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September 13th, 2014

She stood in the middle of the recently constructed dance floor, her long brown hair curled perfectly to match her soft romantic make up and her veil in her hair. Her arms were crossed physically showing her need for alone time before she made her trip down the isle.

Everything so far was perfect. The Oheka Castle's Terrace Room was outfitted with long stem white and pale pink roses as centerpieces on the white linen covered tables. The golden tint of the room from the chandeliers and golden walls gave a feeling of complete luxury and elegance, exactly what the future Mrs. Castle wanted her wedding day to feel like.

The round tables were made with ten place settings, prepared for a full five course meal. Their 250 guests would soon be dining on greek salad, lamb, and slices of wedding cake from New York's finest bakery. The champagne was being ushered in to golden holders that would soon be filled with ice to chill the champagne and allow the celebrations to go on all night with no one having to drink their alcohol at an uncomfortable temperature.

She was still in her yoga pants and custom sweatshirts Lanie had made for them which read Mrs. Castle on the back and had 00 under it to look like a jersey. She looked down at her feet which were still in flip flops from her fresh pedicure. She felt the tears begin to form in her eyes, "this is all too surreal" she thought to herself holding back her tears as to not mess up her makeup. It was now 1:30 and she had only an hour and a half before she walked down the isle to the man of her dreams.

Looking back on it all, she knew considering the job in Washington was just a cover up. Really she was afraid for him to propose because she didn't know if he could be the wife he needed. He reassured her when she finally broke down the walls she built up and told him how she felt, that just being herself was perfect for him; that was after all, why he wanted to marry her in the first place.

She decided it was time to join her bridesmaids who were putting their dresses on when she left. Kate was sure to pick a look that was approiate for all of her bridesmaids, finally decided on a petal pink, cap sleep dress. The sweet heart neckline and soft ruffles on the side made the dress both fun and romantic. She was never much of a pink girl, but love was doing crazy things to her.

Surprisingly, she picked out her brides maids dresses before her own. She took months to find her own. Looking through the high end bridal stores of New York, she came home every time empty handed. Finally she decided to take a trip to New Jersey for a few more looks before expanding her search area. She and Lanie were at their last store when she found it, the one. Every other dress she tried on was too poofy, covered in flowers or bows, or didn't feel right; Kate knew this was the one the moment she put it on.

The shop owner said it was one of kind, a mix of two dresses a bride had found and had made before calling off her engagement. Wasn't it a bad omen? Kate hoped not, because she had already fallen in love with it by the time the shop owner told her the story. The mermaid silhouette gown, which was both lace and tulle, was the perfect mix of romance and elegance Kate had been looking for. The sweetheart neck line showed a tiny bit of the scar Rick kissed every night before the two of them fell asleep. The lace top hugged all of Kate's curves and drew emphasis to her with a beautiful belt of crystals. The bottom which was tulle and lined at the bottom with lace, flared out just enough to be girly but not overwhelming. The look was completed with her cathedral length train. She felt like a princess, as she should on her wedding day.

She opened the door to the room the ladies were getting ready in to see them all already in their dresses and applying the last of their make up. The five women waiting for her all smiled yet continued on with what they were doing at the same time.

"Hey girl, you ok?" A beautiful Lanie greeted Kate coming closer with each word.

"Yea, just you know, needed some air."

"Yea tell me about it, it's so hot in here! You ready to put your dress on?!" The group still needed to get pictures before heading to the church.

"Yea!" Kate answered with a big smile before Lanie went to the window to remove it from the upper ledge that the photographer had hung it on to take a picture earlier.

The photographer managed to catch a beautiful candid photo of Lanie holding Kate's gown and the two sharing a smile before they went into another room joined by Alexis to help Kate get ready.

Kate stripped from her clothes and put on the white lace lingerie she was planning to surprise Castle with that night before stepping into her gown. She figured being ready for their wedding now would be much easier now than trying to get ready when she was exhausted and it not being special.

As Kate held her dress up, Alexis and Lanie zipped and button the necessary zippers and buttons and when finished Kate looked in the mirror to her right and then down at her dress in awe.

"You look beautiful Kate!" Alexis told her causing her to blush.

"Thank you." She replied with a soft smile still blushing.

Kate fixed her dress more as Lanie began to speak up. "These are going to be some of your last few moments as a single woman, how do you feel about it?"

"I regret it." She said, the women in the rooms jaws dropping. "I regret not doing it sooner." She turned her head to look at the girls and share their smiles.

Before either one of the girls could reply, there was a soft knock on the door. One of the other bridesmaids, a friend of Kate's from high school, was informing the trio that it was time to take the last of the pictures and head over to the church.

This was it.

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