Xander watched as a blond woman in black clothes stared down Buffy whom was in a leather jacket. He knows this blond woman from somewhere. He watches as Buffy's opponent kicks her head off Xander watches in horror until sparks come out of her neck.

"It's a robot. Did anyone else know the slayer is a robot?"

What the hell? When did they ever send the Buffybot to do that? He sees another Buffy come up behind her and attacks her with a couple punches and the other woman simply punches her hand through Buffy's stomach exiting her back as a red arm shows through and Buffy's body drops to the floor off the arm to Xander's disgust as he painfully looks away the image too much to bare.

The woman with the now red arm looked at him. "What are you shocked about? No hammer sweetcheeks. You chose a demon's life over your best friend's?"

Xander shot up awake and looked at the phone book in the computer support section which now has a knife in it. He goes into the medicine cabinet and reads the bottle he picked up in LA. "Full efficiency takes 7-10 days." Xander takes a pill and downs it with a handful of water from the sink. Wednesday, four to seven more days of this crap, he grabs his backpack and goes for another day at school. Xander packed the envelope from the lab into his backpack maybe at school he'll have the guts to read it today.

Jonathon Levinson sat in computer class hearing insane muttering from Willow's best friend. Jonathon rolls his eyes there's only so much of it he can take. But the guy will probably just bully him since he's been hanging out with Buffy.

"Dekak, Dahak, Delik, That's it." Xander realized. "Dalek"

Jonathon looked at him. "That's from Dr. Who."

Xander looked at him for a moment before smacking his head on his desk thanks to the short junior and frustration.

"Sorry" Jonathon replied weakly.

Xander got up and shook his head. "It's not a problem man. Saves me from searching graveyards for a fake name."

Xander heard the bell and was thankful for the distraction. "So, would you know anything about black magic families?"

Buffy came to the library and heard what she thought was the regular fight between Giles and Ms. Calendar over technology. She came in to a very different site of Xander shirtless doing pull ups in the book cage with a quarterstaff like she does arguing with the back of the library.

Buffy looked away. "When did you start working out?"

"Halloween" Xander answered as he hopped off. "If you want to start working out shirtless just know that I will support you one hundred percent."

"Pass" Buffy replied.

Xander nodded and shouted to the back. "The originals are classics anyone replacing them are nothing but an eyesore and a disgrace to it."

Jonathon came out with a book in hand. "He wasn't his replacement he was his successor."

Xander rolled his eyes. "He wasn't his successor. He was the headstrong jackass that got him killed."

"He was just as brave as him if not braver. He was even trusted with the Matrix."

Xander looked at him with confusion. You have to be kidding. "Recklessness is not bravery. It's how you say hey jackass I'm right here, or in his case get the get the bad guy to grab him and go 'hey big good eat lead or he dies'!"

Buffy looks at the two and sounds like her card might be filled with something big. "What are you two talking about?"

"Battle of the Primes from Transformers" Xander answered. "I stand by my thinking that Optimus is the one true Prime while Jonathon thinks Rodimus did a better job."

Buffy let that sink in for a moment. "You're talking about children's toys… I think I'm going to get to go to history class... How sad I'm actually looking forward to that."

Jonathon saw Buffy and decided to make a point that he could be useful to the group. "Oh I think I found what you were looking for. It's called Deu Lac."

"Which is Klingon for noogie? Thanks man." Xander said quickly cutting him off.

Buffy quietly regained her composure and left the room for them to do… whatever it is they're doing.

Jonathon looked at him. "Why don't you want her to know what we're up to?"

Xander just put a hand up. "It's something that's going to add more stress to her life... and I hurt her enough already… so where's this crypt?"

Jenny looked at the envelope in her hand. She knew she was crossing a lot of people by coming to Sunnydale mainly Rupert. She looked in her hands and saw the lab envelope she had taken from Xander's back pack while he was distracted looking up Dale from Disney on the computer.

"You know, I was wondering what I did with that?"

Jenny nearly jumped out of her seat but turned to the door seeing Xander. "Xander, what are you doing here?"

Xander calmly took the envelope from her after finding it missing. "I came for this. Figured I'd left it in class. So thanks for hanging on to it."

Jenny nodded and looked at him nervously with the letter. "You haven't read it yet, have you?"

Xander shakes his head and put it back in his book bag. "It's just a prescription for aspirin."

Jenny chuckled for a moment, who is he trying to fool now? "Really, so you left Sunnydale because you needed aspirin? You see, I think you needed to know whether or not FOXDIE is currently in your system."

Xander looked away. He didn't even tell Angel that. It's exactly why he manipulated Wesley's arrival if he dropped dead in five minutes at least Wes would be able to pick up where he left off. "Well, you have quite the imagination. Now if you'll excuse me I have class."

