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He turned to me with his usual grace, the wind running through his hair. The flowers on the vines were falling like a shower upon us.

The roaring of my heartbeat echoed in my head. It intensified as I could remember his lips on mine, ever so clearly. I knew I was blushing, and I knew he was aware of my thoughts.

He always knew.


Doctor Lecter called out to me, a gentleness to his voice. It was strange; his voice had once filled me with both fear and panic. His mouth had swallowed his enemies.

Like a Monster, Star-

No. Not now. It was my turn.

I raised my hand slightly, trying to interrupt him politely.

It was my turn now.

I walked closer to him until be was only a few feet from me. My legs were shaking. Yet, knew I had to tell him, once and for all.

I couldn't run from it after all.

"You know, I never thought I'd be here. It such a causal phrase, but the truth is I never thought I'd enjoy this. Enjoy anything, really."

His head tilted slightly, watching my movements like a hawk upon its prey.

"Since I was kid, I thought maybe my life would start once I became an agent. My father would be proud of me. I would be proud of myself. There was nothing else but the FBI. "

My throat was growing dry. I could feel my eyes stinging. A flower fell on my hand; it was cold against my skin.

I looked into his dark burgundy eyes, watching me with the utmost attention. No one ever looked at me like that.

No one had cared before.

"Thats my life. But it isnt life, is it? It never was. They didn't want me, they only used me. After so many years of worshipping the institution...it was nothing..And I was just disposable meat..."

I couldn't suppress a bitter smile. I didn't even care if there were tears in the corner of my eyes. My mind was spinning again, the familiar pain bringing back the same painful memories. The realization had hit like the countless bullets that had been aimed at me for years. I had been nothing after all.

The only thing that mattered was him.

Behind bars he had seen me, with a thick glass he saw everything.

I don't have to hide anything from Doctor Lecter. I could be me happily.

It seemed like an eternity as I spilled the words out of my mouth.

"I don't need them, though. And they don't need me. But..."

The air hadnt changed temperature; it was my body, shaking but not of the cold. There was a warmness in my skull. I could feel beads of sweat on my forehead.

I met his eyes, still focused on me this entire time.

"Doctor, I just need you."

The words burned at my lips. Would I have said them eventually, after decades of negating everything?

As the truth had come out, I felt no guilt.

"You never needed to ask, darling."

His words shook me out of my world.

He walked toward me, so close I could smell his scent again, filling my nostrils with a smell that made my heart sing.

" If the FBI cannot see this greatness before them, then you cannot fix their blindness. You must live your life as you want to; it has been a burden but it can be a gift. I can help you unwrap this world around you, Clarice."

His eyes were shining with ferocity. His hands reached toward mine, stroking them calmly.

"Clarice, you are everything to me. You are my world and the heavens. I cannot live without my sun."

His lips touched my hand softly; admiration poured out of his lips, love dancing on his breath.

I couldn't keep lying to myself. Not anymore.

I looked up into the sky, the clouds moving steadily with the wind. Doctor Lecter's scent mixed with the scent of the flowers engulfed me. A tear fell from my cheek, flying along into the air.

I looked into his eyes again. I had chosen.

A fire filled my body as his lips found mine. He wrapped me in his arms; I was safe.

I had found my home.