Dissidia Omniverse

By Wiggles-n-stuff

Part 1: Victis

Chapter 1: Spines and Shadows

A golden bolt of energy broke the outer atmosphere of the planet Victis. The shining comet burned brightly against the blackness of space, as it approached Watchtower 2. The 'borrowed' station hung in a constant orbit around the Balanced Blue World, acting as the G.C.D.F. (Grand Centari Defense Force) orbital base for Victis. The golden light abruptly changed course and flew toward Watchtower 2. The streaking light closed in and stopped just inside the Command Deck's visual range for a moment. Screens inside the Command Deck magnified the object, revealing a small gold spiny creature waving to them, before launching further into space. The acting Commander looked over a subordinate's shoulder at the magnified images, and reached forward clicking a button. The figure on screen brought it's right hand up to it's right ear, and a voice came over the console's speaker.

"This is Field Operative Sonic, go ahead." Sonic the Hedgehog, currently in his Super Mode, tore through the black at speeds bordering on ridiculous. He was easily putting any non light-speed capable starship to shame. Having already been briefed back at the planet HQ on Victis, Sonic just did a visual check with the station before heading toward his mission. (D.O. Character Intro: I really hope you know who Sonic the Hedgehog is, but in case you don't, he's SEGA's poster child, an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog. Sonic, as his name states, can run at speeds up to Mach 1, but has been known to go faster depending on the circumstances. He is stated to be around 15 years old, and very carefree, but actively plays the Hero in his world.)

"Agent Sonic we have confirmed that a Bronze Tribe Hive had entered our deep space radar range about 10 minutes ago. Your objective is to take out the Hive before it reaches Victis's orbit. It's current trajectory would put it within a mile of Farar, Victis's satellite, in 5 minutes. You have been called as our other deep orbit patrols and ships are currently elsewhere occupied." The Commander said into his earpiece, as he watched Sonic's light grow further away. He straitened up and saw the twinkling remains of Sonic through the station glass.

"Can do. Be back before you can blink." Sonic retorted cockily, as he clicked a button on his ear piece, disconnecting the call. His arm went back to his side as he boosted faster toward Farar, and the incoming bug hive. (D.O. Enemy Info: The Bronze Tribe are from the anime Heroic Age. They are a race of distinctly worm-like space faring creatures.)

With Sonic's speed he reached the destination a minute before the Hive came into sight. He waited impatiently for the target to reach him. He had his arms crossed, and was tapping his right index finger on his left bicep when it finally came into sight.

"Bout time guys." Sonic grinned, and bolted toward the massive asteroid Hive. Worm-like bugs started pouring out of the Hive by the hundreds, as they tried to intercept the golden blur. They launched a plethora of red energy beams all aimed at him. Sonic just broke into a confident toothy smile, and zigzagged between the multitude of bugs effortlessly, avoiding both energy beams and acid breaths. The Hive's shields came up, a pattern designed by a bunch of hexagonal pieces connected together, as the hero drew near. Sonic just sped up increasing his power output, and shattered the shields upon his impact. The shield cracked like glass against his golden energy, and he blitzed into the rocky surface of the asteroid. Boring through the rock, he came out in the control center of the Hive. A single puny bug held to the hive by bio organic tissue twitched helplessly when it saw the intruder. Stopping just long enough to give the scared bug a smile, he launched into and through it, then out the back side of the Hive. At a distance it looked like a gold beam flying from the asteroid, before the beam abruptly shot 90 degrees strait up, and arced itself lazily over the rock. The Bronze Tribe hive developed green glowing cracks along it's surface, as Sonic flew back to it's front.

He headed into the mass of wiggling space worms again when the hive finally exploded, launching debris everywhere. The bugs twitched violently before seizing up and dying. Their lifeless and dormant bodies would now float endlessly in the vacuum. Sonic got a safe distance from the explosion before turning back around to admire his handiwork. He, by no means, advocated killing, but this was a new world and these creatures would have easily wiped the planet clean, following their unknown master's command. Sonic sighed heavily before spinning in place and taking off back toward Watchtower 2. (D.O. Info: Watchtower 2 is an orbiting space station in the Justice League Comic universe, from DC Comics.)

Within a minute Sonic's voice piped in over the same com that had hailed him minutes earlier. "Field Operative Sonic, reporting in. The Bronze Tribe Hive has been taken care of. I'll be stopping by Watchtower 2 for a chili dog, so someone better open a window." Sonic chuckled at his own joke, his right finger in his ear, as he came within sight of the station again.

"Roger that Agent Sonic. Good job out there. Docking Bay 4 will be ready to receive you. Over and out." The Commander spoke again in a gruff but thankful voice.