Jenny frowned watching him leave. She doesn't need to read the results now, the lies were written clear on his face.

Willow looked at Jenny confused why did she need to see her so urgently after class. She can't be in trouble can she? She walked up to the teacher and this was a new circumstance for her. "Ms. Calendar, y-you wanted to see me?"

Jenny nodded. "Have a seat" Willow sat down next to her. "I need to talk to you about Xander."

Willow looked away nervously. "OK, what did he do wrong?"

Jenny smiled she knew Willow was the one to talk to about this. Odds are she already knows this. "It's nothing it's just he ran away from home. And I'm kind of concerned about him."

"Why?" Willow asked he's been taking care of himself for a year and even fought in an apocalypse or two.

Jenny leaned back and explained. "The vampire invitation it doesn't work unless you own the property lock stock and barrel so hotel rooms and the sort they're all fair deal."

Willow weakly nodded and laughed. "Oh, of course I knew that. He does too. So I'll see you later Ms. Calendar."

Jenny smiled seeing Willow quickly flee the room. It's low but Xander needs someone to talk to if not her, maybe his best friend.

Xander sat on the steps of the basement cigarette in his mouth his fingers tracing over the seal of the envelope. He can't keep blowing this off but he's seventeen and much like Buffy last year he's not ready to die yet. He refuses to accept his fate could be written down on this tiny piece of paper.

He turns around at the door opening and sees Cordelia enter and quickly lock the door.

Cordelia collected herself in a sigh. She has to hear Harmony rant about one more might date she might kill her. She looks down and sees Xander, one guy that does not make smoking look cool. "Hey dweeb, what's with the envelope?"

Xander looked at her. "Oh it's from the lab, it's confirmed my suspicions that you're some sort of alien hooker hybrid."

Cordy rolled her eyes. He's been treating her like dirt since Halloween. And not the friendly sparring rounds they usually have. "OK, what's your trauma; you've been treating me like dirt since Halloween."

Xander looked up at her with mocking smile like he found bliss as he tosses what's left of his cigarette. "Karma for every day since first grade"

Cordy glared at him and snatched the envelope out of his hands.

"Hey" Xander protested as he shot to his feet.

Cordy read the envelope header. "LA medical center, this is doctor stuff."

"Give it back!" Xander ordered.

Cordy rolled her eyes. "Take it from me" She read and saw the heading coming to a stop. She figured his dad had liver cancer or something and he's taken it out on him, but it's written out to Xander himself. "This is about you, isn't it?"

Xander frowned. "Just give it back, please?"

Cordy looked at him. "Sure, right after this." She opened the letter and quickly skimmed through it trying to find words she understood. "OK, ew" She smiled and handed the paper to Xander.

Xander looked at the paper and read through it. A small smile spreads over his face when he sees he can have children and it keeps growing when there is no trace of Progeria or other toxins. He's completely healthy. "I'm going to be OK."

"Yup you get to torture me for a very long time to come… lucky me." Cordy quipped as Xander rolled his eyes. Somehow he should have seen that coming.





"I hate you."

"I hate you."

Xander felt a surge as he grabbed Cordelia but quickly backed his head away stopping the kiss before they could start. "What were we doing?"

Cordelia looked at him and realized she was about to kiss Xander Harris of all people. "Losing our freaking minds…" She quietly backed off with him. "So this never happened."

"And can never happen again." Xander muttered sadly. Him breaking Cordy's heart was the first step to Jasmine. Hopefully now when her family goes broke she can go to Willow and not worry about the fluke until his planned big payday pays off for everyone.

"Agreed…" She made it to the top of the steps and stopped. "But I'm glad you're not dying." Cordy replied as she went back to the hall.

Xander looked to the ground and tried to regain his focus. He went into his pocket hoping for a smoke but only came out with an empty pack. He let out a simple chuckle that devolved into laughing as he threw the pack down. He kept laughing until he came to a sudden stop and ran to the wall rapidly punching it in fury with his right hand driving through plaster and wood, the noise drowned out by five hundred high schoolers. Xander came to an abrupt stop looking at the bloody knuckles as blood poured down his right hand. He's going to have to tape up his hand, but he feels a little better.

Willow walked up to the Motor Inn, OK she doesn't want Xander to go back home but there has to be a safe place to protect him from vampires maybe Joyce will take him in. Willow walks up to his room and something smells really good. Who knew Xander could cook.

Xander spread the ingredients finally finding bloodroot today. He can safely cross off sorcerer from where he'll be five years from now. He listens to the radio as he looks at the spell ingredients.

"In a bizarre double homicide in LA last night police are struggling to find a connection between Professor Oliver Siedel and Jonathon Knox both men were found dead this morning two bullets in their head along with three in their hearts."

