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Warning: male/male, explicit, language, generally dirty stuff.




This Actually Happened

chapter 1

The day was pretty warm with sun shining high in the sky and barely any clouds or wind. But it was not the weather that made Kagami Taiga look out the window during math's class.

He couldn't focus at all on the subject.

To be honest, he couldn't focus on anything at all since THAT weekend.

Kagami sighed taking a fast glance at his paper that should have notes from the class. Empty, perfectly white. He'd just ask Kuroko later for them. Not that they would help the red head with passing his exams much, he knew damn well that his head was made for basketball, not studying.

And for dirty ideas about one hot Touou's player.

'Ah for fuck's sake, stop that! I don't really care about the idiot, it's just lack of sex after that all we did… That's it.' Kagami was only frustrated about this whole situation. He really regretted letting the dark skinned boy into his apartment few weeks ago.

Sure back then, in the middle of everything he was not thinking straight. Aomine's dick deep inside him was quite a good distraction. Or his hot tongue on Kagami's neck. Or the hand wrapped tightly around his hardened flesh.

He had to admit it, when it came to sex, they matched each other perfectly. It was like the perfect fantasy coming true. Except for the fact that it was Aomine.

Kagami wasn't so pissed off in a long time. Everything the other boy did there, outside of bed.. or shower… was the most irritating stuff and Kagami couldn't handle it. He couldn't even pinpoint what it exactly was but it annoyed the hell out of him.

But there was basketball too.

Kagami went on that Saturday out with Aomine to play on some public court and he felt good then. Excitement close to that before sex was running in his veins, his heart was beating fast and it was just everything he wanted. Minus the fact that he got his ass kicked. Aomine made sure to challenge him for the "top" position for the following night, Kagami was grumbling all the way back home because he lost. And the dumb fucker said he'd let him do it!

Not that Kagami didn't like what Aomine did to him. The Touou's ace was good not only at handling the balls, the basketball ones of course. Somehow Aomine knew where to touch, how hard to go, what to say.

Kagami was never so glad for Aomine's mouth not shutting up. The guy was one for vocal sex, talking dirty almost all the time, making Kagami scream, beg for more. Anything really, as long as he could hear it. And the red head enjoyed that sinful voice. He had to admit it, that voice alone could make him come.

As good as it was, the next day and meeting his neighbor was the most awkward moment in Kagami's life. He never felt so embarrassed. Aomine and his smug grin on that stupid face didn't help at all.

But that was it. Monday came, Kagami went to school, Aomine went back home after getting message from his father that they should talk about it all.

It was already in the past. One weekend of truce for some relief from all the teenage sexual frustration. That was it. They both agreed and kept to that promise.

Kagami made sure to delete all contact info he had with Panther, he even went as far as to change the address of his blog and rename it. He even wasted two afternoons to thoroughly clean his place because he could smell the fucker all the time! He got rid of everything that reminded him of the guy. Almost. Somewhere, hidden deep in his files, was still that one photo of Aomine, the one he sent him as private. But other than that, Kagami cut off all contact.

He haven't even heard from the other guy for three weeks now.

So why was he daydreaming about the annoying dick in the middle of math's class was a mystery for the red head. Aomine was pissing him off even when he was not there, making Kagami hard, on top of everything else, during class.

Kagami felt a sharp pain in his side, turning suddenly with a quiet yelp, when he saw Kuroko's face way too close to his own.

"The hell Kuroko!" He hissed, massaging his side where the phantom player stabbed him under his ribs. Little shit could muster some strength when he wanted to.

"Kagami-kun, everyone else left the classroom already." The boy informed his light with no expression on his face, just slight curiosity surfacing in his eyes. "You've been like that for few weeks now. Is something wrong, Kagami-kun?" Kuroko asked with concern almost present in his voice. Almost.

Seirin's ace tried not to blush too much at that and hid his lower parts under the desk more. If anyone knew that he got a boner during class thanks to his mortal enemy, he'd have no life at all.

