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This Actually Happened

chapter 10

The girl walking next to Aomine was rambling about some, probably important to her, matters or maybe just saying irrelevant shit, he didn't care at this point. He agreed to accompany Satsuki on her shopping crusade just because he had nothing better to do. Nothing interesting at least. Homework could wait, cleaning his room as well, besides, he was so not in the mood for that. Nor was he for shopping but it was better than thinking about how fucked up his life was recently.

He couldn't focus on anything properly, even on basketball. Every time he tried to practice he could see that fierce eyes and determined scowl in his head. Aomine was so off balance that even Wakamatsu kept quiet when he just started slamming balls mindlessly against the wall yesterday during practice.

This Kise-Kagami shit was bothering him more than it should.

Shit, he wanted to see Kagami. Fuck him so hard that the guy wouldn't be able to stand up for a week. Anything just… anything at all. But he couldn't, not when Kagami belonged to that fucker Kise. He couldn't tame the tiger that way, the results would be so bad that he'd lose any hope for future friendly treatment, not to mention getting closer than that.

Aomine was actually grateful to Satsuki for not commenting too much on his foul mood. Instead the girl was trying to distract him, making him her personal bag carrier. The blue haired teen was simply following her wherever she wished, adding one bag after another in shops to his hands and grunting some replies he hoped were correct whenever she asked something along the lines of "how do I look in this?". Really, Aomine didn't care about that.

What was even worse he didn't care about all the chicks that gave him seductive looks or giggled close enough for him to notice it. He used to check out girls that were near, his eyes automatically lowering to the level of their boobs to see if the size was to his liking. That didn't work at all recently.

Hell, that was not the worst thing. After that thing in the karaoke club Aomine tried to distract himself with girls, calling one that would do pretty much whatever he asked. He was frustrated and horny and too proud to jerk off so he met with that girl. He just couldn't get it up unless he thought of Kagami. Of his perfectly shaped body, his voice, the look on his face when he came.

Aomine hit the bottom, that was sure. The perverted, sex addicted womanizer couldn't get a boner for a hot, big breasted slut. Because of fucking Kagami Taiga of all people!

Aomine released a loud sigh. Shit, if he couldn't have Kagami to himself, he wanted to forget everything related to the red head and the said boy as well.

"—mine!" Satsuki's voice distracted the dark teen from his mental shit-talking.

"Yeah, looks good." Aomine didn't even look at the girl and grunted a half-assed answer to what was probably the hundredth 'How do I look?' question today. Yes, he hated shopping but it was still better than sitting and moping all day long. Because Aomine Daiki was not an emo faggot who would cry just because some guy didn't want to fuck with him anymore.

"Dai-chan! I wasn't asking that!" Momoi huffed, trying to look angry but she couldn't really do that. Somehow a little smile was showing on the corner of her mouth and she couldn't do anything more about it than hope that Aomine wouldn't notice. Easy task considering how much out of it he was today, daydreaming the whole time he was with her. "It was your phone." She added after a moment of Aomine staring at her without reacting to the ringing of his phone.

Aomine sighed and reached to his pant's pocket with his half unoccupied hand to take out the annoying device and check who he should murder next after Kise. If it was Sakurai trying to cheer him up again, he would really consider smashing the guy's face on the wall tomorrow. After lunch.

Momoi straightened up and held her own phone tighter behind her back so the navy haired teen couldn't see it. And frankly, he seemed to be too preoccupied with his phone right now to even notice the big smile that started to creep up on Satsuki's face. Damn, too bad she couldn't take a picture right now, Aomine's face was priceless.

When Aomine opened his phone and checked that he got a mail it wasn't surprising but when his eyes landed on the big fat "Tiger" on the screen as the sender of said message, he almost dropped the bags he was holding. His eyes were probably bigger than Kuroko's at the moment because he was so fucking shocked that Kagami actually made a move. Just… Fuck! He was hoping that maybe the red head wasn't so pissed off, that maybe he would give him a chance but to actually contact him in such a short time? Well, it wasn't short but still. Aomine was fucking surprised.

Then it hit him that this didn't have to be some good news he wanted to hear. Hell, knowing the annoying bastard he could just be reminding Aomine that he didn't want to know him anymore.

Fuck, Aomine was so damn nervous when he finally decided to read the actual content of the message and not just make up theories about it. He had a fucking dick so he should act like a man not a scared pussy.

'Come to my place as soon as you can.'

That was it.

No explanation as to why he should do that, just a, well, order. From Kagami. To come over, to the apartment where they fucked every weekend for so damn long. Shit, Aomine didn't want to admit it but he missed that place too. It was nice, comfortable there, without nagging parents, although Kagami sometimes behaved like his mother with his pointless complaining about unimportant shits.

Oh for God's sake, what was he thinking about now when Kagami just made the move Aomine was waiting for!

"I gotta go…" Aomine mumbled under his breath with the last bits of reason he possessed and handed all the bags to very happily confused Momoi standing right next to him. The girl smiled, not saying a word to him, but Aomine didn't pay her any attention. He didn't even notice when after a few seconds she focused on her phone, informing the mastermind of this game about Aomine's actions. She so wished she could be with Kise now and see everything!


Aomine wanted to know what Kagami called him for.

The blue haired teen turned around and made precisely two steps before he dashed the rest of the way towards the exit from the shop. He didn't even care that he might have looked like some weirdo, his head was now pounding with thoughts about all the possible reasons why Kagami did that.

One was that the red head wanted him back, to do everything they did before Kise showed up. But that was just Aomine's wishful thinking. He knew he screwed up pretty good and for Kagami, the stubborn ass he was, to forgive him would be a miracle. He could as well invite Aomine over to end everything once and for all, face to face like a real man should.

