After the season finale I had so many ideas as to where they could take the next season I just wanted to write them down. So I made a fic about it. These are my hopes and dreams for season 9.


The Long Way Around


Chapter 1 : City of No Angels

It was beautiful. The sight of them; falling. Like stars entering the atmosphere and burning up to create lights that kissed and danced around the dark sky. As he stood watching them, he fell into their beauty, then horror and fear dropped into his stomach as brutal reality set in. They weren't stars, nor meteors, they were his brothers and sisters. His family strung across the night, a spectacle to the unknowing eye, and heartbreak for him. He cried out into the dark. His voice lost within rage and despair. Collapsing to his knees he cried out once more and struck the earth with his fist. Pain greeted him. He looked to his hands, red with anger and abuse. He knew pain, he was no stranger to it, but this pain was different. For as his brothers and sisters crashed into the earth, their wings tearing apart, grace shattering, Castiel sat on the ground powerless and utterly human.

When the rain of light finally ended his eyes were red and wet. He had never cried like he had in the past day. The events of the last few days were to much for him to handle as an angel, attempting to cope with them as human was nearly impossible. Castiel struggled to his feet, faltering for a moment before he was able to take a confident step. The sky was now just dark but in the distance a hint of the sun was filtering into the night. He didn't know where he was. When Metatron cast him down it was nowhere near Dean or Sam. He walked towards the sun, leaving the darkness behind him.

He walked for hours through unfamiliar forest while weariness plagued him as it had never before. The midday sun beat down on his shoulders. The trench coat was long removed but held under his arm. The coat was part of him, angel or not. He began to sweat, something that had almost never happened when he was an angel. Castiel had just begun his existence as human and it was already picking him apart. He needed to find Sam and Dean. For all they knew he was dead, or worse they believed that he was the one who threw the angels out of heaven. Castiel cursed himself. He had let himself be led astray once again by someone promising him peace. Each left him with nothing, no peace, no happiness, only hurt and betrayal in the Winchester's eyes. He did not want them believing that he had turned on them once again, he needed to find them, to make things right.

Unfocused on the path in front of him he walked right out onto the road. There were no cars nor signs to direct him. With a sigh Castiel continued East. More hours past and he was truly feeling the weakness of humans. He needed to eat, to rest, but there was no place for him. His leg crumbled underneath him and sent him to the ground. He forced himself not to cry again. Hugging the trench coat to his chest he prayed. Although he knew that the only one left in heaven was Metatron, he prayed regardless. He prayed to God, for where ever he may be Castiel prayed that he would return soon, and fix what had gone so terribly, abysmally, wrong.

From a distance he could hear the rumble of a nearing car. He quickly stood and stepped into the road. From behind him a van came fast approaching. Castiel watched as it drove right by him. He hung his head and began to walk once more. In front of him the van screeched to a stop, then reversed quickly. He stood stunned as the van stopped before him and the passenger opened the door.


"Oh please no,"Castiel groaned. The driver got out and raced around the front of the car, while the side door opened to revel more people.

"I can't believe this-"

"Neither can I," Castiel cut off.

"Dude, you remember us?"

"Yes," he replied bitterly.

"That's right who could forget the fierce and mighty Ghostfacers!" Ed boasted while Kenny grabbed his camera and began filming.

"What happened to you Castiel?" Maggie asked catching his eye.

"I imagine you all saw what happened last night?" He mused.

"Yeah! Talk about crazy," Ed said. "I mean meteor showers in May. That never happens, especially in Oregon."

"We are in Oregon?" Castiel asked.

"Yeah we're up here investigating a haunted house," Harry told him. "Things are looking real spooky."

"None of that is important anymore," Castiel growled.

"What do you mean?" Harry questioned.

"Hunting ghost can wait," he said. "I need to get back to Sam and Dean."

"Whoa wait," Maggie threw up her hands. "Dean's alive?" Shock evident in her voice.

"Why wouldn't he be?" Castiel asked not understanding.