"Yeah.. Just.. Got stuff on my head. Nothing serious. I'm fine." Kagami tried to steady his voice. It was hard to know if he managed to fool the smaller teen, his face as expressionless as before. Kuroko was still sanding there, waiting for Kagami to move but the red head had a little problem at hand, he just.. didn't want to explain himself, even to the guy who was pretty much his best friend at school. Doubt that Kuroko even experienced a hard on in the class, he'd not get that.

"The practice starts soon." Kuroko stated the obvious, still watching Kagami curiously.

'Just go the fuck away so I can get up!' Kagami had to take a deep breath to calm down a little. This was not working as good as he hoped.

"Yeah, I know. Just go first I need to go.. to.. to the library!" Kagami was getting nervous, he wanted to get rid of the little pest. Kuroko turned his head to the side, looking a lot like that damn furball they called a mascot. Then he smiled, turning away.

"Kagami-kun, you could have said you needed to visit the toilet. I don't think you even know where the library is." Kuroko said before he started leaving the classroom, Kagami speechless still sitting at his desk. That little shit was too observant.

The red head was ready to finally get up and just get out of there when Kuroko's voice reached his ears again.

"Kagami-kun, please don't think about girls like that in class. It's disturbing."

That little sadist deserved to drop dead this instant.

"I was not thinking about girls!" Kagami shouted, feeling heat creeping up on his cheeks. Kuroko stood in the doorway, observing him with that unreadable expression of his, tilting his head slightly to the side, curious. He looked like he wanted to say something and Kagami realized what he said a second ago. "Or anyone at all. Just go or I'll fucking kill you, Kuroko!"

"Ah, excuse me then. Please don't be late for practice too much, Kagami-kun." The smaller boy said before leaving the classroom.

Kagami could now take a deep breath. It was bad enough that Kuroko noticed the state he was in. It'd be a total disaster if they continued this and something even more embarrassing would be revealed.

Finally, when Kagami was sure he was safe and away from curious eyes, he stood up and headed to the toilet. He had a "little" problem to get rid of before the practice.


A hand slowly moved over the hot skin, teasing it. There was not enough pressure and strength to make the boy enjoy it fully, but enough to keep him semi-aroused. But it was far from what he remembered from that weekend. Even as the hand gripped his base and eager mouth wrapped around the tip of his cock, it was not good at all.

Aomine looked down at the dark haired girl blowing him right now and grunted something inaudible. Stupid chick probably thought that he enjoyed what she was doing because she giggled. Ok, maybe he liked it a little but somehow his body was craving more intense pleasure.

Aomine reached down and opened the girl's shirt wider to look at her tits. Pretty impressive, but still, not as much reaction as he was hoping.

And even Kagami was better at this than she was, really.

"Aomine-kun, you are just too big…" She gasped, praising him but it did nothing to make the blue haired teen feel better. Aomine was simply bored of whatever she was trying to do.

"Thanks. Just hurry up, classes will be over soon." Aomine said closing his eyes, trying to think of something to make him get closer. He'd not let anyone think he was some impotent or whatever.

Yes, think of something better.

Unfortunately all that led to one person who shouldn't be on Aomine's mind anymore. He still remembered the feel of that wet tongue running down his dick, the hot muscles clenching around him, almost greedily sucking him in deeper. He could still see in his memory the broad back glistering with sweat, flexing with every thrust he made.

Aomine fucking loved taking Kagami from the back, watching as the other teen broke to pieces but still kept fighting. He was kicking and biting and never fully let him control the situation. That raw power was the best.

He would never forget how it felt to fuck that annoying idiot.

Aomine was already painfully hard with combined efforts of the girl and his memories and close to release. He would rather have some sexy red head down there but it could not be helped.

The blue haired teen finally pushed the girl back and took a firm hold around his cock, stroking it fast and hard, just like he would have done it, deep voice in Aomine's head moaning his name. It didn't take long for Touou's player to spill himself all over the girl's breasts.