That was why Aomine wanted to get to Kagami's place as soon as possible. Fuck it if he would look desperate, he needed to know the reason. And he was too damn stupid to figure it out himself.

The darker teen made a short stop to check around his surrounding. He wasn't that far from his destination. He could go around and take a bus or something, maybe catch a taxi but he would go crazy sitting around and waiting. When the answer was so damn close it would kill Aomine not to rush. Not when a certain red head was the reason.

Aomine was moving fast, running on the streets as if a hordes of frigging zombies were after his life. It was better this way, he could occupy himself with focusing on his breathing instead of thinking about Kagami. Because the fucking idiot was a permanent visitor in his head for last couple of weeks. Aomine wanted to sort this shit out one way or another, preferably the pleasurable way, or he would go crazy. He didn't even know why he was so stupidly happy and hopeful all the way to the very familiar building. He run several steps at a time finally reaching Kagami's floor.

Fuck, he had a hard time catching his breath now that he finally stopped in front of the red head's door. Aomine didn't want to take his phone and check the time but he could swear that he probably broke the world record.

He wiped the sweat from his face with the sleeve of his hoodie, trying to look less like a wet pig and more like himself. He pushed aside all annoying thoughts and reached for the doorbell. There was no point in waiting any longer to face Kagami and his reasons to call him here.


Kagami was sitting on his sofa, observing the door to his bedroom with worry. It was over fifteen minutes and Kise still didn't show up. Sure, he asked to be left alone but the longer it took, the more worried Kagami got. He got close with the bubbly blonde during the last couple of weeks and even thou he didn't have any deeper feelings for the guy, he couldn't help being nervous. For a moment Kagami considered if he really made the right choice to push Kise away but damn, he knew that sooner or later it would end or that he would do another horrible thing like cheating on him.

When the door finally opened and the blonde teen showed up with a half-forced smile on his face, Kagami stood up immediately and barely stopped himself from rushing to Kise's side. He felt responsible for what he so beautifully fucked up.

"Kise, I'm really so—" Kagami started but his now only friend chuckled gently.

"I'm fine Kagamicchi, you don't need to worry." Kise said getting closer to the red head and looking him straight in the face. Kagami noticed that his guest didn't have any red spots under his eyes. Either he didn't cry all that much or managed to recover fast enough. Good, he didn't want to make Kise cry on top of everything else. Kagami felt like he should say something more but every time he tried opening his mouth nothing came out.

"I'm fine, really. There was no great love between us, right?" Kise really didn't like how Kagami looked now. He couldn't allow the stupid red head to look depressed when there was an important guest heading this way right now. He smirked dangerously and came closer to Kagami, lifting his hand and running the tips of his fingers along the other teen's sides. "It's just a shame I didn't have a chance to do it with you. I was actually curious what Kagamicchi could do in bed." Kise purred, forcing a mad blush to show up on the red head's face.

"Oi, K-Kise! Don't say shit like that now!" Really, they were all fucking sadists. Now, now he says that he WANTED to fuck!? Hell, Kagami wanted to try it with Kise before… Fuck, his life hated him! But maybe it was for the better. If Kagami wanted only to fuck he would still continue his thing with Aomine and not get pissed at him for going for sex only and nothing more.

Right, Aomine. The pain in his ass, literally. Now that Kagami broke up with Kise he should talk to the darker teen. But first he needed some break from thinking, rest properly and take time to figure out what he wanted to tell the annoying jerk.

A doorbell distracted his from forming any kind of plan.

Kagami looked first at confused Kise, then towards the door. He rarely got any guests at his place so it surprised him but well, it's not like no one ever came. It was just not exactly the right time for any visitors. He looked apologetically towards Kise who smiled with understanding in return.

"Yeah, I probably should get going, haha." Kise said getting ready to leave. He knew that his presence here would just be the bother and that Kagami had to do the rest alone. Damn, he was such a good guy for helping his friends to sort things out. He hoped they were smarter than he assumed anyway. Maybe later he would get his pay check for his services but now, it was time to go.

Kagami in the meantime went to open the door. The moment he did that and his eyes landed on the way too familiar figure on the other side he froze.

'Holy shit… What the hell was he doing here?' Kagami took in the sight of Aomine standing in front of him, breathing fast and looking as if he played two hard games in a row. Did… Did that idiot just came here running or what?!

"A-Aomine! What are you doing here!?" Kagami raised his voice and as if on cue Kise showed up at the entrance as well, right behind the red head.

"Oh, Aominecchi! Hello." The carefree voice of Kise cut through the tense air surrounding the darker teen.

Aomine just stared.

When Kagami opened the door he was nervous but fuck, he was happy too. He could feel his heart beat stronger for a split second and now. Now it just stopped. Aomine's eyes first widened, then narrowed dangerously as they landed on the boy he hated right now.

Why the fuck was Kise there!

Kagami just invited him for what? He so fucking hoped that it was something good, damnit. But with Kise here that remaining feeling crumbled. Did the fucking pretty face knew that much? Hell, sure he did, Aomine knew that Kise was far from innocent. Maybe Kagami told him about the thing in the karaoke bar and Kise now demanded him to break it off with Aomine for good in his presence? Or maybe, like a stupid kid, Kise wanted to shove his victory right into Aomine's face, like some sort of revenge for the loss on the court? Or maybe, dunno, Kise was a sick pervert and wanted a threesome with him!?

No matter what it was, Aomine got pissed in the matter of nanoseconds, his fists tightening and no matter how much he wanted to please Kagami and make him forgive Aomine and let the tanned guy back into his life, the dark teen wanted to break Kise's face so badly that he couldn't be a model anymore.