"Thanks." Sonic replied as his finger left his ear, and his body turned toward the lower section of the station. Two large metal doors slid open, revealing a white energy shield just inside the doors. Sonic passed harmlessly through the shielding, and the metal doors shut behind him. Barely slowing down, the hedgehog's body lost it's golden aura, and it's yellow spiked up fur, returning to his spiny blue fur, as he powered down. Just before landing Sonic curled into a ball, and rolled along the ground for a few feet before bouncing up into a standing position. He opened his palms up about mid chest, and seven different colored gems materialized above them. Sonic let them float around him for a moment before he reached to his side, and grabbed a box hanging from a belt at his waist. Opening the lid on the box the emeralds shrunk and slid into the tiny thing. 'I really need to ask if I can keep this when I go back home. Having an extra dimensional holding box is really handy.' Sonic smiled at the thought, as he closed the lid and replaced the box. (D.O. Info: The seven gems of Sonic's are called the Chaos Emeralds. They are a source of immense power on his home world of Mobius. Their power can create miracles when used correctly. Sonic and some of his friends use their power to transform themselves into their Super Modes.)

Sonic, after waving to a few people he'd knew, headed into the main corridors of the station. Despite standing just over 3 feet tall, nobody he passed looked down on the diminutive hero and agent. Sonic just had that award winning personality that people liked, and enemies hated. He easily made friends almost wherever he went, and frequenting the G.C.D.F.'s bases made him recognizable by most who worked there. He happily returned waves, and gestures of good jobs (thumbs up, etc.), and exchanged simple pleasantries. As he rounded a corner, Sonic spotted another fellow Field Operative clad in green body armor.

"Hey Chief down way low!" Sonic called out happily to the the giant of a man, bringing his right hand up. Master Chief dropped his right arm down, and the two hands clapped loudly in passing. Sonic smirked and nodded, which Chief returned the nod, and the two continued on their ways. Deciding to whistle a tune as he walked, Sonic made his way to the mess hall. (D.O. Character Intro: Master Chief is the main protagonist from the majority of the Halo video game franchise. He is roughly 7ft 2in in his green body armor.)

After inhaling about nine chili dogs, Sonic, happily pats his stomach, and lets out a sigh of fulfillment. Sitting along with some of the other G.C.D.F. crew and members, he contentedly listens to their conversations, and joins in when he can. Usually its a witty remark or playful jab, but the hedgehog keeps the atmosphere optimistic.

It had been some time since Sonic had arrived in Grand Centari, and had joined up with the Grand Centari Defense Force. In all honesty he'd gotten used to being transported to weird realms and worlds, so this was just another adventure to jump into. Luckily the Chaos Emeralds had been with him when he was sucked into this world. So he could use them to go Super Sonic if needed. He had yet to meet any of his companions from Mobius, but he ended up meeting plenty of heroes and villains with similar circumstances. Master Chief had been one of these such heroes. The stoic Spartan was not easy to get to know, but Sonic's overly positive attitude and cocky disposition eventually wore the soldier down to friend status.

"Well guys and gals I need to be drifting back to Victis. Got things to see and places to explore. Catch ya all later." Hopping from his seat and waving off the others, Sonic headed toward Docking Bay 4.

Sonic was standing before the opening metal shutters in Docking Bay 4. The white energy shield just before the doors was there to keep the area pressurized, and sealed from outer space, yet allow objects in and out as long as they approved to. To Sonic these doors seemed to be taking forever to open. His foot tapped impatiently on the metal floor, and his hands balled into fists resting on his hips.

Once the doors were open enough, and clearance was given, Sonic pulled from his infini-box the seven Chaos Emeralds. The multi-colored gems of power swirled around the hedgehog quickly before the area around him burst into golden light, and Sonic himself became golden with red eyes. The emeralds had absorbed into his body. He gave a smile and nod to all in the hangar before floating in the air. In a golden flash he was gone past the white shield into space. The golden tail that followed him violently took a shot strait down toward Victis.

Within minutes Sonic had landed in Victis's capital city Hedron. His super form dissipated, and his blue self stood on a heli-pad of a random building. Sonic rarely bothered to check in at the G.C.D.F. bases upon his return, as he usually would start exploring right as he got back. They knew how to get a hold of him if they needed anyway. After depositing the Chaos Emeralds into his infini-box, he pulled out a pair of green tinted silver rimmed shades. Slipping the glasses over his eyes, and doing a few very fast stretches, Sonic stood looking off into the endless horizon. Then in a blue blur he was off.


The afternoon had just begun when Sonic came to his first stop. A lake, he'd yet to discover, was sprawled out in front of him. It was hidden on all sides by high hills and a forest lining the hills. The lake itself was very still and tranquil, and as blue as his own fur. At first glance anyone would have thought the surrounding area around the lake just more hills, like the rest in the area. A happy little find in Sonic's opinion.

Striding toward the lake's edge Sonic took a knee and drew some water into his hand. The water smelled fine, and looked clean. More than enough reason for the adventurer to take a drink. After his fill, he took a few steps back up the embankment, and lied down with his hands behind his head. The afternoon sun beat down on him, and he quickly drifted off into an nice nap.