"Aomine-kun, you came a lot!" She almost sang in the most annoying tone ever, looking at the mess the boy made.

"Yeah…." Aomine snorted tucking himself back in his pants. He should better get the fuck away from there or the girl would start asking him out or other romantic crap. And he had no clue what her name was anyway.

"Look, I have to go. Practice and stuff…" He said not even trying to sound sincere.

"Ah… It can't be helped, our team needs you Aomine-kun, you are the star!" The girl fortunately didn't seem to notice his poor excuse and kept smiling like a happy idiot she was.

Aomine didn't wait any longer and simply left the place. Damn he hated such stupid bitches. Half of them didn't get what a one night stand, or day in this case, was about. They all, sooner or later, started demanding a proper relationship. And no way in hell Aomine was getting into that sappy crap anytime soon. Or ever.

He loved two things only: basketball and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

The blue haired teen sighed heavily as he slowly went down the stairs. He didn't feel like going to practice anymore. Maybe he would just skip it today, it's not like it'd be the first time. And recently he really did go always, doing a lot of extra work. His team wouldn't mind the absence hopefully.

Soon after that Aomine was taking all his stuff from lockers, ready to leave when he got caught by his friend.

"Dai-chan, what are you doing?" Ah, Satsuki of course would be here before everyone else. Actually it was not such a bad idea, at least Aomine would make her explain everything to the coach.

"Leaving, won't be at practice today so just tell something to coach for me, ok?" Aomine tried not to look at her, he was already sure what disapproving expressions she would have.

"Did something happen again?" Satsuki sounded worried now. Yes, Aomine after some time explained her why he was away for that weekend. He made up half of the story, it's not like his mother would tell anyone what she caught Aomine doing in the room. And he made sure to not tell where he stayed the night. Satsuki wouldn't believe that anyway… Probably… He didn't want to risk it. All this shit with Kagami was in the past and it would never happen again no matter how much they both enjoyed it.

"I'm just not in the mood." Aomine brushed it off, his tone made it clear that there was no chance for getting more information.

"Dai-chan, if anything is—!" Momoi unfortunately cared for him way too much, sticking her nose where it didn't belong so Aomine cut her off.

"I'm FINE, damnit Satsuki. One fucking day of break, ok?" Aomine didn't like to shout at the girl but she was acting sometimes like an overprotective mother.

That actually worked and Momoi only nodded, trying to smile gently at Aomine and hide her worries. He was acting weird after the whole fight with his parents and Momoi couldn't figure out what was wrong with hi. Something was off, even though he acted like usual most of the time.

Aomine left without even saying goodbye.

He didn't go back home of course, wandering around the Tokyo streets, thinking. Mostly about the stuff he shouldn't.

And mostly about someone he hated.

Aomine couldn't get that time together out of his system. He got rid of everything that reminded him of Kagami and yet the guy was there all the fucking time and Aomine finally figured it out, not like it was a mystery of the century.


Aomine couldn't get the fucking out of his head, not Kagami. It just happened to be with this guy. And there was a lot of that sex. The first time Saturday morning, then in the afternoon after the game, and at night, twice… Aomine though a guy couldn't get it up so many times a day but he was so fucking glad to be wrong. And on Sunday, they did it two more times.

Aomine haven't got that much sex in such short time ever and his body now demanded more. Because of Kagami he was doing it every day for several weeks, first with Tiger, then with him for real. And everything stopped right there. He was addicted for sure, his body screaming for more now that the drug got cut off.

He wanted Kagami again, panting and moaning under him and not being able to get what he wanted drove Aomine crazy.

It was not so bad being with the other guy even. Playing basketball and… Ok, Aomine had no idea what else he could see in the guy apart from his looks and skills on court. But that was not needed between them. Hell if he was a pussy who wanted some dumb dating or anything from Kagami. They could hate each other as much as they wanted, stay rivals and all that shit forever. Aomine just wanted to slip in some occasional fuck sessions into the equation.