He wanted nothing more than to get the fucking blonde away from his man!

"Aomine, what the fuck is wrong with you now?" It was Kagami who stepped out from his apartment and came close enough to the other teen to make him snap out of the rage zone he was in. The red head looked worried now, the initial shock long gone.

"I came to you." Aomine said a very fucking obvious thing. Shit, he couldn't think straight! And it got even worse because Kise just dared to laugh at that. Good that he didn't say anything because really, Aomine barely held himself in place.

"I can see that you moron." Kagami huffed, turning around to look at Kise and check what he was doing. He never told him it was the blue haired teen that Kagami was so… well... obsessed with and didn't really want to explain that now anyway. And he couldn't talk to Aomine in front of Kise as well. He had no idea why Aomine was so pissed now but if they were to fight now some things that should stay between them might reach Kise's ears, a recipe for a inevitable disaster. Kagami send Kise what he though was a meaningful look and thankfully, the boy got it.

"Time for me, have fun, you two!" Kise said leaving but before he did so he leaned closer to Kagami. "Go get him Tiger!" He whispered quietly enough so that Aomine would not get it. With that, he run towards the staircase. he didn't want to push his luck too far with Aomine in that state. Kise was damn sure that it was all the darker teen's jealousy fueling his anger. Jealousy directed at him, because of Kagami.

As soon as Kise disappeared the thick tension returned near the two powerful players. Aomine was the first to redirect his eyes at Kagami, taking in the sight he missed. Yes, he could admit at least that much, he missed Kagami, mostly fucking him. He was right there, barely half a meter away from him, looking fuckable as hell like that, slightly blushing. The t-shirt he was wearing did nothing to hide the perfect body. Aomine followed with his eyes the length of Kagami's torso, his neck and finally settled on the red head's lips. How the hell he managed not to rape that sweet mouth right here and now was beyond Aomine's reasoning. Everything that was Kagami was perfect, the piercing eyes, the bloody hair, even the funny eyebrows. Aomine wouldn't want Kagami any other way.

Kagami looked at his unexpected guest, wondering what the hell happened. He was not ready to deal with Aomine, not today, and definitely not after the emotionally exhausting talk with Kise barely half an hour ago. But for some reason Aomine was here now and watching him so intensely that Kagami didn't have the will to kick the annoying pest out. He could at least listen to what the other guy had to say, right?

"You want to come in?" Kagami finally asked, his voice betraying him. Fuck, this didn't sound as well as he hoped but apparently Aomine didn't notice it or just ignored, being tense himself. The red head saw how Aomine took a deep, quiet breath and stuffed his hands into his pockets, nodding his agreement at the same time.

The boys entered, with Kagami leading the way as soon as he locked the door. He offered something to drink but Aomine refused it immediately and after a moment of standing in the middle of Kagami's living room, he finally sat at one side of the sofa. Kagami followed suit but he picked the other side, as far from Aomine as possible.


This was weird and very uncomfortable. Aomine sitting on one side, looking everywhere just not at Kagami, his hands still hidden in pockets. And said red head was on the other side, his eyes focused on a tiny spot on the floor.

Kagami waited, as patiently as he could. Since Aomine came here he would probably start explaining everything soon but minutes passed in the tense silence and the bastard didn't say a single word. Hell, he didn't even dare to face Kagami.

Shit, Kagami was not ready for this, damnit, and it got more annoying with every second. He finally growled low and without facing the darker teen decided to make him talk.

"Why are you here Aomine?" Came out from Kagami's mouth in a harsh way. Much more than he intended to.

"Well, I'd like to now that myself why I'm here." Aomine looked at Kagami. The fucking idiot first asks him to come then pretends that Aomine is an unwelcomed guest? Shit, he wanted to add some insults here and there but he bit his tongue just in time.

"How the hell should I know what's in that fucked up head of yours!"Kagami growled, looking back at the other teen. He tried, he really did, to control his anger but it was a stressful day, so much happened and now Aomine was here when Kagami was emotionally instable. Shit, he had to focus. If Aomine could refrain from calling him names then so did he.

For a brief moment Aomine started to doubt his sanity. The fierce teen occupied his head for so damn long that maybe Aomine just made that up. His brain could have played a trick on him and make him believe it was Kagami who send a message. Because he wanted that to happen. And obviously the red head didn't see his presence here as welcomed one. To be sure that it wasn't some stupid misunderstanding Aomine took out his phone and checked the inbox again.

But no, there it was, the same thing he read before, from Taiga. What the fuck was that idiot trying to pull off now with denying it!?

Aomine shoved the device right into Kagami's face so he could see it.

"Like hell you didn't ask me to come." He growled watching the other teen from the corner of his eye.

Kagami stared with disbelief at the screen in front of his face. A message obviously from him, unless Aomine knew another "Tiger" than Kagami Taiga, saying 'Come to my place as soon as you can.' was right there. But that was impossible! He couldn't do that, damnit. Unless he was a lunatic or got drunk but nothing like that happened. Kagami checked the time and that really surprised him. No, he didn't notice the fact that, if the text was sent barely thirty or so minutes ago, then the blue haired moron must have run here like his life depended on it. What hit Kagami the most was that he was sitting right here back then, worrying that he did something bad to Kise.

An idea hit Kagami's mostly empty head. He checked his pockets but it seemed like he left his phone somewhere. Oh shit, the phone was on his nightstand the last time he saw it. The red head stood up abruptly, ignoring Aomine, and went hurriedly to his bedroom. The phone was laying innocently on the small piece of furniture but Kagami checked it anyway. True, there it was, in sent messages. Aomine's name, and the exact same words. But it was fucking impossible. He couldn't send that!