Xander turned to the radio the story getting his attention. Wes is stateside and has killed two human beings… Well… couldn't happen to nicer people. Xander went into the fridge and pulled out a coke and hoagie leftovers hearing a knock at the door. Xander sighed and put his food on the table. He opens the door and sees Willow with a deli bag.

"I come bearing meatball subs." The redhead said as Xander opened the door for her causing her to look down at his taped fist. "What happened to your hand?"

"Broken bottle, never again will I drink an old school Coke, plastic is fine." Xander quipped.

Willow sat down at the table and looked at him as they opened their sandwiches. "So, reason I'm here you do realize vampires don't need to be invited in here right, they can just come right in."

Xander smiled it's nice to see her looking out for him. "I know, they always crash and empty the fridge because I never have enough pig's blood on hand, curse my human hunger for food."


Xander held up the spell. "I was working on it while you were coming here; it just needs to be chanted out loud."

Willow smiled looking at the spell but quickly remembered. "Magic is dangerous Xander."

"Yeah hello blind Cordy, dying Buffy, got the message." Xander assured her. "Willow this spell is for protection, nothing more, a demon uses it in his bar to make sure his demon customers don't eat his human customers."

Willow looked at the paper it seems harmless enough and she kind of wants to try it. "Can I say it?"

Xander gives an innocent shrug if Lorne did it no problem this should be a cakewalk for her. Besides this has to be a much less dangerous introduction to magic then cursing someone with a soul. He hands the paper to her. "Have at it."

Willow looked at the paper and read aloud. ""Violence restrained, demons disarmed. For mortals within these walls, no harm. Protection and safety this charm doth endow to make this shelter a sanctuary now." Willow looked around. "Was it a dud?"

Xander looked around and smiled seeing the bloodroot was gone. "Nope, worked like a charm. Thank you for showing concern Will but I'll be alright."

Xander ate with Willow and when they were finished he cleared the table and saw her out.

That night Xander went to the Deu Lac crypt and started searching coffin after coffin for the cross. It isn't long before the whole place is torn apart. Xander sighed not even anything useful to fence or keep. He came out and saw a small battalion of five vampires.

"Now why, am I not, surprised?" He asked while exiting the crypt.

The vampire smiled. "We have a message for you."

Xander sat there knife and handgun securely strapped to his back. "Let's hear it, unless its an emotional matter, I don't do the crying game."

The vampire smiled. "Thanks for finding the key naughty kitten."

Xander quickly pulled his handgun and a whittled stake to a knife, this is bad. "Don't even think about it."

The first vampire rushed and Xander quickly squeezed off a round into his head without aiming. The four watched as the vampire writhed on the floor twitching and convulsing in agony screaming in pain as smoke rose up form the wound.

Another vampire tried to grab him but Xander grabbed his arm in mid air and quickly snatched it behind his back in the hammerlock and thanks to sparring with Buffy elbows him in the back of the head before he can get hit with a spinning elbow by the vampire. Xander quickly staked the unbalanced vampire before he could recover leaving three left.

The three seeing he could fight left nothing to chance now all rushing at once. Xander groaned seeing them come and quickly grabbed the first ones arm and knocked him to the floor with a slam only to get punched in the face by another one wobbling back. Xander cursed himself as instinct took over and he went for a roundhouse kick. To his surprise he not only connected with it, but was finally able to stay on his feet.

"Holy moly, it worked," Xander quipped and was greeted with a punch to the face as he fell to the floor reeling from it. Xander quickly tried to take another shot only to have the gun kicked out of his hand as one of the vampires went to pick him up from behind and was kicked twice, once with each leg in the head by Xander wobbling him as the Zeppo quickly rolled to his side got back to his feet. Stake in one hand while leaving the other completely open. Xander grabbed a vampire's fist and was greeted with a kick to the ribs by another for his trouble. Xander looks it over he needed more time and training, he was supposed to sneak up on vampires, not the other way around every attack by one vampire that he blocked he was hit by another in return.

The vampire smiled seeing him getting up slower and slower. "You really think you can win this?"

The vampire threw a punch but Xander grabbed it only for the other two to grab his arms. Xander smiled looking behind them with an eye that's definitely going to swell. "I do now."

The vampire laughed until it was forcibly turned around by Angel and slugged in the face falling to the floor as the ensouled vampire kicked one of tthe vampires holding Xander in the chest freeing his right arm which the soldier quickly used to grab his metal knife and proceeded to rapidly stab the last vampire in the chest a couple times. Stab wounds might not kill them but like bullets they gotta hurt. The vampire pushed him off and Xander saw Angel stake one his attackers making it two on two.

