"Bless you!" Edd giggled from the kitchen when he heard kevin sneeze from the living room.

"Thank you." Kevin mumbled. It was late december and in the middle of Winter break, just after christmas. Because the cul-de-sac was snowed in (along with the rest of the town) Kevin and Edd were spending some cozy alone time together.

Eddward picked up two mugs, that were now filled with scolding hot chocolate, and walked into the living room, careful not to spill the content of eather mug. The raven haired boy then proceeded to set the cups down on the table(on coasters of course) in front of the couch. Sockhead yelped as kevin suddenly grabbed him by the waist and pulled him down onto the couch with him.

Edd blushed at the admittible girly noise he made. "Kevin! You really should warn a person before you go and suprise them like that!" Kevin looked at the adorable boy pouting in his arms and smerked.

"Well, then would'nt that take the suprise part out of it, smarty pants?" Kevin chuckled. DD sighed.

"Yes, I supose it would love." he smiled warmly up at the ginger.

"Besides," kevin starts, "I'm cold, and your alwas warm." Kev squeezed his partner close and kissed his forhead. Edd relaxed into his embrace, one arm hooked under kevins, ther resting on one of his pectorals, and his head resting on his loves shoulder.

Eddward hummed in delight, "It seems that no bed is as comftorble as your body, my love." He blushed slightly at his own words, "Why do you think that is?" After he heard no reply from his jock, he looked up to see if anything was the matter. The red head in question was fast asleep. 'He must have been more tired than I asumed' Edd thought. Following his boyfriends lead the nerd placed his head back on Kevins shoulder and fell into a blissful slumber. Hot chocolates long forgotten and left to get cold.

The couple woke to clicks and camera flashes. Kevin was the first to be awake and fully aware of what was going on, and he was not happy about it. In front of them were Nat and Nazz (the troublsome twosome) snapping pictures of them with their camera phones.

Kevin shot up from his spot on the couch, "Come on guys! Can we not have one moment of peace?!" He yelled at his giggling friends.

"What do ya mean?" The blond asked through her giggles.

"Yeah, we just wanted to spend some time with our favorite little nerd," Nat started, "You two were the ones being adorable cuddle whores!" He laughed.

"Oh, how embaressing..." A now fully away Double D stated while trying to pull his hat over his eyes. Kevin smiled at his cute blushing boyfriend but then remembered he was still mad at his friends. The red head just looked at the two and sighed.

"Well as long as you two knumb-skulls didn't do any thing stupid, like post a picture on face book, I guess I wont kill ya." The two "Knumb-skulls" looked at eachother, then scrambled to get to the door before Kevin could kill them.