Some minutes have passed before—

"You fucking asshole!" Came out Kagami's angry shout from the bedroom as the teen finally realized that someone else did the work for him. Kise, the fucking bastard did it. Kagami didn't know what to do now. The damn blonde probably knew everything, he fucking planned it! What the hell did he think Kagami was, an entertainment center? And fuck, he cared for the lively teen. He was scared of hurting him but apparently, the yellow devil had no such qualms. They all, every one of them was a sadistic bastard, stupid Generation of Miracles.

"And you are a bastard." Aomine muttered from the door. Kagami didn't even notice when the tall teen left the sofa and came here, leaning on the doorframe and watching him with his piercing eyes. He obviously waited for something and in Kagami's opinion, it wasn't the usual Aomine he dealt with. This one was quieter, reserved and judging from the way he still kept his hands hidden, Kagami dared to say, nervous.

Well, welcome in the club then, because the red head was there too, plus now royally pissed off at Kise. Damn, the blonde probably wished him well, he planned it, obviously, just so Kagami could meet with Aomine and do something. But he could have fucking said something before. Now he had no time to think this through, he was up against the wall without options.

Kagami released a defeated sigh and sat on his bed with his arms resting on his knees, looking at the floor. After a moment he felt an additional weight on the bed and knew that the dark teen was now sitting next to him, their bodies still far apart.

And Aomine waited, as patiently as he could. He had no idea what the fuck was going on but he was willing to give Kagami his time and space to sort it out. The good thing was that he didn't get kicked out so the little spark of hope returned, warming his insides. He could wait longer.

Kagami closed his eyes while he tried to figure out how to start a serious conversation with Aomine. For now, the blue haired teen was behaving well, kind of not like himself but maybe Kagami misjudged him and Aomine did have some sort of self restraint. Still, the question was standing. How to get things moving.

Several minutes passed in silence until Kagami finally decided to open his mouth.

"I broke up with Kise." Kagami said surprising Aomine with the out of the blue information. He didn't even look at the darker teen when he said that.

Aomine was speechless. Not because he wasn't happy about that, the fucking blonde didn't deserve Kagami in the first place. Nor did Aomine but he was a selfish jerk and didn't give a shit about that detail. He wanted Kagami to himself, just like that. Shit, there was probably a very stupid smile right now on his face and Aomine was damn glad that Kagami was still looking at the floor. He had to focus, or Kagami would notice and kick him in the butt and out of his place.

He should probably say something but Aomine had no idea what. He wasn't sorry that Kise and Kagami broke up. He couldn't tell the red head that it was better that way, Kagami would snap at him.

"What do you want from me?" After much thinking Aomine had no clue what else to say. It was for the best to let Kagami speak up his mind. Because Aomine damn sure knew what he wanted from the red head. He wanted to monopolize the fiery teen in every way possible, he didn't know why it was like that, he didn't dare to think too much about it, but that's the truth. He didn't want to see Kagami with anyone else. He missed their one-on-ones, he missed bickering and insults, the smell of Kagami's body, his heat, his tight ass, the sound of his voice. But he had to know what exactly the other boy wanted. Aomine was not a fucking fortune teller or anyone close to that to know everything. Not unless Kagami said so himself.

Aomine kept staring at Kagami who, surprised by the question, returned his gaze.

What did he want from the darker boy anyway? Some sort of functioning relationship? It would be fucking hard with that bastard but definitely Kagami wouldn't mind, for the most part. Sex? Definitely there was a place for that too, plenty of it to be honest but Kagami didn't want to be a handy hole anymore. Maybe it was stupid for him to wish that Aomine would actually care even a little bit. Enough to treat Kagami properly and listen to him for a change. He wanted to do things together, he wanted Aomine to stop being a total jerk, at least to him.

Maybe his senpais were right. Maybe it was just as simple as telling the idiot what he had in mind and if Aomine didn't want to accept his terms, he could go fuck his own hand instead.

Kagami opened his mouth few times but still, nothing came out so he closed it, then opened again and few more times. And, to make things worse, Aomine didn't have enough patience to stay nice that long.

"Need a hand clearing your throat?" Aomine said with a hint of joke in his voice. And shit, he probably didn't mean anything inappropriate by that but fuck it, Kagami got pissed instantly. It was so like Aomine to act like and asshole when Kagami tried to open up to him. Or maybe it was Kagami's fault for adding a sexual side to the other boy's words. No matter who was at fault, Kagami snapped. He reached with his hand and grabbed the front of Aomine's clothes, pulling him closer until they were barely few centimeters away from each other.

"You are such a fucking asshole, you know that!? I'm fucking trying here! And you, you just… Fuck, can you for once, ONCE stop acting like a jerk! You are such a bastard, Ahomine! I… I hate you so fucking much!" Kagami started to shout but with each word his voice became quieter. The last part he practically whispered. Not that Aomine noticed. To him, every single thing Kagami said was loud and clear.

He couldn't take his eyes off of Kagami. The heated glare the red head was giving him, the angry snarl, the fist tightening around his clothes, the warm breath, the tears forming in the corners of his eyes. Everything suited Kagami so damn well and Aomine had hard time breathing. He missed that so much.

Right now Kagami's face was so full of different emotions that Aomine couldn't stop himself. He just let his body take the lead and moved forward, crushing their lips in a heated kiss. To his surprise, Kagami responded immediately, pulling the darker teen closer and forcing his tongue inside Aomine's mouth. It was greedy, sloppy and painful but neither of them cared. It was a long awaited breath of fresh air after staying underwater for far too long.