Xander's vampire pulled the knife out of his stomach. "I'm going to gut you with this boy." Xander caught the knife hand and quickly drove his elbow into the vampire's throat forcing him to drop the knife as Xander flipped him to the floor. Xander pulled out another stake and drove it into the demon's heart before going to the twitching vampire on the floor with the gun wound in his head and staking him as well.

Angel pushed his last vampire into the mausoleum wall face first and drove a couple punches into his back and spine before turning him around and unloading three punches on his face before he does a move Xander has seen multiple times on the vampire's show where he puts him under his armpit and breaks his neck leaving him helpless as Angel rummages his pockets and stakes the man.

Xander rolled his eyes, he knew he forgot to do something. Oh well, he'll take living another day over a pay day any time. "Thanks for the assist."

Angel nodded noticing the fight catching up to Xander as the adrenaline from staying alive wears off as the vampire catches him before he falls. "Buffy told me she's been helping you with your… Judo thing. But I think you should have started off with one instead of four."

"There were five." Xander countered as Angel sat him down on a tombstone. "And I didn't fight them they ambushed me when I came here for something. Drusilla knew what I was up to; I forgot she can see into the future too."

Angel understood it now and realized how lucky he was to come here when he did. While Dru sees glimpses god knows what would have happened if he had headed home five minutes later and her flunkies had killed him if not worse. "What did you come here for?"

"A gold cross that's gone now." Xander replied as he got to his feet and checked his gun making sure nothing jammed from the kick. Angel watched him pull out the magazine and saw a small cross curved on the bullet sticking out and every other one. "Watch your back man the thing I was looking for its part of a ritual to restore Drusilla, the other half is you, so stay on your toes."

Angel nodded and before the two left the cemetery Xander went left and to his surprise Angel was following him.

Xander turned around and looked at him and pointed behind him. "You live that way."

Angel rolled his eyes. He's not any happier about this then Xander is. "Yeah, but if Buffy finds out I let you walk home alone wounded. She'll run a redwood through my stomach."

"Maybe even a telephone pole for breaking her heart." Xander added. As Angel nodded weakly apparently Buffy still hasn't told him yet.

Angel came into Xander's apartment and dropped him on the couch. "You know, this might be easier if you just tell them that you remember the future."

"Sure, then I'll tell Buffy about the paranoia you left all the guests in the Hyperion in with." Xander warned.

Angel glared at him that was a low blow. "They hung me."

"You lived. And if people learn about the future they'll stop trying and just do what's expected." Xander countered. "God I should have just gone to Halloween as a regular solder but nope, had to go big."

"Then you wouldn't know what you know. You wouldn't have been able to help us." Angel pointed out.

Xander got to his feet and locked the gun in a safety box. "Yeah, Dru beat me to the cross, nearly had me killed if not worse, and I ended any chance I had with a good woman today. I'm doing a bang up job."

"Well… you helped Buffy avoid a lot of pain with Ford that's gotta mean something." Angel pointed out.

Xander smiled yes he saved Buffy from Ford's death and staking and he saved her from the hell Angelus would put her through. He guesses that's something. "Now I just have to figure out a way to convince someone to keep having her head checked."

"That's a lot to take in for a seventeen year old boy." Angel replied.

Xander thought to himself, yeah try watching The Body it's like watching forty minutes of pure evil. Seventeen… uh oh seventeen, he might already be out of time. "Seventeen... oh sh…"

Xander quickly got to his feet and grabbed his gun and a knife. "I gotta go; I might be out of town for a couple days if I am, watch Buffy over the weekend. I'm pretty sure something goes down."

Angel looked at him. "If something important is happening shouldn't you wait till Monday to go on this adventure?"

Xander shakes his head and pockets a cell phone and his bottle of pills. "No, I might already be out of time. I gotta to go now. Just watch Buffy and call me if anything happens my number is five, five, five, three, three, two, three, two, six, nine."

Angel looked at him and rolled his eyes he's getting sick of it. He had to have payed extra for that number. "That's a joke right?"

"No, freak luck that gave me a good laugh." Xander replied. "Room's paid for the month so just lock up with the key under the rug. Don't forget call me."

"Do you need help?" Angel asked he seems flustered.

"Two pieces of human garbage I can handle it in my sleep let alone bruised. You just focus on Buffy and the others." Xander assured him running for the door and starting his truck up.

Angel nodded and saw Xander off he wonders what has him so spooked to move so fast.

Xander turned around staring at the vampire. "Angel... th-t-t."

Angel shrugged at least he's not calling him deadboy. "You're welcome."

Xander wasted no time and was on his way. Of course if he had a brain he would have used the white pages to see if they lived in Sunnydale but no time. He'll get Wes to help too. He didn't seem as much of a Luddite as Giles in the future and he's sure Fred taught him a thing or two in the future. Hopefully he's not too late.