Instead of telling him she showed him. She reached into the van and pulled out a book. Not just any book, but a Supernatural book. It was not one that Castiel had ever seen before. To his knowledge when Chuck had died the books ended. He reached out and took it, flipping through the pages. He knew this story. It was how he, Sam and Dean had killed Dick Roman.

"This is impossible." Castiel muttered.

"Are all those books true?" Kenny asked.

"I do not know," Castiel replied honestly.

"After you dropped in on us you left the book," Maggie explained. "I looked into it and found all of them. Read them and then we kinda realized that it was all real. Sam, Dean, you. Everything."

"But don't think that we forgive those losers for screwing up our investigations!" Ed sneered.

"Yeah!" Harry nodded, but didn't look or sound as confident as Ed.

"That's the latest one published," Maggie said ignoring the boys. "It ends with Dean in Purgatory alone. Another hasn't been out in a while, I kinda figured that might be it, but I guess not, huh?"

"No. We should go now." Castiel said.

"What, where are we going?" Kenny asked as the camera slipped in his hands.

"I need to get back to Dean and Sam." Castiel repeated.

"You're an angel can't you just zap back to them?" Ed asked. Castiel stared at him for a long moment.

"I am not an angel anymore."

"Oh," Ed breathed. "Is that from going crazy or Purgatory...?"

"No my sanity is intact" Castiel assured them. "And that is not the issue at the moment. We need to get moving."

"Hey wait you gotta tell us what is going on," Harry said. "I don't wanna be driving into danger or something."

"If you do not take me to Sam and Dean, you may not have much more of a life to see any danger at all." Castiel spoke low.

"Okay," Harry said shakily. "Where are we going?"


"Kansas! That's gonna take days!" Harry wined.

"Then we better start driving." Castiel growled.

With that they piled into the van. Castiel took the passenger seat and no one objected. Kenny kept filming and Maggie dug her face into her Supernatural book. She scanned page after page before closing it gently.

"Castiel?" She asked softly. She got a slight 'humm' of a reply. "You mentioned the falling stars, is that...are they important?"



"They're not stars," he began.

"Yeah they're meteors, stars don't fall into our atmosphere-" Ed started.

"They're angels."

The van fell silent. Castiel did not want to reveal all of his and the Winchester's secrets but others would find out soon enough. And while Castiel did not believe that the Ghostfacers were the brightest of their age, they were honest. As they drove Castiel began to tell them his story. He told them only what they needed to know about the world they were about to walk into. He explained Purgatory and Dean's escape then his own. The mid control he wanted to skip over but it played a part in the plot line. He spoke of Naomi with regret in his voice. Castiel would never like the angel but he respected her honesty that came forth even though it was to late.

The kids in the van hung to every work he spoke. He told them about the trials but not in detail, just that they were trying to shut the gates of Hell for good. Then of the Angel Tablet and how he failed to keep it safe. And in the end Metatron's betrayal. Castiel still had no idea if Sam was alive. He prayed that he was, he prayed that Dean had gotten to him in time.

The story was long and at times hard to get through, it was a story with flaws and looking back Castiel could clearly see where he had gone wrong in his ways. When he finished speaking the Ghostfacers wasted no time pestering him with questions. Castiel refused to answer any until they gave him food and somewhere to sleep. They agreed to a deal and quickly found the nearest motel to stay at.

Ed and Harry went out to get food while the others stayed behind with Castiel. Kenny continued to film, not wanting to miss a moment. Maggie had her computer out and was flicking through newspapers and news reports. People were going crazy. After the supposed meteor shower; hundreds and hundreds of people were found all over the place with no memory of how they got there. There were videos taken where one could clearly see the outline of a human in one of the meteors that came crashing down during the past night. Another clip showed the fallen angels being led away by cops, then more being pushed into large black vans.