It was too intense to go like that for long and the boys finally pulled away enough to breathe properly.

Somehow, during the kiss, Kagami's other hand found it's way under Aomine's clothes and said blue haired boy managed to sneak his hand around to the back of Kagami's head and hold him steadily.

Aomine stared hypnotized in the dark red orbs. Fuck, his heart was beating like crazy, from one kiss. Just how much impact did Kagami actually have on his life? Even though the darker teen was probably the one pushing, the one who was on top most of the time, not only in bed, but somehow Aomine doubted that he was in control here. It probably was the other way round and somehow, before he noticed it, Kagami had him wrapped around his finger. That thought didn't bother Aomine as much as it should, he felt comfortable with going with the pace Kagami set because really, the red head was also a big pervert, he just didn't want to admit that so openly.

Aomine grinned like a fool, shifting their position so he was pulling Kagami to sit on his lap. The other boy of course put up a fight, even if it was weak and pointless at that moment.

"What the hell are you doing, you asshole…?" Kagami said in a raspy voice that traveled right to Aomine's crotch. Damn, the little tiger looked so hot now and sounded even better than usual. He still tried to act angry but there was no way Aomine would believe that.

"Huh, make up sex?" Aomine offered with one brow raised as if Kagami's brain turned to jelly and he couldn't comprehend the obvious things.

A furious blush appeared on Kagami's face with that comment, decorating his features and contrasting with the angry glare and teary eyes. Aomine liked the look Kagami was giving him. He never saw the tears in the red heads eyes before so that was kind of surprising but these were formed by anger, frustration, powerlessness to resist any longer. It didn't make him look any weaker, it just made Aomine want him even more, stir him up, discover more about the guy. So he kept pulling Kagami with him to drown in this situation between them.

"Fuck off of me, you pervert! I'm not making up with you!" Kagami growled, trying to kick Aomine in the weird, embarrassing position he was in, on the dark haired boy's lap with his upper body being pushed down on the mattress. Who the hell did that jerk think he was!?

"Sure you are." Aomine seemed to have his own vision of what was supposed to happen next.

"I don't want to do it with an asshole!" Kagami continued his struggling while trying to come up with some reasonable excuse. He didn't want to forgive Aomine that easily, he would never hear the end of it if he did.

"Hard to believe after all the times we fucked already." Aomine finally managed to push Kagami down, towering over the handsome boy laying on the bed. He leaned down and licked Kagami's chin teasingly drawing a barely audible moan from the red head.

"I… You are not my boyfriend!" Kagami said the first thing that came to his mind, sounding ridiculous, even he knew that but he was desperate to stop the asshole who was trying to force his dick in his ass at least for a while longer. He didn't, he so fucking didn't want to give in that easily. He didn't want to go through all the shit they have been through again. He had to know if Aomine was willing to compromise, to respect him as someone more than just a fuck buddy.

"And if I'd be one?" Aomine said quietly as he slowly pinned Kagami's hands above his head. It took all his strength to keep the still squirming teen underneath him.

Kagami tried to use his powerful legs to get the idiot off of him again but Aomine was smart enough to slide closer to him, between Kagami's legs. So the red head got reduces to verbal fight only for now.

"You don't know what a boyfriend should be like even, moron. You don't like going on dates!" Kagami said with less power than the last sentence. The closer Aomine got to him, the more he smelled him, felt his heat, the red head's mind was slowing down it's processes and making him even dumber than he was in the first place but he still remembered what his team mates told him. He had to make things clear, talk about stuff with Aomine and make him understand what he wanted.

Aomine looked at him quizzically. Well that was odd thing to say right now, kind of putting the blue haired teen off.

"Fine, I'll take you on dates." Aomine snorted, as if the sole notion of doing this sappy shit with Kagami was obnoxious. At this point, with his pants getting tighter with every second, he would agree to much more if it meant he could fuck Kagami here and now.

"You are a cocky bastard!" Kagami continued saying anything that came to his mind that he didn't like about Aomine. It was quiet hard when said bastard was messing with him as he did so.

"You are too so we're even." Aomine purred as he moved one hand down and slowly started to undo Kagami's belt. Kagami calmed down enough for Aomine to be able to hold him with one hand and proceed with what he had in mind.

A hand slowly slid inside Kagami's pants, touching his half hard cock through the thin fabric of his underwear, making him gasp.

"You never say anything good about my food or… or me at all!"

Aomine's hand traveled back, up and under Kagami's t-shirt, revealing his perfect abs and caressing the flat stomach slowly.

"It's hard to talk when your mouth is busy." The darker teen whispered lowering his head to run his tongue just above the line of Kagami's pants. The red head tried to run away from the hot appendage but it was no use, Aomine was holding him down and on top of that, his own body was refusing to fight back properly, sending jolts of pleasure through his veins.

"You… Shit…! You just want to fuck!" Shit, Aomine was going up with his hand and reached to Kagami's chest, rubbing his nipples one after another. The damn bastard was pulling off all the underhanded moves to make him give up and, fuck, it worked wonders.

"Oh, and you don't want to fuck me? Because this…" Aomine was forced to relocate his hand back on the other boy's pants and pulled them down enough to free the red head's cock. The hard piece of flesh sprang free and smacked Kagami's abdomen. It was such an arousing sight that Aomine couldn't get his eyes off of the other boy's dick. If his friends knew that he wanted to worship that cock more than any set of huge tits they would call him insane. He didn't care the least, he could be crazy but he would have Kagami to himself. Oh right, he got so hypnotized that he forgot he was in the middle of a sentence. "Because this part of you wants some attention." He finished with a triumphant smirk on his handsome face.