"Hey..." Sonic's ear twitched ever so slightly at the odd voice whispering to him. It wasn't enough for him to open his eyes though, so he simply turned to the side and got comfortable again.

"Hey listen..." There it was again, a strange voice that sounded like it shouldn't make any sense, and louder this time.

"Mmm..go away Amy I'm sleeping." Sonic grumbled making a shooing gesture, before he rolled on his other side.

A small shadow-like hand lightly pinched Sonic's ear and held it open. The arm connected to a similar shadow-like body, which was tethered to the hedgehog's own shadow. The large weirdly shaped head sucked in a breath, and then let loose right into Sonic's ear.

"HEY BLUE FUZZY THING WAKE UP!" A shout, to any other person beside the two, that sounded like gibberish, rung loud and true. The noise quickly rattled the hedgehog awake in a terrified and pained manner. Sonic's eyes shot open, and his hand immediately covered his poor shaking ear. In a flash he was standing, and looking around wildly for the source of the rude awakening.

"Over here blue boy." The strange female voice said, and Sonic wheeled around to come face to face with a floating shadow that looked like a small person. Confused and slightly deaf in one ear, he stared at the orange and red eye of the shadow thingie, which just stared back at him. Sonic, just to be sure, took a quick look all around them to make sure they were alone, and this wasn't a trap. He noticed that he had slept into the late afternoon hours, as the sun was starting to set. They were alone from what he could see, so he turned back to the shadow being, and scratched the back of his head between his spines.

The shadow creature was about to speak up, when Sonic quickly cut it off by raising a finger between them. "Okay before we start, good or bad?" His eyes were closed in thought as he continued to scratch his head with the other hand.

"Excuse me?" The weird voice asked genuinely confused, which was mirrored in the look in its eye.

"I've been through this before, and I just want to know are you a good or bad creature." Sonic sounded a tiny bit annoyed.

"Okay, first things first blue one, I'm not a creature. I'm a Twili, and my name is Midna, The Twilight Princess. And to answer your question I'm not going to harm you." Midna's shadow hands went to her hips. She sounded rather miffed at Sonic's statement. (D.O. Character Info: Midna is from the Legend of Zelda video game series, specifically LOZ: The Twilight Princess. She is the second main protagonist in the game, and helps Link throughout the story.)

"Well then Princess Midna, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog. How may I be of service to you?" Sonic deftly brought his right hand in a swing resting over his chest, and gave her a small bow. Midna's expression was abruptly changed from annoyed to confused and stunned. Sonic's actions easily caught her off guard.

Midna blinked a few times before she regained her composure. Bringing a small curled up hand to her mouth, and clearing her throat regally. "Yes, um well, glad to know you are more accommodating than my last vassal. *Ehem* Sonic the Hedgehog..."

"Just call me Sonic, Princess Midna." Midna was not used to this much conversation, especially since her last ally, and had to collect herself again.

"Right, um, Sonic I seem to have been pulled from my home, the Twilight Realm, and brought here. I wish to find a way back." Midna finished, trying to be as royally kind as she could.

"You and me both Princess." Sonic gave her a sideways smile, and crossed his arms as Midna gave him a dumbfounded one eyed stare. Seeing her confusion he explained. "Well Princess, I'm actually from a different world myself. It seems, at least from what I've gotten out of it, that all sorts of people are being pulled to this particular galaxy by cosmic forces or something. There haven't been any who know why, even the original inhabitants of the worlds here, and so far no way back."

"You're kidding me..." Midna trailed off uncertain.

''Fraid not Princess, we're stuck here." Sonic looked up to the darkening sky and started to see the stars. Midna's floating body drooped noticeably, letting her arms fall to her sides.

"This doesn't seem real. There must be a way." Sonic looked back down at Midna, and her shadow form seemed to be taking a much more definitive look, like she was solidifying into a corporeal form. He rubbed a finger under his nose and smiled to her. Midna looked very much like an imp to him Her body was a an odd mixture of black and white coloring, with her arms and right side of her chest being draped in black. Her mid chest, belly, and right leg were mostly white, and her left leg was black. Her face was white up to her nose, and black the rest of the way. Her left eye was covered by a weirdly horned mask, the covering section looked like an eye design. On her long pointy ears, her arms, and her legs were boxy turquoise glowing markings. She was smaller than him by maybe a half foot, but the weird head adornment made up for the rest of it. Her one visible eye had yellow scalera, a bright orange pupil, and a black center.

"If it helps Princess I'll help you look for a way." He gave her a confident closed eyed smile which gave her some hope. "So this is what you really look like huh?" Midna was shaken from her thoughts as she looked down at herself then to the sky.

"Oh yes, I'm a being of shadow and darkness, I cannot take my true form in the light. Since it is approaching night I can take my corporeal form again." Her form completely solidified as if on her notice, and she replaced her hands on her hips.

"Huh, thought you'd be taller."

"You are not one to talk Sonic. Besides this isn't all of me." She gave him a toothy knowing grin, and he just scratched his head, smiling back slightly bewildered.


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