There was nothing more to that, only hot, sweaty painfully good fucking.

They already were lying to everyone that nothing happened, no one even knew about this whole shit and would never know if they kept their mouths shut. It would be just one more time they would not mention. If anyone knew they were already screwed so why not enjoy it at the same time?

Aomine knew that much but apparently Kagami was oblivious to the fact, shame. So the blue haired teen had to either find some other guy to fuck or just go with the girls.

Or make Kagami go for it again.

That Aomine could do. The guy was an idiot with a really short fuse. It was way too easy to provoke Kagami and his overgrown ego.

Aomine looked around noticing how far he wandered and in which direction. And it was perfect to just go and start working on getting what he wanted.

He was not far away from Seirin's school and Aomine knew well from all the weeks of talking with Tiger that they should have practice today.


Aida Rika was speechless. She had no clue what to do for the first time during her coach career. But she never expected Aomine Daiki to just waltz in and invite himself to practice with Seirin's team.

"Don't you have your own team!" Hyuuga was definitely not pleased with the unexpected guest. He tried to look intimidating even, somehow force the younger teen out of their gym but he got ignored. Aomine was just standing there in the middle of the court in t-shirt and shorts, stretching as if it was already decided. Hyuuga's eye was twitching. "Don't ignore me you, damn brat!" He really was ready to punch that bastard in the face.

"Ahaha, let's just relax everyone, ok?" Thankfully Kiyoshi was right behind their captain, holding the smaller boy in place before he got killed by Aomine.

"You are so fucking noisy. I wanted to play some basketball with Tetsu. You don't mind, right?" Aomine didn't really understand what was the big deal. He heard that Kise joined their practice more than once already. And that they had some with Shuutoku on summer camp before. What the fuck was their problem now, he was also Kuroko's friend. And Midorima had just as bad reputation as he had anyway.

"It's been a while since we played, Aomine-kun, but you should ask the coach for permission first." Kuroko was as unfazed as always. It definitely was a nice entertainment for Aomine watching this team now.

Tetsu was himself, always polite, never scared of Aomine, actually trying to get him in place. Seirin's gay captain was pissed off and their center was just laughing at that, not intimidated by Aomine the least. Their Point guard and coach were watching everything unable to react, probably not believing what was happening and the rest of the team was for sure shitting their pants by the door.

Aomine barely suppressed a grin that started to form on his face. He turned to that flat chick and looked at her waiting, brows raised.

"So…?" He asked not bothering to say anything more.

Riko finally blinked and started moving, her brain turning the gears high and then she smiled. Yes, that smile that gave Seirin's team the creeps.

"A practice game!" She said in Aomine direction, confusing him.

"Hah? A what…?" The dark skinned teen really was not getting it at all. What the hell was that bitch talking about? Of course it was a practice they were having now, was she really that dumb?

"Get us a practice game against Touou team and you can join today." Aida stated confidently, smiling in that all-knowing way. For some reason Aomine came here to Kuroko, she had no idea what business these two had but that was a perfect opportunity to make her team's life hell. She knew it was the right thing when soon after she stated the demands almost everyone groaned and started whispering prayers.

"Fine. I'll talk to Satsuki and coach." Aomine actually expected something worse but this was way too easy. He could not only play with Tetsu again but also start working on his other, more important matter. He was so fucking Kagami soon.

Speaking of the devil, Kagami was obviously late for practice today, the fiery red head would already be bitching if he was here.

"Tetsu, where is that idiot?" Aomine asked casually, playing with a ball and spinning it on his finger.

"Ah, Kagami-kun is late but he'll come." Kuroko barely managed to finish his sentence when the back door opened and someone barged in.

"Sorry I'm late..." Kagami said between deep breaths, he must have run here. Everyone looked at the red head with terrified eyes. "What?" He asked looking around but before he could notice what was wrong someone called to him.

"Yo, Taiga."

Kagami's heart stopped beating at that moment.




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