Aomine slowly run his tongue from the base of the other teen's dick to the tip, enjoying the broken gasps Kagami tried to cover up with curses without much of a result. Who in their right mind would refuse a free blowjob from Aomine? Definitely not him. But that didn't stop Kagami from his verbal assaults.

"Fuck! I hate you, Ahomine!" He said looking down right into dark blue eyes. And he should have never said that because Aomine left him unsatisfied there, for now at least, and crawled higher to be face to face with Kagami. Their intense gaze met and neither of the boys wanted to be first to break the contact. "I hate you…" Kagami said once again, the anger weaker in his voice.

"I hate you too." Aomine breathed out before he kissed Kagami again. Deep, heart stopping kiss that made Kagami feel dizzy and unable to resist any longer.

Touou's player felt the change in mood and decided to not delay the inevitable any longer. He had one feisty guy to fuck and he'd be damned if he didn't do it just now. With Kagami you never knew when the taming spell would be lifted and a dangerous tiger would return.

Aomine stood up, leaving a little pissed but still willing Kagami breathing hard on the bed and observing him as the blue haired teen slowly took off his hoodie and t-shirt, throwing them on the floor. On his way back he made a little detour to snatch some lube from Kagami's nightstand without even looking for it, as if it was his own. It was still in the same place, still the same bottle that he remembered from the last time they fucked.

Kagami used this time to take of his pants and underwear. Before he even finished undressing properly, with his t-shirt still on, Aomine came back and proceeded with his plan immediately.

Aomine smiled at Kagami and kissed him deeply, his hands roaming over the red head's body until they reached Kagami's firm ass. Aomine didn't want to waste any more time so he spread his lover's legs apart and without any warnings started to tease his entrance with nimble fingers. Kagami cursed him, reaching with his hand to hold the back of Aomine's neck and force a more aggressive kiss between them. Fuck, he missed the taste of the dark boy so much. He wanted to feel him more, to be eaten alive and he was not ashamed to admit that, not to himself even.

The contact of their lips got desperate and soon neither of the teens could breathe properly. Aomine wanted to move away but Kagami was holding him close, pushing his hips up just so he could rub himself on Aomine. The blue haired teen didn't mind that the least, he eagerly provided his help and took a firm hold of Kagami's hard flesh. His other hand was still teasing him mercilessly making Kagami moan for more.

"Aomine, just… stop playing, idiot, and fuck me!" Kagami was moving his hips in sharp motions but none of that was enough to make him get closer to the peak of pleasure.

"Still so eager, Taiga? That's good. I'll give you my cock in a minute." Aomine reached for the lube and spread it on his fingers, returning to teasing Kagami's entrance. The red head responded by punching Aomine on the shoulder. He was not in the mood for the asshole's games and he wanted the idiot to fuck him already. Did he not made that clear before?

Apparently Aomine got the message and slowly inserted two of his fingers into the red head's hole. Kagami hissed at the not very gentle treatment but did nothing to stop Aomine. Hell, he had it worse and a little bit of physical pain never discouraged him. If anything, the mental humiliation worked a lot worse on him.

Aomine opened his eyes wider. That was quiet a surprise. He could admit that he knew Kagami's body inside out after their fuck sessions and he did not expect the red head to become this tight while they didn't fuck. He could actually feel the difference with his fingers alone. It was pretty obvious that Kagami didn't let Kise fuck him. Aomine felt sick joy from that little information sinking in his brain. But he wanted to make sure and mess with Kagami a bit more.

"Did that blonde bitch had his dick anywhere near your ass?" Aomine said in a deep, commanding voice. Voice that made Kagami shiver and get rid of any ideas to lie. To help Kagami answer faster the darker teen shoved his fingers in one thrust deep into the red head's body.

"Ahh… Fuck…!" Kagami arched his back at the feeling. God it felt so good but still not good enough. He needed Aomine's thick flesh inside, feel him again, hear his panting and quiet moan when he came. The blue haired teen withdrew his fingers and drove the back in with the same force as before.

"C'mon Taiga. Did Kise fuck you?" He repeated the question. Aomine felt like a sick pervert for a moment. He knew so damn well that Kise didn't do anything to Kagami, even if they had sex he was sure that it was Kagami who did the fucking. But still he wanted to hear that from the red head. Aomine moved his fingers once again, missing Kagami's sweet spot on purpose.

Kagami wanted to kill the fucking bastard that was tormenting him right now. Why did the idiot know exactly what to say and do to make him wish he had a fucking gun to shoot Aomine's head off and at the same time beg for more.

"No, he… He didn't. Oh fuck, Ahomine! I swear I'll… Shit! I'll beat your face if you don't fuck me now!" Kagami said, starting as a mix of moans and whispers but he ended almost screaming. Really, if the fucking asshole didn't do it now…!

Kagami had to stop his train of thoughts because Aomine abruptly took out his fingers and pulled Kagami closer, spreading his legs apart and wrapped them around his hips. The red head didn't even notice in all this mess when Aomine undid his pants enough to take out his already hard cock but he thanked the darker boy for that in his mind. Kagami was afraid that if he waited any longer he would seriously punch Aomine for being such a tease.

Finally Aomine positioned himself and without any warning entered his lover. He wasn't gentle or slow but he didn't expect Kagami to jerk and groan from pain at that. He could feel why this hurt the other boy.

"You really didn't use your ass Taiga. It's so nice and tight..." Aomine whispered as he slowly pulled out his cock from Kagami just to push it in again in that torturously lazy motion. It's not like he wanted to be gentle with Kagami, he knew that the red head could take a lot more but somehow he didn't want to hurt him. It was this weird feeling inside that stopped him from just fucking Kagami brainless until the boy asked for it of course.

