Friday, he's gone as soon as the final bell rings for school. "If you saw what I saw you'd do everything to stop it. And if this crap is so dangerous why didn't you take it out of my head the CQC, the gun knowledge all of it."

"Well that's what was supposed to happen you were only supposed to remember little bits to help out in future problems pal." Xander guesses that would be the judge and the Mayor and lets Whistler continue. "Ironically for all the safe guards we took it's a fifty cent piece of candy that's about to bring the world to its knees."

Xander rolls his eyes he doubts it would go that far. "Yeah, how dare I stop Buffy from dealing with hurt and pain?"

"You took away her baby steps so now she'll crash headstrong into something much worse man." Whistler warned.

Xander put a hand to his chest. "If only some dashing lovable rogue didn't break her and Angel up… Oh wait I did."

Whistler looked at him. "You think you can change things for the better, the big moments will come you can't change that Xander and when the balance shifts to worse I hope like hell you're ready to deal with the things you've done and changed."

Xander looked at him with eyes full of hate. "If this knowledge is so dangerous why don't you have your bosses take it away. They have before."

"They can't" Whistler replied it was the first thing they tried. "Janus is protecting your mind. You've been chosen as a fate changer, and since you want to try to change fate, well best of luck with that man."

Xander watches Whistler leave as his phone rings in thee hotel and he picks it up, "Hello"

"I know this might sound strange Mr. Harris but I need you to tell me…"

Xander smiled on his end. "I was the one who brought you back to the past Wes."

"Oh… may I ask how assuming you have knowledge of the future also?"

"A wish" Xander answered. "I broke Buffy and Angel up and knew Anya was coming so I put it to good use."

Wesley nodded on the other end he can't believe he looks like a little troll again. "All things considered I wish you'd have summoned a version of myself back a little earlier it's quite bizarre dealing with Illyria one day and waking up at the watcher's council the next. So are you and Anya back together?"

"Wes when did I pull you back to the past from?" Xander asked concerned. "What was the last thing you did?"

"I destroyed the Orlon window. Gave me back my memories of abducting Conner." Wes Replied.

Xander bit his tongue and groaned. "Wes, I am so sorry. I wrote down you'd have your memories from when you took over Wolfram and Hart but I never specified when. I didn't mean for you to get what happened to Fred. I just wanted badass Wes not ponce Wes."

Wesley nodded from the other end. "So can you see if this Anya lady can help me with Fred's death?"

Xander held the phone for a moment. "Wes I can't. I never even saw Anya, I just had Buffy give her a letter with the wish on it making Anya think it was from her."

"I don't understand you two were engaged to be married as Cordelia told it. So why would you not want to see her again?" Wes asked he's fighting every bit of himself by not taking the first portal to Pylea.

"Because of whom she was." Xander answered honestly. "And it's not because of the demon thing it's the human thing." Xander laid back on bed it's strange having all these memories of a girl you fell in love with but it's strange seeing the love story through someone else's mind. "She wasn't exactly like either of the deadboys with the penance thing. She was a vengeance demon and proud of her work. She didn't try for redemption she didn't even feel shame for all the people she hurt most of the time. I don't think four good years could overdo a thousand bad ones and I don't want to risk sending her down if you get my drift." Xander thought this through as D'Hoffryn said she's expendable so it probably didn't take long to find a new patron saint of scorned women. So Anya can't do that much damage by keeping her a vengeance demon.

Wesley understood that though it was definitely twisted in his own way. "I can understand where you are coming from. So why are you calling me to this place in your attempt to change fate?"

"I was hoping you could babysit a future slayer for me, maybe build up her trust in people."

"Ah, Ms. Lehane?" Wes asked with his old voice.

Xander looked at his phone almost like his head was going to roll off. "Who the fuck is Han? I want you to watch Faith, the girl who tortured you. Unless it's too weird for you but you worked together before."

Wes held the phone kind of dumbstruck. Xander was never his favorite person in Sunnydale maybe it was a mutual attraction for Cordelia. Didn't stop Cordy from mentioning Xander slept with the slut o rama slayer. "Xander, how can you bed the girl and not even learn her last name, it's a wonder she took so long to turn evil."

'Because her last name was never brought up on the show' Xander thought to himself. "This is still seventeen year old me in my body Wes. I just kind of saw the future and saw the wish as a way to get some backup. And from keeping a useless pilock from nearly destroying a woman… no offense."

"It's hard to be offensive when it's the truth." Wes conceded knowing he was pathetic as a watcher. "Though you do realize, Faith already has a watcher at this point."

Xander nodded and considering how badly it shook her up he'd rather avoid a repeat performance with Kakistos. "Yeah but I'm sure the almighty headboy can work out a way to be her watcher or co watcher, she's not a slayer yet."

"And Kendra?" Wes asked.

Xander frowned he should have known that was coming. "I'm going to try to keep Kendra alive but she wasn't like Buffy and Faith she was raised as a soldier and nothing else. If it's not Drusilla it will be someone else that punches her number… I'm not trying to sound like an asshole but she was trained to fight and when you do nothing but fight you'll eventually pick one you can't win."

Wes knew all about that he played everyone and got a knife to his throat for his trouble. You try to save everyone you get everyone killed. "I'll talk to Mr. Travers. It shouldn't be that hard to convince her watcher a little help never hurt anyone since according to the journals everyone thought the powers would have to be crazy to activate Faith… Xander… hello."

"I'm still here… just something really funny I thought of for Buffy's birthday next year." Xander answered. "Look while I have you on the phone can you set me up with your weapons guy in LA? The one that made that cool transforming sword."

Wes wasted no time and gave him the address. "So how does this work I watch Faith, you watch Buffy."

Xander nodded easily enough. "That would be the plan. If you want we can go to Pylea over the summer. Nothing ever happens then and we both know Fred can take care of herself there."

Wes nodded knowing now he has to make a couple stops between England and Boston. "Yes that sounds swimmingly. And Xander, about Cordelia."

"I know!" Xander cut him off nearly shouting at him, hating this part feeling guilt rush through him for how badly it ended and that it was the first step towards Jasmine. "I know, Cordy, Willow, just don't."

Wes gave him his phone number in emergency and to catch up once a week with the slayers progress for Faith and Buffy. "It's interesting you have a chance to change the grand design for everyone can't wait to see what you do with it."

"I was thinking of marrying Willow seeing how much of a crush she had I was oblivious to." Xander answered as Wes panicked on the other end.

Wes thought of this and panicked remembering Willow later on. "Oh… well… that's very…"

"I already know Wes. Not going to happen." Xander assured him. "Maybe Fred"

"Yes, I'm sure Fred will have thousand of epiphanies in physics studying those nightmares you call shirts. I'll call you on Sunday." Wes rolls his eyes and the next thing Xander hears is the dial tone signaling he hung up.

Xander hangs up the phone. Another thing he needs to get a cell phone. Well he'll add it to his list of things to do in LA. It's going to be a long weekend.

Author's Notes

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The Mohra was what Angel fought that turned him human.