Maggie swallowed hard. She was afraid. She had know that ghost and demons were real and angels too, but with that knowledge came a responsibility. She had learned that much from the Supernatural books. You don't leave the hunting life, the only way out is to die. At least that's how it was for Sam and Dean. These cops and who she assumed were the FBI or CIA didn't know what they were getting into. She pitted the fallen angels, they would be questioned and taken apart if they didn't step in and help. If they weren't quick enough the world would dissolve into panic when there were more questions then answers. She had seen and read enough post apocalypse stories to know how that all would turn out. The only people who could possibly stop this world from destroying itself were the Winchester's. They had to get Castiel back to them as soon as possible.


"Yes," Castiel turned towards her.

"Do Sam and Dean even know that you are alive?" She asked

"No, they don't." He shook his head.

"Well we can call them," She offered. "What's Dean's number?"

"I do not know," Castiel said sadly. "I haven't had need for it. I have no idea of how to contact them. I used to just be able to fly where I wanted but now..." He stopped, it was not the time to fall apart. He could break down later when lives weren't at stake. He was a soldier. He could be strong for a little longer, he had to.

"Oh," Maggie watched worriedly as emotions flew across Castiel's face. She tapped gently at the keys on her keyboard for half a second. "Oh!" She exclaimed. "I know what to do."

She turned to her computer and looked up the Supernatural fan base. She created a new post and wrote two words and sent it. She then continued onto the next site and did the same. She did this until there were no more active sites to post on. Maggie returned to the first site and posted the same thing once more, this time with another message.

Castiel Lives

Get this to Charlie

She shut the computer and sent out a little prayer.

"What did yo do?" Castiel asked watching her carefully.

"I'm trying to get the message out that you are alive. I posted it online, with a message to get it to Charlie. I know she went underground to escape the Leviathans but she was still a hacker and she's smart. If anyone could get the message to Sam and Dean it would be her."

"I believe that she has reconnected with Sam and Dean."

"She has!?" Maggie smiled. "Great then it'll be easy for them to find you."

"I hope," Castiel nodded.

Harry and Ed arrived back with the food and noise fluttered in with them. Castiel ate in silence as he watch the others. He had begun to eat even when he was still an angel when he was around the Winchester's. It had made Dean happy when he ate with them, and Castiel didn't mind. But now as a human food had to be a staple in his life. He didn't much care for the taste and it seem bothersome to eat constantly, but he knew that a human body needed it. The human body also required sleep, something Castiel was not happy with. It wasted time, and time was slipping away so quickly from him.

The Ghostfacers hunched over computers looking further into the fallen angels. It hurt to hear that none of them had seemed to retain their memories like Castiel had. When Ed brought that up Castiel did not have a good answer for him. Perhaps it was because his grace was taken while he was still in heaven and not when he was falling. Whatever the reason Castiel was grateful for his memories. Losing them once was enough for him.

It was near one in the morning when the Ghostfacers called it a night. By then Castiel had fallen asleep in his chair. Maggie woke him and helped him over to a bed in his sleep filled haze. He relaxed into the bed and welcomed sleep.

For the first time Castiel had dreams. He dreamt of falling, falling to fast and there was nothing to catch him when he reached the ground. He lay there alone crying for help. His wings had fallen off and lay next to him. His dark feathers still twitching with the last bit of his grace. Then the pain came. Immense, impossible pain flooded his blood and brain. He couldn't move and his eyes remained wide open as he watched his brothers and sisters fall after him.

He awoke breathless. His eyes flashed open and quickly took in his surroundings. Memories settled their way back in as the worried eyes of Maggie and Ed watched him.

"You okay man?" Ed asked.

"Yes," Castiel replied. "I will be."

"Ready to hit the road?" Harry asked poking his head in the door.

"Yeah man give us a sec," Ed told him. "We'll be right there." Harry nodded and left. "You sure your okay?"

Castiel nodded and rubbed his eyes. Maggie once more had her computer out. She smiled at him.

"Cas, I think we will be getting a call from Sam or Dean any time today." She laughed a little.

"Why," Castiel asked and stepped forward. She rounded the computer to him. The site she was on the night before was filled with two words.

Castiel Lives