And damn, he really did beg for more with his body.

Kagami was arching his back, trying to make Aomine fuck him harder and looking Aominehim right in the eyes with deadly determination.

"Shut up… moron. Shut up and fuck me properly...!" Kagami hissed reaching to his neglected cock but Aomine batted his hand away. Just when Kagami was about to say another insult, the darker teen snapped his hips with all the power he could gather right then and made Kagami moan his name, loudly. Kagami closed his eyes for a moment, the pleasure dominating his body. Shit, he missed that just as much as he did Aomine himself.

Aomine smirked at that reaction. That was it, that was exactly how he wanted to see Kagami every day. Being fucked by him, panting, moaning his goddamn name, smelling of sweat and sex. He didn't even complain that his favorite sights, Kagami's perfect ass and back, were now hidden from him and exchanged with his handsome face painted with pleasure, with Kagami's hard, dripping cock and his chest raising and falling thanks to his erratic breaths. Aomine couldn't stop himself from wanting to stir Kagami even more.

"You love it when I shove my dick deep down your ass huh?" The darker teen said as he did exactly that same thing to Kagami. He grabbed the other teen's hips to hold him in place as he fucked him with passion. Aomine could feel Kagami's insides clenching around him, sucking him in. Shit, he was going to come soon if this continued. And Kagami was not helping, looking so arousing.

"Yes… Shit…! Fuck me like that, Dai… ki…" Kagami couldn't keep his mouth shut at this point. He was so far gone in the overwhelming pleasure that he didn't even care that he admitted just how much he liked being with Aomine. Screw it, he even didn't feel embarrassed by this anymore. If Aomine was willing to give him that pleasure and at least some of his feelings, then Kagami would agree to anything. Kagami reached again to touch himself and this time Aomine didn't stop him. He was too focused on his own task.

"Don't come yet…" Aomine said in a hoarse voice as his hypnotizing eyes followed Kagami's movement and stayed glued to the red head's hand wrapped around his perfect cock and pumping it furiously. "Wait for me Taiga, you can't come first…." He added taking a fast look right into Kagami's eyes. Shit he was close himself but he didn't want Kagami to come first.

It would be too easy if Kagami did listen to him. The red head swallowed hard. Aomine never acted like that and damn, it was, well, adorable was not the right word for that. Whatever it was Kagami felt his heart clench and his body tense, his vision turned blurry and the next thing he was able to comprehend was that his stomach and t-shirt were all covered in his own cum. And so was the inside of his ass thanks to Aomine.

Aomine was breathing hard, whispering Kagami's name as he leaned down to rest his forehead on the red head's shoulder, still buried deep inside his lover. The position was uncomfortable, especially for Kagami with his legs spread wide, but they didn't care. Their sex was always intense but this time the boys could feel it not only in their bodies. This time the intensity, the heat reached somewhere deeper and weirdly enough, neither of them regretted it.

The darker teen was the first to break the silence with a quiet, tired chuckle. Kagami raised one brow quizzically.

"What's so funny asshole?" Kagami's voice came out weaker than he wanted it to sound.

"See, the only one who can fuck you properly is me. So I'm not letting you go. Don't want to let you walk with blue balls all the time." Aomine grinned like a fool. Damn, he should get up but it was too nice to be like this, sharing his body heat with Kagami. Fuck, he was turning sappy thanks to that idiot.

"Only you can say such dumb stuff, you egoistic ass." Actually, Kagami didn't mind that 'not letting you go' part but hell if he would say that. He's not going to let Aomine see that it made him just a little bit happy. "And get off of me, you fucking stink!" Kagami tried to look angry, he probably didn't but Aomine didn't give any signs of noticing that fake annoyance.

"Yeah, and so do you. Wanna take a shower with me?" He asked, finally sliding out of Kagami with a silent groan at the unpleasant feeling of cold air reaching his manhood. He noticed Kagami's stare only after a moment. The red head was eyeing him suspiciously, as if Aomine had a nasty plan regarding taking care of his hygiene. "What?" He asked as he wiped his cock with Kagami's sheets knowing damn well that this pissed him off. He was a helpless idiot in that regard. Annoying Kagami was too much fun.

"You just want to do it again, pervert!" Kagami reached for his pillow and smacked Aomine as hard as he could. Really, what the hell could he expect from the darker teen?!

"Have to catch up on the lost time." Aomine said still smiling like an idiot and avoiding Kagami's bashing expertly. Suddenly the red head stopped and grinned in that nasty way. The way that suggested something bad was going to come out of his mouth.

"Fine, but I fuck you this time." Kagami suggested. He sat up and eyesd Aomine, waiting for his answer.

Aomine was surprised. Really fucking surprised. Not because Kagami asked that, that happened often in the past. He was surprised that the idea didn't seem so insane as he would have thought few weeks ago. Hell, fucking Kagami was wonderful but being the one with dick up his ass wasn't so bad either. Aomine licked his lips nervously. It was actually tempting to go that way.

"Maybe I'll let you if you win the next one on one." In the end Aomine didn't want to ruin his badass attitude and let Kagami know that he would actually agree to that. Kagami always put up a fight and so did Aomine. It'd be less entertaining if he just let the guy win too easily.

With that said Aomine started walking towards the door when Kagami's surprisingly soft and quiet voice reached his ears.

"So, this means we are together now?" Kagami asked with his stupid brows knitted together in a concentrated frown. No one said anything like that before but that was what the red head was aiming at, probably, with this whole conversation that not surprisingly at all, ended in bed with them fucking. But still, he wanted to know where he was standing.

"Yeah. And hope you are not that slow on the court or you'll never taste my ass again." Aomine didn't want the other boy to look at him right now because, shit, he felt like there might be an utterly embarrassing color on his cheeks so he turned around as he said that. Too bad, he couldn't see that way the wide joyful smile on Kagami's face right now. The same one he was jealous of not so long ago.

Now that smile was directed at him, but he was a dumbass not to notice it.

Then again, they were both idiots. Maybe that's why they felt so good in each other's company.

Now, together.


A couple.

The idiot couple.

And their life would probably bring more stupidity seasoned with hot sex and boiling blood. They didn't know how long it would last but for now, it was best to simply enjoy the moment.


Aomine had a hard time keeping up with Kagami. The red head was moving faster, fainting a lot, almost as if he gained Kise's copycat powers. He swiftly moved past Aomine and dunked the ball scoring another set of points. When he landed on the court he turned around and smiled triumphantly at Aomine who was breathing heavily, wiping the sweat off his face with the back of his hand.

"Yeah, one more point to catch up." Kagami said, his eyes gleaming despite the nasty glare that Aomine was giving him.

"Like hell I'll let you win, Bakagami." Aomine barked picking the ball and getting on his spot to try and widen the difference in scores.

"You can do it, Kagamicchi!" A cheerful voice came from the sidelines making Kagami cringe inwardly but he still was keeping his eyes on Aomine.

This whole thing was getting ridiculous.

For the past month a lot changed in his life. He was somehow still with Aomine, which actually surprised him the most because the fucking asshole was a literal pain in the ass. Hell, he still was a lazy slob when he was coming to his place but Kagami really couldn't get angry at him. Aomine was damn trying, mostly with bad results but he was. And it actually wasn't so bad. Kagami didn't even mind that Aomine started regularly joining Seirin's practice on Thursdays since Touou had their own much earlier that day. So like the idiot he was Aomine was stubborn to join them every fucking week. And this attracted some unwanted audience on top of that.

Kagami tried to ignore them all but it was so fucking hard! And embarrassing because every-fucking-one of them knew about him and Aomine.

"Please stop making Kagami-kun mad." Kuroko said right next to Kise, standing near the bench that was currently occupied by more than necessary people.

"Aw, Kurokocchi! But I wish him all the best." Kise whined, scratching the back of his head. He could swear that the enormous bump he got from Kagami and Aomine for lying to the red head was still there. Anyway, he thought it was worth it and probably so did Kagami because between the angry glares he send him there was still a warm smile added to the mix.

" I think that Aomine-kun provides enough stress for Kagami-kun." Kuroko said in his deadly serious voice.

"I think he provides him with something else too." Hyuuga crossed his arms on his chest, observing the two boys having a little one-on-one contest. It was nice to have a break in practice but Riko would definitely make them suffer for that afterwards.

"Ehh, with what?" Momoi decided to get closer, flashing her cleavage in front of Hyuuga's face. And even if he didn't really care for tits, the damn sight sure made him blush.

"Well, Kagami always has problems with jumping and running on Mondays." Kiyoshi provided helpfully with all the seriousness of his weird self. Hyuuga so wanted to slap himself on the face.

"D-D-Dai-chan is not like that!" Momoi shouted loud enough to draw everybody's attention. She couldn't help the furious blush that decorated her face. It's not like she didn't suspect, she was almost sure that was why Aomine was disappearing every weekend but she did not want to hear that said out loud! Aomine was like a brother to her!

"Oh I think he is and Kagamicchi sure likes that part as well." Kise grinned. He was so damn proud of himself for making this work, he even regretted sometimes not doing it with Kagami but oh well.

Even if they wanted to say something more, the group of gossipers got interrupted by an orange ball hitting Kise straight in the head, thankfully more on the forehead than on the nose. The blond groaned, holding his abused flesh.

"We can fucking hear you here!" It was Kagami who threw the ball and was now standing all pissed off and trying to kill the people on the bench with his glare.

"Nice pass, Kagami-kun." Kuroko deadpanned while Momoi tried to check if Kise was in one piece.

"Kuroko!" The red head growled, ready to walk right there and slap the smaller boy with all his strength.

"It was nice. Maybe you are not only a dunking idiot after all." Aomine said amused, standing right next to Kagami, appreciating the little break for comedy show.

"Fuck you, Ahomine! You are not any better yourself!" Kagami growled. He seriously had enough of this stupid attention to his person for today! Why they all couldn't leave him and Aomine alone. When the hell did they become the number one gossip material in their group of friends? Now, God knows how, even Aomine's team mates probably knew if the long stares were anything to judge by.

"Well, it's ten to eight so I'm the one fucking you tomorrow." Aomine grinned and faced Kagami to see how fast he went from pissed to embarrassed. It was a month and he still couldn't get used to the fact that they were back to regular fucking. Plus some other sappy, dating nonsense but it wasn't so bad, Aomine could live with that shit even.

"I fucking hate you, asshole!" Kagami growled, still pissed and adorably red on the cheeks.

"Yes, yes, I hate you too." Aomine said almost bored and without a warning pulled Kagami by his t-shirt and kissed him fast on the lips.

He didn't care about the whistles and other weird cheering he received for doing that. Nor did Kagami since he didn't hit Aomine for it when the blue haired teen pulled away.

He really got use to being with the annoying asshole. Maybe it could last longer than he thought.


The End


AN: So, that was a lame ending haha _-_ . Well, I hope you still enjoyed it. Once again thanks for all your support!

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