His head slammed into the porcelain sink and with a grunt he fell onto his back. Sprawled out on the bathroom tile he sneered up at his attackers who merely continued to laugh as they receded through the doorway. As he achingly climbed to his feet, a maniacal smile cracked across his face; he wouldn't be powerless much longer. That girl who started talking to him four days ago, the one with the pigtails, soon she'd be the ant under his magnifying glass. Yes, the clouds were dissipating and the sun was finally peaking through the dense, twisted branches.

After trudging into the hallway, he started heading towards his locker. Absentmindedly rubbing the aching spot on the back of his head, he attempted to roll some of the soreness out of his shoulders as he walked. Too much time had passed after classes had ended, there was no way he'd run into her now, oh well, he'd just have to bind his time until tomorrow when he'd see her before their first class.

He thought about the way her green eyes sparkled when she conversed with him and how her petite figure confidently strutted itself through the DWMA. She was a wild steed for sure, one that needed to be bridled and saddled.

It was her own fault anyways, she chose him when she threw the ball into his court. She should've known he'd step up to the plate and would only go down swinging.


"Soul it's time to get up! Breakfast is ready!" Maka sang cheerfully as she opened the door to her weapon's bedroom, but to her surprise he was already dressed.

"You don't always have to wake me up you know," he grumbled irritably.

"Sorry I like to make sure you have time to eat the food I make you," she sang in response. He could be as grouchy as he wanted but he wouldn't ruin her good spirits. Maka grabbed his arm, pulled him to the kitchen, and pushed him into a chair at the table overflowing with food.

"Wow, Maka," he gaped, "You really outdid yourself this morning." She beamed even more if possible and took her seat across from him.

"Well it seemed like you didn't have a very good day yesterday and I was hoping a hearty breakfast might cheer you up," she admitted. At first he just stared down at his empty plate, however, after a couple seconds of deliberation he picked up his fork and dug in.

"Thank you," he somehow said between bites to which Maka politely nodded and turned to her own smaller portions of food. Yesterday they had to practice their combat skills without Soul transforming into a scythe and while Maka's finely-tuned reflexes allowed her to gracefully avoid all the attacks Stein threw at them, Soul had taken quite a beating. She knew the experience itself, as well as Black Star's jabs, had taken quite a hit to his pride, however she hoped after attending classes today he'd resume his typical persona.

"Hey," Maka's head shot up to look at him, "Your food isn't going to eat itself," He muttered. She blinked away her surprise, after he sent her a crooked smile of course, and began eagerly nibbling on a biscuit. Today would be a good day; she was sure of it.


It didn't happen very often, thanks to Maka's timeliness, but they were nearly late. Soul was pretty calm about the whole situation because he really didn't think they'd learn anything important in the first ten minutes of class, on a Tuesday of all days, therefore, he took his time walking inside from the parking lot. In comparison, his meister had jumped off his motorcycle before he'd even stopped the darn thing and sprinted inside the school. That girl was something else.

Maka deadpanned as she ran past a row of lockers. She didn't even have time to grab her supplies, then again she was sure Tsubaki would loan her a pencil and paper to take notes with. She decided to take a short-cut as she zipped through the hallways and completely bypassed the corridor where her locker was located. There was no way she was ruining her perfect attendance now.


Where the hell was she? He was virtually all alone in the hallway. There were only a few minutes until classes began and even the laziest stragglers had wondered to their seats, however, there he was: waiting. For the last four days she had stopped on her way to class and said hello to him. It wasn't like she went out of her way to do so considering only seven lockers, he had counted multiple times, separated his locker from hers.

A surge of anger swelled up in his gut as he considered her ignoring him on purpose in order to defy his wishes. How dare she think she can do whatever she wants and how did she even get to class without him seeing her?! He needed to keep better track of his specimen and he decided it was time to begin studying her migrations. Of course he'd be sure to mention this little incident to her because she needed to learn her place and he smirked to himself as he finally began to head to class himself; she'd learn her place all right.


I hope you liked the first chapter okay. I know it was pretty short but I didn't want to rush the plot. The obsessive character is probably going to be an OC because he's going to be incredibly crazy. I considered having him be Hiro because he was kind of bullied but he doesn't really fit the character concept I'm going for. Anyways please let me know what you think and if I should continue. Thanks for reading (: